tagGroup SexEmma's Pool Party Ch. 07

Emma's Pool Party Ch. 07


[Sorry for the long wait everyone. I hope you enjoy the latest installment!]



I turned my head quickly in the direction of the high-pitched female voice and recognised Amy, one of Emma's friends she'd gone to high school with. She was standing at the entrance to a women's clothing store. I stopped and approached her.

"Hi Amy," I replied, smiling broadly. "How's things?"

It was late Saturday afternoon, and I had been picking up my dry cleaning at a shopping centre near my flat when I heard Amy call out. She was wearing an extremely short, tight-fitting stripy blue dress which clung to her thin frame, accentuating her subtle curves. Her flaming red hair was bunched at the back of her head with a few loose strands falling along the sides of her cute, freckled oval face. She held several pairs of jeans over her arm. I had not seen her since the orgy with Emma and her other friends at Carmen's place, but we had sent a few texts back and forth.

"Yeah, good," she said, and we stared at each other for a few moments.

I cleared my throat and my eyes looked down past the modest swells of her breasts to the jeans in her arm.

"Oh, sorry. I work here, that's why..." she gestured at the jeans. "Not shopping. I'm definitely not a size 12," she blushed and laughed nervously.

"Of course. Sorry, I don't want to keep you--" I began.

"--no! It's ok. I mean, I'm almost done my shift. Um... did you want to maybe, um, get a coffee or something...? Unless you have plans..." she stammered.

I noticed behind her that several of her colleagues were staring at us and speaking urgently to each other, leaning close as if they didn't want to be heard. Some of them were smiling.

"Sure! I was just here picking up my dry cleaning, and I've got nothing on this afternoon. I'd be happy to."

She beamed, nearly dropping the stack of jeans she was carrying. "Great! Um, ok, cool..." she trailed off nervously.

"I'll just throw these in the car and meet you back here in a few minutes, yeah?" I suggested.

"Yeah, perfect! Ok, see you soon!" she bubbled, still blushing.

Amy turned and went back into the shop, then was quickly mobbed by her co-workers as they shot glances at me. I chuckled and left to drop my dry cleaning off in my car.

When I returned, Amy was waiting for me just inside the entrance to the store she worked in. She waved to her co-workers and they waved back, one of them putting her tongue in her cheek and moving her fist near her mouth in a mock blowjob gesture. I laughed and Amy shot her an angry and embarrassed glance as she made a quick escape.

"Sorry, she's really rude," she said, looking abashed.

"No worries, I thought it was funny."

We left the shopping centre and I drove to a nearby cafe where we sat to enjoy a coffee on the patio. We talked about work, things we'd been up to, plans for the summer, and general small talk. Amy was much more confident and at ease alone than she was with her friends. She sat back in her chair, showing off her long, lean legs as her dress rode up her thighs. She occasionally touched her pale, freckled chest just above the swells of her breasts with her fingertips, and her light green eyes sparkled, highlighted by the dark but tasteful mascara she wore. I saw in her a maturity surpassing that of her friends, but a simultaneous naivete occasionally revealed itself. She was intelligent and curious, but not worldly or cavalier. I sensed a thirst for things unknown, a longing for intimacy, a passion bridled, waiting for the catalyst that would free it. The afternoon passed pleasantly, and I was surprised by how quickly the sun had dipped in the sky.

"Wow, I'd completely lost track of time," I commented, looking at my watch.

"Oh god, I've got to get home. My mum's probably wondering what happened to me," said Amy.

"Come on, I'll drive you."

We continued to converse on the way to Amy's house, and I found myself wishing we were headed back to my flat. As we pulled into her driveway, she said,

"Why don't you come in? Stay for dinner?"

"Oh, I couldn't. I wouldn't want to impose," I said, wondering what Amy's mother's reaction would be.

"Come on, please? I'm sure my mum wouldn't mind."

"I'm not so sure about that," I said vaguely.

There was a tap on the window on Amy's side.

"Here she is now! I'll ask her," Amy said, and opened the door, hopping out of the car.

I exited the car and looked across the roof at Amy's mother Michelle. She looked ravishing in a white flowing cotton dress, her long red hair down. Amy introduced us, unaware that we were already well and truly acquainted.

"He works with Miss Beaumont--you know, the woman Emma's staying with."

"Pleased to meet you Mrs. Ryan," I said, nodding.

She gave me an ambiguous smile and looked back at her daughter.

"I just ran into him in the shopping centre after work and he offered to drive me home. I thought maybe he could stay for dinner," continued Amy.

