This story is in the category “Loving Wives” because it is about my wife Elaine, but it could be in many other categories because she liked, no needed, to try anything and everything.

We’d been married for ten years when we decided to try swinging. Actually it was my wife Elaine who suggested it. Elaine was 36 years old and I was 38. She’d been with only one man in her life and that was me. I remember the problems we had on our wedding night. She went into the bathroom of the hotel room to undress. I was lying in bed with a nice big hard on. After five minutes I said, “Honey, you OK?”

“Yes,” she replied, “I’ll be out in a minute.”

After another five minutes I called again, “Sweetheart, are you sure you’re OK? I’m waiting to make love to you.”

Several more minutes went by and I was about to get up and knock on the bathroom door. She came out looking scared to death, looking straight ahead. Not at me. She was wrapped in a long, totally unrevealing nightdress, and climbed into the bed and pulled the covers over herself.

By that time my cock went limp. I could see we were going to have a difficult time with sex.

To shorten the story, it took over two years to get her to loosen up. I think the thing that opened her up was reading porn. It wasn’t the kind of porn that we men associate ourselves with. It was romance novels. Guys, if you don’t think that’s porn, try reading them. Her sister brought some of those books for Elaine and not long after that she began to read them, she became warmer to me in bed. Up to that time it was always me who started the lovemaking and she was always reluctant. At first I began to wonder what had come over her. Not complaining of course, but I looked in her nightstand one day and found several of these soft cover romance novels. After reading several pages I could see why she was getting hot.

Our lovemaking certainly improved, but being an oversexed guy myself, I wondered if we could make it even better. I went to my folk’s house and rummaged through my old room until I found several soft cover, what we might call “fuck books.” The stories of course left nothing to the imagination and described the many sexual encounters in great detail, being very explicit. I left a few of them conveniently on my nightstand one night when I went bowling with the guys.

That night, when I got home, Elaine practically raped me. We fucked for hours. She even sucked my cock. She never liked to do that, but always accepted my tongue in her pussy. We did a lot of 69 that night, me on my back with her sweet pussy in my face, and Elaine taking long sucks on my hard cock. Up until then she had never sucked me to completion. That night anything went. My mouth was into her wet pussy, my tongue caressing her clitoris. She began to moan loudly and I felt her clitoris vibrate on my tongue. Elaine was cumming big time. While this was happening, I felt my cum surging up from my balls. I muffled a warning that I was cumming, but she either didn’t hear or didn’t care. My sweet, lovely wife went down on my cock all the way to my balls and I began shooting stream after stream of sweet sperm right into her throat. She was making sound like, “erk, uck, Gluck, but she kept swallowing gobs of my cum.

After she had many fantastic orgasms Elaine looked at me and smiled. I could see traces of cum on her lips and in her mouth. We kissed, wrapping our tongues and I tasted my sperm while she tasted her cunt juice.

“I can’t believe I really swallowed your sperm honey,” she breathed.

“How was it,” I asked?

“You know, I really liked it. It made my orgasm seem even stronger. Boy, did I have a good climax. The best ever,” she said.

That night began a change in our lifestyle. Elaine asked me to bring home more of those “dirty” books. “Do any of them have pictures,” she asked?

“I’ll do better than that,” I said. “We’ll rent some hot movies.”

From that day on, Elaine couldn’t get enough sex. She wanted it all the time. She wanted to try everything. This was heaven to me for a while. I got to screw her up the ass and she often was waiting at the door, on her knees when I came home from work, with her mouth open, eager to suck my cock.

You know what they say, be careful what you ask for. Elaine was truly insatiable. She was wearing me out. Every day, every night, all night, fucking and sucking. That’s when I had the idea that maybe if she took on more that one guy, I would have a rest. I suggested we go to a swingers club.

“Just meet some people and get a feel of the place,” I said. “Anytime you want to leave, we’ll leave, OK?”

“Alright,” she said, “but don’t leave my side.”

On the night we went to the local swingers club Elaine dressed very sexy in a peasant blouse that she wore off her shoulders, and a very short skirt. I asked that she wear no panties. She protested that, but finally agreed. She would not go braless because of the very thin material of her blouse. She dabbed a few drops of her favorite perfume between her breasts and on her inner thighs as well as the usual places.

