tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEmancipation Ch. 10: The Intruder

Emancipation Ch. 10: The Intruder


[This story line was a chapter in the bigger story of Sue, Out of The Closet, but is totally stand alone. ]

EMANCIPATION - Ch 10: The Intruder - Valen © Literocat

"Ooops! I was afraid you could tell. I have, hon. That was one of my dark secrets. I use my fingers and some bigger things. My own anal toys have often visited back there. But I didn't bring any with me. Surprised? Now you all know." Sue easily moved two fingers deeper into his ass then massaged a third inside. He was groaning already and declined a fourth.

We were all surprised. "You never told me about that. Why?"

"Because you would have called me a pervert and thrown me in the doghouse again. Now I can show them to you and how I like them used. Isn't that incredible?"

Lois and I smirked, both thinking that will be handy to know later when we decide what to push up his ass during lunch. After getting two fingers as far as her knuckles, she called to her sister to watch. "Lois, have you ever seen a prostate enhanced climax?"

"Of course not. I've heard of them. Are you going to do it?"

"Yes, but Joe said he's never had that done and doesn't know if it works on him. It's called 'milking the prostate' and takes a little practice."


"If you keep progressing like this, Lois, and your nails are short and smooth, I may let you try to find my prostate and go for another new experience. Ummm, Sue? No, I better not ask how you know how to do that, but why did you never do that to me?"

"Well, I did rim you and got a finger part way in, but when I later tried a finger or a vibrator, you lurched away so I thought you didn't like ass play. I never tried again, I guess I was wrong. Isn't this great? Learning new things about our partners and starting some things fresh? So where is that prostate? You feeling this?"

"Nope, just a little pressure inside and the.... whoaaaa, there's something! Tthhaats a little weird! Are you ssshur you're dooooinng it rriiight? Ahhhhhhh!"

"Now it seems like it. You want me to stop?"

"Ummm, yesss. I want to watch you or Lois do it to someone ELSE first. Maybe there's a video?" Sue stroked his hole a few times, but he still seemed nervous even for a rimming. I wondered why he didn't let Sue milk him. One last wipe and brief asshole kiss later, she turned him and pushed her tongue in his mouth for a long wet kiss.

"Ewww, is that safe? I mean she went straight from his back hole into his mouth."

"Well Lois, I'm not sure it isn't. It seems grungy, but if she can safely stick her tongue in his ass, it should be safe to put it in his mouth too. Isn't that kinda like he's sticking his tongue in his OWN rectum? Though his ass is as clean now as it will ever be, I don't think I'd like it either. Maybe we should also look that up later? I hear that if the colon is ummmm, debris free, it may be cleaner than a healthy mouth.

"Even that is more than I could ever have told you two weeks ago. You would have gone SCREAMING down the street, hands over your ears! Today, you should be proud of all your progress. I know I am." Joe and Sue finished quickly. "On second thought, I wonder... if I could stick my tongue in MY ass, would I? You bet I would! I'm surprised he hasn't tried to fuck Sue yet."

Lois and I helped them dry off and took 'liberties' as we did. "It's hugely gratifying and encouraging to watch you enjoy fondling his manhood, Lois. Now it feels odd to kiss and maul my own wife." Joe said he felt the same, but "maybe fingering them thoroughly and sharing their sweet juices will comfort us all? Sure it will! I'm happy to try. Lois was dripping her sweet juice just a minute ago. I think we should try for four fingers in each delicious pussy so we can all taste them."

"Hell, that's a plan I think we'll all like." The ladies agreed, but asked to move out of the bath and back to the living room. The front door was still open so we brashly moved closer to it, still damp and groping each other! We stood frenching our own mates. The women massaged our swelling dicks to rigidity and all of us caressed our asses.

My fingers found their way between us and under Sue's curly patch. I stretched and stroked her clit until she moaned in my mouth and her knees twitched, then slid two fingers into her lusciously slippery love hole. Lois's guttural moans demanded my attention when she echoed Sue's. Sue's clit was standing tall long before I tried adding a third finger.

I couldn't reach her G spot with three fingers though I knew exactly where it was. One, two or four fingers reach it fine. With four inside her I could wipe the top finger side to side and very deeply. When I reached and stretched her G spot, everyone knew! And I mean EVERYONE! I'm sure people down the block could hear her eruption. Her moans and gasps came just seconds before her climax. Her scream pushed Lois into orgasm too and both drenched our hands.

