tagBDSMEmily Ch. 01

Emily Ch. 01


Emily hurried home. She had to finish packing and make a few stops in order to get to the airport on time. She was leaving town to see her Master. It had been awhile since they had been together and she missed Him terribly. As always, she wanted Him to remember their time together fondly, and she had to be prepared.

She had received her confirmation through her post office box, earlier in the week. The only mail she received there was from Him. On occasion, He would send her packages, sometimes letters, and every so often, a room key; along with a plane ticket and simple instructions, as He had this time. She had spent the better part of the week making the proper arrangements for her absence. For the next few days, she would be leaving her "vanilla" life behind. Vanilla is a very good flavor. Comfortable, tasty, satisfactory to most... Every now and then, Emily craved her "chocolate". That's what her Master was to her, chocolate. Chocolate that fulfilled her needs; satisfied her craving, and touched the fire in her soul. The fire that her "vanilla" world could never come close to igniting...

Emily and her Master had known each other for some time. Their relationship had developed steadily over time, and they were quite fond of each other. In the beginning, Emily had not known exactly what she had wanted, but there was something about this man who reached into her like no one ever had, or what she had come to realize, never could. He had been patient with her, and trained her as to what pleased Him. She was a very obedient and observant. She listened to every word He ever uttered to her, and absorbed it. Every sound He made was etched into her brain, cataloged away for future reference. Over time, she knew what He wanted almost before He did, and it pleased Him well. She was content to please Him during their time together, and would regress back to her other world when she returned home.

Neither Emily nor her Master, who was Brad in his everyday life, were young people. They weren't old either, but rather, "seasoned". They had lived enough life experiences to know what they wanted from their lives, and were elated that they had found each other.

When the plane landed, she blended with the other travelers hustling to the baggage claim area. From there she hailed a taxi to take her to the hotel; where she would wait for Him. From the time she left the house for the airport, she began her transformation. She was no longer Emily, but "pet" as He called her. She arrived at the hotel, and went to the room. She had arrived a little early. She had a few hours before He would arrive. She wanted some time to herself, to prepare herself for the weekend.

Emily, or "pet", smiled as she entered the room. It was large and masculine, just like her Master. The bed was massive. It was a four-poster bed with dark ornate wood. The coverings were soft and thick. There was a leather couch in a sitting area, and a coffee table in front of it. Next to the couch was a large wing chair. Every piece in the room and every color were earthy and complimentary to everything else. The drapes on the French doors that led to the balcony were white and semi-sheer. The ceilings were very high in the room which led the eye to believe that the room was even bigger. As she continued her self guided tour to the bathroom, she smiled even deeper. The bathroom was enormous with a very large shower stall and separate soaking bathtub. Next to the bathtub was a large window. It was on the same side of the room as the balcony, and thus they had the same view; of the ocean. The entire room was done in marble. Of course, Master had chosen very well.

As Emily walked back into the bedroom, she noticed a large box in the credenza. The box was gold and had a large black bow on it. She smiled and rushed over to the box. She stopped and looked at it for a moment. There was a note on top of it with "e" written on the envelope. She picked it up and opened it. There was a card inside, and she recognized her Master's handwriting.

Open the gift pet. Meet me in the lobby bar at 8:00. M

Emily excitedly opened the box. Inside was a black silk dress. Simple, but very elegant. Also inside the box was a pair of black satin shoes and a delicate black leather collar. She took the dress out of the box and laid it on the bed. She placed the shoes on the floor next to the bed, very carefully; as if they were precious items. To her they were; they had been chosen by her Master.

She took one last glance at the items and went into the bathroom to take a shower. She languished in the heat of the water and the strong stream and pressure emitting from the shower heads. She felt as if she were in another world. When she finished, she stepped out of the stall and quickly dried herself. She rubbed some rich lotion into her skin and wrapped in a fluffy robe. She combed out her hair and went out the balcony to let it dry. She sat on the floor with the French doors open and folded her legs under her. She was completely calm and very relaxed.

