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Elven Perfection


She shuddered. Astyria's arms were chained behind her to a large marble column so she was unable to fight the grotesque little monster leering at her. If only I had one of my blades, I'd be free in a moment and that pathetic excuse for flesh would understand what it meant to face a noble sidhe! But her swords were across the room, behind the boggle. Her magic was bound by painful chains of iron and the creature continued to stare.

She accepted the forced nudity. One of these foul things, while Astyria was still unconscious, took a very dull pair of scissors and crudely cut circles of fabric from her shirt, covering her breasts, and her leather skirt. It didn't bother her to be viewed in such a state, control or no. In fact she took it as a compliment that one would choose to admire her bountiful gifts with such passion. What she objected to was the creature which was doing the staring.

She had come across a roving band of the little beasts. Seeing her alone they became bold enough to attempt an attack. The sidhe are well known for their magic and for good reason. Between her weapon prowess and her magical skill she had nearly all of them dead. Then the boggles demonstrated the true fears of the powerful elves; numeric superiority. While she was slaughtering a dozen of it's brethren a single bastard snuck behind her to deliver an incapacitating blow.

The leering boggle turned more fully towards her. It's tongue darted out in her direction. She knew it had a very highly advanced sense of taste and was probably scenting the air much like a snake. Given the heights that its tongue danced at she was beginning to get nervous. Astyria wouldn't willingly touch one of these vile creatures to shake its hand, to think of those same hands pawing at her, or worse that slime covered tongue, sent a fresh shiver of dread racing through her.

It walked right up to her. She tried to kick it, only to discover her feet had been similarly chained. The thing grinned and grunted something in its primitive language. She simply shook her head and shrugged. She never bothered to learn the languages of such creatures, after all they're beneath my notice , she thought sarcastically.

"You! Miiiiiiine." Its basic drawled out. "Me lead tribe. Tribe take you. Now me take you!" For a creature with a limited vocabulary in basic it certainly seemed to understand the double meaning of certain words. A slow trail of thick slime began to inch upward from her naval.

Goddess, I'll do anything for you if you keep this monster from within me! She shuddered anew, its tongue had reached her breasts and was carefully tracing the underside of them. She tried to bend or twist away from its touch but each time she moved it countered. It maintained the advantage by sidestepping with every turn. Where she was shackled to a column it had full freedom of movement.

The slimy, almost prehensile, tongue began to snake around her right breast. She was vaguely aware of a tingling sensation coming from somewhere in her body. She immediately discounted her groin, it was a similar sensation to the lust she had spawned before but it felt somehow artificial. Besides it came from somewhere slightly higher on her body then that. The tongue finished its trek. In through the torn fabric of her shirt it maneuvered to completely encircle her breast. She expelled breath she hadn't realized she was holding. Something was very wrong. She was having difficulty breathing. Her eyes flew wide when she contemplated the source of her discomfort. The beast's saliva! At the very least it's anesthetic, possibly even narcotic! The horror of the realization quickened her breathing further.

The wrap of the tongue began to tighten. As the soft flesh began to squeeze inward a slight jolt worked its way through her body. She told herself it was merely the chemical properties of the viscous spit but could not long deny the beast had some degree of talent. Slowly, as the tongue continued to constrict, it began to slide forward. Finally it was pressing firmly a small circle surrounding her areola. She forced her breath to remain even. She refused to advertise any arousal to the monster. As if to mock her attempts at concealment the tip of its tongue shifted away from her supple flesh and flicked back and forth in front of her face. The reminder was clear, it was able to taste the barest hint of emotion flowing from her. The slightest reaction and it knew. It could literally taste her arousal.

Down the tongue darted. She gasped in pleasure, giving up any pretense of deception, as it battered her engorged nipple. Eyes full of hatred burned towards the beast but it's attention was down, focused completely on her body. She followed its gaze and nearly panicked. Her entire breast was now covered in the thick slime. The slightest shift of its tongue, the hint of a breeze, sent a chill racing through her as she reacted to the chemical euphoria.

She was released from its grip, but only a temporary reprieve as the tongue curled back into its wide mouth probably for a fresh batch of spit . Out it came once more. As it slithered towards her unsullied breast it made barest contact with her right causing her knees to nearly buckle. With the slight touch her breast felt afire. Her heart began to race even as the tongue began it's leisurely path. By the time it completed the initial maneuver the flaming nerves of her right breast were multiplying. The sensation first raced down the trail left from her navel but slowly began to spread outward.

The tongue began to constrict. The first pulse of moisture trailed down her leg. Traitor body! Bastard loins I refuse the inferno you so desire! Once again she felt pressure against her areola. A flick of its tongue and she collapsed to her knees with a moan. Just as quickly the beast retreated.

