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Electric Pearls


"The pearls are lovely, Ellen," Gilbert said.

"Thanks," Ellen replied. "I'd feel naked without them."

That brought a laugh from both couples. Fact was, she would be naked without them. The two strands were the only thing she wore.

There had been debate about whether she should keep them on when they made her strip. Gilbert liked them and won the day.

"I'm glad you can keep a sense of humor," he said as he strapped her left wrist to the arm of the heavy wooden chair.

Rene stood sipping champaign and watching the procedure. She was a willowly redhead with startling green eyes. The other couple ( who were they -- Chad and Annie?) sat on a couch watching. They were younger -- early twenties.

Chad was okay -- he didn't say much. He was a lanky guy with long black hair, a scraggly goatee, and a hard-on that was already obvious. His girlfriend was a different story, though. Ellen knew she would be trouble. She was a cutesy little blonde who wore a tee-shirt short enough to expose an absolutely perfect little tight belly.

"She has a big bush," Annie had said when Ellen had peeled down her panties. The girl was already giddy with wine. The comment had made Ellen a little self-conscious and she sat in the chair with her legs crossed to give herself a little modesty. Of course, that was almost impossible with all the damn mirrors around. She couldn't look anywhere without seeing herself. She wasn't a prude, but she looked so -- naked. She was very white -- needed to get to the tanning salon.

"There," Gilbert said when he finished strapping her wrists.

"Excuse me while I get my kit," Rene said and left the room.

Chad and Annie cuddled on the couch whispering and giggling -- obviously at Ellen's expense. Gilbert stepped back and looked at her.

"34-C the magic number?" he asked


"Not bad. Not bad at all," he said.

No, not bad. Ellen was holding up pretty good for a twenty-nine year old soccer mom. Mark that up to good genes, a withering diet, and regular sessions at the club. Even though the mirrors were a little intimidating, she could never resist them. Make-up and hair was still good -- she loved her new short tossled style. The blonde was lightened just slightly for summer. No sign of sag at the chin -- she had good bones -- and the breasts had relaxed just enough to give them a great pear shape. No, not bad at all.

It occurred to her that this was the first time Gilbert had seen her completely naked. Somehow that seemed odd.

She had gotten to know the couple through Rene, who worked in the same building as Ellen. Somehow they had become acquainted in the cafeteria and over the course of several months Rene had made some remarks that led Ellen to believe she and her husband were into some kinky things.

Something about that intrigued Ellen and one day when they were having lunch by themselves, Ellen had asked her straight out.

"You two into the whips and chains thing?"

Rene laughed.

"That's the way everybody puts it. I guess the easy answer is, yes. Does that bother you?"


"Ever tried it?"

"No, I don't think Rick would go for it."

"Ever asked him?"

Ellen thought for a moment.

"No. I don't think I'd want to do anything like that with him, anyway. He's the kids' father and all."

"I understand. But you've thought about it."

"Things get kind of routine, you know. Not that I'm unhappy -- I'm not. It's just sometimes I wish --"

"I know what you mean. It was that way in my first marriage," Rene said.

That's all that was said.

Ellen and Rene began going on antiquing forays on Saturday afternoons and a couple of times Ellen went to the couple's house where Gilbert grilled burgers for them. He was an investment banker and they had a great place in the burbs.

Their sex lives didn't come up again until one day when the two women were alone for lunch again.

"Gilbert thinks you have a great ass," Rene had said.


"Yeah. Says he could come up with some interesting things to do with it?"

"You didn't slap his face?"

"Heavens, no! I'd love to watch him do it!" Rene laughed.

After that, Ellen was definetly intrigued and on her next visit to their house she didn't hesitate when Rene offered to show her their "special" room. Gilbert had made everything in it and was proud -- the benches, the cross, the leather quirts and whips, the straps.

"We've shown you ours," Gilbert had said, "time for you to show us yours."

Of course, she had blushed and demurred at first, but it didn't take long for them to talk her out of her jeans.

She had squealed in surprise when Rene jerked her panties down, but before long she had been bent over a little padded sawhorse.

Gilbert had used a little quirt on her that time and by the time her bottom was pink and stinging she was dripping wet. She didn't object when he plunged her cock into her. Rene had just watched and smiled as Helen had the most intense orgasm of her life.

In the two months that followed, Gilbert worked his way up to a flogger and then a single-tail whip. On her last visit, he had made her lie back on a heavy table and hold her legs up. Then he had worked her over with a rattan cane. The welts lasted so long she had insisted that Rick make love to her in total darkness. He had been confused until he saw how wantlonly responsive she was. After that he didn't question her peculiar behavior.

