tagCelebrities & Fan FictionElixir For The Undead Ch. 01

Elixir For The Undead Ch. 01

byVampire Sedet©

Buffy, Willow and Cordelia were walking toward a beautiful Victorian mansion.

"Spike said that all three of us were to meet him here right?" Buffy asked.

"Yeah I think this is the right address," Willow confirmed reading the slip of paper that had the directions on it.

"Well all I can say is that this better be a good reason to interrupt my weekly manicure and pedicure," Cordelia scoffed looking at her unpolished nails, "I mean, I couldn't even get a base coat on first... The nerve of that walking dead guy."

"Cordy, it must be a good reason, why else would Spike call us? Willow for her magic, me for my strength, and you..." Buffy trailed off. "Well, I don't know why you would need to be there... maybe he needs you for bait," she said jokingly to the ex-prom queen.

Cordy just rolled her eyes and said, "Well at least I'm a natural brunette... Miss Clairol dye job #236." Buffy just looked at her and stuck out her tongue.

The girls continued on in silence until they knocked on the door. The door was slightly ajar and the three of them entered the mansion and took in the expanse of the estate. The entryway had a high ceiling that portrayed wooden rafters. Hardwood graced the floors. Walking into the foyer, they saw plush carpeting on the staircase and a huge chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

At the top of the stairs stood Spike – clad only in black jeans. No shoes, no socks, no shirt. What a sight to behold. By the passionate look that he gave the three girls, they knew why they had been summoned.

"Hello ladies!" he drawled sexily, leaning against the railing and lighting a cigarette. "I have something to show you up here."

The trio ascended the stairs to follow the half-naked vampire, the scent of arousal filling the room.

"Red, Princess, Slayer. Follow me." And the girls watched the vampire saunter toward the guest wing.

Willow and Cordy were placed in rooms side by side. The rooms were made up of a double bed, a small powder room and a TV with VCR. The walls were covered in neutral tones of soft beige and cream colours.

"I'll be back in due time... I only have fifteen minute intervals with each of you at a time," he explained and then left closing the door behind him.

Standing in the hallway, Spike looked at Buffy and said, "Ok, shall we get started?"

"Only fifteen minutes? That's not enough time!" she said rubbing her hand down his naked back.

"I know pet, but if I'm gonna get to all you girls, I need to spread m'self a little thin. Besides it is quality, not quantity!" he appeased gently, cupping her chin in his hand and placing a small yet tender kiss on her lips.

"Oh okaaaayyyyy" she said with a big pout. "It's just that fifteen minutes goes sooo quickly!" she whined.

"There, there now! None of that, or no orgasms for you!"

"Ok Spike, I'll be good!" Buffy exclaimed clapping her hands and jumping for joy.

"That's my little nymph of a Slayer!"

Spike grasped Buffy's hand and led her to his master suite. Buffy was looking at the décor, but was having a hard time describing the detail. It was giving her the wiggins.

Spike closed the door and said, "OK, start the clock!"

And they're off!

The vampire pounces on the bed attacking the slayer's clothing. The Slayer's hands roam all over the chest and back of the vampire. Mouths connecting, as if their lives depended on the duel of tongues. Hands pulling off jeans and Capri pants. Bra and panties on the floor. Now the race is neck and neck as mouths explore exposed flesh. Hands and fingers fondle and entice throbbing genitals. With minutes to spare he takes her swiftly, they land on the floor, with the Slayer taking the lead. She rides him hard for all that she is worth. She can feel his hand come between their writhing bodies to rub her clit. The race is almost over as they head toward the finish line.

Panting.... Sweating.... Screaming.... Release....

Spike looks up at the clock with ten seconds left.

"Well I guess Red is next!" He got up to put his jeans on, leaving a heaving Buffy on the floor.

He bent down to kiss her...


Buffy woke up startled by the alarm above her. "Wait, that is odd. Why is my alarm above my head? When did my bed feel like the floor???" She then discovered that she was on the floor.

"Ohhh noooo!!!" she cringed, slowly trying to get up and turning the alarm off. Bits and pieces of her dream started to come back to haunt her.

"Holy Shit! I can't believe I dreamt of Spike! Dreamt of sharing Spike! Dreamt of sharing Spike with Willow and Cordelia! UUUGGGHHHH!!!" She shivered.

"I need a shower... A really hot shower." But then she thought about how much she had enjoyed those subconscious fifteen minutes.

