tagLoving WivesEmerald Ch. 06

Emerald Ch. 06


I woke up early Wednesday morning and felt horny. It was one of those days I needed some sex and my husband was not here to give it to me. I supposed I could just frig myself in the shower, but I knew I needed more. I looked through my client list to see whom I could drop in and see this afternoon. I knew I needed some hot sex and just anyone would not do. As my husband would say, the nympho was coming out in me, in a bad way. All the sex I had in the past week had just supercharged my libido, and the hot July heat made it worse. I needed some cock bad.

I went for a run and took a long hot shower before starting my day. Marcia was supposed to come over and I knew she would curb some of my appetite, but I needed a man. I straightened up the house and changed the sheets on my bed from where Tom had fucked me the night before. Seeing our cum stains on the sheets just made me that much more horny. I made some chef's salads for lunch and set out some bath oils and candles for Marcia's and my bath later.

I worked on some accounts and set an appointment with a client, Nick, for 3:00. Nick is a very handsome man, in his early 40's, who owns his own construction firm. I knew Nick would give me what I needed so badly. As I spoke to him on the phone, I felt my pussy twinge at the thought of what would happen later that day. Nick likes fancy underwear and fantasies. Today, he told me, white undies would be nice, and an innocent housewife fantasy would really turn him on. I told him I was getting wet just thinking about it. I told him the thought of his rough calloused hands rubbing over my naked body, as he roughly used me from behind, was making me feel slutty and wanton. He told me he was looking forward to a visit from an innocent little housewife, and would see what he could do to help her out.

We ended the call and my thoughts turned back to the naughty little lunch I had planned for Marcia. I laid out my toys on the nightstand and made sure there was a tube of lubricant. I giggled thinking one might never know where my toys might end up today.

Marcia arrived promptly at 11:30. We went ahead and ate our salads and talked for a while. I asked her if she was nervous about her meeting with Allen tomorrow. She blushed a little and admitted she was, but could hardly wait to feel that big cock of his inside her again. I laughed and told her I certainly knew how well that felt. We both giggled and looked into each other's eyes. Our lips met in a soft sensuous kiss and I suggested that lunch was over and it was time for dessert.

We walked back to the bedroom and stood by the bed as we kissed and helped each other undress. Marcia noticed my big dildo and vibrator on the nightstand and giggled nervously, asking if they were for her. "Uh huh," I replied, as I removed her bra and panties and helped her lay back on the bed.

We snuggled up and resumed our kissing as our hands roamed each other's bodies. I fondled her full luscious breasts and rubbed her nipples between my fingers as she did the same with my smaller breasts. I rolled her to her back as I kissed down her neck and chest. My mouth found her left nipple as I parted her thighs with my hand and stroked her hair-covered mound.

Marcia let out a moan as I sucked in her nipple and my fingers parted her pussy lips, lightly flicking my nails over her protruding clitoris. "I want to taste you," I hissed, as I licked and kissed my way down her tummy, moving my body between her spread thighs.

"Oh God yes," Marcia moaned, as my mouth made contact with her pussy lips.

I wasted no time in pulling her pussy lips apart and driving my tongue onto her throbbing clitoris. I tapped her clitoris with my tongue as I eased her vagina open with my fingers. Marcia was holding my head moaning softly as I sucked her clitoris into my lips and began to fuck her with my fingers. I sucked harder and worked my hand deeper into her as she started raising her hips from the bed. I felt her body shake as her first orgasm overtook her. Her girl cum released and washed over my face as she cried out in pleasure.

I stopped licking her and pulled my fingers from her. I crawled up and got the vibrator from the nightstand and returned to her pussy. Marcia was panting as I turned on the vibe and began to tease her clitoris with it. "Give me your pussy please," Marcia begged, " I want to lick you too."

I shoved the vibe up her sweet little pussy and moved over her in a 69, grabbing the dil and the lube as I did. I squashed my hairless mound down on her face and felt her fingers and tongue begin to play on my pussy and ass as I returned to my task at hand. I pulled the humming vibe from her pussy and lubed the end of it. I licked and tongued her tight rectum for a moment, then started working the vibe up my friend's ass. I felt her moan and squirm as I invaded her ass with my toy and resumed licking her cunt. I slowly inserted the vibe deeper into her as I enjoyed her mouth on my pussy and her fingers entering my ass.