Michelle looked back at me. "Of course. You're more than welcome to join us. Please, come in."

I found it difficult to read her intentions. Was she angry? Pleased? Should I decline the invitation?

"Yaay! Come on!" squealed Amy, waving me towards the house.

I walked around the car and past Michelle, who held my gaze firmly, still giving nothing away. I smiled awkwardly and followed her daughter into their home.

As we entered, Amy turned to me and touched my arm.

"I'm just going to have a quick shower, if that's ok. You can hang out in my room while you wait."

"No, I don't think so, honey. You're free to watch television in the lounge, or you can give me a hand in the kitchen," returned Michelle, closing the door behind us and crossing her arms.

"Muuum!" whinged Amy, turning red with embarrassment.

"That's fine, Mrs. Ryan, I'm happy to help. I make an excellent sous-chef," I said, laughing.

A genuine smile touched Michelle's lips, and she darted a glance at her daughter, establishing her authority.

"Ugh, fine! I won't be long, I promise."

Amy turned and skipped up the stairs, leaving me and her mother standing in the entrance-way. A few moments of silence passed as we heard doors opening and closing upstairs. Finally, I spoke.

"Look, I can leave--"

"-you'll do no such thing," snapped Michelle.

More time passed as we looked into each others' eyes. Finally, Michelle uncrossed her arms and took my hand in hers, her face softening.

"I'm... I'm actually glad to see you," she admitted, squeezing my hand. "Come along."

She pulled me along behind her through the house toward the kitchen. She began busying herself, retrieving ingredients for dinner from the fridge and cupboards, directing me where to find things she needed as she began to prepare the food.

"There's a bottle of wine in the pantry and glasses in the left hand cupboard over there. Could you pour us some?" she asked.

I uncorked the wine and poured two glasses, setting hers next to her as she stirred vegetables in a pan. She set her wooden spoon down and picked up her wine glass, swirling it, and turned to face me.

"Cheers," she said flatly, and did not wait for me to raise my glass before taking a large mouthful from her glass.

"So you're seeing my daughter now?"

"No. I just ran into her by accident. I actually haven't seen her since..." I trailed off.

"Mmm. I see. And you thought it was a good idea to come into my home with my sweet little girl, did you?"

I shifted uncomfortably. "Erm, no, I was just going to drive her home. She invited me in, and I was about to refuse when you showed up."

"And what if I wasn't home? Would you have come in then?"

"Honestly... yes, I probably would have," I admitted, feeling like it was pointless to try to talk myself out of the situation.

Michelle raised her eyebrow. She stepped closer to me.

"You filthy prick. You would have fucked my daughter right here in my own home." Her eyes burned with green fire.

"Yes, Mrs. Ryan. Maybe even in your bed, with your scent all around us," I teased, my heart rate rising.

She seemed to shudder and her cheeks flushed.

"You would be thinking of me, then? As she puts your cock in her mouth and looks up at you lovingly? As you penetrate her? Would it be my face you see?"

Unable to resist my sudden urge, without a word I stepped forward and kissed Michelle hard. She responded instantly, pushing her tongue between my lips and exploring my mouth. I held her narrow waist and squeezed her to me, her arms linking behind my neck. There was intensity, urgency, and passion in the kiss. I could smell her perfume and her skin, the floral scent of her shampoo. My hands roamed around her waist to her back, holding her against me tightly. Her fingers ran through my hair, mine itched to squeeze her buttocks.

Footsteps on the stairs above awoke us from our tryst. We pulled apart and Michelle spun around, picking up the spoon and resuming her stirring. I smoothed my hair and attempted to will my growing cock to subside.

Amy bounced into the room cheerfully. If I was trying to reduce my erection, the sight of her put that possibility well out of reach. She wore a tiny pair of blue velour shorts showing off her long, slender legs, and a white singlet top, tied above her waist to expose her pale, slender midriff. It was cut low, and hung loose on her frame. I could see the faint nubs of her nipples poking through the fabric, indicating the absence of a bra.

She smiled at me, twirling strands of her wet hair around her finger and blushing. I could tell she felt slutty, dressing like that to turn me on.

"My goodness, Amy, if your father sees you dressed like that..." scolded her mother, crossing her arms.

Amy frowned, then said, "Your dinner is burning."

Michelle quickly turned and moved the pan off the burner, stirring vigorously. I poured Amy a glass of wine and offered it to her. She took the glass, and then my hand.

"Come on."