"Maybe I need a cold shower." She blushed. "A REALLY, long, cold shower," she declared grabbing her robe and headed for the bathroom.


The vampire ran for his unlife; the Slayer of Sunnydale was chasing him. He thought that he would have had an easy meal, but he was wrong. The Slayer came up behind him, as he was about to leap on his prey, a young red head walking to a magic shop. Suddenly the red head turned around and mumbled some words, and then a bright light appeared from her hands and was thrown at his chest.

The Slayer reached the vampire just after the magic light hit its target. Willow had made up a new spell to simulate the sun, it didn't really incinerate the vamps, but it was enough to confuse them into thinking it was harmful.

Buffy came up with a roundhouse kick, knocking the vamp off his feet. She had her stake ready to come down as the vamp rolled out of the way. He got up and threw a left hook at her face; she dodged the blow and came in with her own punches.

"You know, you could make this easier if you would just die already!" She bantered with the vampire.

Another uppercut and a knee to his ribs, she jabbed the stake in his back as he keeled over, and turned to dust.

A sigh escaped the Slayer's lips, "Ahhh. That was a good bit of exercise this evening." Brushing off the dust from her leather pants.

"Willow, That was a good spell! It really wigg's out the vamps enough for me to get them from behind." Buffy congratulated her friend who was gathering up her magic herbs.

"Buffy that was close! We should not have them think they could get that close to me." Willow said, slightly shaken.

"Willow, I don't think you should be afraid... Those vampires should be the ones afraid of you. Your powers are really advancing!" Buffy replied.

"Well, yeah. I am doing more spells and reading more books on the art. Plus Tara has so much natural power that when we work together, we strengthen each others abilities." Willow said in her excited mode.

Buffy just stared at her friend with amusement in her eyes. "Wills, you soooo underestimate your courage." Buffy patted her friend on the back as the proceeded to walk towards the cemetery.

"You know, I should do one more sweep of the cemetery, do you want to meet me back at my house?" Buffy asked.

"Ya sure. I will go see how Tara and Dawn are doing." Willow answered.

"Ok, I'll meet you back there." As the two girls parted ways.

Buffy walked on for about 5 minutes. She got bored from the lack of vampire activity, before she stood in front of Spike's crypt.

"Hmmm. I wonder what Spike is up to?"

She looked in the window and didn't see him. She looked at her watch, "11 o' clock and no sign of Spike. That's odd... Not even watching the TV." Curiosity killed Buffy's cat, and she knocked on his door.

"Spike, you home?" She slowly walked inside and looked around.

"Spiiiiike... Come out, come out where ever you are...Ollie ollie oxen free." She giggled.

She was at the back of the crypt to where the entrance to the basement was, and most likely his bedroom.

"I always had a morbid curiosity about his bedroom, " as she descended the stairs.

What she saw in the dimly lit room was unreal. She noticed a 4-poster bed, a dresser with matching wardrobe and end tables. Instead of lamps, he had candles all about the room. But no Spike.

"I wonder where he is?" Buffy mused as she walked over to his bed and felt the comforter and looked at the sheets underneath.

"Wow! I didn't think Spike liked these comforts. And what do we have here? Satin sheets... Black satin sheets, no less. Well go figure." She thought about what he would look like against the sheets... Stark white against the black shiny material. ~Stop that Buffy~ "I always wanted to know what it felt like to sleep in satin sheets." She said with a sly grin. Looking around to make sure the coast was clear, Buffy lay back on the bed.

Spike was heading back to his crypt after hanging out at Willy's for a few drinks. It was the only place for him to get a drink of human blood without having to actually kill the person, since he couldn't with the nice little government chip in his head. Willy has been getting his stash of the 'good stuff' from the local Red Cross. It was a bit on the expensive side, but he had some money stashed away that nobody knew about. Not even his poof of a sire. He knew that one day investing in stocks would pay off. Who would have thought a company with the name like "Apple" would actually make him a multi millionaire? That's why he always kept a low profile living in the crypt.

He entered his crypt, closing the door behind him. He began to take off his duster and light a smoke. Flicking the Zippo closed, he felt a presence that was out of place in his surroundings. He looked around the room to see if anything was missing.

"Nooo... All looks right... It just don't feel right." He said to himself. Walking to the basement hatch, he noticed that it was open.

"All Right! Who's there! I know someone is down there!" He yelled down into the cellar.

