tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEJAX-472: Ch. 07

EJAX-472: Ch. 07


Denise was working hard to get Stuart to come first, but her technique was not nearly as effective as Lynette's handling of the boy. Despite this, she tried even harder, making Stuart wince in pain as she dug her fingernails into the ultra-sensitive underside of his cock.

"Ten to one he shoots his load first," Jennifer remarked, waiting patiently for Adam's explosion.

"Younger guys don't usually have the control of older men," Michelle noted, her eyes fixated on the handsome young man's cock.

With Lynette's adept handjob and the two girls' teasing remarks, it didn't take long for Adam to climax. Giving him three quick bursts and a long pull, Lynette coaxed out the first in a series of superb cumshots, all splashing neatly into the waiting receptacle. He must have still been high on the drug because Jill, Laura, and Lynette started laughing when the sticky jets continued to fly long after they normally should have ceased. Rope after rope flew out of the tiny gaping hole atop his prick, coating the inside of the beaker on every side with rivulets of white cream. In no less than several seconds the bottle was half full.

"Fuck," Lynette said still pumping him with all her might, "you shoot out a lot of cum baby!"

Adam could not respond. All he could do was watch her strong, expert hand coax yet another long series of orgasms as his balls continued to fill up with sperm. Jill and Laura shook the beaker back and forth, watching the long streams of creamy spunk splash and ricochet off the inside of the receptacle. They seemed to take a childish delight in this, as if they were watching a cow being milked. Finally, after almost two minutes, the girls held the beaker up high for all of us to see. They shook it back and forth and laughed as the pearly cream sloshed to and fro. I watched them as they walked away toward the outer lab giggly profusely, the beaker about three quarters full of Adam's salty, white essence.

Lynette helped the fatigued boy to his cubicle and left him there while she returned to her seat in the audience. Amazingly enough, not one drop of sperm had touched her hands.

Now it was Stuart's turn to cum. He screamed like a wounded animal as Denise furiously fisted him, shoving the tip of his bloated cock head into the neck of the bottle just as he began to shoot his creamy effluences in short, rapid bursts.

"Get it all out baby!" Denise exclaimed as her hands traveled the full length of him, provoking him to release a flood of hot, white semen.

"No matter how many times I see it," Rebecca said, as she watched Stuart's cum fill the beaker, "I always get turned on when guys shoot their cream."

"Oh, I think it's so sexy!" Sheila agreed. "Especially when they do it themselves."

Jennifer grunted her approval.

"You are videotaping this, aren't you Christiana?" Michelle asked.

"Yes. I have two cameras recording the whole event from the adjoining lab."

She looked toward the wall behind where the audience sat and noticed a glass partition behind which two video cameras were plainly visible.

"Oh, good," she said relieved. "I was hoping you would."

"I'll bet you were," I said interpreting her meaning.

Rebecca gave me a suspicious look.

"But this time the tape is going to remain in my possession," I added.

Both Michelle and Rebecca looked at each other with an expression of innocence, but I knew that if given the chance, they would find a way to make a copy to take away for their own sordid uses, just as Rebecca did with the tape from my previous experiment.

"She doesn't think we would do such a thing does she?" Rebecca asked Michelle.

"I hope not," Michelle replied.

"Oh look!" Jennifer suddenly exclaimed.

There was a sudden round of cheers and applause from the audience.

"Stuart missed! Poor girl got it right in the face!" Sheila said.

The young girl holding the beaker had indeed been doused with an errant rope of spunk that ran up from the bottom of her chin and over her face in one continuous long white line. Luckily, it had missed her eye, but it did not stop her from crying out in distress. Maria quickly ran to her aid and took the beaker from her while the girl ran off toward the bathroom. Despite the mishap, Stuart was able to shoot off several more perfect rounds of sperm into the receptacle as Maria dutifully held the beaker aloft and steady.

Once he had finished ejaculating, Maria took the beaker away. It was more than half full. Denise then helped her husband to his cubicle and joined the others.

Jill and Laura had returned to their seats, acting every bit like excited schoolgirls. What they hadn't expected to see was my assistant Cheryl giving Craig a footjob right in front of everyone.

"Dr. Swensen!" Jill hollered. "Look!"