Since we were shoulder to shoulder, sharing our treasures was easy. Joe proudly offered Lois's juices first, so I kept my hand inside Sue's hot box, turning her so we all could see how torrid that looked. Joe spread his wet fingers under our noses so we could suck up Lois's sweet, hot nectar. By now, her scent was intimately familiar to all of us and we all still loved it.

Letting, no WANTING, Joe to share [187] her pussy juices with us was yet another thing she'd never have conceived possible just two weeks ago. "I guess I can't deny I like sweet pussy fragrance and taste, even [188] my own! God, how did I get here?"

"Well, I'm almost afraid to say this, but from now on you can taste pussy every hour of every day even when alone. You get me?"

"You mean finger myself, then eat ME? Yes, I'm sure I can do that now. Mmmm mmm."

"Enjoy the company. Sue used to hate the thought of touching or tasting her 'ugly' pussy too. Look where she is now! Let's savor some sweet Lois desert now. Ummm" We each sucked in a succulent finger with noses and tongues. I know I felt high and suspected I wasn't the only one.

Then, with eyes closed, four tongues swirled around all four fingers. Sucking both ladies's tongues at once was very appealing and intimate, but I still couldn't continue if I opened my eyes and saw Joe's tongue in the group. I confess I'm just not there and don't know if I ever will be.

My fingers kept twitching inside Sue while we sucked Lois. They kept bringing Sue to the edge of orgasm before pausing. When Joe's fingers were licked clean, I leaned and pinched Lois's nipple, then sucked it back to hardness while I supported and gently stroked her sweet breast.

Joe couldn't reach Sue's tits so, resting his hand on mine, he slid along it until the tip of his finger edged into her pussy and stroked her clit instead. That made FIVE fingers vertically stacked inside her. Well, four and a half? Feeling him fingering my wife with me while also touching my hand was oddly repugnant and extremely exciting!

As Lois watched, fascinated, I was stretching Sue's G spot while Joe kept flicking her clit. It must have been that combination, two men in her pussy plying her clit and G simultaneously, that, in one of the rarest of Sue's acts, caused her to ejaculate a small flood. Her knees buckled and we three had to support her, me from under and inside her spouting pussy.

It was time to share my wife's copious, sweet pussy juice. She gushed so much, she left an overflowing puddle of her hot cum in my cupped right hand. Even if no one else wanted to dip into it, I would gladly lap it all up. But Lois's curiosity overcame her former revulsion and she was first to dip her warm tongue into her sister's cum pool. [189] Tentatively at first, we all tasted the sweet pool, then had to fight Lois for some cum.

Shocked I tell you, SHOCKED we all were! Nevertheless, we joyfully kept lapping. Sue was a little embarrassed at the attention. When the pool was dry, we all shared my wet fingers and her renewed, intoxicating scent.

As I floated back down, I noticed my left hand had somehow found its way into Lois's pussy. Her head was tilted back, her eyes closed and she was whimpering quietly. Her legs were spread to allow my four fingers an easy access inside. They were autonomously reaching for her G spot. But I wasn't paying enough attention to Sue.

Joe must have seen this since his arm was crossed over mine and his four fingers were inside Sue's pussy. Imagine! Just three weeks ago we wouldn't have shared a napkin, spoon or a glass. Now we had our hands in our wife's sister's pussy and shared their juices and our tongues! Just fucking amazing!

Both women were trying to jerk us off, but were too distracted by our active fingers and their own noisy moans. Joe and I each pinched a nipple and sucked the other tit of his own mate. It was HOT with the four of us standing, entwined and naked at the open door fingering and sucking each other.

Suddenly, I saw a reflection of someone standing in the doorway. Lois and Sue saw me twist my head. They looked to see the 20-year-old kid from earlier watching us - again. Both gasped and nearly covered themselves. Nearly!

Before Joe could turn, Sue decided to raise one arm with a flourish and surrender her tiny tits to his view. She jerked Lois's free arm up with hers. This made one tit each climb and bounce for him, [190] while they kept the other hand on our cocks. I wondered if getting caught by a stranger thrilled Sue as much as the risk. It didn't seem to. Was Lois moving to exhibitionism too? Now what?

