tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEliza Dushku Caught On Video Ch. 06

Eliza Dushku Caught On Video Ch. 06


It had been almost three years since our adventure Michael had moved in with me.

In the beginning things were good but as time passed he became distant. There were nights when he wouldn't come home and on the nights he did he was usually drunk. I tried to find out what was bothering him but he just ignored me, usually telling me to," mind my own business."

After months of trying to figure out what was going on my friend Cyndie enlightened me, Michael was trying to get a record deal for the band.

Michael had become obsessed and I wanted to help but when I asked him about it he got nasty and screamed at me,


I was in trouble but I wasn't sure what to do so I decided to ask Cyndie about it,

Cyndie was a bartender at Jake's and we'd become friends. Cyndie occasionally dated Bill, Michael's friend and band mate so I figured maybe she could help so I invited her over the following evening when the guys were at rehearsal.

Cyndie and Eliza's conversation;

"Cyn, is Bill all stressed out about the band and trying to get a deal?"

"He hasn't said much just that Michael's working on it, why?"

"I asked him if I could help and he freaked out, he told me to mind my own fucking business!"

"That's not like Michael, has he ever done anything like that before?"

And as I asked the question Eliza's eyes began to fill with tears.

"Honey, what's wrong?"

"He's changed, he drinks all the time...he stays out all night never tells me where he's been and the only time he even knows I'm alive is when he wants to fuck me!"

"Eliza, he's under a lot of pressure and the guy's are counting on him you know..." Eliza cut her off.

"Pressure, he's under pressure you know what that bastard wanted me to do?"

Tears were raining down that pretty face like a waterfall and what she said next really caught me by surprise!

"He wanted me to sleep with that guy from the record company he's been hanging with, Jeff's his name but I call him the weasel.

"No fucking way he'd ever make you do that, he loves you."

"Cyn I had to lock myself in the bedroom two nights ago to keep the guy away from me while Michael just sat downstairs watching TV."

I was dumbfounded; this wasn't the sweet guy I knew but I believed her.

"You gotta tell his brother, maybe Danny can talk to him."

"He told me if I said anything he'd kill me," she said wiping the tears from her face.

"Eliza he'd never hurt you," I was afraid for her but I didn't know what to say.

"Look I'm going home next week for a little vacation and I have an idea; why not see if you can help him secretly."

Eliza stared at me and began to smile,

"Come on Cyn tell me already."

"You make a few calls and get the bands CD to the right people with the understanding you had nothing to do with it."

"Pretty slick, then I go to Jersey with you for awhile and when I get back all's well in Hollywood once again."

Eliza smiled and kissed me lightly on the lips then got me in a bear hug, I must admit her kiss gave me a funny feeling but I regrouped and continued with my plan.

"Can you reach out to the right people?"

"That's what I was trying to do, I know a guy from Epic he's a good friend of my brother's and he always said if I ever needed a favor to just ask."

"Excellent, so call your brother already."

I was sitting on the couch next to Eliza while she made the call but all I could think about was the kiss.

I was thinking about what it would be like to be with her when she shook my arm,

"Cyn you ok.... hello."

"Sorry, what did he say?"

"He's playing golf with him tomorrow so he'll talk to him then," she said as the smile returned to her face.

"Excellent, you ever been to the Garden state before?"

"I had a meeting about a movie I'm going to be doing there in November."

Eliza was still smiling as I started to plan our Vacation itinerary.

"My aunt Cally owns a great little pub and my friend Bobby runs it for her."

"He's the big hunk that was here last summer that Bill got jealous over, right?"

"I love Bobby, he's my best friend and he's always been there for me."

"Cyn, can I ask you something," Eliza said with a serious look.

"Anything," I said taking her hand.

"Why didn't you guy's ever hook up?"

"We did once and nobody's ever made me feel like that before or since."

Eliza stared at me for a minute before she cleared her throat and continued;

"Cyn, if you don't wanna tell me I understand...Its ok its none of my business."

"Eliza Its ok, we're friends but promise me you'll never tell anyone."

"I promise it'll stay between us."


Cyndie's tale;

"My parents died when I was 7 and Aunt Cally raised me, she was my dad's big sister and she lived next door to Bobby's parents. Bobby's mom had died during childbirth and his dad raised him with Aunt Cally's help.