With that everyone, including my colleagues and all the men still on the platform, looked off in the young girl's direction. I heard Sylvia emit a shallow laugh upon seeing Craig's 16 ½" erect prick being caressed by my assistant's beautifully proportioned toes. Marlene looked on hungrily, as if ready to pounce on the enormous penis like a tiger fervently anticipating wrapping its jaws around a fresh piece of meat.

"Can you believe this?" Rebecca said, breaking into a fit of laughter.

Cheryl's lovely legs were crossed and her right foot was positioned so that she could run her big toe up and down the underside of Craig's prick. At first it must have been achieved by running her foot under his gown, so casually as to avoid detection. But now, the immense tool had worked its way out from an opening in the garment and stood stiff and straight, the tip already dripping with clear fluid.

"Excuse me!" I shouted at the two exhibitionists. "Craig has already given us a sperm sample. We don't need another one, thank you!"

Oddly enough, my statement was greeted by the crowd with groans of disapproval.

"Hey, Dr. Swensen," Barney said, taking a moment to stop Janine's busy hands, "why don't you get that boy up here. Looks like he needs to get rid of some more of his stuff."

Everyone cheered at his suggestion.

"I don't think that's necessary Barney," I said.

"You know Chris," Sheila interrupted, "it might not be a bad idea. He's probably still got quite a build-up of sperm. Might do him good to get rid of it."

"I agree," Michelle said. "You can see he needs milking."

She had a point. I could tell that the boy was in some discomfort despite the pleasurable feelings Cheryl was giving him. After his recent ordeal, maybe further milking would help alleviate some of the pressure he was now experiencing from the increase in sperm production.

"If you're going to do it," I said to Cheryl, "do it up there. I don't want sperm all over the floor if I can help it."

Craig grinned at me sheepishly as Cheryl grabbed him by the arm and escorted him to the platform. After stripping off his gown, she stood him next to Philip, who looked at his huge prick with envy. Bonnie shrugged.

"Keep that thing pointed away from me," she warned Craig. "You've already soaked me twice."

"Yes, ma'm," he replied, blushing.

Philip now stood between Barney, who was positioned on his left, and Craig, who stood nonchalantly to his right. He also stood between a total of over 2 ½ feet of prime cock meat. He looked back and forth at the stiff tools jutting out before their owners in prideful display, making his own penis look paltry by comparison. He looked displeased.

"Let's get this thing over with, shall we gentlemen?" he said, addressing his well-endowed counterparts.

Bonnie clutched at his penis and gave him a sharp tug.

"Listen to me, Philip," she said sternly. "I saw you looking at their cocks. You're not going gay on me are you?"

"No," of course not," he replied, somewhat offended. "It's just that...well, I wish my cock was a bit bigger, you know."

Her grip on his penis relaxed. "Is that what you're thinking?"

"Well, you always said how much you liked a man with a big cock."

Bonnie's face brightened. "You're cock is just fine sweetheart. What I really want is a man with a big heart. And you have that."

She softened up to him then. He had, after all, been thinking of her by wishing his penis were bigger. Though Bonnie did often express her desire to fuck men with big cocks, and often did so with her husband watching, it was merely a passing fancy. What my hardboiled, though insecure, sister really needed was the assurance that her husband loved her, and there was no doubt that he did.

"You may resume," I said to the final three subjects and their masturbators.

The masturbation of the three men commenced innocently enough, with the ladies displaying feats of manual prowess that rivaled anything Rebecca or Michelle might have done. Janine's small hands and stubby fingers sometimes grew tired as they fought to maintain their grip on Barney's humongous prick. She changed hands several times in the next several minutes but I could tell she was becoming fatigued. Cheryl, too, soon began to feel the effects of sustained and energetic masturbation, constantly shifting her grip or changing her tempo as she worked hard to coax out an orgasm. Craig watched her intently as her hands performed their masturbatory duty, now avidly attacking his tortured flesh with brisk, firm strokes and then slowing down to a crawl as her hands started to tire.

Bonnie was suffering no such difficulties. Because Philip's cock was much smaller than the other two men, her long, lithe fingers had less distance to travel than either Janine or Cheryl, allowing her to jerk him off at full speed. When she felt his huge balls start to tighten she began to talk dirty to him in an effort to make him cum. Philip however, fought hard to resist this impulse, believing that the inadequacy he felt in regards to his penis would be compounded if he ejaculated before the other two men. Bonnie sensed this holding back and wondered at it, forcing her to try several other techniques to bring him off quickly.