Performing this ritual reminded her of the first time she met her Master. She had been with Him several times, and spoke to Him often over the phone and also via emails. They had met many months prior to their first face-to-face meeting, and Emily had been very nervous. Through getting to know Him better and many realizations about herself as well, she had begun the ritual of taking some time prior to her Master's arrival to meditate, thus clearing her mind of the other part of her "life" and focus on Master and His needs.

Emily was a very intelligent and perceptive person. Since she had known her Master, she had evolved into a remarkable submissive to her Master. Although she enjoyed being the bottom to her Master's top, she was by no means weak or helpless. She needed her strength both physically and mentally in order to serve her Master well.

She thought of how they had first met. His words had always been very strong and powerful and from the very beginning, touched her very deeply. Their conversations had begun slowly but were often and grew in intensity each time. At first she was a little frightened by His directness, but He always seemed to be able to say just the right thing to dispel her fears.

He had been upfront and direct from the beginning with what He was looking for and she found that many of the things that He had described and indicated were a direct compliment to what she wanted and needed in her life, even if she hadn't been aware of it prior to their meeting. He wanted a submissive, and she wanted a Master. Through the course of their budding relationship, the two had decided it was time to meet in person. They set up a time and place, by mutual planning, and the day had arrived.

Being a cautious and intelligent woman, she had asked that they meet in a public place, and just talk. She knew that the dynamic would change a bit; being with Him in person would bring everything into reality. He had arrived at the disclosed location first, and when she arrived, He saw her and just watched her approach. He had been very impressed with her. The way she carried herself and how she looked; He had been attracted to her, but was surprised and impressed to see her in the flesh. She had been very nervous, but once she was next to Him, the nerves turned to excitement. She was awestruck by how handsome he was, and the strength in His eyes.

They had talked for many hours. Time had seemed to stand still for everything else but the two of them. They had decided to get some dinner and go to His hotel room. Once in his room, they first sat, then lay on the bed, and talked even more. When she talked, He simply listened and watched her. He looked into her eyes, and was amused by the vibrancy he found within her. He watched her words as they formed on her mouth, and suddenly, he kissed her. He brushed her lips very softly but swiftly before the actual kiss, and then kissed her gently but firmly. As she met His kiss and responded in kind, he placed his fingers on her jaw. Neither one wanted to break; thus the kiss deepened. She had raised her head a little in order to deepen the kiss, and He placed his hand behind it, to hold her there. He wrapped his free arm around her and pulled her closer. She knew by the way He moved his fingers slightly that he liked the feel of them interlaced in her soft long hair.

He had felt her body tremble slightly under His fingers on her back, but the more he stroked her softly, she more at ease she had become. She still remembered how warm his lips were, and smooth. She also remembered how comfortable and protected she felt in His arms. He had slid His fingers down her back and pulled her hips close to His. She felt His desire for her through His jeans. As she sat and thought about it, at that very moment, she became wet once again. The anticipation that she would be able to touch Him and feel Him touching her again, in a short time, aroused her very much.

She had wrapped her arms around His broad shoulders and pressed herself even further to Him. He slid His knee between her legs and rested it against the bed. The top of His thigh was pressed against her most intimate place. In response, she wrapped her leg over His hip. At the time, she hadn't anticipated that things would become so physical on their first face-to-face meeting; in fact she had made a point of making that clear to Him. She did not feel pressured by Him by any means, but rather let the flow of the moment be the guide to what would happen next.

The vibrations of His gentle murmurs against her ears, lips and throat had made her light-headed. She could think of nothing or no one that she had wanted more than she wanted Him at that moment. She took His hand, placed her lips in His palm and kissed Him there. She felt Him throb against her. She placed His hand on her breast and looked into His eyes. His eyes were on fire for wanting her. Her eyes had told Him, please, touch me; touch me and don't stop... She smiled and tears formed as she remembered that first time. She had let Him lead her and she was very eager to follow. He didn't rush her, but rather let her eyes tell Him how far he could go. They had undressed each other slowly, each savoring the newly exposed flesh of the other. When they were both finally naked, they simply held each other, pressing every possible inch together. She had thought about what their first encounter would be like, and she had resigned herself to deciding that she had wanted it to be intimate but gentle. As the day had progressed, she had discovered that she had been much more trusting and comfortable with Him than she ever thought possible. Being in the moment, and having Him close to her, her body wanted more. All she could think of was the pleasure of pleasing Him. Fulfilling His needs and desires became the forefront of her own desires. She couldn't get enough of Him.

