tagCelebrities & Fan FictionElma and Lucil Ch. 05

Elma and Lucil Ch. 05


Bathing was a luxury that soldiering didn't often afford me. Privacy was one major concern, finding time was another. Most of the time a quick dip in a chilly stream was all one could expect. So it was that a nice long, hot bath was enough to significantly improve my mood, even if I was bathing alone. A silly thought, of course but a girl is allowed her fantasies.

The water was starting to grow cold now but I was still loathed to depart my watery sanctuary. Leaving a hot bath and a contented mood for an icy room and empty bed was hardly my idea of a good time. I swore softly under my breath and submerged my head under the water. I didn't even know if she would be staying the night in the inn. Distant as she was acting she might even have gone back to the Travel Agency to spend her leave with the Chocobos.

Bath too chilly for comfort, I was forced to rise at last. I retrieved my towel from the nearby stand provided for just that purpose and began drying off. My hair was still wet but I didn't really care. It would dry soon enough and it wasn't like I was going anywhere. I wrapped the towel around my waist more out of habit than anything. I should have had the room to myself so there was really no reason to be modest but such things are engrained, I suppose.

Pushing open the door to the small bathroom I glanced out into the main bedroom area and stopped short when I saw a figure clad in a white bath robe, red hair spilling over her shoulders like a scarlet waterfall. She didn't seem to notice me and I couldn't seem to find my breath. Well, at least I knew she wasn't going back to the Travel Agency. She didn't turn so I took a few steps into the larger room and closed the door to the smaller. There was a click of the latch and the sound caused the white robed figure to turn. Brown eyes swept upwards along my mostly naked body and I felt a blush creeping into my cheeks. It wasn't like she hadn't seen my body before but there was something about the way she seemed to be studying it that made the heat rush to my face. She turned deliberately and strode across the room to stand in front of me. She was only a few inches taller than me but sometimes she seemed to tower over me, as she did now. I fought down the feelings churning in my stomach, not knowing if she was still distant and cold. I didn't want to be disappointed a second time but looking up at her then I couldn't stop myself from wanting her to touch me, to kiss me. I would have reached out for her myself but doing so would require releasing my toweland this situation was awkward enough as it was now.

Almost as if reading my thoughts she brought up one hand and ran it lightly through my damp hair, pushing a few loose dark strands away from my face. She looked for a long moment as if there was something she wanted to say but in the end she decided to put her mouth to better use, fingers curling around the back of my neck to pull me into a tender kiss. I melted against her, closing my eyes and parting my invitingly. Never one to waste an opening, Lucil slipped her tongue through the gap. Grateful even for this much intimacy after the way she had acted earlier I simply sucked light on her tongue. I felt her free hand trace its way down my side, seeking the seam in the impeding towel. When she found it, she wasted no time in sliding her hand inside to lightly caress the bare skin beneath. I shuddered at her touch, familiar fires springing to life within me.

After a long moment she pulled away, hand retreating to her side. I couldn't help but mourn the loss of her touch and feel a small stab of panic at the thought of her turning cold on me now. That seemed to be the last thing on her mind, however. My eyes flew open when I felt her hands over mine and gently pry my fingers from their unconscious death grip on my only garment. My cheeks flushed scarlet as I was revealed to her, though it was more the hungry look in her eyes that caused the blush than my lack of clothing. That was one thing about my Lucil, she may be cold and distant at times but when she thawed out, she did so with startling passion.

My hands now freed of their previous responsibility I reached up to place one arm around her neck with my other set about satisfying my curiosity. Our lips met again and eyes closed. I felt her hands roam restlessly along my bare back as my free hand snaked its way inside her robe and found, much to my delight, that she wore nothing else beneath it. I felt her right hand slowly trace the length of my back before curling around to my left side. I pulled away from the kiss to take a sharp breath, skin tingling at the contact. Slowly, her smallest finger trailed down the length of the crescent shaped scar, coming to rest at the end and waiting their as all four of its sisters made the same journey one at a time. By the time her thumb had etched the scar as well; I was trembling and clinging to my captain's neck for support.

"Lucil..." I practically mewled as I buried my face in her neck to place breathless kisses there.

I was half led, half carried over to the bed where I collapsed gratefully and drew my lover down with me. I pulled her into a series of swift, eager kisses but there as a noticeable change in her demeanor. I frowned as she pulled back to look down on me, a faint shadow crossing her beautiful brown eyes. She was silent for a long moment, as if searching for words.