The club was in a function room of a local motel. They charged admission to cover the cost of the extra rooms they reserved for members. When Elaine and I walked in there were several couples already there. We went to the bar and ordered drinks. We sat on bar stools and looked around. There were several people dancing to a juke box and some having drinks at the tables. Most were couples, but there were a few single guys. The night was young and everyone seemed well behaved so far. Everyone had all their clothes on, although many of the women wore very skimpy outfits.

“What do you think Elaine,” I asked. “Feel comfortable?”

“Yeah, it’s OK,” she said. “I’m getting horny looking at all these guys and knowing we are all here for the same thing.”

The hostess came up and welcomed us. Her name was Stella. She was about 35 and had a beautiful blond head of hair, that I’m sure was not her natural color. Elaine is a redhead from head to toe and it’s natural. Tonight my lovely wife wore that hair wavy and cascading to her shoulders.

We began to dance. We noticed there were more couples and singles entering. The place was getting pretty crowded. As the dance floor filled up dancers began rubbing against each other and other dancers. Everyone began changing partners and Elaine was swept out of my arms, gliding across the floor in some guy’s arms. A petite brunette snuggled up to me and, while we were dancing, she immediately began rubbing her pelvis against my cock. I was enjoying this, but kept looking around, hoping to see where Elaine was. The party was getting wild. I saw one guy getting a blow job right in the middle of the dance floor. The brunette was now running her hands along my, now hard, cock. In no time she whipped it out and began jerking it. I slipped my hands under her skirt and placed them on her ass. She was not wearing panties. Sliding my fingers deeper into her crotch, I could feel the wetness oozing from her cunt. She pulled me toward the back of the room where it was darker and leaned me against the wall. She knelt down in front of me. Opening the front of my pants, she freed my cock and balls. She caressed my balls with one hand and took hold of my cock with the other. All at once she opened her mouth and took all of me deep into her throat. What a sensation! She sucked on me until I was almost ready to cum, then let go of my cock and turned around, spreading her legs and hiking her skirt.

Her sweet cunt was open and dripping. I did the natural thing and moved forward, entering her with ease. She let go of her ass cheeks and I felt her cunt tighten around my cock. She began moving back and forth, getting a rhythm. I was in heaven, feeling that tight, wet pussy around my prick. After a while, she put her hands on her knees and screamed, “Oh, I’m cumming, fuck me, fuck me.” I felt her juices run over my balls and down my legs. That was enough for me. I began to shoot my load into that sweet cunt. Squirt after squirt shot out of my pulsating dick, filling her cunt with my sperm. I felt more juice running over my balls. Our combined cum juice was soaking my testicles and legs. It was running down her legs also. After we slowed down and began regular breathing, she straightened her skirt, gave me a sweet kiss on the lips, and said, “Thanks I liked that.” Those were the only words that were said between us. She turned and mingled with the dancers.

I then set out to find my wife. While searching the room and the bar area, I saw more couples making out. After a thorough search, my wife was nowhere in sight. I found the hostess and asked where the “occasional rooms” were.

“Looking for your pretty red head honey,” she said. “I think she went into room number three with the guys.”

With the guys? Naw, not my Elaine, I thought. I left the room and walked until I found room number three. I had no idea if the door was locked, but the knob turned easily. Taking a deep breath, I slowly opened the door. There was soft light. There, on a king size bed was my Elaine, getting thoroughly fucked. One guy was on his back with Elaine on top, sucking his cock. Another guy was in back of her, with his cock sliding in and out of her pussy. The guy she was sucking was eating her cunt while that big cock sliding in and out of it. A third guy was lying next to them feeling my wife’s luscious tits. There was a lot of moaning and groaning.

I went around to the side of the bed and knelt in front of Elaine. She was in ecstasy. She opened her eyes and looked at me.