She led me out of the kitchen towards the back of the house, through a dining area and out into a sun room. It was a large glassed room--clearly an addition to the home as evidenced by the exposed brick. We sat on the couch in the late-afternoon light and looked out over her back yard, the lovely, well-tended gardens showing deep greens, yellows, pinks, and reds. Amy's legs were curled up and she faced me, her arm on the back of the couch, the hand holding her wine glass swirling the deep red liquid around in the glass.

"I hope my mum was being nice to you. Her and my dad are a little bit over-protective of me."

"Oh yes, she's been very civil," I said, the taste of her mother's lips still on my tongue.

Amy smiled and sipped her wine, then set it down on the side table.

"Good. You know, I was really hoping she wasn't home," she said.

"Oh? And why is that?" I asked pointedly.

"You know why, silly!" she giggled.

"No, please tell me," I joked.

Amy blushed deeply and looked away, but I saw her nipples harden through her thin tank top. I moved closer and touched her smooth leg.

"You want to do naughty things with me, don't you?" I asked.

She blushed even deeper and smiled nervously. "Ummm, yeeeah," she said, making her point obvious, and squirming in her seat.

My hand stroked up her leg to her thigh. I felt a surge in my groin as my eyes leered at her long, smooth, pale legs, her bared tummy, her perky nipples.

"Do you want to see my cock again?"

"Yes... I remember how big it was," she said quietly, looking down at my crotch.

"Is it bigger than your boyfriend's?" I asked, watching for her reaction.

Amy started, blinking and averting her eyes.

"What... um, my boyfriend? He's not really, like, my, you know, proper boyfriend," she stammered.

"No? Your friends thought differently. Maybe I should ask your mum."

Amy sighed and looked flustered. I secretly enjoyed her discomfort. She looked so cute, a little worried crinkle in her brow, her glowing red cheeks, her mouth moving nervously.

"No... ok, look. He's... we've been, like, going out for a bit. But it's not like we're, you know, proper boyfriend and girlfriend. It's only sort of new. I'm not--"

"Baby, it's ok, I understand," I reassured her, gently squeezing her thigh. "You don't have to explain. I don't want to interfere. I'm just teasing you."

Amy became a little more calm, then looked me in the eye.

"I guess I thought I liked him, but after you... after we... after that day at Emma's... I know there's so much he doesn't know and can't do."

I waited for her to continue, as it appeared she needed to get something off her chest.

"I mean, he's touched me... rubbed me through my clothes and stuff, but I didn't get excited like I did with you."

She leaned in, looking me intensely in the eyes.

"And I've, like, jerked him off. I even gave him head once. But... when I saw yours... touched it, sucked it... and felt it inside me...." she was beginning to breathe hard and her eyes were half-closed.

"Yes, Amy?" My shorts were tenting from the pressure of my swelling cock.

"His is so small... and yours is so..."

Her hand moved to my shorts, finding the growing shaft. She slid the hem of my loose cargo shorts up my leg. My fat, purple head emerged. I heard Amy's intake of breath as she revealed the tip and the first few inches of my manhood.

".... so big..." she sighed.

I put my hand behind her neck and pulled her to me, our lips meeting. I could smell her sweet shampoo and girly perfume. Her fingertips fluttered over my cock head and I broke out in goosebumps. Amy opened her mouth to allow my tongue to explore hers. I slid my hand to her perfect ass, caressing its firmness. We kissed passionately for several minutes, her hand softly playing with my tip, my hand stroking her hair and squeezing her bottom.

"Oh my god... my mum's just in the other room and I'm playing with your big cock!" she said after our passionate embrace, her breath heavy and hard.

"You're making me crazy, baby. I'm so horny for you. It feel like I've waited so long to feel that tight little pussy of yours," I panted. "Are you getting wet?"

"Yes, I am so wet for you," she said urgently.

"Show me."

She looked surprised, then quickly sat back and spread her legs.

"I'm not wearing any underwear. Do you like that?" she grinned.

"Oh Amy, you know I love it. It's a very slutty thing to do, especially in front of your mum. Oooo, look honey, I can see your wetness soak through your shorts," I said, noticing the dark moist patch at her groin.

"Oh my god... I'm so embarrassed... look how wet you made me," she said, pacing her index finger against the wet spot and pressing.

Her body shuddered as she touched herself through her shorts. Her eyes darted to my cock, still poking out of my shorts.

"I... I want to suck it," she whispered.