Rene came back in carrying a canvas bag like some women carried knitting in.

"Okay, Gilbert. Do the honors," she said.

Gilbert tapped Ellen on the knee.

"Got to open these up," he said.

Well, she knew that was coming. She had seen the straps on the legs of the chair. She just wished that damned mirror wasn't in front of her. She uncrossed her knees and Gilbert stooped and grasped her left ankle. He ran his hand up the length of her calf.

"Run?" he asked as he kneaded the muscle.

"Some. Mainly I use the machines.

Gilbert pulled her leg over to the strap. The chair was very wide and Ellen knew that when both ankles were strapped she'd be stretched wide open.

Rene had told her Gilbert was building something special just for her and it was obvious he had given the chair a lot of thought and planning. It was wide, but not deep, so she was sitting on more of a ledge than a seat. The seat also inclined downward toward the back so that the object of attention was easily accessible.

"Sip, dear?" Rene asked.

"How about an intravenous drip?" Ellen said.

Rene laughed and held her glass to Ellen's lips. She sucked deeply.

"Whoa, girl! Careful! Don't want you getting too tipsy. Dulls the senses.

"Exactly the idea," Ellen said.

Gilbert pulled her right leg over to the strap. Ellen winced. She was really being stretched open.

"Wow, look at that!" Annie said. Her blue eyes got big as saucers. She got up from the couch and came over for a closer view.

Ellen didn't like the girl at all, but she looked in the mirror and had to agree. There was nothing left to the imagination. She was fully on display.

"You have a big pussy," Annie said.

"Yeah, well, wait until you've had a couple of kids."

Annie plopped on the floor, somewhat unsteadily.

"Chad, come look at her pussy."

The young man rose languidly and sauntered over. He definetly had a bulge in his jeans. Annie pointed.

"See her gash?"

Rene set her bag on the floor and took out a small pair of scissors.

"What's that for?" Ellen asked.

"Got to get rid of the bush."

"Is that really necessary?" Ellen asked.

"No, but I'm going to do it anyway."

Ellen was in no position to argue, but she wondered how she was going to explain becoming a smoothie to Rick. Well, she'd have to come up with something.

"Oh, let me do it!" Annie implored.

"No, honey. You're in no shape. I don't want blood all over the carpet. You can get the strays, though."

Ellen kept herself trimmed, but there were a few wild hairs down near the business end of things. Annie reached over, grasped one between her finger and thumb and tugged. It let loose with a sharp little sting.

"Ouch! Does she have to do that?" Ellen asked.

"No," Rene said, "but I rather like it. If we had all weekend I'd let her do the whole thing."

Thus encouraged, Annie found another sprig and plucked it.

"Hurt?" she asked.

"Just a mosquito bite," Ellen said. "Kinda like the ones you have on your chest."

Everybody laughed -- except Annie. Ellen had obviously found a sore spot with the girl's small breasts. Annie jerked out several hairs with one tug and Ellen grimaced. Rene knelt between Ellen's legs and brushed Annie's hand away. She curled a twist of hair around her fingers, clipped it close to the skin, then dropped the sprigs into a little ceramic jar.

"Annie's right, you do have a big one," Rene said.

"You must get fucked a lot," Annie said.

Ellen had genuinely objected when Rene told her another couple would be involved in their next session. But Rene explained that the man had brought some expertise to the project that Gilbert lacked. Of course Ellen finally conceded. The "project" had piqued her curiosity.

"You do have a hell of a gash. But I think we can make it work," Rene said.

She clipped away another sprig.

"Make what work?"

"Well, Gilbert's always had this thing about the electric chair --"

Ellen's thighs flexed at the words, trying to close almost involuntarily. Annie giggled.

"Hey, wait a minute!"

"You know, someone's sitting there healthy as can be and the next instant they're blasted," Rene continued.

"Uh, Rene, I don't think this is a good --"

Rene waved her off.

"Oh, don't worry. You'll walk away from here -- a little bow-legged, maybe -- but you'll walk away.

Ellen thought about it for a moment. Playing with electricity was dangerous. Rene seemed to read her mind.

"Chad here is an electrician. He knows his stuff."

"Yeah, don't worry." Chad said. He had a deep, raspy voice.

He stooped down by her left leg.

