tagBDSMElaine Goes to the Dentist

Elaine Goes to the Dentist


Elaine used to dread going to the dentist. The old man who had treated her all her 35 years was slow to adopt the new, pain reduction techniques. Finally he retired and Elaine had to find a new dentist. That's when she discovered Tom.

Tom was the new dentist in town. Young and good looking he was rapidly building his practice. A friend had recommended him to Elaine, telling her to ask for the laughing gas, that Doctor Tom made it available to those who requested it, and that it was fantastic. She also whispered that it was rumored that Doctor Tom was having an affair with his sexy assistant.

It was a Friday afternoon and Elaine had gotten the last appointment of the day. She arrived on time, only to find that Tom was behind schedule. An elderly man was seated in the waiting room, drumming his fingers impatiently on the arm of his chair.

"I hope you brought a book," he said. "He will need at least half an hour with me, when he finally gets started."

She returned his smile. "Yes, I have something to read. I sort of expected there would be a delay at the end of the day."

The man looked her over with the directness characteristic of older people who are past the point of worrying about social etiquette. She was wearing tight cotton slacks and a snug top with big blue buttons, and his eyes traced every curve. Although she looked away, she was proud of her figure and secretly pleased by the man's attention.

"If he only knew what I brought to read," she thought. "He might have a heart attack."

The fact was that Elaine enjoyed reading erotic stories, especially those about the adventures of sexually submissive women. Tales of corporal punishment and women enjoying being forced to give up control aroused her powerfully, and she had found a wealth of such stories on the internet. A print out of a new story by one of her favorite authors was in her handbag.

She took a seat across the room from the man, where she was sure he could not see what she was reading. Retrieving the stapled pages from her bag, she began to read. It was a long story about a young woman employee in an English manor house. Although it was obvious from the opening paragraphs what was going to happen, Elaine quickly became engrossed in the narrative.

The man pretended to read his magazine, but he kept glancing at the attractive woman in front of him. Her constantly changing facial expressions and breathing fascinated him. When the dental assistant came to usher him in to the treatment room, he indicated with his eyes and a nod of his head that she should observe Elaine. They both watched silently for a few seconds, until Elaine felt their gaze and looked up.

"What?" she asked.

"You certainly were lost in whatever you were reading," said the man.

Elaine felt the redness creeping into her face. "Oh, it's just something to make the time go faster," she said.

The assistant gave her a knowing look, then turned to the man. "Come along Mr. Johnson," said the assistant. "The doctor is trying to get caught up."

"Okay, Joyce. I'm ready. But don't skip the laughing gas. It takes twenty years off of my age."

It took Elaine a couple of minutes to recover her composure. The way Joyce the assistant had looked at her made her feel exposed and vulnerable. Had her excitement from reading the story been evident on her face? If so, so what? Taking a deep breath she went back to her reading.

Time flew by and the next thing Elaine knew Mr. Johnson was leaving and she was being led into the treatment room. She barely had time to stuff the manuscript into her bag.

"I'll put your bag in our office where it will be safe," said Joyce. "Please make yourself comfortable in the dental chair. Doctor Tom will be with you in a minute."

She relaxed in the sculpted chair and surveyed the large room. It was unlike any dentist office she had ever seen. Two large windows admitted the dying daylight, which reflected off of thick draperies. Various pieces of comfortable looking furniture were located around the perimeter. From hidden speakers came soft guitar music, and some kind of light machine was sweeping subtle colored patterns across the ceiling.

"Good afternoon, Elaine. I am Tom, hopefully your new dentist."

From her reclining position Elaine extended her hand. "Pleased to meet you, Tom. I have heard good things about your service. And like your last patient, I too would like to experience that special laughing gas."

"Of course," he said. "I'll just cover you with this apron and then give you the mask to breath. Then we'll take a look at your teeth."

Elaine thought she detected a slight hesitation by the dentist before he spread the protective apron over her. Was he enjoying the sight of her tight body laid out below him? She hoped so. Then she thought she was being crazy thinking thoughts like that. It must have been the effect of the story.