The kissing had begun again, only this time it had been different; more ardent. With His kisses, she felt as though He wanted to devour her, eat her alive. His lips, and then teeth seared and marked her flesh, and she found that she wanted more. She relished in the tingle that His roughness left on her skin. She wanted more, so much more... Her body arched and squirmed when His teeth raked her painfully hard nipples. She groaned deeply when His teeth caught them, and pulled. He left them sore and throbbing as He blazed a trail down her belly, to her thighs. He parted them easily; she felt as though she were on fire, from the inside out. She felt the back of His fingers gently caress her soft smooth flesh and thinking about the sensation made them tremble all over again. She had laid flat on the bed, with her hands fisted in the bedcovers. He had told her, "relax, pet..." but that did little to quell her excitement, in fact it fueled it. The sound of His voice went through her, to her bones, into her blood. She had never experienced the feeling of someone truly "owning" her, but when the shivers went through her, be it with His touch or His voice, she knew all too well what it meant. She loved it.

When she felt the wet heat of His tongue where His fingers had been, she cried out. His tongue was followed by His lips, and then His teeth as He nipped and bit His way up; first one thigh, then the other. He had known that she was so aroused, nervous, and excited; He would barely have to touch her and should would cum. He didn't want that yet. He stopped and moved up so that He was over her. His hands were braced on either side of her shoulders, His knees between her legs. He looked at her, she had her eyes closed.

"Look at me pet," he said softly. She opened her eyes and looked at Him, into His. "Relax, pet, just breathe....We aren't in a hurry are we?" He asked and smiled at her.

She shook her head gently in response. She raised her hand to touch him and he caught her hand, and kissed it. "No pet, leave your arms and legs where I place them. Do you trust me?" She looked at Him, awestruck.

"Okay, I'll do what you ask" she replied softly.

He smiled at her again, and kissed her. The kiss was rough, but in a passionate way. She knew how badly He wanted her; almost as much as she wanted Him. He placed her arms above her head.

This time when He lowered Himself between her legs she watched Him. He kissed her hipbones, brushed His lips on her flesh, just above her neatly groomed hairline. He spread her legs farther and settled there. Just the feel of His warm breath there made her tremble. She didn't dare move, but with every stroke of his fingers, lips or tongue, made her body jump.

"I will not let you get off so easily next time pet," He told her.

With that, all at once, He placed His tongue at the top of her lips and pressed. Her body opened for Him, wanting Him to climb inside. From there His tongue pressed a little harder, and lower, to rest on her aching clit. She was soaking wet. Her honey was sweet and oh so warm. Her clit throbbed under His tongue; He knew that her body truly belonged to Him. He sucked on her velvet folds, enjoying listening to her moan, whimper and purr, all at he same time. He began to move His tongue in small but tight circles. Her hips instinctively began to move in a counter circle. His fingers dug into her thighs, which he spread even wider. She couldn't move and His tongue was relentless. He could feel her body tremble; He knew she would cum soon. Just as the waves took her, he slid two fingers inside her. He felt her entire body tense and shake. The sound of her breathing/panting coupled with the moans made His throbbing cock pound. He wanted so badly to replace his fingers in her tight wet cunt; he wanted His cock to be sucked in there just as His fingers were.

He had expected since she had cum quite hard that she would be somewhat relaxed. Although she was breathing heavily and a light sheen of perspiration had formed on her skin, when he again braced himself over her and looked into her eyes, he saw nothing but fire.

"May I touch You Master?" she asked softly. He grinned at her, surprised that she had called Him Master.

"You may." was His reply.

She ran her hands over His chest and belly, and pulled Him close to her. She kissed Him, hard. She licked His lips, and when He slid His tongue in her mouth, she sucked it.