"Hey, got anymore juice 'handy'?" Punny guy! Our hands were still in the other's wife's pussy with their tits, our asses and part of our cocks displayed for the stranger. When I turned us around 90 degrees, leaving all our hands where they were, I could see why the girls surrendered their tits so quickly and why we could see his dick from across the street. He waved and jerked his big cock at them. "Can I join you or should I just keep watching from here?" The room was silent a long second as we each assessed him.

This close, we could see he wasn't so young, maybe 24. Of all people, LOIS whispered "He's already seen all of us naked out there and now in here. Besides, we get to look at that stiff cock. Let's see where this goes." [191]

Bright red hair, freckles and fair skin shouted he was Irish. With his pants and shorts down to his knees, we saw he was red haired all over. His long curly red pubes contrasted well with his hairless, muscular body. Deservedly proud of his ten inch cock, he let go and let it dance for us. We were still frozen in place so, during the awkward silence, he introduced himself as Valen. He said "I'm visiting elderly family across the street. These visits are usually very dull and boring so I was happily surprised that this time it was already so interesting."

As he pointed at Sue, he said "I thought I was still dreaming when I saw two naked people walk to the mailbox at the curb this morning, one of them a beautiful woman. When that woman kept spreading her legs for me to see her brown thatch and brief views of pink snatch, I was sure it was a wet dream.

You came close enough for me to see your pussy was swollen. The cute little titties looked terrific bouncing those wonderful cherry nipples. Yeah, I saw it all. I sleep naked, so when I opened my door and peeked around it, my hand automatically found my stiffening dick. I did notice the bouncy pecker with you, but I prefer pussy."

Extending her free hand in greeting, "That swollen pussy and little titties belong to Sue. That's me. Before you come in, leave all your clothes outside. If that's OK with everyone?"

"No promises, but yes lose the clothes or leave." Somewhat relieved, he grinned broadly and stepped out of his underwear. Now naked and leading with his very stiff cock, he approached Sue.

"Did you want to shake my hand, or my dick?"

"Just your hand for now. Not shy are you? What else did you see earlier?"

"When you ran inside squeezing each other's ass, I figured you'd lost a bet. You weren't out long enough for me to cum. Sorry, I'm not usually this forward, but the four of you still standing here naked, hands inside two pussies and shaking dicks and tits encourages me to be bold. I kept yanking my dick, but before I got far, another beautiful naked woman walked to the mailbox. I was sure I was hallucinating!

"Big beautiful tits ambling slowly toward me over an oddly open lush pussy grabbed my attention again. Not until you two circled the mailbox did I see your fingers in her pussy and why it looked odd. My cock surged and I almost came just from that. You are one hot lady. During your second tour, I thanked God and nearly jumped into the street. I stuck my dick past the door to try to match your exhibitionistic thrill. It wasn't bad, seeing my cock in the street light while I jerked it, letting anyone watch. I wasn't sure if you saw me until you bowed and pointed at me. That shock made me cum hard and I jumped out naked, more for me than for you. I liked your shaking your tits for me. What's your name?"

"I'm not ready to shake anything, yet. I'm Lois, this is my husband Joe and that's Sue's husband who set up all these antics. The naked romp outside was not the penalty, it was the bet. The winner was the more daring couple. You know who won! Tell us more about you. Let's sit. What's the deal with your odd name?" Good going Lois! So blasé!

Valen told us he was 23, a junior in MIT and single. "My parents are huge Sci Fi fans. Valen is a human, but a mythic character who leads aliens against a great evil. It's called 'Babylon 5' and, with 122 chapters and five movies in one big, tight story arc with more coming, they insist it's the best drama/Sci Fi ever done for TV. They've been watching TV steadily since the 40's, so they know what they're talking about. Go rent the DVDs and judge for yourself. If you do the math, you can guess that I was adopted."

Sue said, "Interesting. Well, I guess we don't mind if you watch us. Jerk off as you will and let us know when you come close so we can watch you gush. Would you enjoy that? How can we know if you have any STDs?"

"Well," said Valen, "I would enjoy you all watching me cum. I like tasting my cum too. Without some kind of recent health cert, I guess you don't. How do I know you're all not dying with STDs so sharing doesn't matter among you."

"I guess you don't. We're all very healthy or I couldn't be here. If you don't touch anyone, none of us need worry. How long were you watching us from our door?"

"I saw you all move to the open door from across the street. I came right over and watched up close, on your porch, from very early on. You make a very nice show! By the way, I saw at least two other people stop in front of the house and stare in the doorway for a few minutes too."