I got the vibe deep in her ass then took my long black dil and started working it inside her wet pussy. I am sure my sweet friend had never had anything so big or black inside her before, and from the way she was fingering my ass and pussy and sucking my clitoris, I was sure she was enjoying it. I knew I wouldn't last much longer so I pulled her legs up and reached around her thighs so I could fuck her good with my toys, while my mouth went to work on her clitoris. It was a tight fit, but I managed to get about three quarters of my ebony toy inside her.

I was ramming my toys in and out of her cunt and ass, thinking how sexy the big black dil looked invading her white pussy, when she started screaming in orgasm once again. Marcia jammed her fingers deep into my wet cunt and ass at the same time as she bit down on my clitoris sending me into orgasm as well. I pulled the dil from her vagina and buried my face in her pussy as I screamed out in pleasure. I finally pulled the vibe from her ass as we lay there lapping the juices from each other's pussies.

We lay there kissing and licking each other's thighs and labia for a while before either of us could move. I started getting a cramp so I finally crawled off of her, giving her pussy one last kiss, before I returned to cuddle with her. We held each other's warm wet naked bodies as we kissed and smiled. "Em you are such a bad girl," Marcia finally giggled.

"Mmm, you are right Marcia, I am a very bad girl, and I think I am causing you to become one too," I replied.

"I think you are too," she giggled, playfully swatting my ass.

We held each other and talked. She asked me about my open marriage and how my husband felt about my flings with other men. I told her how turned on we had always became when we shared our little stories, but how exciting it had been to watch each other with different partners during the trip to Chicago.

"You had not watched each other for a long time before that?" she asked.

I explained that I have watched him with my friend Debbie many times but he had not seen me with another man in many years.

She asked me about my relationship with Allen. I told her that Allen and I had been lovers for several years, but he respected my marriage to one of his best friends and best sales managers, and would never do anything to break up our marriage.

Marcia started to ask me something then stopped. I asked her what it was and she said nothing, just a wild thought. I finally convinced her to tell me and she asked, "Would you mind if I slept with your husband?"

"I wouldn't as long as you promise not to keep him," I giggled.

"Well I was thinking that you would be there too," she laughed.

"Well I would at first, just because I would want to make love to you, but then I might let you two be alone to make love some too," I replied.

"Do you really do that?" she asked.

"Sometimes I let him and Debbie have time to themselves," I answered, "sometimes I just leave the room and let them make love together as a couple after we have had a threesome."

I went on to explain, "Back when we were swinging with two other couples, my favorite thing was to go off and have sex with the two other men while John enjoyed the two women. I always felt as if John could not really let loose and enjoy himself if he thought I was sitting there watching all the time. We rotated our partners and it was usually a threesome, sometimes we paired off as couples, but never with your own spouse."

"That added to the excitement of it," I explained.

"Did you play together outside of the swing parties?" she asked.

"Oh yes," I explained, "John was in a training course then and was on the road every other week. I had not taken a job then because I knew we would only be there six months, so I was home alone all day. Michael, one of the other husbands, worked the night shift and was home alone all day too."

"Mmm Emma, you bad girl, you didn't?" she giggled.

"Didn't what?" I teased.

"You know what I mean," she laughed, "fuck Michael when you were home alone in the afternoons."

"Michael and I would usually end up having some very intense sex on those lonely afternoons," I replied.

"Oh, you were a very bad girl then," she giggled, "What finally happened?"

"Oh, John finished his course and we had to move away. I started a job then became pregnant with my son," I explained.

"Life happens," she laughed, "When did you start seeing other men again?"

"After I had been with the company a couple of years, I got to start going to training seminars and a few business trips out of town," I explained, "Sometimes there were some cute guys there that just wanted a little no strings attached sex."

"Your husband knew about it?" she asked.

"Yes, we were always open and never kept secrets about whom we had slept with," I replied, "I would return from my trips and tell him all about my infidelities with other men."

"Wow," she exclaimed, "Your marriage is so different,"

I smiled, kissing her, and said; "I think John would enjoy a threesome with you and me sometime."

