tagBDSMEmily Ch. 04

Emily Ch. 04



Part 4

Master woke from His nap to find the sunlight had changed in the room. He realized He must have slept for several hours. Emily was still asleep, peacefully so, and he rose from the bed carefully, so as to not wake her. He took a long hot shower, slipped on a pair of jeans and a polo shirt, and went out to the balcony to enjoy a beer, and a cigar. He was very relaxed. He enjoyed the warm afternoon sun and the gentle breeze. He knew that Emily needed to rest after the sessions they had encountered over the last couple of days. He was fully aware of how much of a toll physically and emotionally the sessions had on her. He smiled.

When Emily opened her eyes, she realized that Master was not next to her. She looked around the room, then noticed the aroma of a cigar coming from the direction of the balcony, and smiled. She rose from the bed and went into the bathroom to shower. The water felt glorious streaming down her body. She washed her hair and body and lingered under the warm water for several minutes afterwards. When she stepped out, she dried herself slowly with a large fluffy towel, and applied a bit of lotion. She combed her hair and wrapped in the hotel robe and headed towards the balcony.

"There You are…" Emily said softly as she approached Master.

"Well, if it isn't My sleepy pet," He replied lazily, "Have a good nap?"

"Oh yes, thank You Master." she said as she slipped her arms around His shoulders from behind and hugged Him. She kissed His cheek, sat on the floor and laid her head gently on His thigh. He stroked the back of her neck and she all but purred. "Are you finished with me for the day Master?" she asked.

"Probably not, pet; why? Are you tired?" He replied.

"No, I feel refreshed, and ready to please my Master, if He so wishes…" she purred.

Emily looked at her Master with lust filled eyes, and moved around to settle between His legs. He had taken His legs from the table where He was resting them and spread His legs slightly to accommodate her. He was still smoking his cigar.

"Does Master wish to be pleased?" she asked coyly as she rubbed her cheek against the bulge in His jeans.

"He does..." He replied to her with a sly grin.

She looked directly into His eyes, and He yanked open her robe. She rubbed her breasts against His thighs, and the rough fabric felt delightful to her; so much so, her nipples became very hard. It made her purr. Still holding her eyes locked with His, unwavering, she easily unbuttoned His jeans. She then lowered herself and He slid forward slightly. She lifted the toggle on His zipper with her tongue, and with her teeth, unzipped the zipper. She ran her fingertips along the inside of the waistband of His boxers and when He grinned at her again, her entire body trembled. She pulled the waistband downward and freed His rigid cock. He took a long stoke of His cigar and watched her, anticipating her next move. She dipped her head down, and He felt her soft hair brushing against His skin, carried by the warm breeze in the air. He thought about her wanting Him so much, that even her hair wanted to touch Him. Silly notion, but it made Him throb. She wrapped her soft lips around the base of His cock and sucked. Again He throbbed, but even harder. A warm flush ran through Emily's core, and in response, she placed her tongue flat against His hardness and ran her tongue along the exposed underside of it, slowly. With one smooth motion, when she reached the tip, she wrapped her lips around the head and slid her mouth down, taking Him into her mouth. She wasn't playing or teasing, as her strokes confirmed. She sucked Him deep and hard, and while moving her mouth up and down the shaft, her tongue pressed and swirled against all the contours on the underside, brazenly.

"Sweet Jesus…" he groaned, watching His cock disappear in and out of her mouth. When he groaned, he pulsed in her mouth; which caused her to whimper wickedly. He thought about how wet she had to be at that moment. Needless to say, He placed the cigar in the ashtray; He was much too preoccupied to even think of smoking it.

As her strokes intensified, He placed His hand on the back of her head, His long fingers tangled in her hair. It was His intention to drive her harder and deeper onto Him, but she wouldn't have it. By her applying even more pressure to His engorged shaft, His grip loosened. She knew she had all His focus on her strokes, and of course, her mouth. He watched her, the need rising in Him more and more with each stroke. He noticed that one of her hands had dropped down, and was busy; frantically stroking and rubbing her no doubt throbbing clit. He felt His release approaching, and he stopped her; only to grab her arms near her shoulders and pull her onto him. She slid herself onto Him easily and deeply; her body taking up the slack that her mouth had started. She was so hot and wet; He could feel her juices dripping onto His skin. He grabbed her hips and lifted his slightly to meet her thrusts. She ground herself onto him, her robe creating a cape around them. Harder and harder she rode Him, and He simply watched her. When she placed her wet fingers in his mouth, He lost His composure. The forcefulness and intensity that enveloped Him brought on her release as well. She cried out to Him and threw her head back. She placed a hand on His shoulder to catch herself.