"There's a metal plate on the chair leg, up against your calf. The juice will be routed out here so it doesn't hit anything vital."

That was hardly reassuring.

"Just how many watts or volts or whatever do you intend to use?" Ellen asked.

"Oh, I have a variable potentiometer on it. We'll start low and work up to see how much you can take."

"Bzzzzzt!" Annie said.

The idea was a little scary, but intriguing, too. Ellen thought about the prison movies she seen where people got fried. They always shaved their heads. Well, that explained what was going on between her legs.

"I suppose I know where the electricity is going in," she said.

Rene smiled as she clipped away the last sprig.

"You got it, hon."

"It's going in your pussy," Annie said, and grinned.

"Thanks for the bulletin."

Rene put away the scissors and took a little spray bottle from the bag. She sprayed warm water onto Ellen's crotch, then took a straight razor from the bag.

"Can I do that?" Annie asked.

"No way!" Rene and Ellen said simultaneously.

"You'll get to do something in a minute," Rene said.

The girl pouted then laid her hand casually on Ellen's thigh. She brushed her short nails over the skin, causing a light itch.

There was no way Ellen could scratch. The girl was a real imp.

Rene slowly and easily scraped the razor down Ellen's crotch. Ellen was actually glad, because the little sprouts left from the clipping were ugly. As Rene denuded her, Ellen's vagina came fully into view in the mirror. They were right. The gash was big and all the attention Rene was giving it was making it wet and gaping.

Annie reached over, grasped Ellen's clit between her thumb and forefinger, and gave it a pinch. Ellen gave a little gasp.

"Does it get her here, too?" the girl asked.

"Yeah, it will probably touch that," Chad said.

Rene brushed Annie's hand aside. She had taken a tube of KY from her bag and squirted a big dollop onto her fingers.

"You're sopping," Rene said, "but the more lube the better."

She began massaging the oil in and Ellen sighed deeply. It was the first time Rene -- or any woman -- had touched her there. Ellen thought she ought to make at least a token objection, but it felt so good!

"Oooh! Can I do it?" Annie asked.

"Here, Annie, I've got something to keep your hands busy," Gilbert said.

He stood in front of the chair holding a long black object. It took a moment for Ellen to realize what it was.

"Oh, shit! You can't be serious!"

"Oh, yes," he said. He had the same evil little smile he always had when he whipped her.

The dildo was huge! About ten inches long and as thick as his wrist, Ellen guessed. It curved slightly and there were metal-mesh bands along its length.

"Grease this up for her, Annie," he said.

The girl's eyes glowed and she took the object reverently.

"Jeez," she said. "Look how big it is!"

The thing looked massive in Annie's tiny hands.

"This is going to split you open," she said and grinned.

Ellen judged she was right.

"How about some more champaign and another case of KY," she said to Rene.

Rene laughed.

"Gilbert, the lady wants champaign."

He filled a glass and Rene held it to her lips. Ellen drank all but the dribbles that trickled down her chin and onto her breasts.

"Can I put it in her, please!" Annie begged like a spoiled child.

"We'll see. First things first," Rene said and squeezed a generous helping of lube into the girl's palm.

She began rubbing the oil onto the big dildo slowly until it glistened. That sight along with the jolt from the wine and Rene's ministering between her legs almost made Ellen come. Rene must have sensed it and took her hand away.

"I think she's ready," she said.

Ellen looked down. She had never seen herself like that before. Her pussy was red and shining with oil and totally agape. Everybody else was looking, too, and she felt a hot blush rise on her cheeks.

"Can I, please?" Annie said in a soft, pleading voice.

Ellen shot Rene a hard look.

"Only if you're very careful. We don't want anything torn."

"Rene!" Ellen said in a menacing voice -- but the woman just smiled at her and stood up.

Annie knelt between her open legs. She reached out and touched the wet lips gently, pushing them farther open.

"Oh, God!" Ellen exclaimed.

The girl touched the dildo to her pussy, massaging it along the length of the gash and then nudging it forward carefully. Ellen flinched.

"Don't fight it, Ellen," Rene said. " Make it easier on yourself and help her."

She was right, of course. Why resist the inevitable. Ellen relaxed her thighs and undulated her hips gently to accommodate the invader. The giant head began working itself into her.

"That's it," Rene said.

"I'm going to stick it all the way in you," Annie said in a childlike sing-song.

Ellen was fully stretched by the time the head was in.