"Would you do that with me?" she asked. "Make love as a threesome then let me have your handsome hubby without you watching?"

"Yes I would, if that is what you wanted," I said.

"Mmm, just thinking about you out on that old cold couch frigging your pussy as I let your handsome husband fuck me in the next room has a certain attraction to it," she giggled.

"You are such a slut," I laughed.

"Uh huh, and you made me that way," she said as she cuddled in my arms sharing a long soft kiss.

I looked at the time and patted her bottom saying that we better get our bath.

We headed to the bathroom where I drew a nice hot bath in the garden tub and lit some scented candles. We soaked in the hot water and bath oils, washing each other's bodies. We talked as we took turns soaping each other's backs and breasts. I soaped and washed Marcia's pussy, taking time to play in her delicate folds. I brought Marcia to a mild orgasm as we played in the bath. Marcia commented on how she wished she could shave her pussy as she washed mine. I sat on the edge of the tub as she washed and licked me, bringing me to a wonderful orgasm too. We finally decided to dry off when the water got cold.

Marcia found her clothes and started dressing as I slipped on a white satin push up bra and matching thong. I pulled a little light summer dress from the closet and stepped into it and zipped it up.

"You must be up to no good with those undies," she teased, as she watched me dress, "I don't think ladies wear undies like that to the grocery store.

I giggled and told her I was going to meet a client.

"Mmm, he must be a special one," she said.

"Oh he is a very special one," I laughed, "and he loves fancy undies."

"He better be special for expensive undies like that," she giggled.

We laughed and this time I swatted her butt for being so bad.

We kissed goodbye as we headed out the door. I told her to have fun with Allen tomorrow and tell me all about it. She giggled like a schoolgirl and promised she would.

I opened the garage and she left as I headed out to my appointment with Nick.

I drove over to Nick's office, which was an old house he had remodeled. He had done a wonderful job converting the old residence into office space. I pulled into the parking lot and got out of my car feeling my thong caress the crack of my ass. Nick just loves sexy underwear and I try to never disappoint a good client.

I walked in and Nick came out of one of the offices and greeted me. He is tall and well muscled from his years in construction. I almost melted when I saw him in his chambray shirt and tight jeans as he took my hand and invited me back to his office. He gave me a sly grin and told me he had sent his girl Friday home early. Nick has a full time bookkeeper, but he likes me to go over his books once a month and make sure no one is stealing from him. I went over to his computer and brought up his program. I put a blank CD in the burner and started making a copy of his books so I could go over them in detail at home.

Nick got us a couple of cold beers from the office refrigerator and invited me to sit on the couch while the CD burner did its thing. I sat down on the couch as Nick went over to his desk and wrote me out a check for my monthly fee.

He walked over and handed me his check. I looked at it, noting he had included a generous tip. I smiled and winked at him, thanking him for being such a good client as I stuffed it in my purse. I looked at him with a serious tone, took a drink of my beer, letting my lips linger too long on the lip of the bottle, and said, "Now where were we, Nick?"

"I think you and I were discussing how much more proper it is for an innocent married lady to wear white underwear," he grinned, "would you like to show me yours?"

"Well, I don't suppose a little peek would hurt, but nothing more mind you," I teased, as I sat my beer bottle down and stood up, unzipping my dress.

I slipped off my shoes and let my dress slide off my body, stepping out of it. I turned away from him, letting him see my thong clad ass, as I folded my dress and placed it over the back of a chair.

"Are these more to your liking?" I asked, turning toward him and striking a sexy pose.

I was standing there in just my sexy bra and panties, knowing I was making him hornier by the second. My left arm was across my torso pushing my breasts up and my right arm was bent at the elbow with my finger seductively placed at the corner of my mouth.

I stood there for a second, noticing how his eyes were glued to my small breasts, seemingly spilling from my push up bra. I don't have much on top, but I have learned that, with men, presentation is everything.

"I think they look wonderful," he answered.

I gave him a little wink and turned, acting like I was reaching for my dress, and said, "I had better get dressed now before you get any ideas."

Nick moved toward me and grabbed me before I could reach my dress. I protested feebly as he swept me up in his huge muscled arms, kissing me, as he laid me back on the couch. He pulled his shirt off, baring his hairy muscled chest. I knew our game was on now.