As the mutual release subsided, Emily settled herself against Master, panting to catch her breath. She let out a squeal as he nuzzled and nipped at her breasts. She looked at him in the eyes, deeply and kissed Him. She kissed Him as though she wanted to devour His entire mouth. When she pulled back slightly, she looked over her shoulder.

"Let's go down to the beach to watch the sunset…" she suggested with a smile.

He kissed her again quickly, and replied, "Sounds like a plan…"

Emily rose from Master's lap gently and disappeared into the room to clean up a bit and put on some clothes. Master was right behind her. By the time he finished "cleaning up" as well, she was dressed and ready to go.

As they stepped out the back of the hotel, the beach and the sunset embraced them both. The breeze was stronger at ground level, and was also very warm. The walked closer to the water's edge, and Master sat on the sand, Emily sitting between His legs, with her back pressed against His chest. He placed His arms around her and she caressed His forearms, as they watched the setting sun. The only sound was the waves lapping against the shore. They felt like they were in heaven. He placed His cheek against her soft hair, and she nuzzled Him gently.

When the sun had set, and had all but disappeared on the horizon, Master broke the silence by asking Emily, "Are you hungry pet?"

She laughed and said emphatically, "I'm starving!"

It made perfect sense, as she really hadn't eaten much during their time together; plus, she had quite a lot of "activity" during their time together. Emily rose and brushed the back of her jeans to get some of the sand off. She extended her hand to help Master up. There was a small local pub nearby, and they decided to walk down the beach to get some dinner there. As it turned out, the pub had outdoor seating, so they sat at a table and each ordered a beer. That night they had a special on fried shrimp, so that is what they ordered. They chatted about everything and nothing, and no one around them was any the wiser as to why the two were indeed together for the weekend. To them, they appeared to be a happy couple.

When the food arrived, Emily dug into the food as if she had never eaten before. Master was very amused at how she could eat so heartily, yet appear so dainty and proper. She looked so happy as she enjoyed her dinner, sipped her beer right out of the bottle, and spoke to him with such happiness in her eyes. When they finished, they left and started back to the hotel. They walked along the water's edge, hand in hand, and again Master broke the silence.

"I don't want to leave you Emily," he said, stopping to turn and look her in the eyes.

"We have talked about this before Brad," she replied solemnly.

"Yes I know," he argued, "But I don't want this to end. I want to be with you."

She heaved a big sigh and paused. She looked up at him, almost tearfully, and said, "You and I both know why that can't be. Not now, and maybe not ever."

"I know, but I think things have changed, and I think you know that too," he persisted.

"Brad, you know how I feel about you. You also know that if we WERE together, I am afraid that at some point I wouldn't be enough for you, or you would get bored. I cannot bear for that to happen, ever." She said, placing her hand gently on his chest. He opened his mouth to reply, but she placed her finger on his lips and said, "Please, let's just enjoy the hours we have left. Maybe someday we will decide what's right, but not now; okay?" He smiled slightly, and reluctantly nodded. They continued their walk back in silence, but held each other's hand very tightly.

When they got back to the hotel, and stepped on the elevator, Master turned Emily to him and with his fingers on her chin, kissed her. The kiss deepened, and Emily placed her hands under his polo shirt, caressing his sides and back. He pulled her closer to him and kissed her even harder. When the elevator stopped, who should be standing there waiting to get on, but the older couple. As they passed the older couple, Emily simply smiled at them both, and stated very politely, "I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay as much as I will; please have a wonderful evening." The woman's mouth fell open, and the gentleman looked at Master, who grinned mischievously and cocked an eyebrow at him.