Philip's insistence on withholding his ejaculation somehow communicated itself to his partners, who began to pace themselves, much to their ladies' dismay. Janine and Cheryl struggled ever harder to provoke an orgasm, but the men held back, treating the whole thing as if it were a test of endurance. So, what started off as a pleasurable way to obtain a sperm sample now became a contest to see which man could last the longest.

After pulling on her husband's penis for several more minutes without any appreciable results, and her hands now becoming tired and cramped, Janine let go of his cock with an expression of dismay.

"What's wrong with you Barney?" she complained. "Why ain't you cummin' yet?"

"I'll tell you why," Bonnie answered. "They're treating this whole thing like it's a game."

"Like first one that cums, loses, right?" Cheryl asked.

"That's it," she replied, relaxing her grip on Philip's cock. "Isn't that right Philip?"

"Oh, come on ladies," Barney said breezily. "We're allowed to have a little fun ain't we?"

"Not at my expense," Janine retorted. "My hands are damned tired and I ain't gonna be pullin' on your big thing no more."

She turned her back on her husband and walked back toward the audience rubbing her hands together as if in pain. Barney watched her walk away with a puzzled frown.

"Where're you goin' woman? You still have work to do!"

"No way mister!" she replied. "I ain't playin' your game. You finish it yourself or have one of them other ladies do it. My hands can't do no more strokin'!"

Barney was going to protest further, but knowing that his bluff had been called, he just stood there shaking his head, his giant prick still fully erect and glistening with lube cream. Jennifer took Janine's departure as an invitation to take over from where the recalcitrant wife left off. Seizing her opportunity, my colleague quickly rose from her seat and began walking over toward Barney.

"Where are you going?" I asked her.

"These guys want to play a game right? Well, let's give it to them. Let's see who can hold out the longest."

"Why not Christiana?" Sheila said. "Let's have some fun with them. What harm can it do?"

Before I had a chance to reply, Barney, Philip, and Craig had begun questioning the audience, asking the women if they would like to see which man had the greatest control. Surprisingly, the women thought it was a great idea and cheered them on, Marlene being one of the most vocal.

"I'm betting on you young man!" she shouted to Craig.

He looked at her with mild amusement and stuck his cock out in her direction, giving it a few quick pulls. She reacted by hiking her short skirt up high, giving him a glimpse of her fabulously long and slender legs.

Bonnie was standing silently next to Philip, her arms crossed and her legs planted firmly on the ground, staring intently at the noisome crowd. She then looked at me and laughed.

"Shall we give them what they want sis?"

Rebecca and Michelle both turned to me at the same time.

"It can't do any harm Christiana," Rebecca said.

"It would be a nice reward for these guys," Michelle added. "They've been more than patient."

Jennifer seemed to be waiting impatiently for my reply. I knew that she wanted to get her little, hot hands around Barney's thick tool. She had made her intentions apparent on more than one occasion.

I thought back to my previous experiment and was reminded that, despite my own desire to conduct all aspects of the test in a professional manner, the very nature of the study was such that it precluded much of which I believed was proper conduct in a clinical setting. The act of sex in itself was wild and free, so how could I possibly expect these people to behave like they were merely automatons in a synthetic environment responding only to commands given to them by an impassionate observer like myself? Allowing my colleagues to partake in the sexual release of these men in my first experiment set the precedent for what was to follow: I could not expect them to now disassociate themselves from what they perceived to be their rightful claim to provide sexual intervention of behalf of their patients.

"Okay, okay! Everybody please calm down!" I shouted.

In a few moments the room became quiet, all eyes now focused on me.

"I really didn't want this to become a competition," I began. "But I can see that it has. Considering that the men have been so wonderfully obliging and helpful to the success of this experiment, I am willing to allow it."

Everyone cheered this remark; Jennifer most of all.

"Since this is now a test to see which man will last the longest, I will have to ask the ladies to step off the platform and allow me to choose the women who will attempt to bring them to orgasm."

A look of deep disappointment came over Bonnie and Cheryl's faces.

"Oh, come on sis! Let us do it!"