Her breathing was quick. Her heart raced. Every nerve in her chest now screamed for torturous contact. She felt a slight weight against her neck and eyes flew wide once more. A light pressure traced her pulse up her exposed throat. Once at her jaw it slid under to the other side. It traced the retreat of blood back down towards her heart. The beast was intent on exposing her every erogenous zone to its foul concoction before finally sealing her fate.

She collapsed forward, seeking the cool embrace of the stone floor, only to be brought up short. Having forgotten the binding to the column, she hung, arms straight back, body sagging halfway to the floor. Everywhere the fluid polluted her skin it seeded pure lust, radiating tendrils outward in every direction. She could feel the insidious advance of false desire as it crept through her veins and across her skin. Primal need warred with repulsion and tears began to stream down her cheeks as she fought to keep the beast from victory.

Astyria screamed as molten lust brushed against her sensitive mound. Sliding slowly, agonizingly, across the flower of her loins it descended towards her inner sanctum. Ivory cream mixed with the viscous sludge allowing it to flow more quickly, spreading its nefarious purpose more quickly down the lengths of her legs.

Time froze. Her world shattered instantly an eternal moment later as the intruder raked distraught flesh with chemical ecstasy. She was barely aware, through a haze of pleasure, that her body twisted and turned. Sometimes she drove it deeper, covering more of her sensitive flesh with the narcotic. Other times she twisted to escape the glorious sensation only to cause it to slither across her bursting mound. Her body lost, Astyria prayed. Oh Goddess, despite the beauty it could reap of my flesh please let not this creature lay its seed within me. She knew the simple touch of its phallus to her would erase her caution under the current influence. Once within she would belong completely to this beast, forevermore its slave. I will enslave myself for anyone else you send to me, but keep me pure from these monsters!

Her weeping began to slow. Body, an inferno still, began to return to her control. Weak she rolled her head to one side in order to see the boggle. The tongue retreated into its mouth. Hands reached down grasping the source of her greatest concern. Fingers were needed to lift it accusingly at her. Two steps and it was an inch from her face. She shut her eyes tight against impending doom.

A single squeal and warm fluid splashed carelessly across her eyes and nose. She waited. The chains holding her upright released, throwing her to all fours. Weakened she was helpless to maneuver, her face flush to the floor as her legs continued to raise her temple expectantly. Slowly her ears registered the new sound. Someone cursed fluently in basic.

Nervous, her eyes inched open. A human crouched over the boggle. He was digging a knife carefully into the dead creature's mouth. Her shock at the unexpected turn evaporated as the now familiar need pulled at her form. The soft folds between her legs quivered in anticipation, sensing a new source of stimulus. Her mind froze. To be taken by a boggle was to be forever soiled, to lose one's mind and identity. She now understood the truth that none explained why a boggle could so enthrall a powerful sidhe. To be so used by a human carried much less shame and virtually no risk. She smiled, she was safe.

The man was grinning at her, crouched still over the body. Hungry eyes devoured every curve, lingering especially on her exposed breasts and loin (she suddenly realized her skirt had been removed while the tongue attacked her). He shifted to face her fully, still crouching, his head dropped a little lower until it was as close as comfortably possible to the level of hers. "Covered as you are you're in quite a predicament!" Really?! "My people have an expression, 'to boggle the mind'. Few know where it comes from." He hefted a pouch he had just filled. "I know, in fact I make a hefty profit from that knowledge. Quite a drug no?" Her body shook with need as she tried to nod her head in agreement. The man was taunting her, but she was confident he would soon give her the relief she needed. He would enjoy the beauty of her body and the power of her lust, in return his seed would wash much of the foul stuff from within her. Hopefully it would be enough to allow her to travel to a spring where she could freely clean.

Sure enough his large manhood pressed firmly against the cloth. He did something unexpected, placing a hand carefully on each of her cheeks he lifted her gaze to his as he kneeled in front of her. "You are the most beautiful woman, Elven or otherwise, I have ever encountered. Please, I will only ask you once and then you are free to go." Sincerity poured from his eyes to hers and an altogether too natural fire joined the chemical haze radiating froth between her legs. "Will you be mine and mine alone as I would be yours?"

Her negative was on her lips when she swallowed it. This is my deliverance? And I promised the Goddess I would enslave myself to whomever she sent! While generally easily satisfied by a brief tryst Humans had discovered some of the most degrading methods of pleasure and eroticism. To become his wife, virtually slavery to a sidhe free of commitment, risked nearly as much, or more, than the boggle. Humans could be just as creative in their pain and pleasure but she would not have the relief of a shattered mind. Despite her fears she nodded. "You have my word, I'm yours." She looked away, trying to hide her tears. "Please. I need release. Cleanse my body."

"I'm sorry." She could hear the pain in his voice. Heard him beginning to stand and walk away. Her head lifted, eyes wide in shock. "I cannot accept that promise." His head was slumped. "A promise made under duress should not be held."