"I am... sorry." She said at last, words sounding as if they had been pulled unwillingly from her chest.

"It's okay..." I whispered in response, reaching up to lightly caress her cheek.

"I shouldn't have... treated you like that." She looked away but I gently turned her gaze back towards me.

"Lucil." I said firmly, sitting up slightly. "I said its okay." I punctuated this with another kiss, a language she seemed to understand better than words. True it had hurt at the time but now that my Lucil had returned form her icy sojourn, I didn't really mind. She seemed quite content to abandon words and proceeded to apologize to every inch of my neck and shoulders with lips and tongue. Despite my best efforts to remain silent, a low moan worked its way out of my chest. We both frowned as we realized our predicament. An inn crowded with off duty soldiers wasn't exactly the most private of places and thin walls would allow noise to pass freely between rooms. Since Lucil was intent on keeping our relationship from being common knowledge...

The most obvious solution was to find a better place for such activities but neither of us were in the mood to redress and hunt for such a location. I'd been waiting long enough for this as it was. The second most obvious solution was simply to be quiet but that was much more difficult than it sounded.

Lucil's lips twitched suddenly with private amusement and I knew without asking that she has formulated a solution of her own. She shifted to stretch out beside me and brought up her right hand to lightly caress my cheek. I looked at her questioningly but her only answer was a slightly devious smile that turned my insides into so much jelly. Her hand slowly began working its way lower, drifting down my neck and shoulder, fingertips lightly brushing skin still slightly moist from her earlier attentions. When her hand moved farther down still to cup one of my breasts and began to knead it gently, I had to bite my lower lip savagely to stay silent. She had a better solution, however and leaned forward to capture my lips with her own, muffling the moan that escaped at their touch.

My silence mostly assured by the tongue that almost playfully held my own in check, her hands began to move once more; wandering down over my abdomen, lightly stroking and caressing. She paused briefly to trace my scar once more, which earned another muffled moan, before skilled fingers traveled down trace the line of tense muscles that were starting to stand out on my thighs. By this time my hands had already moved almost of their own accord to encircle Lucil's shoulders, clinging tightly to two handfuls of her robe.

My captain and lover paused for a moment, hand resting just above my left knee and broke our duel purpose kiss. I took the opportunity to greedily gulp needed air. Strange as it seemed, the possibility of being discovered actually added an element of excitement. Not that I needed to be excited anymore than I already was, I thought with more than a little amusement as my hips shifted restless across white sheets. I answered her questioning glance by pulling her back down into the kiss and bending my left leg, silently urging her hand to resume its work. I felt her low chuckle rumble against my lips. Let her laugh at my eagerness, I thought with a touch of annoyance, I'd been waiting close to two weeks for this.

She wasn't ready to let this end just yet, however and took her time making her way upwards along my thigh. I whimpered with mixed impatience and need when she began lightly teasing my clit but she still refused to be hurried. I could practically feel the blood pounding in lower regions as I clung almost desperately to Lucil's shoulders, moaning my desire into her mouth. I was puzzled when she paused for a moment and then smiled into the kiss when I realized she wasn't unaffected by this situation either.

It was she who needed air when she pulled away this time, hand still resting between my legs, oh so very close to its desired location. "Lucil..." I pleaded quietly, willing her to keep going. The hunger I'd seen in her eyes earlier returned ten fold as her gaze traveled downwards, then back up to my face before impatiently resuming our kiss. She was through teasing me at last and thrust one finger inside warm silk without preamble. My surprised cry was stifled by the invading tongue that entered me at the same instant. A second finger joined the first a moment later as she began pumping her fingers in and out in a steady rhythm. At the same time her tongue found mine and wrestled it into submission, not that I had much fight left in me. She shifted her hand then; resting her thumb on my clit so that as her fingers moved in and out it created natural friction. This proved to be the last straw, ripping a scream from deep within my chest that Lucil swallowed eagerly. Both out of breath, the silencing kiss was broken and we simple rested as we were, panting and looking at one another.

"I've been waiting fourteen days to hear that sound again." Lucil commented mildly, catching her breath before I did. I gave a breathless chuckle, leave it to Lucil to remember exactly how many days it had been since we'd last has sex.

Once the initial weakness of my climax faded; I shifted without warning and moved to pin Lucil on her back with a grin. "My turn." I taunted playfully as I untied the sash of her robe. It looked like I was going to be enjoying my leave after all.

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