In the next instant she felt the mask and inhaled the sweet gas. Within seconds a feeling of euphoria began to drown all her concerns. Whatever this handsome doctor wanted to do to her was okay. He let her breath the gas for half a minute before taking away the mask.

"Now open wide," he said as he adjusted the light to begin his examination.

While he was doing this preliminary work, Joyce was still in the office, satisfying her curiosity by looking at the manuscript from Elaine's bag. She opened several pages at random and quickly got the gist of the story. Her eyes brightened with the realization that the attractive woman now in the dentist's chair was turned on by the same kinds of activities that she and Doctor Tom enjoyed. They had often talked about involving another woman in their play, and this could be the opportunity. She knew Tom would love it.

She put the papers back in the bag and went into the treatment room. "Doctor, could I speak with you a moment?" she asked.

"Of course. I'll be right back Elaine."

They went into the office and Joyce closed the door.

"Tom you should see the story she was reading," she whispered. "Our new patient has sexual fantasies about forced submission. I think we can have some fun with her. Let me work on her."

He shook his head. "I don't know. We've just met her. She could ruin me with a charge of harassment."

"That's why we installed the video equipment," said Joyce excitedly. "Once she shows signs of consent and we have it on tape, there is no way she can cause trouble. I'll go real slow and make sure we have the signs before anything happens. You stay out of it until then. I have a feeling about this woman. She's like me."

"Okay. I'm going to have her in the chair for at least an hour. She has two cavities that need taking care of, and they are in a difficult location."

"Good," said Joyce with a wicked look in her eyes.

Back in the treatment room Tom went to wash his hands, while Joyce pulled up a stool next to Elaine. "How are you feeling?" she asked.

"Great, that gas is wonderful stuff."

"Yes it is. The doctor tells me you need a few cavities fixed, so you will be here a while. Let me give you some more."


"Breath deeply. That's it. Now as the doctor works on your teeth I am going to talk to you. You won't be able to respond. Just listen. Okay?"


Tom was ready with the drill and approached her. "Now open for me," he said. He placed the suction device in her mouth and stared to work.

Elaine's mind was drifting in and out of fluffy white clouds. The sound of the drill was far away. But Joyce's lips were right up against her ear, and she was saying the strangest things.

"I know you Elaine. You are like me. I read some pages from the story in your bag and it made me hot. I want a copy of that story. Will you give me one? Silly me, I know you can't answer. Here, let me hold your hand. When you want to say yes, just squeeze my fingers. Okay?"

Without thinking Elaine squeezed Joyce's hand. That soft voice in her ear seemed to be reaching into her soul. What did she mean by saying she was like her? They didn't even know each other. But they both were moved by the story. That was important. And Tom was so sexy. God, what was happening to her?

"We like it when men take control, don't we Elaine? Right now you are under Tom's control. He owns your mouth. Do you feel his strong fingers in your mouth?"

Again Elaine squeezed her hand without thinking.

"I am going to help you Elaine. I am going to help you give up control completely. Not just your mouth...your whole self. Do you want that Elaine?"

This time Elaine hesitated. Was this woman talking about sex? Everything was so hazy. Something was telling her to be careful. But she had so identified with the girl in the story and longed to experience those things. The gas, the story, the appreciative old man, the sexy and wise girl, the oh so handsome dentist...everything was pushing her toward the edge.

"You're frightened, aren't you Elaine? You want to let go, but you don't know if you can trust us. Is that right, Elaine?"

"This woman must be talking about sex," she thought. "How could she trust these strangers?" She squeezed Joyce's hand, hard this time.

Tom had finished cleaning her cavities. Now he was getting ready to fill them and needed Joyce's assistance.

"Give her a little more gas," he said. "Then come help me. We should let this lovely lady think about things. She will realize how we are the ones who need to trust her. We are the ones taking the big risk in helping her live her fantasies. Some people might say we were being unprofessional."

Elaine's mind was racing. "There it is," she thought. "They wanted to make real the fantasies in the story. What should I do?"

The mask descended over her nose. She sucked it gratefully and it did calm her and relieve some of her anxiety. The doctor was right, of course. He stood to lose a lot if she reported him. Maybe it could be their secret and she could see what the experience was like. Why not? If anyone found out, she could say the gas had made her temporarily crazy.