"Here? Now? But what if your mum--"

"--I don't care. I need to have your cock in my mouth. I want to make you feel good. I want you to show me how to give really good head."

Before I knew what was happening, Amy had leaned over my lap and was unfastening my shorts. She quickly and deftly unzipped me and reached in to fish out my turgid member. She gave my shaft a few cursory strokes before putting her lips over my head. I felt her hot mouth caress my glans and her tongue squirm against my tip. She began bobbing her head enthusiastically as I clenched my jaw, the waves of pleasure coursing up my body.

"Ooooh Amy... you're so eager for my cock. Mmmm that's good, baby. Get it wet."

I closed my eyes and stroked her back as she did her best to take my dick in her mouth. She couldn't take it deep, but her suction was good, and she complimented her mouth's efforts by stroking my shaft, distributing her saliva along my column.

I enjoyed her fellatio for a few minutes, and when I opened my eyes, I saw her mother standing in the doorway, her arms crossed, her face unreadable.

I nearly flinched, but managed to keep my cool as Amy continued to blow me. Her back faced the doorway, so she couldn't see her mother watching us. I looked apologetically at her and half-shrugged, but Michelle remained unperturbed. A minute passed, the wet sounds of Amy's mouth on my dick filling the room. My excitement grew. I didn't know what to do, but I was not about to stop Amy from sucking me off. What did Michelle want? I wondered. I decided to speak.

"Ooooh yes Amy... your mouth is so good. That feels amazing, honey. If you're not careful you'll make me cum."

She looked up at me, beaming. "Oh I'm so glad you like it. I just want to be good to you. I want to be as good as Emma and Holly and Aysha. They've had more practice, but I want to make you feel just as good as they do."

"Mmmm, you're well on your way, honey. But Amy... if you make me cum there will be a mess."

"I don't care," Amy replied, rapidly stroking me with two hands now. "I want to taste your cum. I want to drink it." Her big eyes were filled with a burning lust. She hungered for my load.

Her head descended again to my dick, enticed by the prospect of my seed. She redoubled her efforts, twisting her hands around my shaft and taking me deeper into her mouth, gagging sounds escaping from her throat. I sighed and moaned involuntarily. I looked at Michelle who was now smiling. I bit my lip as I watched her, turned on by the thought of her watching her daughter suck my cock.

"Oh fuck, baby... yes... mmm just like that..." I said.

Amy looked up again, but didn't stop stroking me. Spit glistened on her lips.

"Give me your cum. Please, I want it," she begged.

"Just keep sucking me off, honey, and I will give it to you," I assured her, touching her still wet hair as she forced my cock down her throat.

I looked back at Michelle, who slowly pulled the front of her dress down along with her bra and exposing her breasts to me. She looked at me intensely and nodded, mouthing the word 'cum'.

It was too much for me to take. I grunted and pushed my hips up into Amy's hungry mouth, feeling a twinge in my balls.

"Oh Amy... I'm cumming!" I moaned, grasping her hair.

She withdrew my cock until she clasped my dick head firmly in her mouth, her tongue pushing on the underside. She pumped her hands down as I felt my jizz race through my shaft. Amy emitted a muffled squeal as my cum exploded in her mouth, but she didn't move. She took my second spurt, and my third, pumping out each ejaculation with both hands. She moaned and hummed as my spunk filled her mouth.

Michelle watched with deep interest, slyly grinning as she touched her nipples, enjoying my pleasure. I admired her slender body, her perky tits, her flowing red hair, her piercing green eyes. I spurted into her daughter's mouth again.

Amy was doing her best to swallow my load, not wanting to make a mess. She did well, gulping my semen like a pro, but when I filled her mouth again, she faltered and coughed. My cum spilled from her mouth and over my cock and her fingers wrapped around it.

"Oh!" she cried, and unconsciously pumped another milky rope from my stiff cock.

It splashed across her face, making her jump and squeak, prompting another spurt to leap from my tip and stick to her cheek and hair.

"Oh my god, there's so much! I love your cum!" Amy squealed in delight.

"Oh do you now?" Michelle's clear, stern voice filled the room.

She had pulled her dress back up, and was again crossing her arms under her breasts. Amy's head spun around so quickly her wet hair flew out around her and whipped across my chest. A final spurt of semen ejected from my cock and dripped thickly over her fingers and down to my balls.

"Oh fuck... mum!" said Amy, horrified.

She released my dick and put her sticky, cum-soaked hands in her lap as she sat up. I started to pull my shorts up, but Michelle stood in front and said, "Stop."

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