Buffy quickly sat up "Oh Shit!" Looking around, trying to think quickly. "Oh my god... Where am I gonna hide!" She saw his wardrobe and got an idea. She hopped off the bed, and ran for the wardrobe. Buffy opened the doors and stepped inside.

Meanwhile, Spike stepped down the stairwell and into his bedroom.

"Who's there? When I find you, you'll be sorry," looking under the bed.

"You'll have to deal with 'The Big Bad'!" hoping to sound menacing, looking behind a bookcase. Putting on game face to enhance his senses, he sniffed the air and headed toward his cupboard.

Buffy was trying to steady her breathing in hopes that Spike would give up and think that I was a rat... a nice juicy rat... "Oh no" she mouthed.

Spike quietly approached the wardrobe and was about to open it when he saw a familiar strawberry lip-gloss on the floor by his bed. He stopped and picked it up. He opened the cap and took a whiff of the sweet smelling balm.

Spike thought about the times when he would be out patrolling with his Slayer and she would paint the gloss on her sexy lips. It would drive him wild with desire, as she would press them together. He often wondered if it tasted like smelled.

Slipping back into his human façade he said "Well ol' chap, I guess your senses are on overload tonight." He spoke loud enough hoping his sneaky little Slayer would think she pulled a fast one on 'William The Bloody'.

"Can't fool me pet." He said quietly to himself, as he climbed back up the stairs.

"Well it will be interesting to see how she gets out of this one." He chimed with a mischievous grin. "Let's see what's on the telly, " and he plopped down on his sofa... Right where he could keep an eye o the cellar steps.

Buffy sat there, relieved that Spike didn't find her. She had one problem.

"How am I gonna get out of this one unscathed." She said softly.

"Well. Since I'm here and he is up there, " she opened the door to see if the coast was clear. With the room empty, and deciding that she was going to be there for a while, she wanted to check out his closet. She also noticed that he had lit a few more of the big candles on his side tables.

"So Spike... Let's see... Boxers or briefs..." she said peaking back into the place from whence she came, especially now that she could see better. Quietly thumbing through the token black jeans and cotton tees, she also found black dress pants... and wait! Sweaters and turtlenecks... Not black!

"Wow! He owns clothing in other colours!" She mused. "I wonder why he doesn't wear these clothes... They're nice!" She shrugged and put them away. One thing she took out was one of his black shirts that were part of his daily attire. She brought it to her nose and smelled his scent. Spike scent. Cigarettes, leather and a hint of... "Spike Musk." She closed her eyes and stopped.

"What am I doing?" She stared at the shirt in her hands.

"I am sniffing Spike's clothes... and liking it... I'm definitely going to hell!" A bewildered Buffy quickly put the shirt back on the shelf.

A laugh was heard from upstairs and Buffy gasped "ahhh!" and looked quickly for another hiding place. Buffy crunched down and slid under the bed.

"Well he's already checked here, so maybe he won't think to check it again."

"Ok let's get comfortable Buffy." She was brushing away the dust bunnies that were keeping her company.

"Spike, you need a maid, " batting at the cobwebs.

Spike finished watching the late night movie. "Well, I guess it's time for this vamp to turn in. It's been a long day of raping and pillaging. Oh wait! That was over one hundred years ago." He said out loud to himself. "Oh the good ol' days." He laughed walking down the steps to his bedroom.

Spike took a look around his room to see if the Slayer had decided to change hiding places.

"Now to get undressed for beddy-bye." He loudly teased, and started to remove his shirt and unzip his jeans.

Buffy let out a small gasp as she saw his legs step out of the denim ~Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! ~ She said to herself ~ Spike's white legs. Spikes white muscular legs. ~ Buffy started to picture Spike's well-toned figure and she felt a certain tingling between her legs. She knew she was going into dangerous territory with her thoughts. She felt the bed shift and slightly creak as Spike got in.

Spike knew that she had gone under the bed, since his cupboard door was left ajar when he knew it was closed from when she hid in it earlier.

"Ahhhh, " he sighed, sinking back into the comfy bed.

"Time for my prayers, " he laughed.

"Now I lay me down to sleep. Pray a Slayer's love I would keep. If she stakes, I turn to dust. My love for her will never rust." He smiled softly, patting the mattress knowing she lay a few feet underneath him.

Buffy couldn't believe her ears; she thought it was weird enough for a vampire to say prayers – even though they weren't really based on religion. It was what he said that totally through her for a loop.