"Really? You guys were right again. THAT thought is much more thrilling than getting caught by Valen. Maybe because we know he already saw us naked? You are going to be the talk of the block - at least! Maybe some other swappers will step up for you too! But Valen, I'd like to take a close look at you anyway, especially that fine-looking big cock."

"Me too." Chimed Sue. I said we all needed to look and be reassured.Valen agreed and I sent Sue for our big magnifier and the jeweler's 10x lens. We all silently, lustfully, watched Sue's very cute, boxy ass wiggle out of the room. Not until her bouncy bitty titties and swaying snatch stopped swaying could we start checking Valen's pecker for the obvious signs. No lesions, cysts, blood on any body part. Nothing obvious stood out. His dick looked healthy, enough so that we risked handling it.

We ALL took turns [192] holding, turning and squeezing his very hard cock and looking under his tiny balls. That was the first time I ever held someone else's rigid dick. We had him bend over so we could check his ass. It looked and smelled healthy and clean too. We voted that he could watch us up close as we tried more games. The girls said we should take an extra close look at his dick, and if it's OK with us, both wanted to watch it cum up close and maybe blow him, but only with a condom. [193]

We had to think about letting a stranger into our exclusive 'sex club.' I didn't want to shock Lois into regressing to some 'germ free' illusion. Did we want to share his spit and cum? Were we ready to let him finger fuck or eat or even fuck our women? We were tempted, and if we KNEW he was not a health risk, I'm certain we'd have made him a fully privileged member of our new club. But we decided it was too soon for that.

Lois gave him the bad news. "We're into a special weekend and not ready to take on newcomers. But we're OK with your watching anything we do. If my husband doesn't mind, I'd like to give you a consolation prize. I want [194] to try to deep throat that huge cock, and I'll let you touch my [195] tits."

Joe was concerned about mixing unknown semen anywhere within Lois. "I don't want to disappoint my NEW wife, so I'll agree if you wear a condom and don't share spit." Valen quickly agreed.

Sue looked at me pleadingly. "OK, you can do the same, with the condom. Valen, I think the girls will enjoy watching you slowly shake that monster for them as you walk back to your place for the condoms."

"Good thing I'm not shy. But I AM going to wear shoes." His cock stayed stiff all the way, as he proved by turning and waving it at us several times. We didn't know if anyone else saw him, but we could only hope they did.

I had to admit, his 23 year old muscular body looked tight and must be hard for women to resist. That ten inch long, six inches around cock doesn't hurt him either. 'Size doesn't matter', wether true or not, the big package has visual appeal. While Valen was gone, we talked about lunch - where, what, and do we invite Valen along? We decided we'd like Valen to take photos and come with us. If we knew him better, we'd let him keep some, but without faces. Then again, he is a college kid, so... no pix for him!

Sue chose Wendy's for lunch, so we decided not to use vibrators. Not turned on anyway. They had NO idea how far over the top I planned to push them at lunch! There was even a chance some of us would be arrested! We chose the biggest carrots we had. They were over a foot long, but the first few tapered inches don't count, much. About two inches from the five-inch circumference thick end seemed right to notch them so their sphincters could hold them tightly. The greens were another eight inches. Valen brought 20 condoms back, in a small bag tied to his pecker. Fucking show-off! "So why only twenty? That all you can spurt in a day champ?"

"Funny! I brought extras to leave here, just in case..." His big shaft was finally waning. The girls looked hungrily at Valen's dick (VD?) and rolled it around between them. His small balls helped make his cock look bigger than it already was. Sue let Lois go first so he had her tits first. We'd decided none of his fluids should be transferred, so no kissing or sucking any part, but the girls could selectively suck whatever was safe. I know, a weak compromise for safe sex.

While Lois began masturbating him [196], Sue sucked and tugged his nipples. He lay on the floor and pinched hers to hardness and he admired their perfection. Looking almost possessed, Lois lightly bit his pole and licked his balls [197]. When she tried swallowing him, several inches were left uncovered. Lois began licking that hard base, then firmly biting it while still jerking the tip. He moaned and pulled and pinched Sue's nipples harder. Her moans said she enjoyed the harshness. Lois struggled to squeeze the monster cock into her mouth a bit at a time. [198] Valen cupped her closer, hefty tit and pulled her nipple [199] to encourage her to suck harder.

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