She struggled to her knees. Flame blossomed within her depths. An inferno raged needing someone, him, to fill her with flesh and wash her empty with a flood of his seed. She staggered after his retreating form. He walked slowly, in a daze. She reached out and grabbed his hips. "You do not understand. You are my destiny. It is not desire of the moment that answered but my pledge to one sent to me by the Goddess." Strong arms, desperate with need, spun him roughly. He looked down in confusion.

She growled her frustration. Her body raged. Rigid before her eyes stood the answer. Before he could react, Elven dexterity removed his traveling pants. Modest instinct sent his hands to cover himself but her mouth was quicker. She buried her lips in his flesh, tilting her head back to let his full organ a slight entrance to her throat. He gasped in surprised delight. His knees gave way but she anticipated that and guided him to the ground, never taking her mouth fully from him.

Her body screamed for him to fill other parts of her. She shook for the control required as her mouth slowly slid up and down his shaft. All men desired this, and without the beasts's saliva on her head there could be only one excuse, especially when he knew her body would be fighting for something else. She would endure hours of unrequited lust just to prove a point. He would spill for her now and she would need to let him recuperate before he could fulfill her needs. Her body seeped in exquisite anguish at the thought of perpetual need. The thought of remaining at the brink of or beyond orgasm for hours until he finally entered her sent her over. The first pulse from her core forced an unexpected moan from her lungs. He shuddered as the vibration was transferred through her lips into his very core.

Her eyes closed as the waves of pleasure beat faster and faster through her body. He screamed even as her climax grew. She felt his hot, salty, lust pour forth and her muscles clenched in instinctive response. She drank, drawing forth every drop of his essence, to prove her sincerity. She screamed as she sucked. Her own body drove her deeper into climax.

The pulse of his seed began to slow. Astyria had long since been unable to move her head for fear of biting him or choking herself so she sucked all the harder. His pace began to quicken but a hand on her cheek forced her away. Her torment became unbearable as his stray lust rolled from the corner of her mouth, further reminding her of the extended wait to come.

His hand slid up, from waist to side as she quivered and pleaded her ceaseless orgasm. His hand caught the remaining fabric of her shirt and began to lift it free of her. Flesh made supernaturally sensitive by the boggle reveled in the slow torment. Brought to the first stage of climax by anticipation and need alone his simple ministrations brought her further. Regardless of the heights she reached she would not find fulfilment without him and he could not grant it to her for some time. She wept for the beauty that rolled over her as he pulled the shirt from her head.

She was screaming her ecstasy, even as she cried, before his lips brushed her hard nipple. Sensing her torment he risked his own sanity, plunging his kisses deeper towards her maidenhood. Risking the narcotic sludge warmed her heart. The last corner of reason in her mind recognized it as a sign as surely as her taking him had been. Gentle lips brushed her navel and where gone instantly, lower. His breath brushed against her most sensitive nerves, sending her to heights she had never imagined. She was drowning in desire. Her body writhed against the need and molten lust raced through her veins to ignite every pore, every nerve, every muscle down to her very marrow.

His lips touched her petals and she froze. An instant later his tongue slipped forth and she was lost for a moment in the pure bliss of divine void, filled only with light. To quickly his tongue disappeared. She screamed obscenities in many languages at him for stopping after a single pass.

Her body froze once more. Carefully poised at her gates was his straining lust. For a moment Astyria couldn't fathom the development. She screamed, pain and pleasure blending as he, far too large, moved slowly within. He stopped in fear for her. Even as she screamed for him to continue reality dawned. Contact with her contaminated skin quickened the process of his revival. Meanwhile he had used her curse to put her beyond time with pleasure, sensation to great for her mind to process, much less comprehend. Her nails bit into the flesh of his arms. Trails of crimson formed and he stopped once more. Unbearable!

She grabbed his hips, fingers digging callously in again, and forced his length deep. She cried out from the pain which quickly transmuted to the purest pleasure she had ever felt. He began to pull out to slowly but her body was in control. Her conscious mind subsumed by euphoria she returned to her primitive instinct, attacking him with the furious intensity built up from (she guessed) an hour or more of constant delirium.

Before she impaled herself the third time the tension caught and snapped. She felt herself slipping from consciousness but struggled to remain. Her body's need fulfilled, she regained a slight measure of reason. She maintained a new need to complete. Beyond her pledge to the Goddess, beyond her pledge to him, he found a way to relieve her the agony of time when she had no hope. Her very soul needed him to burst within. Hastened by the very corruption he freed her from she felt the solid form probing her depths begin to pulse. In anticipation she released her body to the purity. His hips began to buck on their own.

His eyes lost focus as he plunged deeper. Hips collided painfully as Human strength challenged Elven endurance. Her world was the thrashing hips and piercing shaft. Her eyes closed as she relinquished herself to Morpheus. Wonder drifted through her mind as she passed out. Oh Goddess, you didn't forsake, but sent me the greatest of blessings.

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