tagSci-Fi & FantasyEmmanuelle 2200 Ch. 01

Emmanuelle 2200 Ch. 01


The female Orgasm has fascinated Man since time immortal, (or should that be 'time immoral').

It is much more pleasurable than the male orgasm, so we are told. (Was that by a woman I wonder?)

It can be much more frequent and who wouldn't want that, (especially if you're a man). And the female orgasmic release can be a series of multiple climaxes that would make anyone scream.

Also and probably as important, the female body offers many more erogenous opportunities to bring about that wondrous event!

There have been trillions of words written, and millions of hours of images shown to describe the how, the what, the where and the when of that fabulous involuntary spasmodic ecstasy.

I love to read a well written account of female over stimulation that result in the only inevitable physical result, an ORGASM.

This is my offering to that genre. I hope it pleases.

The Orgasmatron

Emmanuelle knew that this was no ordinary Sex Machine; this was the ultimate in pleasure inducing technology. This device would make her climax as she had never climaxed before! It was programmed with all the data that had been learnt from countless experimentation. It had advanced bio-feedback circuitry, so that it would learn what excited her and what stimulation could be best applied to excite her even more.

There were neural sensors that could isolate individual nerves and then stimulate them to extremes. It would map every pleasure point on her body, and then apply the best stimulation for maximum effect. As in dreams it could make her mind believe that the bodily feelings were real. It would quickly learn what was necessary to take Emmanuelle to each higher level of sexual ecstasy. It could, from its' own composition form electro/organic devices that could either penetrate or attach themselves to her sexual organs. It could be solid in some places, then as light as fluid in others. Such was the technology that it could make her feel many different things, even things that were alive! It had nanofibre-circuitry that could produce every feeling of pleasure anywhere on her body, at any time and also at the same time.

Then eventually when it had learnt all the many ways to sexually excite her body, when it had brought her through many mind numbing orgasms, and brought her to the highest possible level of sexual stimulation, it would apply all its' knowledge to her mind and body.

All at the same time!

She was told that the effect would be absolutely staggering; she would feel every possible pleasure at the very highest possible level. She would most certainly orgasm like she had never orgasmed before. Her vaginal muscles would contract with an intensity that she had never experienced before.

It would be the Ultimate Sexual Pleasure her body was capable of feeling.

It was, in short, the culmination of Mans' obsession to subject the human female to as much sexual pleasure as possible and to make her cum as hard and as frantic and as many times as possible.

She trembled with apprehension, but deep within her she new that she had to experience what was supposedly the 'Ultimate Orgasm'. She must ignore the stories of girls fainting before completion, the rumors of women almost losing their minds, she would find a way for her mind and body to endure whatever was coming next.

As she was helped to remove her clothes her beautiful body was slowly revealed. Many years ago she had decided to have the treatment that removed all her bodily hair, so there was nothing to come between her skin and whatever the devilish Machine decided to do to her. She was in fact an almost perfect 25 year old woman. Superb skin, luxuriant short cut hair, delightful well proportioned breasts with coral pink nipples, a trim waist, flat stomach, firm thighs, long legs, well toned muscles and her sexual organs were exquisite and as beautiful as the rest of her.

The construction of the Orgasmatron was such that it looked like a large semi-solid transparent blob or bubble of organic material, large enough to hold a human body. Transparent rainbow colors ran through it, rippling and changing; occasionally it stirred as though alive!

The Assistants helped her step up and into the bubble, her feet sank into the substance, but it bore her weight. Adjusting its self as she moved to sit then lay down, at first on the surface but quickly the blob accommodated her and she sank as though being lowered into thick liquid. It was as though she was relaxing in a bath of jelly; it was slightly warm and felt mildly pleasant. Soon it covered every inch of her from high on her neck to the tips of her toes. The living jelly creeping between her thighs, under her arms, everywhere!

The Bubble itself rested on a slightly raised dais, with no visible means of support, and Emmanuelle, now fully immersed, was visible from any angle or position.

An assistant made sure that Emmanuelle was comfortable, before attaching electrical contact pads to various parts of her head, especially behind her ears, on her temples and the back of her neck, and they were placed precisely so impulses and feedback could ensure the stimulation circuitry had the desired effect. "Now, you're all nice and snug," said one. Then she winked at Emmanuelle before placing a blindfold over her eyes so that any visual input would not detract from her other senses.

She took several deep breaths as she tried to relax and settle into the unusual substance that was the main body of the device. It bore her weight with ease, resisting her pressure when she moved her legs, holding her body in position as she made her self ready.

The final checks were done and the greatest and what was supposed to be the very ultimate and intense sexual experience began. The bubble trembled, undulated and began to move slowly over and around her, as though feeling out what was caught in its' wonderful web. The colors now appeared to coalesce, become stronger, more purposeful.

The mighty ORGASM MACHINE, THE ORGASMATRON came to 'life'.

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