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Emma with More


I'm Emma 26 brunette with blonde streaks, blue eyes, 5'6" tall and 68kg or thereabouts. I have a smallish bust being 32B and would maybe like them just a tad larger.

For the last year or so I have or well it feels like I have awoken my lusty sexual being in myself. I can and do for no apparent reason become so sexually charged and horny. I can be at work or out shopping and I feel myself getting turned on, then my thoughts turn to sex. I think about it and imagine it, before long I am all hot and have that feeling down there. It gets a lot worse if I am out drinking and dancing with girlfriends.

Having sexy hunky guys coming up dancing and chatting us up. It has got to the stage some of my friends ask if I will be coming home with them or some guy I meet. This is the story of one of those nights.

I was with two girlfriends, we had gone out for dinner and cocktails and eventually ended up in a night club in the city. Being already quite well on our way to being a little drunk we were having a great time. We were dancing and flirting with all these guys, just being silly really. As the night went on we sort of ended up with a group of 5 guys. We all ended up on the dance floor myself with two of the guys and the other 3 guys with my friends. The flirting continued and all the talk turned to sex. Later it was suggested we go to another club and as we left I found myself with 3 of the guys and my 2 friends with the other 2. To get to the other nite spot one of the guys knew someone and we all piled into two cars.

I found myself in the back seat with 3 guys and my girlfriends were in the other car. As we drove along I was given more to drink, and one of the boys next to me began talking about sex and asking my thoughts on some things. They all began describing different things they had done or wished to do and what I thought.

With all the alcohol and talk I found myself thinking about some of the things they had been saying. I knew I was getting more and more turned on and couldn't stop the feeling I was getting. Then as I turned to say something the guy next to me just began kissing me. I went to pull away but he held my head and before I knew it I was kissing him back. His lips on mine, his tongue playing with mine, his hands in my hair. I kissed him and melted, I was on fire deep in myself. I felt hands wandering up between my legs, opening them without realizing I was doing it. Then hands were on my breasts, rubbing, cupping, teasing my breasts, my nipples. The hands between my legs had now pulled my legs open wider and were teasing my soft inner thighs, just brushing the soft silk fabric covering my sex. I was being kissed so beautifully, so skillfully all I wanted was more, my pussy was so so wet, my panties were wet thru.

The hands between my legs were now rubbing my pussy thru my panties, I could feel fingers pushing into my wet sex. My panties were pulled from me as I sat there, lifting me slightly to take them off me completely.

I felt fingers part my swollen wet lips, then one slipped inside me, making me moan as I was kissing. My blouse was undone and my bra unclipped. Next thing I was almost completely nude in this car with four guys I hardly knew. All I knew was my wanton hunger was being taken, my mind could only think of sex, think of how horny I feel.

One of the guys said "fuck this go to my place its only round the corner." Next thing we were in a driveway and I was lead into there house.

I was taken up stairs and they removed what was left of my clothes. As I stood there I was being kissed and felt all over. My whole body was on fire, I was laid on the bed and two of the guys were all over me. The other two were putting music on or something cause next thing they came back in too. They were all in there late 20's or so just a bit older than me. I found out they were all in a football team together that's why they all looked so fit and strong.

One pulled out some toys and as I was laying there sucking one of them, I felt a vibrator or something smooth and smallish being pushed into my bottom, I had fingers in my pussy as my clitty was being licked and teased. I felt so horny I just wanted them to have me. I sucked one till he came and squirted all over my face and neck. Then another was in my mouth as I felt a cock pushing into me, I was being fucked as I sucked another guy, still with that toy in my other spot. Then the guy I was sucking stopped me and moved so I was sitting on top of one riding him, easing myself all the way up and back down till I had him in me completely, I was pushed forward and I felt the toy being removed only to be replaced with a real cock. Slowly he eased himself into me, till finally I was full of two hard hot men. I just stayed still as they both moved in me, then I moaned and moaned as I felt myself cum for the 2nd time since I left the club.

