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Eight In The Pink


The swinger's party in the upscale private home in St. Hubert, a suburb of Montreal, was genial, quiet, with all the guests still fully dressed. Raul Leblanc, speaking with three other men at the bar, frowned. The woman with the hottest body there, a "Dottie," according to her nametag, had politely told him "No," when he had asked if they could retire to one of the bedrooms. He had wanted to scream at her. I am Raul. I have seven inches of the best fucking cock you have ever had.

All but two of the couples were from Plattsburg, New York. Americans. They did not understand that in Quebec, at a swinger's party, you came to fuck, and did.

Raul's lovely young wife, Betty, had reluctantly consented to attending with him. She had been with him at six other swinger parties. She had only let one man fuck her. That was fine with Raul. He did not want anyone to fuck her, but she was his ticket in the door at these small parties.

Raul, a complex man, came to these small parties because the women, being new to swinging, seldom had been with many other men. He loved to pound his cock into an unsuspecting woman; see her contortions, thrashings, feel her hands push against his thighs as his cock invaded her.

If he just wanted a hard fuck, he went alone to the "Les Libertins" club in Montreal. Three nights a week, they had "Gang Bangs." Many of the women attending were employed escorts of individual men who brought them there to be part of the wild sex action. The club let any single man in the door who had his $115.00.

The club had rooms for one-on-one sex. The "Gang Bangs" occurred at the motel next door.

Raul looked at the woman who had rejected him. I would love to watch several men take her down. In his mind, he could picture some of the regulars, men with cocks like his. They would surround her as she entered the room. Knowing that she spoke no French, they would ignore what she said, conversing in French among themselves, as they undressed her, lay her on the bed, with a man lying on each arm, as another prepared her cunt. When they finished with her, several hours later, she would be covered with their cum. Her pussy would be red. Her breasts would be inflamed, swollen, and she would be aware, more so then at any time in her life, that she is a woman.

Raul considered himself to be smart, even brilliant. He was wealthy. He thought to himself that he would invite all the couples to join him, as his quests, at the "Les Libertins." The cost is only twenty-five dollars for a couple. Paying for this group was only pocket change for Raul. There would be no way they would reject a free evening at a "Club." He would have his way with the haughty bitch, "Dottie," yet. Smiling, he knew that Philip, the manager of the club would arrange, after the passing of one hundred dollars to him, for anything that he wanted.

Phillip knew Raul well. Many times Raul had taken women he had brought to the club across the lane to the motel to be "Gang Banged." In every case, it was the woman's first "Gang Bang." The men customers looked forward to the women Raul brought. They were tight, young, almost like taking a virgin.

Raul did not worry about his wife, Betty. She would settle in the main lounge. Sipping on her drink, she would, like a princess, regale the locals with her body, flirt, and even dance. Fuck a guy at an open club where someone could walk in to watch? Never happen.

The others agreed to go. He told them that the bar bill was on him. Soon they were all settled in at ""Les Libertins." Raul spoke to Phillip, as he passed money to him. "Phillip, my friend. We have here a group of very tender newcomers. Do you see the woman in the purple dress, next to the short man wearing the brown shirt?"

"Yes, she is most attractive."

"Well, yes. It would be nice for one of your girls to take her man into a room for a while. If Julian is here, he could invite her across the lane for" secession."

"Julian is downstairs. He would love to speak to the lady, I am sure."

Both knew that Julian was so handsome, classy, and dressed so well, that he was seldom, if ever, rejected by a woman.

"I wish to join in with three others at the motel."

"Certainly, five men should give the lady a good time."

"Raul, how about the rest of your group?"

His plan in progress, Raul cast an off-the-cuff answer, "Any of the other women that will cross the lane should be aggressively fucked. It would be a first for them all. Occupy the men with your ladies."

At any given time, there were between thirty and fifty single men in the basement who had signed up to be part of a "Gang Bang," on a woman available basis. If a woman consented to go to the motel, it was assumed that she knew what would happen. Phillip, making a judgment as to her attractiveness, age, body, and number of men waiting, would speak into an intercom; "Three men to room 232, Six men to room 387, Five men, over eight inches, to room 429. His wife, Margaret, in the basement would pick the men, who would be naked in the room by the time the woman entered.

Julian approached Dottie, just as her husband left the room with one of Phillip's waitress. It excited Dottie that her husband was going to fuck another woman. There was a moment of jealousy. No man had approached her, except that guy Raul. In front of her stepped this handsome man, wearing tight black pants with a large bulge in the crotch. He had on a silk shirt, open at the collar, which revealed a thick gold chain around his neck. Oh, I'd fuck him, Dottie thought, just as he bowed slightly, while offering her his hand. "Hello, I am Julian. Care to dance?"

"Yes, I would."

Julian winked to Phillip. Phillip spoke into the intercom. "Raul and three to room 304."