"No, we can't be doing this," I protested, "I am a married woman.

Nick paid me no mind as he pulled my left nipple from my bra and began to suck it, and slipped a hand down the front of my thong. I kicked and put up a little fight as his rough fingers played on my clitoris and labia and he sucked and nibbled my nipple. I moaned in protest as his mouth and fingers stimulated me.

Nick stepped back a moment and ripped off his work boots and socks and stood before me with his erection raging in his tight jeans. I gasped as he undid his belt and pants and slid them down. His beautiful cock sprang out like a monster unleashed. Nick stepped out of his pants and tossed them aside as he pushed his cock head to my lips and ordered me to lick a drop of precum from it.

I turned my head away, with a disgusted look, and told him, "I would never let a man put his nasty thing in my mouth."

"We will see about that," he replied.

He pushed me back down on the couch, pinning my arms, as he moved over me in a 69, intent on forcing me to suck his nasty cock. I was defenseless as his thick spongy cock head passed through my lips and invaded my mouth. I felt him jerk the crotch of my thong aside and start to eat my pussy.

I could smell his sweaty manly scent as he forced his cock into my mouth. I felt his hot tongue as he began to lick my pussy. He pulled my pussy lips apart with his fingers as he drove his tongue into my vagina. I continued to whimper my protests as he forced his long cock deep into my mouth. He fucked my face with his throbbing member as his lips and tongue took me over the edge and I came filling his mouth with my girl cum. Nick pulled his cock from my mouth and looked at me with an evil grin on his face.

"You bastard, you made me climax, what do you think you are doing? I shouted in mock rage, "and how dare you put that nasty thing in my mouth."

"I am going to fuck that sweet little married cunt of yours," he replied.

"Please no, don't rape me," I cried out, "you've already forced that nasty thing into my mouth, now let me go."

Nick picked up my tiny body without effort and turned me over his lap, holding my wrists above my head and pining my legs with his. He reached and grabbed the belt from his pants and gave me three sharp smacks across my thong-covered ass. I howled in indignity as my lover spanked my haughty ass with his belt. I loved his spanking so much, I almost had to bite my tongue to keep from cumming right then. I knew I had to stay in character for a while longer to keep our fantasy going.

"You bastard," I cried, "how dare you!"

He then placed me on my knees on the couch, my upper body hanging over the back. He held my arms and grabbed his belt. I knew the game he wanted to play today and was more than willing to help in his fantasy fuck. He unhooked my bra and pulled it off me then he grabbed my wrists and tied them behind my back with his belt. I was helpless in his grasp. He unceremoniously ripped the expensive thong from my ass and began to rub his cock head up and down my married pussy. I cried out as he pushed his cock head against my entrance and held it there for a second.

"Your not such a high and mighty little bitch now are you, Emma?" he snarled.

"I am a married woman," I pleaded, "please stop, please don't rape me."

Nick smacked my ass hard with his hand as he started his slow penetration of me, saying, "Spread those legs you little slut, I am going to give you the fucking you deserve."

"Oh please no," I cried out, "I'm unprotected, and you're going to get me pregnant with your sperm."

"Then you'll have to explain to your husband why you were modeling sexy underwear for another man," he grunted, as he slid his cock all the way into my vagina.

I gasped feeling what I had needed so bad enter me from behind.

"Oh God no, your penis is far to big for me, please stop. " I cried.

"Don't worry, I'll stretch that tight little cunt of yours out so it fits perfectly," he snarled.

My continued pleading turned him on even more as he began to fuck me hard from behind. All I could think of was how good he felt inside me and the rape fantasy was making him hornier and wilder.

I felt his rough calloused hands on my soft skin as he took his nasty pleasure inside my tight little vagina. He roughly pulled and teased my tiny tits and pinched and pulled my throbbing clitoris as he savagely fucked me from behind. I knew my pleas were of no use to my brutal attacker, so I surrendered my body to his use.

My screams of mock outrage turned into screams of pleasure as he brought me to orgasm after orgasm. I could feel the sticky girl cum flow from my pussy and down my thighs as he used me. I finally had no strength left in my legs from cumming so much, that he sat on the couch and pulled me over him. He aimed his cock at my opening and started to slide me down on his throbbing phallus.

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