Bobby's father Dave always treated me like his daughter; I was in their house as much as my own. Bobby and I are the same age and we were inseparable growing up, we were best friends. We both got into Rutgers and got an apartment together, we had a blast.

I was a real party animal but not Bobby he was a serious student, fucking 4.0 all four years. Bobby always took care of me no matter what, broken bones and broken hearts, sick whatever the problem he could fix it.

A guy I was dating for about 6 months had just dumped me and I was crushed, I really liked the guy a lot. I've been dumped a few times but this asshole called me on my cell phone while I was waiting for him at the bar in a restaurant we hung out at, that's about as low as it gets. I proceeded to get totally shit-faced drunk and thankfully Gerry the bartender was a friend of Bobby's and called him to come and get me. When we got home he carried me up the 2 flights to our apartment undressed me put a t-shirt on me and put me to bed kissing me on the forehead before turning out the lights.

I woke up about 3 in the morning and the fucking bed was spinning, I must've been yelling because before I knew it Bobby was sitting beside me holding my hand. He settled me down got me a glass of water and about 40 Advil's kissed me again and went back to bed. I couldn't sleep and I was freezing so I went and climbed into bed with Bobby and as I was snuggling up next to him he looked at me strangely and I just said "cold," then he wrapped his arms around me and closed his eyes. It took me a few minutes before I realized he slept naked so I removed my t-shirt wanting to feel his skin against mine drifting off to sleep a few minutes later.

I had the wildest dream about Bobby fucking me and when I came I woke up shaking and panting like an animal. As my head began to clear a bit I realized Bobby's cock was between my legs."

"He was fucking you in your sleep," Eliza said as she rubbed pussy through her sweats.

"No we were spooning and his dick is so big it was sticking out between my legs, it looked like I had about 4 inch cock."

Eliza surprised me and took off her sweatpants and t-shirt revealing the most beautiful body I'd ever seen and said,

"Sorry honey but this story's got me so horny I can't stand it, now finish the fucking story already!"

I watched as she leaned back and spread her legs giving me a perfect view of her pussy.

My heart began to race as she spread her lips and began to rub her clit gently while I stared at her wondering what it would be like to make love to her.

I was startled out of my daze by Eliza's voice,

"Cyn if this bothers you I'll stop."

What I did next caught both of us by surprise; without saying a word I reached out and ran my fingers through her dripping pussy causing her to moan softly. When I reached her clit I gently squeezed it between thumb and forefinger then kissed her passionately probing her soft mouth with my tongue.

Eliza pulled away but when I sat up and began to lick her juices from my fingers she pulled me to her and kissed me fiercely. Her kiss set my whole body on fire, the only other that had come close was Bobby.

"I'll finish my story now if that's ok with you," I said sarcastically.

Eliza smiled pushed two fingers deep into her pussy then making sure they were soaked put them in my mouth; I hungrily sucked them clean then kissed her lightly. As I leaned back she grabbed a handful of my hair pulled my face to hers licked my lips and said,

"Take your clothes off, NOW," I stood up and quickly stripped.

Eliza sat there looking up at me then pulled me to her and licked me starting at my clit up my stomach between my tits and up to my lips finishing with another molten kiss that made my knees buckle.

Then Eliza abruptly broke the kiss and kind of left me hanging in mid-air so to speak.

As I fell back to earth she smiled at me licked her lips and said,

"After you finish your story this pussy's mine," Eliza then drove her point home by sucking my swollen clit into her mouth and tickling it with her tongue. When she released me my heart was racing my pussy dripping and my whole body was burning up; I'd never felt like this before and we hadn't even done anything yet. Eliza interrupted my dreaming,

"You gonna finish your story or what!"

"Sorry, where was I.... oh yeah, his cock was between my legs and it was soaked, I must've been rubbing my pussy on it in my sleep. I rolled over and slid down and as I did Bobby rolled onto his back and when his cock stood up I almost died it's like a foot long."

Eliza's eyes went wide, "no fucking way" she squealed.

"It's almost as long as my forearm and as thick as my wrist!"

"What did you do," Eliza asked as she began to finger herself slowly.

"I took as much of it as I could into my mouth and believe me it wasn't much and I just started sucking him slowly. When I had him completely soaked I climbed on top and slowly got that monster into me inch by inch and it hurt like hell."