Master placed the card key in the lock and opened the door. Once inside, he bolted the door. He turned and looked at Emily. She looked up at Him warmly and stepped closer. She slid her hands up His arms, to His shoulders, rubbing gently. He slid His arms around her waist and pulled her to Him. He dipped slightly to kiss her, and she reached up to meet Him. His mouth crushed to hers and she eagerly returned His kiss passionately. Her lips and then tongue teased his mouth; sucking, tasting, probing, until His tongue filled hers. He kissed her harder, His arms holding her a tight captive, as close to Him as possible. He wanted to be inside her just as badly as she wanted Him to be. When the kiss broke slightly, Master kissing along her jaw, she said softly, "I'm ready for a shower, care to join me?"

"Absolutely!" he replied emphatically. As she walked past Him to head for the bathroom, He slapped her ass, and laughed when she squealed.

Emily turned on the water in the large marble stall and the multiple shower heads sprang to life. The two became entangled while each tried to remove the other's clothes. Emily stepped into the shower first, pulling Him in with her. Together they stood and languished in the warm water streaming down their bodies. Emily grabbed a sponge and grinned wickedly as she squeezed an exorbitant amount of liquid soap onto it. She squeezed it until the lather ran down her arm. She then teasingly ran the sponge over her arms, chest and belly, seeking to entice Brad into taking over for her. He simply leaned against the wall and watched her. Emily then pressed the sponge against Brad's chest, and squeezed with both hands. An abundant amount of lather flowed down over Him, and also her hands. She tossed the sponge aside and began to glide her soapy hands over Brad's shoulders, chest, and belly. When she reached His hips, her eyes caught and locked with His. Her slick hands glided over His erection, and even though He retained His composure, Emily could see Him relinquish in His eyes. With both hands, she stroked Him. She wrapped one hand around His rigid cock, and the other cupped His balls gently, but firmly. Her fingers stroked His perineum and her thumb rubbed and teased the silken, engorged head. Her eyes glowed as she held His gaze and continued to stroke. Each and every throb that His cock yielded to her delighted her more. She stroked Him more, but with both hands; each taking their turn, in perfect rhythm, stroking from base to tip. She watched Him as he was beginning to breathe more rapidly, and was pulsing under her touch. It wasn't until she grinned slightly, triumphantly, that He stopped her. He needed to remind her that He was still HER Master.

He turned her around and pressed her breasts against the cool marble wall. He pulled her hips towards Him a bit, and spread her legs with His knee. This time He squeezed the sponge with both hands, as he watched the lather flow down her back and disappear along the crack of her ass. From behind her, he slid His fingers along her crack, just barely touching her. In response, she opened her legs a bit wider, and thrust her hips towards Him even farther. With His other hand, he grabbed a fist full of hair and pulled her head back slightly. She groaned deeply. The fingers on His other hand probed deeply between her silken folds; teasing her, feeling her throb under their touch. His fingers danced aver her hardened bud until He felt her legs trembling. Then, He slid His fingers backward, only to slide two deep within her, while rubbing the tight pucker of her ass with His thumb. He relentlessly continued, careful to sustain her arousal, but not enough to allow her to climax. Now it was SHE who was breathing hard. He pulled her hair a little harder, and leaned close to her ear.

"Whose bitch are you?" he said sardonically.

"Yours…" she whispered breathlessly. He yanked her hair harder, and pressed His fingers deeper. "What was that bitch?" He said to her roughly.

"YOURS…" She said aloud.

"TELL ME BITCH!" He growled at her as a third finger joined the others; his thumb blatantly teasing and probing her ass.

"MY MASTER'S BITCH! I BELONG TO MY MASTER! PLEAASSSEEEE…" She cried out to Him, and then whimpered.

"If I placed my tongue on your clit right now you would cum wouldn't you, bitch…" he hissed into her ear.

"YES I WOULD MASTER!" She whimpered/cried, struggling to breathe, stand; but most of all, her body was aching for release.

"You've been a very good pet this weekend, so I will please you well. " He withdrew His fingers from her and reached for the faucet. She turned and looked at Him, almost stung. "Get on the bed" He said to her as they quickly dried off some, and she obediently did.