When the dance ended, Julian steered Dottie out the door, across the lane, into the elevator, to room 304. Not a word was spoken. In the dark room, Julian kissed her on the neck as he lowered the zipper of her dress. Soon she was naked. He gently entered her, entered her, and entered her, till he bottomed deep in her cunt. Suddenly, his ass became a flying jackhammer, pounding deeply into her. Four other men walked out of the bathroom.

Wide eyed, Dottie, looked at the men, naked, with their cocks in their hands. She stiffened. Men were now by her sides, fondling her breasts, controlling her arms. She was slid to the end of the bed, after Julian shot his load. Raul lifted her ass in the air as he thrust his cock deeply in her. Her back arched, with just her shoulders touching the bed. He buried all his cock into her pussy as hard as he could thrust. She tried to turn, to sit up, but he controlled her body. Her cunt was his to enjoy. "Say no to me?" Thrust. "Take that" Thrust.

Her body got red; she squirmed, as her breasts flailed. It had just started for Dottie. Raul cum. He was enjoying this. A half hour late, he phoned Phillip. "We need more cocks in 304."

Several of the other women from the original party either ended up in one-on-one rooms, or to the delight of Phillip, the motel. The reports that Phillip received all said that they were as enjoyable fucks as Raul had said that they would be. The Gang Bangs were all still going on.

Betty was on her fifth drink. Some of the men that she had come with had gone to a room with a woman, and had now returned. The place was crowded with others. She had been approached several times. Some of the advances were subtle, others crude. If a girl wanted to have sex, she sure could have all she wanted here, if she wasn't too choosy, she thought. She wanted to fuck Raul. Where to hell is that damn Raul? He has been gone over an hour. Betty got wide eyed. She got angry. Has that son-of-a-bitch been fucking some other woman all this time? She did not mind, too much, if he fucked a woman for a few minutes. But, over an hour, c'mon?

Betty got up and went over to the man Raul had spoken to when they arrived. Phillip did not know that Betty was Raul's wife.

"Where is the man that I arrived with?"

"Miss, he is in the motel."

"All this time?"

"Yes, Miss, I'm sure that he has been very busy."

In anger, Betty said with slurred speech, "I want to go to the motel, right now. I want to fuck."

It was a major mistake when she did not complete the sentence with, "Raul."

Phillip was quick. Raul, he knew, had a nice cock. The lady, obviously had been fucked by him, and wanted more, as she said, right now. He would not disturb Raul and his group, but he had some men that could service the lady, he was sure.

He phoned Margaret, downstairs. "Margaret, we have a lady who demands to go to the motel, right now."

Margaret took the, "right now," to mean a woman who is demanding aggressive fucking.

"How about Herman, plus four, in room 300?"

"That would do just fine." Snapping his fingers, Phillip instructed one of the bar tenders, "Daniel, please take this lady to room 300."

Daniel took a second look at Phillip to be sure that he heard the correct room number. 300 is the "bondage" room. There is a special bench designed to hold a woman's legs up and out of the way so that her cunt was unprotected. Her arms would be spread wide, and a gag placed in her mouth. Cameras would record every detail

"300, Sir?"


Daniel shrugged. Must be going to turn Herman loose on her. He would hang around to watch that. He looked at Betty, as he led her across the lane. She had too much tit, and too much ass. The kind of figure that looks like dynamite at one hundred and forty pounds, but after two kids and a gain of forty more pounds, she would resemble a white barrel. She was pretty, with white skin, black, long hair, and piercing blue eyes. He decided that since she would spend some time naked, helpless, with her cunt in the air, that he would fuck her after the customers had all they wanted.

As Betty disappeared out the door, Phillip watched the sway of her ass, which was wider then many woman. He had seen Herman fuck a woman. The woman's cunt lips would be pulled out two inches when he withdrew, and then completely disappear when he thrust his ten inches into her. Hopefully, this woman had a deep cunt to go with her wide sexy ass. If it were not deep yet, it soon would be.

As they walked to the motel, Betty realized that she had never seen Raul fuck another woman. How would she react when she saw him on a woman?

It turned her on. She was a mature woman of twenty-three, after all. Four different men had fucked her in her life. She looked at this Daniel, who was directing her. As Daniel stopped to open the door to room 300, Betty asked, "Is Raul in here?"


Betty decided to fuck Daniel. Daniel saw the change in her expression.

He opened the door. Five naked men surrounded her. Her clothes were half off, as she looked over her shoulder at Daniel. Her look was of surprise, dismay, sort of like a deer caught in the headlights.

Naked, she was carried to the bench. Each arm was spread, secured. She was about to speak, when a ball gag was placed in her mouth. Her legs were lifted, pulled down, and secured next to her body, lying on her arms. Daniel watched, fascinated.

Her cunt was there for all to see. Her puffy cunt lips were pulled apart, by the separation of her legs, so that he could see her clitoris, at the top of her red slash. Her cunt hole now was just a small round hole the size of a dime. Daniel knew that when they finished with her that her cunt hole would be larger then a half dollar, with cum running down her ass, creating a ten inch pool.