"Did this guy wake up or was he fucking dead?" Eliza asked.

"When I got him all the way in he opened his eyes pulled me down kissed me and asked me if "I really wanted to do this?"

"I bet I know the answer to that question you little slut." Eliza giggled.

"I didn't say anything I just started riding him slowly, I came the first time he hit bottom and I swear it felt like his cock was in my throat."

Eliza was now wildly plunging three fingers into that sweet pussy while rubbing her clit with her other hand, begging me to continue.

"I adjusted to his size pretty fast and we really got going, I just lay against his chest and rode that big cock. I'd lost count of how many times I'd come and when I finally rolled off him onto my back It felt like every muscle in my body was going to explode.

He kissed me asking if I was Ok and when I nodded yes he got between my legs and went to work on me with his tongue, making me come twice quickly before I stopped him."

Eliza Stopped fucking herself and said,

"Why'd you stop him?"

"I couldn't catch my breath, it felt like I was going to have a heart attack, I was shaking and the room was spinning but it was sooo good."

Eliza stopped masturbating and her eyes filled with tears,

"What's wrong," I asked.

"Michael used to make me feel that way when we made love." The tears were flowing and she was shivering so I pulled the blanket from the easy chair around her and held her in my arms and told her it would be ok over and over again. We sat like that in silence for a while before I broke the spell.

"It's going to work out you'll see and things will get better," I said as she turned towards me.

Eliza kissed me and said she needed to go to bed so I took her up stairs carrying bot our clothes in a ball.

While she got ready for bed I dressed in the bathroom wondering if we'd ever make love when she called to me,

"Cyn bring me a glass of water and a Valium; top shelf in the medicine cabinet, please."

Eliza was already in bed when I returned, I handed her the bottle and the water then while gently brushing the hair from her face I said,

"Get some sleep, I'll call you in the morning, I'm off, wanna hit the beach?"

"Sounds good, you drive and I'll buy lunch," she said with a drowsy smile.

"I'll call you at ten," and as I turned to leave Eliza stopped me,

"Cyn, wait a minute."

"What's up," I said as I sat back down next to her.

"What happened before...do you...uhm...I mean well you know." Putting a finger to her lips to quiet her I said,

"The answer is yes, any time you want me," And I took her in my arms and kissed her deeply. We kissed for a long time before I pulled back and I told her to get some sleep.

"You going home," she asked.

"I gotta stop by the club; I left my bag there, my cell phone and all my stuff's in it."

"Tell Ox and Jake I said hi," Eliza said as she passed out then I pulled the blanket up and kissed her lightly on the lips and left.


It was 12:30 when I got to Jakes and it was dead just the regulars and a few kids at a table. Jake was behind the bar and Ox waved me over to the end of the bar he was sitting with a few of Danny's guys, Pete, Andy and I think the other guy's name was Kevin.

"What's up boys," I said as I climbed onto Ox's lap giving him a peck on the cheek.

He laughed and said,

"Feel free to make yourself at home cutie."

The guys just smiled, Ox was like everybody's big brother and we all loved him.

"Where have you been this evening Miss Cyndie," Andy asked.

"I was hanging out with Eliza at her house."

Ox picked me up and sat me on the stool next to him and with a serious look on his face said,

"Is she ok?"

I wasn't sure why he was asking but I knew I couldn't lie, he always knew when people were lying to him so I answered very carefully.

"She's just really worried about Michael, he's being a real dick to her lately and she's upset, why?"

Ox rubbed his chin thinking for a minute before he spoke again,

"I'm worried, Mikey was in here earlier with that record company asshole he's been hanging out with and we had to throw them out, they were bothering Dawn and her friends, you know the two blondes she hangs with.

"Oh, Sherry and Terry the pigeon sisters," I said with a laugh.

"Who the hell are the Pigeon sisters," Ox barked.

Andy, Jake and Pete started laughing,

Andy Smiled and said," I'll take it from here;

One night Pete and I closed the place and we'd invited Miss Cyndie and your dad out for breakfast. While we were waiting for them Jake flipped on the tube and the Odd Couple was on, remember the English sisters that lived downstairs from Felix and Oscar?"

Ox started to laugh now, "Oh now I remember, pop loves that show."