"Please Dr. Swensen! Cheryl whined.

"I'm sorry. I need women who are impartial and who will try their utmost to provoke an orgasm. Please do as I say and return to your seats."

Despite their knowing that I was right, they nonetheless slowly walked away from where the men were standing, their frustration clearly visible to all. Craig, especially, seemed disappointed that Cheryl would not be attending to his massive member, calling out after her that he was going to win the contest on her behalf. I noticed that Philip was looking at Barney's cock again, still erect and throbbing while his own prick lay noticeably flaccid.

"I have decided to let my colleagues conduct the masturbation," I said to everyone. "Under the circumstances I think it the only fair thing to do."

"Thanks Christiana!" Jennifer exclaimed, as she ran straight to Barney.

I saw her look at Janine as she crossed in front of Barney, but the tiny, black woman seemed indifferent to my colleague's eagerness to pleasure her husband.

"Go ahead," Janine said to Jennifer. "You ain't gonna do no better than me."

Barney looked Jennifer up and down and must have liked what he saw because he gave her a great big smile.

"So you think you're gonna get me to cum huh, pretty lady?"

"Yes, I do," she said, her voice thick with lust as her hands fell toward his cock.

"Mmm... that's nice," he said, as her hands enveloped his already excited tool. "How you gonna do that?"

"You don't remember me, but I was in the audience the last time. I know exactly what to do to get you off."

In an instant his expression changed to one of worry.

"I'm gonna outlast these other guys, no matter what you do girl," he said challenging her.

She laughed in his face. "Look at you!" You're already as big as a horse!"

She then grabbed his prick with both hands and delivered several rapid strokes with exquisite skill. He had to fight hard to stifle a cry.

"Which of you wants to do Philip?" I asked.

Michelle was the first to respond. "Let me do it Chris, please. I've been dying to show up your sister for years."

"Don't tell me you have a thing for him."

"I don't. It's just that Bonnie thinks she's better than me at giving handjobs. I want to prove her wrong. And what better way than to do it with her husband?"

"If you get him to cum first that will really piss her off."

"I know," Michelle said with a wicked grin. "Won't that be great?"

When Bonnie saw Michelle approach her husband, she gave me an evil look. I simply shrugged my shoulders and turned to Sheila.

"I want you to handle Craig," I said.

"No problem, Chris," she said, admiring the young man. "He is kind of cute."

"He's adorable," I said. "But I want you to make him cum Sheila. No tricks."

"I'll have him shooting buckets in no time, I promise."

As she walked toward Craig his face lit up, happy to see such an attractive older woman tend to his needs so willingly. Cheryl seemed to take the whole thing in stride, but I knew she was disappointed at having been replaced. She looked at me with the hurt expression of a lost puppy dog.

Sheila, Michelle, and Jennifer quickly applied a generous amount of lube cream to their hands and signaled to me that they were ready to begin. As Barney was the only one of the three to still maintain an erection, I had Jennifer pinch the underside of his penis to allow it to grow flaccid before beginning.

"I'm sorry Barney," I said, as his face winced with pain at Jennifer's touch. "But all of you have to start off on an equal level."

He didn't pay me much attention, choosing instead to watch the results of Jennifer's effective pinch reduce his penis to its flaccid state in a matter of seconds.

"You're gonna have trouble bringing this thing back to life," he said to her.

She just laughed.

"You know I wouldn't have minded taking Barney on again," Rebecca said.

"I know. That's just the trouble. You enjoyed it too much."

She gave me a desultory look but said nothing. She knew I was right. If I had allowed her to masturbate Barney, she would have done everything in her power to make him cum when she wanted him to, not when he desired it. Such was her control over men.

I had three of Lynette's girls position themselves in close proximity to the subjects, beakers close at hand. Seeing that my colleagues were now ready to begin, I offered a few words of advice.

"Stroke hard, stroke fast, and get the men to cum as quickly as possible, that is your duty. If I see anyone one of you slacking off, I will have you replaced. The subjects will alert the girls as to when they are going to ejaculate so that their sperm can be deposited in the beakers."

"What prize is the winner going to get, Dr. Swensen?" Sylvia asked.

"I'll let you ladies decide that," I said.

Marlene and Sylvia looked at each other and grinned.

"Is everyone ready?" I asked.

The women nodded.

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