I had cum in the car once already, and now I was cumming again. This time much much more intense. One of the guys began talking really dirty to me and calling me a slut and his fuck slut his cum slut. I just moaned and felt them, felt as there hard cocks took me, used me fucked me. Then they got faster and I knew they would come, and my hair was pulled back as one then the other came inside my hot wet wanton pussy. I felt them hold me tight as they shot there semen deep into my body, into my slutty horny self. They got off me and told me to go clean myself up in the shower, which I did. In the shower I looked at myself and my legs and breasts had all marks on them, my pussy was so swollen and red. I showered and came back into the room drying myself off. The guys went one by one and showered also.

As I lay there thinking about what had just happened, feeling my pussy still twitching and wetness still leaking a little from me one of the guys came back in. He lay next to me and traced his fingers lightly over my skin. I just closed my eyes and felt it, his fingers tracing my breasts, my nipples, my tummy and down my legs. As he did this I thought to myself oh no, I realized I was getting so turned on or still from earlier I was so horny.

Then he said "fuck you are one hot girl, your pussy is asking for more." His hands moved my legs open wider so he had a full view of my wanton sex. He described to me how I looked, and in doing so only increased my desire.

He took my legs and tied my ankles with soft rope, then my wrists were tied. The rope on my ankles was looped up through a steel thing in the roof I had not noticed before. Then as he pulled it my legs were raised into the air. Another rope was put with a towel sort of around each leg near my knee and once this was pulled it pulled my legs further apart and my legs were bent. My wrists were tied up above my head and he put pillows or something under my lower back. As I lay there he asked "does that feel ok it doesn't hurt does it."

No it is actually ok I replied. Then before I knew it the others returned and began setting up a video camera. "no no way don't film this please, its one thing to muck about and do things but please don't film me."

"Shut the fuck up slut," one yelled to me.

"We saw how turned on you were fucking us all." "Now we are going to really fuck you." They spoke among themselves and must have been discussing what they were to do.

Then as I lay there, they began filming. One doing a running commentary or sort of.

"This is the slut we all just fucked silly and now we will show you how much of a slut she is." One came to me and began feeling me up, his fingers pulling my lips open so they could film me up close.

"See her pussy is still all red and swollen, still leaking the come from before."

As they filmed me, one began putting a dildo into me, pushing it in till it was completely inside. It was a little larger than a normal guy and was a jelly type stuff. Then a smooth vibrator was pushed into my bottom and turned on. Then as all this was being filmed my breasts were being played with also. One of them then got a tube of ky jelly and put a huge dollip of it right on my clitty. I shuddered as it was cold, then a vibrator was put on it, right on the end of my clitty where the hood lets it peek out. It was turned on and fingers traced and rubbed along the sides as they played with me. Within a few minutes I was moaning and moving as I tried to control my body. Eventually I began to orgasm and I screamed as I came and came unable to control myself.

My pussy throbbed and throbbed as I was overcome with the orgasms, I was moaning continually and shaking and screaming as my body came and came. All the while being filmed, my pussy was oozing sex, I was so wet I could feel my juices more or less running out of me. They stopped for a bit as I lay there shaking and unable to talk. They were still filming me and talking but I wasn't listening to it. I felt my body being poked and prodded as they filmed my pussy.

Then as I came back around one came in with the biggest dildo I have ever seen. I thought oh my god no please don't use that. Before long I felt it being pushed at my entrance, and I began crying. They continued till eventually they had it inside me, well some of it. It was so thick I couldn't believe I could have had it in me. They got a mirror and showed me, it was inside me a lot more than I thought. It hurt but not nearly as much as I imagined it would. The filming still continuing, my pussy so full they began fucking me with it.

I was crying and moaning as it had me stretched so far my clitty was rubbing on it as it moved. Then it happened, I began cuming again. I was moaning and screaming "oh my, oh my, oh my god, oh fuck, oh fuck mmmmmmm."

See she is our slut they said as they filmed, taking me over and over all night long.

That morning I awoke in bed with two of the guys, I had marks all over me. As I lay there I thought oh my god what was I doing.

The next day I was so red and sore I thought maybe they had damaged me inside. I thought about going to the doctor but what would I say "oh can you check me out I'm sore from being fucked all night long by four or five guys."

So I decided against it and within a few days I was fine once again.

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You have my cock so fucking hard I'm half afraid it's going to split wide open. I can just imagine you cumming and cumming with the fuck juices oozing from deep in your cunt. The thought of a vibe in yourmore...

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