"What did Michael do," I asked.

"Just being a drunk asshole again."

"What do you mean again?"

Ox frowned, "Andy was in the Starlight the other night and had to drag him and his buddy out of there and threatened to call Danny if Mikey didn't go home."

Andy jumped in;

"All I know is if I had an angel like that waiting at home for me I'd be home early every night."

Ox was really worried; I'd been around him enough to know when he was upset.

"I love Mikey but if he ever hurts her I...I...I Love that little girl."

"She loves you too big guy, Hey Jake how bout and pitcher of lifesavers down here."

It was around 2 am and we were having a good old time when Ox's cell rang, five seconds into the call I knew something was wrong so I listened.

"Honey calm down I can't understand you...no no, settle down and tell me where you are......lock yourself in and I'll be there in 10 minutes, here's Cyndie you talk to her. No Eliza stay on the phone honey." Ox handed me the phone and screamed,


As I put the phone to my ear I could hear Eliza crying and banging and screaming in the background.

"Eliza honey its Cyndie, we're on our way.

Ox ran for the door with the three of us close behind, as we jumped in his Suburban He told me to "Keep her talking and tell her where we are every minute or so. I couldn't tell what was going on but Ox took his gun out of the glove box. I looked in the Back at Pete, Andy and Kevin and they too were checking their weapons I guess following Ox's lead.

I kept telling her to hang on and we'd be there before she knew it.

We made it in 6 minutes flat and as we left the car Andy handed me his cell and hit the speed dial,

"When Strader answers give him this address, and tell him to come quietly."

"Wait I'm going in with you," I screamed but before I could say a word Ox just waved a finger at me and I froze.

"Strader....Andy its Dave...is anybody there?"

I Answered,

"It's not Andy but he told me to give you this address and for you to come quietly."

"Where are you?"

"1322 Burnside drive in," cutting me off, "Eliza and Michaels house right?"

But before I could reply he said, "10 minutes."

I watched Andy and Kevin go around the back while Ox and Pete carefully went through the front door it was then I heard Eliza start screaming and the line went dead. I raced in after them following the screams up the stairs and all at once they stopped giving me a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. I slowly moved to the master bedroom and when I looked in I saw a naked man face down on the floor, Michael lying naked on the bed unconscious with blood all over his face and the bathroom door was kicked in but no Eliza.

A second later Ox came out of the bathroom grabbed the bedspread off the bed and told me to come with him, as I looked over my shoulder Andy and Pete were using plastic cuffs on Michael and his friend as Kevin went down to meet Strader who'd just arrived.

I entered the bathroom to find Eliza naked, curled up in the bottom of the closet sobbing uncontrollably.

When she saw me she pulled herself out and as she stood Ox wrapped her in the blanket picked her up and took her into the guest room laying her on the bed then he whispered in my ear; "Find out what happened.... if they did anything to her," and he charged out of the room.

I'd never seen Ox like this then I returned my attention to Eliza.

"Honey what happened?"

"Michael brought that asshole home with him and I woke up with him on top of me," she was crying again so I waited a few minutes and got her some water.

After a few sips of water I started again, "Did they do anything to you?"

"No, but when I woke up he was trying to stick his little dick in me but I kneed him in the balls and when he fell I stomped on them again and I locked myself in the bathroom."

"He didn't rape you but he tried, right."

Eliza didn't speak she just nodded and I continued.

"What was Michael doing while this guy was all over you?"

She was crying hysterically now so I wrapped my arms around her and held her tightly telling her she was safe now.

A few minutes had passed and she'd stopped crying and surprised me by getting angry,


I called down to Ox who ran up the stairs and into the room going right to Eliza who reached out and hugged him and thanked him.

"Honey you don't ever have to thank me, ok."

I waved to Ox indicating I needed to talk to him, he nodded;

"Honey Andy's going to sit with you for a minute I need to talk to Cyndie Ok?"

Eliza just nodded and Ox called Andy whispering something to him when he arrived. I watched as Andy went right to Eliza and Kissed her on the top of her head saying, "How ya doing Kiddo?"

Andy had a teenage daughter and he had a way of making people relax, and as we left the room I heard Eliza ask how Jenny his daughter was.

Ox virtually dragged me downstairs and into the kitchen,

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