tagLesbian SexEmily and Jo Ch. 02

Emily and Jo Ch. 02


"I came here to help you guys study...but I really should be going. Sorry that I interrupted." I backed out of the room trying to erase the last few images out of my mind but it wasn't working all I kept seeing was Jo and Emily in that 69 position. I was half way down the hall when a hand reached out and grabbed my shoulder. I spun around not expecting Jo in a little bathrobe. She dragged me back to her room.

I walked in and saw Emily playing with herself.

"I really shouldn't be here when you guys are...," I trailed off I could not finish I could not take my eyes off Emily's pussy it was to good of a sight to turn away from.

"Professor we are glad that you are here," Jo said smiling up at me. She quickly disrobed giving me another eyeful of a beautiful body.

Emily got off the bed making her tits jiggle with every step. She came towards me, took my hand, and put it on her naked breast. I could not help squeezing they were amazing. Jo went behind me and pulled off my jacket. I did not even realize I was just fixed to Emily's tits. Jo came around front again and started to unbutton my blouse. She had to remove my hand from Emily's tit to take it off. When my shirt and bra were off Jo came towards me again and gave me a kiss. Her lips were so soft her tongue darting into my mouth searching, and tasting me. It was a most amazing kiss I did not want it to end but like all good things it did. Her mouth then went to my breasts. She took one while Emily took the other. They were sucking on my tits like little babies waiting for the milk to come.

They leaded me to the bed were I fell back on to it. With them still latched to my tits. Emily finally let go but went towards my skirt to pull it off. Her face was so close to my crotch that when she pulled the skirt off she got an eyeful of my shaved pussy. Jo withdrew my tit from her mouth to my mouth. We were locked into a very passionate kiss while Emily examined and played with my aroused pussy.

Jo got up and straddled my stomach her pussy rubbing against it. I looked up into her lust filled eyes and was glad that I came and stayed. My hands reached out for her tits but she intercepted me. She brought my hand to her mouth were she sucked in my fingers. I realized it was the hand that was playing with my clit when she caught me. She sucked my fingers as if she was sucking a cock. I moved my other hand to her pussy. I pushed a finger in between my stomach so I could reach it. My first touch sent her body into an orgasm. I realized when I was caught she was so close to cumming that she did not get to finish.

I was glad that I could help her finish. I was so intent of Jo that I forgot about Emily until I felt her. She was fucking me with what I did not know. It felt too big to be her fingers but I let her continue her work it felt to good to be stopped. I pulled Jo's pussy up towards my hungry mouth. She lowered her pussy over my mouth. I stuck out my tongue and stuck it in her pussy. She started to ride my face. I moved my hands toward her ass to hold her in place. I found her sweet little hole and pushed a finger inside of it. She jumped in surprise I guess she has never had anal before. I was glad that I was the one to break her cherry ass in. Emily was fucking me hard and fast that I was so close to cumming that I almost bit down on Jo's pussy. When I did cum, I screamed into her pussy. In the middle of my cum she came her sweet juice flowed down my open mouth it was delicious. I could not wait for more. She climbed off me and flopped down on the bed.

"That was amazing Professor I'm glad I went and got you," Julia smiled her evil smile at me.

"Girls we shouldn't have done that I'm your teacher, if we got caught we would be in serious trouble,"

"No one going to get in trouble were all over eighteen and we invited you back in you didn't seduce us we seduced you," Emily happily smiled.

I did not know what to say they were right. I did not know what else to say because Jo climbed down to my pussy and Emily put her pussy in my face. I could not say no to it.

I left in the middle of the night it was time to leave. Emily and Jo's body were pushed up against me I was afraid that I would wake them, they would want more, and I could not say no. I would not now what else I would do if I stayed a second longer. I grabbed my clothes and hurried home. When they woke, I would be long gone. However, the problem was going to be Monday in class. They both sat in the front so I could not ignore them it was going to be hard. What I'm I going to do??

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