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Emmas BIG Night Treat


It was Sunday night; Emma's heart was racing in anticipation of seeing her Sexgod as she had missed him so much. As the door knocked her heart quivered with excitement. The door opened to reveal a tall, very muscular man, "Gary!!!!" Emma yelled with excitement. Gary didn't say a word, he entered the house gently pushing Emma back kicking the door shut behind him. He used his big, muscular arms to press her against the wall inside. He started kissing her softly, gently biting her lip, his hand holding her head, "I've missed you" he said.

Emma was speechless her heart pounding from the excitement, her body tingling from his touch and the anticipation of what was about to happen...

Gary took Emma's hand and led her into the lounge. He was wearing his tight jeans and leather boots. His toned chest pulling his t-shirt tightly across his body she didn't know where to look first. Gary stood still and pulled Emma close into his chest. He stared into her eyes lovingly she could feel the passion in his stare. His glance moved, he looked at her beautiful breasts bursting out of her tight outfit; he started to run his hands slowly down the side of her body, teasing her, driving her wild with anticipation. Gary took his hands from her body and whilst looking in Emma's eyes gently pulled her pigtails forcing her head back and started kissing her neck before moving up to her face and passionately kissing her.

Emma's heart was racing, she could feel her pussy getting wet. Gary pulled the zip on Emma's dress and her huge breasts were set free. He started playing with her nipples running them between his fingers, gently pulling on them as he could hear Emma get excited. He dropped to his knees carefully pulling Emma's panties down, leaving her sexy black suspenders and revealing her wet, pink, pussy. He gently lowered his head and licked her soft clit, Emma gasped with pleasure. He moved his hands and started to fuck her with his fingers. Emma grabbed at her breasts pulling her nipples with excitement. Gary could feel Emma grinding against his fingers with excitement. He pulled his fingers out of her wet pussy and turned Emma around forcing her to bend over the sofa. Wearing nothing but her stockings her bare bottom was exposed and bent over waiting for what was coming next.

Gary re-inserted his fingers into Emma's wet pussy he pushed her legs further apart exposing the tight little arse. He lent forward softly kissing her cheeks, then sliding his tongue into her arse making Emma writhe with pleasure. He could feel she was close to orgasm as she was pushing and grinding against his hand. Emma was close so close she started to tug at her nipples she was arching her back with pleasure and screamed "fuck me Gary, I want you to fuck me" with that he pushed his fingers deep inside her releasing a gush of juice from her throbbing, sopping wet pussy.

Emma was panting, breathless; Gary pulled her round to face him and forced her to her knees as he released his massive hard cock. Emma groaned with pleasure as he forced his big cock deep into her throat fucking her mouth like her life depended on it. Emma loved sucking Gary's cock, tasting him, caressing his balls with her hands sliding her tongue up and down the shaft of his gigantic cock. Minutes passed last seconds as she explored everypart of his giant cock. Emma lied on the floor pushing her legs apart with her hands. Gary bent down and kissed her slowly across her body before lying on top of her and kissing her tenderly. Gary started to make love to Emma like she was the only thing in the world that mattered, looking into her eyes like there was no where else he wanted to be. She felt special like she mattered, something much more than sex with love and passion.

She lifted her bum heightening the pleasure and as he thrust his throbbing cock deep inside Emma gasped at his size filling her completely. She pushed her pelvis into him joining them completely . Gary knew he was close to climax he turned Emma over and pulled her waist into his. She was on all fours, he pushed her legs as wide as he could before forcefully entering her from behind, he pulled at her pigtails while thrusting deeper into her. Emma started to rub her pussy, moaning with pleasure, breathing so heavy she could hardly speak. "I love it sexgod I love it!!!" Gary started to spank Emma making her cheeks red. "Oh god fuck me hard Gary" she screamed, with that Gary forced his fingers into her tight bottom finger fucking her arse whilst his massive cock fucked her deep in her pussy. Emma pushed her head deep into the sofa trying to muffle her screams of pleasure. Gary was so close he started to fuck Emma so fast she was in Heaven he grabbed at her pigtails pulling her as his thrusts became so deep and released his hot load deep inside her.

They lay on the floor together, exhausted, no words spoken just the brush of Gary's arm over Emma's as he held her hand tightly.

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