Taking the cock out of her mouth, she moaned, “Oh, Ted,” she said. “Oh Ted, I can’t believe . . . Oh, I’m cumming again, Oh ahhh. Ted, this is amazing.” She was talking in short bursts as the guys were doing her. I watched this scene for a while and my cock found a new life. Elaine Kept cumming repeatedly as the guys began to shoot their loads in her. The guy in her cunt came first with a loud moan. He was jerking his hips back and forth as he shot his load of sperm into her pussy. Then the guy she was sucking gave a great big push and came in her mouth. Those two studs pulled out of her orifices and limped to the side of the bed. My cock, being hard as a rock now, found its way to Elaine’s leaking pussy. I slid right in to my balls with ease, feeling the sloppy cum surround my cock. I began shoving my cock back and forth into her juicy cunt and watched her as she took the third guy in her mouth. I could see and feel cum running out of her cunt and onto my cock as I slammed into her. Her cunt was so soupy I wondered how many other guys came in her. As I was nearing my climax, the guy in her mouth began saying some inaudible mumbles as he began to shoot. I heard Elaine go “MMMfff,” as her mouth was being filled with cum from his big cock. He was bucking so hard his cock slipped from her mouth and was shooting all over her face. Elaine said, “No!” And she grabbed his shooting cock and swallowed it in her mouth again. She gulped and drank all his sperm and continued sucking him until she swallowed every drop. He softened and slipped out of her mouth. My wife turned her head and looked up at me. There was cum running over her lips and down her chin. It was covering her nose and one eye lid. It was in her hair and running down her neck. I was so turned on by the look on her face, I felt my cock swell and begin to shoot. Blast after blast of my hot cum surged from my balls, down the length of my cock and into her wet pussy. I could actually hear the sound of slop, slop as I filler her already filled cunt to overflowing. As I slid out of her she sank down on the bed with her ass and cunt, facing me. I lowered myself in order to stand on the floor and her cunt and ass were directly in my face. It was a sight to behold. White cream was pouring out of her cunt, mingling with the loads of pussy juice pouring out of her cunt and making a puddle on the bed. Elaine laid her head on the bed and closed her eyes. I turned her over and made her comfortable. She was asleep. I put a blanket over her. The three guys were sitting on the other side of the bed, still naked.

“That’s all she can do for tonight,” I said. “She’s exhausted.”

“You’re her husband, right,” one of the guys asked?

“Yes, I am.” I replied.

“Man, you are one lucky son of a bitch. She is the hottest piece of ass I have ever fucked. “

They both left the room and I looked at my sleeping wife and thought to myself, “What have I created here?”

I let Elaine sleep for an hour. I sat there wondering what had come over her. I never thought she could be so promiscuous. I’m sure she never thought so either. I looked at her sleeping so peacefully. I was getting hard again just thinking about her fucking those guys. I laid down beside her and put my arm around her. My cock was aching it was so hard. Then there was a knock on the door.

“Hey you two, you can’t keep this room all night,” some guy hollered. “Some of us want to use it too.”

I realized how long we’ve been in the room and shook Elaine awake. “Come on honey.” I said, “We have to go home now.” She opened her eyes slowly, blinked and looked at me. “Ted,” she cried, “what have I done?” She acted as if she were drunk, although I knew she only had one drink. “Oh, Ted, I’m so sore. Please take me home.” We washed up and left.

The next morning nothing was said about the episode. In fact, few words were said at all. The air was heavy with tension. We went about our usual Saturday morning rituals. Elaine was cleaning up the house and I was catching up on chores. I was feeling very guilty for having suggested the swinging thing and I was thinking Elaine was feeling used. This went on all day. In the early evening I asked her if she wanted to go out to dinner.

“Yes,” she said. “That would be nice. I’m still tired and I’d appreciate a break.”

I took her gently in my arms and held her. My face was in her soft hair and I could smell the fragrance she used. “I’m so sorry sweetheart,” I whispered. “I had no idea things would get out of hand that way.”

“You’re sorry? I feel so guilty for letting myself go like that. ‘Whatever does Ted think of me now’ I thought. I thought you’d never want me again after what I did.”

“Hey,” I said. “I had sex too. I was afraid you would hate me for putting you through such a thing, all those guys screwing you. And, I’m ashamed to say that I took advantage of you too. One of those cocks that came in you was mine.”

Darling Ted,” she looked up into my eyes. “We have always been completely honest with each other. Let’s not change that. In truth I enjoyed it. Sure I’m a bit sore between my legs now, but I was thoroughly into it. It must have been obvious. And, continuing being honest, I would like to do it again, or something like it. Do you hate me now?”

“Hate you?” “Sweetheart I love you so much more. To quote one of your last night lovers, ‘She is the hottest piece of ass I ever fucked.’ And you’re mine. I have a hard on right now holding your luscious body.”

“Oh, no you don’t. I told you I was still sore. Let’s go to dinner.”