"MMMMM I like the way I taste on Your mouth..." she teased Him lustily.

He backed up a bit and she scrambled off the bed, to get on her knees in front of Him. She guided Him the sit on the edge of the bed.

"What do you want pet?" He asked her in a husky voice.

"To taste You..." she said.

He leaned back a bit, resting on His hands and watched her. She looked directly into his eyes and without using her hands, placed her lips on the head of His pounding cock. Her tongue ran over the tip, tasting His juices that had collected there. He watched her swallow, ingesting Him inside her. She placed her tongue against the cleft on the underside of the head and swirled in slow circles, all while keeping her lips wrapped around the head. It was then that he realized that she wasn't doing what she was for His pleasure, but her own. His cock throbbed under her touch. She slowly slid her mouth down His shaft, then, slowly pulled back to the tip, popping the ridge in and out of her lips, and then sliding down again. He hadn't wanted to cum in her mouth, not this time.

"Does my pet want to be fucked?" he asked.

"Yes Master, please..." her eyes twinkled and she smiled.

He stood up and grabbed her arms, pulling her to her feet. He kissed her again very hard, bruising her mouth, and then shoved her to the bed.

He climbed over her and grabbed her wrists, holding them above her head. He was between her spread legs, and he moved his knees slightly, to spread them even farther. "Show me..." He growled at her. She wrapped her legs around his hips and lifted herself slightly so as to line herself with His more than ready cock. Once she wiggled a little to get into position, he shoved into her, all at once. Her hot wet core; throbbing, sucking, pulling him in deeper... He had thought about fucking her for a long time, and now he was finally inside her. She had raised her legs a bit more so he could be deeper. His balls felt as though they would penetrate her ass. His body couldn't take anymore. He started to pound into her. He couldn't remember anything or anyone that he wanted to exert more force towards. Faster and faster, deeper and deeper, harder and harder... Their bodies like a piston, grinding and pounding together. He could feel her begin to cum again. The way she moaned, the way she breathed, drove Him mad. When she cried out, "OH GOD YES!!!! HURT ME!!!!PLEASEEEE!!!!" It was His undoing. He came so hard he felt as though he were being turned inside out. The waves continued for as long as His body could. He couldn't get enough of her either.

He lowered himself on top of her, gently. They both were out of breath and exhausted. When he moved off of her, she slid off the bed quietly and returned from the bathroom with a warm wet washcloth, and cleaned His sated manhood, gently. He simply watched her, and she looked at him, with a very happy and content look on her face. When finished, she climbed back into bed next to him and in His arms, fell asleep.

Emily opened her eyes and looked at the clock. She decided she had better get ready; she didn't want to be late for Master.

She emerged from the bathroom, and headed for the dress she was to wear, hanging in the closet. She was naked. She wore only a minimum of make-up and had her hair done up, held tightly by a single clip. She wore no jewelry; she knew she would wear her collar. Once she zipped up the dress and slipped on the shoes, she took a last glance in the mirror to check her appearance. Simple and elegant. She smiled; she knew Master would be pleased. She placed her collar in her small purse and went out the door. It was 7:45.

When she got off the elevator and made her way to the lobby bar, she looked straight ahead. She did not make eye contact with anyone along the way. Definitely not with any men, but plenty certainly tried to catch her eye. When she got into the bar, she chose a small table in the center of the room, and ordered a club soda with lemon. She sat quietly and waited.

At 7:58, her Master arrived. He paused as He walked in the door, and just watched her. She looked so calm, so peaceful; and He knew she was His. Almost instinctively, as He stood there for a moment, she placed a few singles on the table near her glass and got up. She knew he was there for her. She could smell Him. She glanced up briefly, and saw Him. He was dressed in black as well. Black trousers and a black leather jacket. He had a grey turtleneck shirt under the jacket. He was a big man, so He was a definite presence in the bar, and she knew He was there for her. She was very excited, and also very aroused. To her, He was a God. She walked over to him quietly and stood in front of Him. She cast her eyes down and lowered her head slightly.

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