"Take it out for a second," Rene said. Annie looked disappointed but obeyed. Rene squeezed a handfull of KY onto her palm, reached down and spread it over Ellen's pussy. Then she worked it into the slit until her fingers were fully into the woman. She prodded the canal, opening the passageway until Ellen thought she would come. She withdrew her fingers.

"Try again," she said.

Annie reseated the head of the shaft easily into Ellen's pussy then began pressing it forward. Everybody watched the operation in silence and Ellen saw that the bulge in Chad's jeans was growing. The lump in Gilbert's slacks was also noticeable. At the point where the dildo was halfway in her, Rene brought a towel and daubed the sweat beads from Ellen's face, then gave her another swallow of wine.

Ellen and Annie achieved a rhythm, the woman undulating her hips to allow the intruder to enter her, the girl pressing it in with a gently rocking motion. Inch by inch the shaft impaled her until she felt it urging into territory never before touched. Ellen closed her eyes and let herself go with the rhythm.

"That's good," Rene said finally. Ellen opened her eyes and looked down. The dildo was completely in her -- only the thick back end of the shaft protruded with a little metal eyelet attached to it. She had taken the whole thing.

"I take over now," Chad said.

Ellen saw that while she was concentrating on taking the shaft he had placed a pair of objects between her legs. One was a bulky looking gray case. The other was a little console that looked like it belonged with a video game. The two were attached by a cable.

"This is the battery," Chad said and patted the gray case. "This is the controller." He held the console up for her to see. It had a black button and a gray dial. Chad had obviously built it himself.

"The dial controls of amount of electricity that goes into you," he said. "The button is the trigger. You press it and it gives you a one-second jolt. Hold it down and it delivers juice until you let off of it. Annie, get me the bottle."

The girl raised herself nimbly from the floor, went to a big satchel beside the couch, and retreived a spray bottle much like the one Rene had used for the shaving.

"Thought we already did that," Ellen said.

"This is salt water," Chad said as he took the bottle from his girlfriend. "Helps conductivity."

"Of course," Ellen said.

He sprayed her left leg where the metal plate was pressed against her calf. Then he spayed the solution generously on her exposed pussy. It stung a little where she was freshly shaved. He took a cable that dangled from the console and clipped onto the eyelet protruding from the shaft buried in her.

"Okay, I think we're ready," he said.

"Won't it come out when she squirms?" Annie said.

Rene reached down and gave the shaft a jiggle, which caused Ellen to flinch.

"I don't think there's any danger of that," she said.

Chad leaned back on his haunches, the console in his lap. GIlbert, Rene, and Annie stood in a semi-circle in from of her, their eyes glued onto her thickly impaled pussy. As Chad tweaked on the dial, Ellen could see herself in one of the mirrors. She looked so naked and vulnerable.

God, what am I doing! Look at me, I --

The jolt hit her like a bullet.


Her mouth and eyes flew open. Her wrists and ankles strained at their bonds, her thighs tensed as they tried reflexively to close. It was like something violent inside her fluttered its evil wings. It wasn't a pain so much as it was, well, a shock! It was there for just an instant and it was gone, leaving a peculiar, lingering sensation deep in her pussy and down her thigh to her calf.

Annie squealed.

"Oooh! She felt that!"

"Wow, did you see her jump?" Rene said.

"Oh, Rene, I don't think this is --"

Chad touched the button again.


Ellen's pelvis jerked upward with the jolt. Chad had turned up the juice. There was an instant of vibrating pain and she squirmed against it, trying to rid herself of the intruder.


Annie clapped her hands and laughed.

"She felt that one. I think it hurt! Did you see her tits jiggle when you did it?"

Ellen sat with her breasts heaving, recoiling from the shock that had gone through her.

"What does it feel like, Ellen?" Rene asked.

"I -- I can't describe it. It--"

"I'd be glad to show you," Chad said and grinned up at Rene.

"Some other time, maybe. Thanks."

"What was that set on, Chad," Gilbert asked.

"Just 'two'. I can go all the way to 'ten'."


"Let's keep it at two and try it a little longer.

Gilbert, no!

Chad handed Gilbert the little console.

"Here. You do it."


Ellen took a deep breath and braced herself. It hit her hard.

Oh! God! Shit! Stop!

The juice flowed through her for several seconds and she shook her hips too try to get away from it. That brought smiles to all who were watching. They were enjoying themselves immensly. Something was happening to Ellen, too. She dreaded the shocks, but they were stirring something inside and when the jolt subsided she kept undulating her pelvis, feeling the shaft tight and deep in her.

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