We went to our favorite restaurant. Being Saturday night, it was crowded. We were lucky to get a good table with an entire view of the dining room. We ordered drinks and relaxed. As we sipped our drinks we scanned the dining room to see if there was anyone we knew. After a while I felt Elaine’s leg against mine.

“Don’t look right away,” she said, “but, take a look at that table by the window.”

After gazing around the room, let my eyes rest on the table she mentioned. There was an older gentleman, probably in his fifties, sitting opposite a really beautiful young girl (probably in her twenties). I don’t think either of them noticed that the white linen tablecloth was somehow pulled aside and in clear view was his stockinged foot right between her legs. His foot was massaging her crotch and her ass was undulating into it. Looking at their upper bodies belied anything going on under the table. They were clicking champagne glasses and smiling with each other.

Elaine and I had a chuckle and she said, “Am I noticing these things all of a sudden because of what we have gotten into or is this stuff going on all over the place?”

I did notice that Elaine was taking in the guys more than she ever did. This proved to be true in the next weeks as we carried on in our usual way. When we went to lunch her eyes roamed to check out the men that were there, especially their crotches. I remember one time we were standing in line for a movie and she nudged me and whispered, “Check out the package this guy behind me is carrying.” I nonchalantly turned in that direction and saw a cute girl talking to her boyfriend. I looked down and saw that he was wearing very thin slacks and the entire shape of his cock was very visible. It was hanging limp along his leg, but it was big indeed. You could even make out the outline of the bulbous head.

Elaine leaned into me and whispered, “I had all I could do to restrain myself from grabbing that sausage.”

“That would have definitely been a bad choice of action,” I told her. “If you’re really in that frame of mind, maybe we should skip the movie and go home and take care of your problem.”

“No,” she said. “I want to see this movie, but let’s sit near them, OK?”

I had no idea what she had in mind, but I went along. We entered the dimly lit theater and followed the couple to about half way down the aisle. The girl slid in first and sat about halfway along the row. Her boyfriend followed and sat beside her. Elaine slid in and sat next to him and I followed. It was getting very crowded in the theater. Soon the lights dimmed and the room was in darkness, except for the light from the screen. As our eyes became adjusted to the dark, I noticed Elaine sneaking glances at the stud next to her. The movie started and we watched the screen. It was a love story, one that Elaine wanted to see. As the movie progressed I noticed that Elaine wasn’t paying a lot of attention to the screen. She was unabashedly looking at the guy’s crotch. I nudged her and said, “What are you doing?”

She leaned toward me and whispered, “She’s stroking his cock through his pants. He’s hard now. I can’t believe how big he is.”

I leaned over and took a look and, sure enough, the girl was running her hand along his shaft. Elaine was right. He was very big. Looked like at least ten inches. In the dim light I could make out the outline of the bulbous head of his cock. The two of them were staring at the screen, oblivious to the show they were treating us to. Elaine let her hand rest on my crotch and began to massage my awakening cock. Now we were both looking at the action beside Elaine. After a while the girl began to unzip his fly. She looked at Elaine and stopped.

Elaine smiled at her and whispered, “Go ahead, we’re OK with it.”

The couple looked at us and we both gave them a big smile. The girl then continued to unzip his fly. She reached her hand in and freed his cock. It was enormous. She couldn’t get her whole hand around it. He closed his eyes as his girl began to jack him off, slowly and gently. Elaine stared at his cock, her mouth gaping open. She lifted her hand and hesitatingly reached toward the big cock.

The girl smiled and whispered, “It’s OK, help yourself.”

Elaine looked at me and I gave her a nod of approval. She put her hand next to the girl’s and gently grasped his cock. The guy opened his eyes, looked at Elaine and smiled. He closed his eyes again and enjoyed the attention. By this time Elaine had removed her hand from my cock and used both hands to administer to his huge dick.

She leaned toward the girl and the leaned toward Elaine. They whispered something to each other. Then they both lowered their heads and began to suck his cock, alternating sucking and licking. The guy was in heaven. The girl’s heads were bobbing and weaving on his cock and balls. He slid further down on his seat and began moaning softly. His hips were rising and falling in a rhythm. This went on for several minutes until he began to cum. His mouth opened and he raised his hips with a groan as he began shooting his load. Elaine’s mouth was on his cock at this time and it was being filled with his cum.

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