For the next ten minutes Joyce and Tom expertly filled her cavities. They both brushed up against her body in the process, more she knew than was accidental. At one point Tom let the back of his hand slide along the side of her breast. She was hot and aroused and didn't know what to do. When they finally removed everything from her mouth and she could talk, she closed her eyes and said nothing. Joyce lifted the apron off of her body.

Tom and Joyce looked at each other. They knew this was the critical point. If she had started to get up, or told them to leave her alone, they would have pretended nothing had happened and walked her to the door. The fact that she just lay there gave them the license they needed. The video system would record the fact that she was not resisting.

Joyce again sat on the stool where she could whisper in Elaine's ear. "There that wasn't so bad, was it? Now you must lie still for a while to let the filling dry properly. I'm going to just tie your wrists to the arms of the chair to make sure you do as you're told."

Elaine felt the soft gauze wrap around her lower arms on both sides. Her eyes remained closed but she knew Doctor Tom was helping Joyce secure her to the chair. The point of no return had been passed. She began taking deep breaths, anticipating what might come next.

"Open your eyes and look at me," said Tom.

The tone of his voice broke through her last inhibitions, leaving her no choice but to obey. She opened her eyes to find him studying her, a slight smile on his lips.

"Everything is fine," he said. "You don't have to worry about anything. It is the end of the day and the office is locked. Normally at this time I tie Joyce to the chair and play with her, but tonight I have you. I know you want this. You are like Joyce, incredibly aroused by being forced to submit to whatever your master wants."

"Oh god..."

"Joyce and I have been looking for someone like you. You see Joyce has a taste for women as well as men, and I like the idea of being served by two attractive women."

He lowered his head and ran his tongue across her lips. At the same time his hand squeezed her breast through her tight shirt. She moaned and parted her lips to encourage him. Never had she been so turned on, and without her willing it her hips began a slow, sensuous roll.

Tom continued to tease her with his tongue as his fingers closed on her protruding nipples. When he finally kissed her she was writhing in the chair, her hips undulating obscenely. Up to this point Joyce had been content to watch as Tom asserted control, but now she positioned herself at the foot of the chair and began running her fingers up the insides of Elaine's thighs.

"Ahh.... noooo...." Elaine mumbled through Tom's kiss. She was not sure how she felt about a woman's hands moving toward her pussy. Tom responded by pushing his tongue deep into her mouth, while at the same time pinching her sensitized nipple.

"Open your legs Elaine," ordered Joyce. "I want to feel how hot and wet you are."

Tom lifted his mouth from hers and confirmed the command, his fingers digging into her breast. "Do it," he said.

She relaxed her legs and let Joyce push her thighs apart. The fingers that had been traveling up her thighs now began to tease her pussy through her pants.

"Ohhh.... "

"Let's get some of these clothes off of her," said Tom, and he went to work on the buttons on her shirt. Joyce moved her hands from between Elaine's thighs to work the zippers on the sides of her slacks. In a matter of seconds her shirt was open and her pants were pulled down and off. Now she was stretched out in the dentist chair in her bra and bikini panties.

"Delicious," said Tom. "I love the way her white skin looks against the black vinyl of the chair. Let's see if we can position her properly for a complete examination. After all, a good dentist should treat more than just a person's teeth."

He pushed a button and the chair reclined another twenty degrees. Now Elaine's head was parallel with the floor and her hips were raised above her torso. Joyce pushed her legs open so that they hung down on either side of the chair. Her panty covered pussy was right at the level where the dentist normally worked on a person's mouth. Joyce and Tom pulled up stools on either side of her.

"Pull the panties to one side so I can check her out," said Tom.

Joyce pulled the fabric away, revealing the moist area below. Elaine was mortified that her shaven pussy was now being examined and studied by her dentist and his assistant. At the same time she couldn't keep her hips from moving or suppress her desire to be touched.

She didn't have long to wait. Joyce's fingers were incredibly gentle as they held open her lips for Tom's tongue. He started low and licked upward to torment the area around her clit. At the same time his finger played in her groove and around her ass hole.

