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Elevator Ghosts


It had been a long day at work, and as Abigail Matthews entered her apartment building, she wanted nothing else than to go straight home and curl up with a good book.

Pressing the elevator button, she sighed in relief as there was no one around. Being in elevators with other people was always uncomfortable, and if it happened to be an acquaintance, the small talk was unbearable. As the doors opened, she entered, pressing the twelfth floor.

The old elevator began to slowly move upwards. She pulled out her phone meanwhile, and then suddenly - the elevator stopped. The lights went out immediately after, and the only thing that kept her from being in absolute darkness was her phone's flashlight.

Great. This day just kept getting better and better.

She let out an annoyed groan, pressed the emergency button, and wondered how long it'd take for the repairmen to show up. Should she call someone? She'd never really had this happen to her before, which was surprising considering how old this elevator was.

That's when she felt something on her waist.

With a gasp, she turned around with her phone in her hand, aiming towards where she thought a person was. But nobody was there. Had she imagined it? Brows furrowed, she decided it must have been her imagination.

A few seconds later, she felt the same sensation of someone touching her again. But as before, she saw absolutely nothing there. "What the fuck...?" she whispered to herself, now considerably freaked out. She pressed the button a few more times, to no avail. What kind of elevator service was this?

Maybe she should try calling someone. Tapping at her phone, she was just about to call a friend when it happened again.

The unmistakable feeling of hands on her waist. More daring than before, they moved from her side to her front, and before she knew what was happening, she felt the body of a man pressed against her back. Her eyes drifted below to her body and caught sight of a pair of ghostly pale hands.

Shocked, she let go of the phone, and it fell with the flashlight to the floor. Everything turned pitch black. Had it been a normal man who'd tried to fondle her, she would have slapped him across the face, but in this moment, she was truly terrified of the almost invisible form, and stayed rooted to the spot.

The hands were gentle, loving, even. She could feel their warmth even through her clothes as they slowly caressed her from her stomach up to her chest. She felt hauntingly soft lips on her neck, pressing kisses into her skin. Whoever - or whatever - this was, it was surprisingly caring, and for a few seconds, she lost herself in the sensual touch, letting out a soft moan.

Wait. God, what was she doing? She should have pushed it away, told it to fuck off or something, especially now that she knew it didn't mean her any harm.

But to feel this after a long day at work was absolute heaven... How long had it been since the last time she'd been with a man who knew what he was doing?

The hands quickly began to unbutton her shirt, and the skin on skin sensation was far too intoxicating. Her hands seemed to move by themselves, covering its hands, turning her neck so it could kiss her fully on the mouth. It was exactly like making out with a real man - except one she couldn't see, and one who actually knew how to please her.

It pushed her bra up, almost carelessly - or was it impatiently, desperately? Cupping her breasts in its hands, it hungrily felt every inch of her smooth skin. She could feel something hard pressing into her leg and blushed at how unbelievable she was being. Letting a supernatural creature have its way with her...

At this point, the fear only served to add to her arousal. Being taken by something in darkness, she had absolutely no idea what it might do to her, and the uncertainty of it all heightened every single one of her senses. She got goosebumps even at the warmth of its fingers as they played with her hard nipples; chills ran down her spine as she felt its breath at her neck.

She gasped as the hands finally moved lower, across her stomach to her skirt, easily slipping it off until it fell in a heap at her ankles. The creature was now taking quick, raspy breaths against her ear, its erection rubbing at her legs. It clearly couldn't wait much longer, it was hungry, desperate, and it needed her.

Despite how turned on it was, it still took its time in teasing her a little, softly rubbing her through her panties. It was unbearable. She was already wet and longing for his touch *everywhere*, these soft, gentle rubs were driving her insane.

"Please," she whispered, unable to hold herself back.

To her surprise, a deep yet gentle voice whispered back, "Please what?"

"Please, I... I can't take it.."

"What do you want?" it cooed at her ear, touching her even more lightly now, making her whimper.

"I want you to... Take my panties off, and please, touch me..."

She felt it pressing a kiss into her neck in response, as it slid the panties off, falling atop her skirt. She had never felt so absolutely naked before, even though her (albeit completely unbuttoned) shirt was still on her.

Finally, finally, it circled her clit, increasing the friction, rubbing it. She moaned, pressing more against his back, almost melting into him. Before she knew it, the creature had knelt down, grabbed her and turned her around to better reach her clit. It firmly held her waist and began to lick and suck at her most sensitive parts.

She let out breathy moans, almost unable to stand. Her hands instinctively grasped at his head, finding surprisingly soft hair. She couldn't resist tugging at it as it drove her closer and closer to the edge, until her legs began to tremble, and her breaths came out in short, quick pants.

At last, she came, her orgasm shooting throughout her entire body like a wave of euphoria. Panting, she found herself lowering to her knees as well, and the creature held her close, kissing her and stroking her back. It gently pushed her back, until she was lying down, and shifted on top of her.

She felt its weight on her, every inch of her skin tingling as it had one hand on her breast and another right beside her head. It pressed its lips to hers as it slowly slid into her.

It felt almost like she was on fire. As it began to thrust, moving in and out, slowly at first, making sure she was comfortable, she reached out and wrapped her hands around its back, the closeness of their bodies overwhelming.

As it moved faster and harder, she heard its breathing quicken. Its one hand grabbed her tighter, and she moaned at the sensation of it hitting all her soft spots. Her nails were now digging into its back, her voice and its grunts intermingling, the two of you moving as one.

She came once again, her body tensing and her mind a whirling mess. The feeling of her tightening up was too much to bear, and after a few more thrusts, it came with a groan, dick throbbing inside her , the sensation of its warm fluids filling her vagina.

It almost collapsed on her, and the two of them were a panting mess, limbs intertwined, both sweaty and exhausted.

And then the lights in the elevator turned on.

She was alone in an elevator that slowly moved upwards.

After having one of the, if not the most intense orgasm she'd had her entire life, she was now virtually naked on the elevator floor, breathing heavily, pussy soaked.

She blinked, confused and disoriented for a few seconds, before returning to her senses and getting up, pulling her skirt and panties back up. Just as she was buttoning up her shirt, the doors opened.

What the fuck just happened?

Was it really all just a bizarre hallucination? As she walked to her apartment, now having returned to reality, the only thing that went through her head was how impossible all of that was.

And yet, as she entered her apartment, she felt a gust of wind, that unmistakably seemed to whisper her name.

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Never judge a story by its hotness rating

Normally i only read the stories that have the H on them. Boy was i glad i read your. well put together story so far. not over the top story. some times they tend to be poorly written. yours however ismore...

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very romantic

wouldn't mind a part II - is the ghost stuck only in the elevator or could he also romance her in her apartment? I'm assuming he's a former tenant - what happened to him? Did he die in the elevator? hismore...

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Set The Hook, Reel Them In!

Nice start to what could be a wonderful, yet spooky story line just in time for Halloween! More?

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