"He loves me?" She mouthed. She was dumbfounded, especially since is didn't repulse her, but brought a smile to her face.

All of a sudden, her stomach growled. She tried to cover the sound with her arms, and then realized she hadn't had dinner. She was going to have a bite when she got home from her patrol.

"Alright Slayer! I know you are definitely under my bed. You may as well come out already. Your tummy gave you away..."

The jig is up she thought, and decided to face the music.

Crawling out from under the bed, "Hi Spike." She said sheepishly. "I guess you're wondering why I'm under your bed?"

"Well you could say it has crossed my mind." He replied with a glint of humour in his eyes.

Buffy stood up and slowly started backing away from the bed... Seeing Spike bare, he was just covered from his midsection down. Imagining what lay under the covers, she met his eyes and blushed.

"Why Slayer, are you blushing?" He teased.

"Um..No! I've seen guys naked before." Just not the blonde haired, blue-eyed, body of marble before her.

"Good. Now, to what do I owe your uninvited presence? It seems to me that my kind can't enter your flat without an invitation, but not that you haven't been 'ere before."

"Well, um Spike, I did knock and it's not as if you have a lock or anything. I called out for you, but you didn't answer.

"So that gives you the right to go snooping in my things?" He sat up and propped up his pillows behind his back to look at her better. With this motion, the bed-sheet fell lower on his abdomen, his nice 8-pack abdomen.

He placed his hands behind his head displaying his upper torso for her eyes to feast upon. He saw her tongue dart out to wet her lips. He could smell her arousal and it was driving him insane with desire.

"Maybe I should go. I know Willow is probably wondering where I am and Dawn..." Her voice trailed off.

"I don't think so Slayer! Come 'ere!" He said as he crooked a finger toward her in a beckoning motion.

She didn't know why her legs were moving of their own accord, right up to his bed frame. ~Oh my GOD! What am I doing? I should turn around and walk out of here~ She chided herself. She knew that whatever was going to happen in the next few minutes was going to change her whole life.

"You need to apologize for your intrusion." He said with a soft purr.

"I'm SORRY Spike! I will NEVER do it again!" She stammered. Her will was quickly slipping away the closer she got to him.

"That's not enough Slayer, and you know it! I think this deserves a spanking! He replied trying to put on a straight face.

"A WHAT???" Buffy questioned, "A spanking? Spike you've got to be kidding me!" She tried to read the vampire, but could not determine if he was joking or not.

"I'm deadly serious!" As his brilliant blues stared deep into her greens. He was pent up with the sexual tension that was emanating from the two of them.

Buffy figured she would pull a fast one on him. "OK. You're right. I deserve to be punished."

"What?" Now it was his turn to take a double take at the situation. Two could play at that game.

"Ok Slayer! I think you should strip down to your knickers first."

Buffy has a look like a deer caught in headlights. She had to muster all her courage to do as asked. Sure she could fight to the end of the world, but the thought of standing half-naked in front of Spike terrified her. Slowly, her hands went to her leather pants to undo the button and zipper.

Spike couldn't believe his eyes as he watched Buffy strip out of her pants. His mouth went dry as he saw her white thong underwear and shapely tanned legs appear.

"All right then!" He said hoarsely, "Hop up on the bed and over my knee."

It's a good thing the comforter was bunched around his throbbing erection... He didn't think that she would relent to the spanking. He thought she would punch him in the face and storm out, not remove her pants and stand there half-naked... knowing that he was naked with just a few sheets to cover him.

She got up on the bed and laid herself across his lap. She could feel his strong thighs against her belly. She closed her eyes in anticipation.

"Buffy's been a naughty girl!" Spike murmured in a sexy tone.

Before he began he traced his hand lightly along the back of her knee. Buffy's breathing was getting louder and faster the higher his hand moved. The closer it got to her backside the more she squirmed to gain his touch to her pleasure centre.

A small cry escaped her mouth as Spike's hand lifted from her skin. Spike wouldn't be able to pull this off. The more she squirmed the harder he got. The only way to prolong it was...


His hand came down firmly on her butt cheeks.


Buffy let out a gasp, but didn't appear to be bothered by it ~Just hot and bothered~.


Another gasp but it came out like a moan. Again


He knew he wasn't trying to hurt her unless the chip would affect him. He just wanted to see how far she would let him go.

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