"Ohhh... ahhh.....godddd....... sooo goodddd....."

Elaine let go and let the sensations consume her. She hardly noticed when Joyce used scissors to cut through her bra and free her tits. But she did notice when Joyce's mouth descended on her nipple and began to suck and nibble. Her body was on fire, writhing and humping in her unnatural position, struggling to reach the climax that was building and building inside her.

Tom raised his head and spoke to Joyce. "Let's take her over the top. She is so ripe and needy. It will be the first of many orgasms for her tonight."

Those words in conjunction with Joyce's mouth on her tit and his finger on her clit were all it took to bring on her climax. She literally screamed her pleasure.

"Yesssssss.......my goddddddd.... ohhhhh... more... more.... please...... ohhhh...."

They kept kissing and touching her as she gradually calmed. Then Joyce came around to Tom's side and put her hand on his pants over his cock. He was rock hard.

"I see you are more than ready," she said. "Should I get her up so you can do her?"

"That would be good," he said. "But tie her hands behind her back. I want her to feel helpless."

"She's helpless all right, now that we have her on the video enjoying consensual sex. But she still needs some lessons in obedience. We want her to know the price of resistance."

Elaine was helped to her feet and her wrists secured behind her with the gauze. Her head was gradually clearing from the nitrous oxide and the sex. What was that she heard about a video? If they had her on tape she knew she would be at their mercy. There was no way she could let her family and friends know about this side of her.

"Tie her upper arms together too," said Tom. "I want those nice tits to stick out."

Joyce was glad to comply. She loved to see submissive women forced out of the closet and made to accept the fact that they were like her. Tying them up in vulnerable positions was always a good first step.

With her arms pulled back Elaine's breasts were thrust forward, high on her chest. They were of average size, but very firm with big areolas. She was still aroused and her nipples stood up tall and hard.

Tom stood back and admired the scene. Elaine returned his lustful gaze with one of her own. She was breathing hard.

"Pull down her panties and put her feet back into her high heels," he said. "And then strip down yourself. I want to see you in that sexy black underware I know you have on under your uniform."

"Yes sir," said Joyce. "I will be able to wield the whip better without being confined in this tight dress."

In seconds the white uniform was gone, and Joyce's flat working shoes were replaced with four inch spiked heels. Her voluptuous body seemed to burst out of the half bra and tight thong.

At the mention of a whip Elaine's eyes had opened wide. How many times had she fantasized about being tied up and whipped and made to do unspeakable things? Was it really going to happen? It was exciting and scary at the same time.

"Please don't hurt me," she pleaded.

"Don't worry," said Tom. "The pain you are going to feel will be temporary. It will sharpen your senses but not damage you. If it gets to be too much just say 'uncle' and we will stop."


While they were talking Joyce was slowly sliding Elaine's panties down over her thighs and knees. In the process she brushed her hand lightly over the ass and pussy being revealed in front of her.

"Lift your foot my dear so I can get these completely off and slip you back into these sexy shoes. There, now stand up straight."

Tom smiled and licked his lips suggestively as Joyce positioned Elaine in front of him. "Hold her head up by her hair," he said. "I want to see how she responds to the crop."

Joyce wrapped Elaine's hair around one hand and pulled back and down, while at the same time gripping the bound wrists with her other hand. The result was a bowing of Elaine's naked body, making her feel totally exposed and vulnerable. Tom nodded his approval and turned to pull open a nearby drawer. When he turned to face Elaine he was holding a short black leather riding crop.

"Now let's see how sensitive you are." He extended the crop toward her left breast and using the leather flap at the end he flicked the nipple up and down.

"Ohhh.... "

She squirmed and tried to turn away, but Joyce pulled harder on her hair and held her firmly.

"Be still bitch," she snarled. "The more you resist the worse it's going to be. That's what you have to learn."

Joyce and Tom had been playing at this game for many months, and they knew that it was the threat of pain more than pain itself that was the turn on. Joyce got off when she knew she had no choice but to obey her master's every command. It gave her the rational excuse she needed to abandon control and responsibility and let her primal sexuality run free.

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