Whoa, he thought. Look at her ass hole. It is a tiny little circle of wrinkled skin. She is a virgin in her ass. Some of the customers would pay a lot of money to fuck a virgin ass.

Picking up the phone, he phoned Phillip. "Sir, we have a "Fanny Flower" to be plucked in room 300."

"Very good, Daniel. Tell Herman that it is off limits to his group. Mr. Rapier has asked for the next one. I will send him over."

Jean Rapier is a freak of nature. He has between his legs fourteen inches of cock that he cannot put in any women's cunt. A woman's ass, however, is bottomless. He pays Phillip fifteen hundred dollars for a virgin ass. There were conditions. The woman had to be restrained. He had to be allowed to be with her alone for the time necessary to fuck her two times.

In the room, the men agreed to let Herman have Betty first. They would trade her wide-open cunt, for the pleasure of watching her react to Herman's cock. Betty's eyes widened as Herman approached her. Raul's cock was the biggest that she had ever seen.

Compared to Herman, Raul did not have a cock. Betty did not know how deep she is. Herman covered her body with his. His hand guided the end of his cock to the center of her hole. Those watching noted that his cock extended over an inch out on either side of her slash.

It was really hard to imagine that his cock would go in there. Yet they knew that with enough effort, Herman would bury that cock of his in this woman. Daniel positioned the cameras so that one showed a close up of Betty's face, one showed her breasts and upper body to show them rippling from the impacts, and the last would show, in great detail, the cunt that would first try to reject the intruder. It would show the cunt lips, as they went from fat to thin, stretching around the cock. The watchers would gasp at the size of the cock as it was forced deeper. All would take a deep breath when Herman's ass thrust hard enough to rest his balls on her ass.

All that happened. The camera recorded in detail Betty's face, as she reacted to the invasion. She rolled her head from side to side. She lifted her chin up, as she gasped for breath through her nose, and around the gag. She shook her shoulders from side to side.

By one AM, they had each fucked Betty twice. Her cunt could now accept Herman's ten inches, with ease. Betty had lost track of time, place, or self. All that mattered was her pussy and the cocks. All left, except Daniel, who fucked her for only a few minutes? He left, after resetting the cameras.

In walked Jean Rapier. It was a non-event to Betty. It became an event when he ran his finger in her ass. When she realized that he intended to put THAT in her ass, she almost fainted. To her surprise, it did not hurt. In fact, it felt good. She could feel his cock way up in her stomach area. For the third time, she had a strong orgasm.

What have I become? She thought.

In room 304, the fucking of Dottie had stopped. Raul was in the shower. Naked, Dottie went out on the balcony. She spoke to Daniel, who had just left room 300 "Who and what is going on in that room?

"We have been fucking a woman by the name of Betty."

Instantly knowing who Betty is, Dottie asked, "How many guys?"

"Hmm, six, so far, I think."

She saw Jean enter room 300. Just as he cum in Betty the first time, Dottie walked into the room. She surmised, based on her conversation with Betty before coming here, that Betty was Raul's trophy wife.

The Bastard. She knew that the last thing the shit wanted was for his trophy wife to be fucked like this woman had been. Betty was covered with cum. It was in her hair. Her makeup was smeared. Her nipples stood out over an inch. Her pussy was puffy, red and the room reeked of sex.

Dottie saw a hood and a sheet in the corner. Speaking to Jean, she said. "Hey, I know a guy that would love to fuck this woman in the ass. It would be a special favor to me. She turned her ass toward Jean, spread the cheeks, as she said, "You could have my ass after."

"Why, Yes, that would be fine."

"Here, put this hood on her, and cover all of her but her ass with the sheet. I'll be right back."

Back in room 304, she interrupted Raul's shower. Sweetly she intoned, "Raul, there is a message for you to go fuck a woman in room 300, in the ass."

Raul smiled. Phillip was looking after him again. His thick cock felt so good in a tight ass.

Entering room 300, he was not disappointed. All he could see was a well-used pussy and an ass hole. There was cum leaking out of it, but this woman's ass was very tight. He knew that Jean had a preference for virgin ass. "Virgin?" he inquired.

"Yes, very tight. A really good ass fuck."

Betty heard her husband's conversation with Jean. Her husband was about to take her in the ass. She strained, rolled, as best she could. Mumbleing into the gag.

"Take her hard and fast," Jean instructed.

Raul cock was ramrod stiff as he drove it into the hot ass. "Oh, she is so tight," he hissed as he pounded his cock into her.

Dottie whispered to Jean to position all the cameras on Raul and Betty's heads to capture their facial expressions. As Raul stiffened, pumping his cum, the hood and sheet were removed from Betty.

Dottie leaned over so that her face was just inches from Raul, as she screamed at him. "Your cock is her eighth. She told me that she was not going to have sex tonight because she is off the pill."

Betty whispered, "That's right, I forgot."

As Jean and Dottie slowly closed the door to room 300, they were aware that Raul's cock was still in Betty's ass, and neither had said another word.

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