He climbed on the bed, between her spread legs, and nudged her back so that she was resting against the pillows. He placed her hands on the rungs of the headboard, and she spread her legs even farther, turned outward, so her knees were on the bed. She was fully exposed and vulnerable to Him. He looked into her eyes deeply, and she couldn't recall ever seeing a hungrier look, lurking in the depths of His gaze. He moved down slightly and settled between her legs. He paused for a moment and waited. She felt as though she would jump out of her skin. When he finally placed His tongue gently on her glistening pearl, she did in fact jump, her clit throbbing beneath His hot tongue. He began to tease her gently, swirling her silky flesh.

Her fists were wrapped even tighter around the metal rungs. His tongue probed deeper, harder, and she groaned deeply in response. Her hips were beginning to move in perfect counter-rhythm. He knew she was close. When His fingers once again entered her pounding flesh, her release came, shaking her to her very core. She growled so deeply and loudly as her backed arched off of the bed; He couldn't recall ever hearing such a sound come out of her. His fingers pressed deeper, as did His tongue. Over and over her body shook and stiffened, her orgasm clearly draining all her strength. As much as He enjoyed taking her to this level of pleasure, His thoughts couldn't escape His own need to fill her. At that moment, she breathlessly muttered to Him, "PLEASE FUCK ME……………PLEAAASEEEE!" Almost instantaneously, he rose and settled between her trembling thighs. Her hand reached down and stroked Him, and then placed this throbbing cock at her entrance and wrapped her legs around his hips. He shoved Himself into her until He could not physically go any further. Her soaked flesh, still pounding from her release, coaxed His body to thrust into her. That He did. He pounded into her with such force; even He didn't realize it existed. His hands were wrapped around the rungs that had been occupied moment before by Emily. She had her hands on His hips, holding Him, urging Him, while her own hips ground against His powerful thrusts; begging Him to fill her completely. He felt the release rising, and she could see it on His face; hear it in His breathing. When it came, it shook Him powerfully; rivaling her release in intensity. It pulled His entire body into the vortex of pleasure, and all He knew was He never wanted it to stop. He thrust and pounded her body until He physically could not move. He collapsed on top of her and held her very closely.

For quite a while afterwards, the two lay wrapped in each other's arms, on their sides facing each other; bodies tangled together, seemingly not being able to get close enough. Emily had her face against Brad's neck, nuzzling Him. Brad simply held her, savoring the feel of her body against his. He thought she had fallen asleep. "I love you Emily," he said softly into her hair. It was very dark, and he did not see the warm silent tears falling from her eyes. I love you too Brad, she mouthed silently. No other words were spoken by either one and sleep overtook them.

Emily looked at the clock again. It was 4:00. Although sleep would not come to her, she lay quietly, not wanting to disturb her Master, Brad. She had so many things to tell Him, but she didn't know quite how to put it into words. The quiet was good for her. It gave her time to think. She lay very close to Him, simply listening to Him breathe. Occasionally, and depending on what position he was in, she either laid her hand or her cheek, on His skin very gently. She wanted to breathe Him in…savor Him; her thoughts always returned to the reality that they would be leaving in just a few short hours. A slow smile formed on her lips as she decided what she wanted to say, and how. Her eyes fluttered, and sleep finally took her.

When Emily's eyes opened again, it was almost 6:30 and Master was not in the bed. She sat up and listened; she heard the shower running, He was in the shower. She slid off the bed and stood by the doorway when she heard the water shut off. Master looked a little startled to see her standing there.

"Good Morning. Did you sleep well?" He said to her.

Emily noted that His tone was very nonchalant, and he barely looked at her. "Yes I did thank You. Did You as well?" she replied and smiled. Without even waiting for a reply, she asked if they could go for a final walk on the beach prior to leaving. He looked at her a little puzzled, but agreed. Emily quickly showered and got dressed. They set out for their walk.

The sun was beginning to shine over the building as they set out on the beach. It was very quiet. There were a few early risers walking along the shore, but otherwise, the only sound was the waves splashing to the shore and the birds looking for their breakfast. The silence between Emily and Brad was deafening. "What did you want to talk about Emily?" Brad broke the silence, and His tone was almost irritated. She looked around her and they seemed to have a fair amount of privacy.

She asked Him to sit down in the sand, and she settled in front of Him; resting with her legs tucked under her. "Please listen to me and hear me out. I need to say this, and I sincerely hope you understand." Brad looked into her eyes, and noticed she had difficulty holding His gaze. He also saw unshed tears forming.

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