tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEmmerdale A Very Sexy Village Ch. 12

Emmerdale A Very Sexy Village Ch. 12


"Fuck me you bastard," screamed Charity Tate. Her legs were tight around his lower back, ankles locked, forcing every last centimetre of her fiancé, lover, oh and by the way cousin, Cain Dingle's large cock as far into her eager pussy as it was possible for it to go.

Cain, trying to stall the moment he would spill his sperm into her for the what? The thousandth time, was thinking, that ever since the began having sex as kids, Charity had always been a noisy cow, a really good fuck though, she loved it, and he reluctantly agreed she was very, very good indeed .

"Oh yes, there, that's it, oh god that's so good, yes, yes , yes , yes, yeeeeeeessssss, she screamed in his ear as the orgasm began to roll its way through her body.

Cain finally let go and the hot white sticky fluid shot from his penis, filling Charity's pussy with his sperm.

Finally releasing him, god her thighs were strong, he thought. Cain sat astride her and offered his still hard cock, shiny and wet with the mingling of their juices, to her eager mouth.

Taking the cock, Charity licked around the end, drinking in the sensual slime, before swallowing him up to the bottom of the shaft.

Just then the bedroom door opened. It was their daughter Debbie.

Charity had been only thirteen when she had Debbie, who likewise was only fifteen when daughter Sarah was born, making Charity a very glamorous twenty eight year old grandmother. And still very attractive at thirty five.

"Can't you two make love quietly, god the whole village could hear that, I'd be surprised if they couldn't hear it in Hotten." said Debbie.

Cain looked round his cock still in Charity's mouth, "don't you think of knocking?" he asked, "and by the way, that was not making love, that was good old fashioned Yorkshire fucking." he said, slowly removing his cock from his cousins lips.

Debbie said "here I am at 22 and my parents have a better love life than I do, I haven't had a screw since I came back from Jersey, I'm climbing the walls here."

"Want to join us?" asked Cain

"Piss off, pervert," said Debbie closing the door, leaving them to their post coital escapades.

Debbie went downstairs and made a coffee. In a small Dales village like Emmerdale, there was not much talent about, of either sex. She had experienced lesbian love with Jasmine, but preferred men, though one or two women of the village were becoming more attractive. the longer she went without sex.

But who could she go after? Most of the eligible ones were related and not very attractive, Aaron was gay, and he was the best looking of the bunch, what a waste, thought Debbie.

The younger one's were off her list, most of the forty something's were either married or in a relationship, who did that leave? Alan Turner, and Sandy Thomas, ugh, she would rather join a convent. Then a thought struck her, Rodney Blackstock, ok, he was old, well about 60, but very well preserved, still handsome in an distinguished way and an old fashioned charmer. Debbie thought about the affair she had with her boss in Jersey, Tom had been about fifty, but could still fuck like a twenty year old, perhaps Rodney was the same.

Debbie made a mental note to explore the possibility.

Meanwhile in another part of the village the phone rang in the Home Farm office.

"Home Farm Equine, Katie speaking, how can I help."

"Hi Katie, its Faye, how\are you?"

"Fine thanks."

"Look I'm at a loose end tonight, fancy coming over, share a bottle of wine and have a general bitch at life" said Faye.

"Sounds good, about 8?" answered Katie

"That's fine, see you then." In an upstairs bedroom at Home Farm, Declan Macey, the new owner, at that moment had his head snugly between the thighs of Alicia Gallagher, his latest conquest in the village.

Millionaire Declan had no problem enticing Alicia, a barmaid at "The Woolpack" into his bed. Always eager for sex, she had been without a man since splitting from her husband and moving in with sister Leila.

They had been to bed a couple of times, just straight sex, but this afternoon, Declan was to introduce her to his speciality, oral sex

Declan loved cunnilingus, of all the sexual practices, it was by far his favourite. It probably went back to his first sexual experience. He was at school and had received a detention from the French mistress, who within minutes had the young Declan eagerly tonguing her very hairy pussy.

Now years later he had this buxom, thirty something, eager to receive his experienced technique.

Alicia was stripped down to her white panties, Declan liked the ladies to keep them on so that he could slowly remove them in his own time. He savoured the moment, when the first few curls of pubic hair came into view, then the rest of that triangle of womanhood, that he had worshiped for years.

He detested the modern trend, of shaving all or most of the hair, to him it removed the mystery and thrill of the first sight of those beautiful lips.

Alicia did not disappoint, her pubic triangle was very thick, very black and very beautiful.

He used his tried and tested technique, which had sent women worldwide into an orgasmic frenzy.

Firstly he would down the woman's legs and kiss the back of her knees, this he found made most women go weak at the knees, literally. The moving up the inner thigh, he kissed around the top of the pubic mound and down the opposite thigh, before positioning him self so as to be able to approach his target head on.

With his mouth millimetres from her pussy, Declan felt Alicia tense her body slightly, as he blew softly on her lips, she let out a low moan and opened her legs a little wider. Then with the slightest of touches he placed the tip of his tongue at the top of her outer lips and very slowly, trailed it down to the bottom. Repeating on the return journey , he probed just a little further, continuing until his tongue parted the outer lips, encountering the soft smooth flesh within.

Like all his other women, by this time Alicia was very wet. Declan lapped up the fluid like a bee taking nectar from a flower, he just loved the taste of a woman.

Up above Alicia was in heaven. She loved to be eaten and had many experiences, but this was something else. But this was so different, down below there was a maestro at work, and the feeling was unbelievable.

She was caressing her own breasts and as Declan started to manoeuvre his tongue in the direction of her clitoris she tugged on her erect and sensitive nipples causing a very pleasurable slight pain.

Declan just touched the very tip of her clitoris with his tongue. He knew from her instant reaction that he had found it, but rather than continue, he moved back down her labia, leaving her craving for more clitoral action.

She forced her pussy down onto his face, burying his tongue deep inside her, before he took pity on her pleadings and moved onto his final act.

He again found her clitoris, but this time he attacked it with constant lashings of his tongue. At the same time he inserted two fingers into her and knowing which area to concentrate on started to finger fuck her.

The effect of his rapier like tongue flicking at her clitoris and his fingers expertly sliding into her most sensitive places, brought Alicia to the point of orgasm. A final stab of his tongue on her engorged clitoris, sent her over the top.

"Oh my god ," she cried out loudly, "oh yes, oh my god," she repeated.

As the climax ripped through her like molten lava pouring from a volcano, Declan simply carried on doing what he loved. Tongue still giving the clitoris what it was designed for and fingers if anything moving faster into Alicia's now soaking vagina.

Then seconds after the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced finally subsided, another one started, just as intense, just as pleasurable and so unexpected. Alicia had read of multiple orgasms, but never experienced one, then came another, Declan never breaking rhythm just carried on giving the greatest oral sex she was ever to receive.

Finally he stopped, licking the last of the juices from her, he carefully licked the last remaining drops from the fingers that had worked magic in her and got to his knees.

"Wow, Declan that was fantastic, I never dreamed anything could be so good. Thank-you."

Reaching down she took his erect cock in her hand and lowered her head to it.

"Sorry, no time, I have a meeting at four, next time perhaps," said Declan, freeing himself and getting up from the bed. "don't you have to pick Jake up from school?"

Alicia looked at him and thought , how can he be so passionate one moment and then become a hard headed business man, who still remembers to remind me about my son.

Ten minutes later, as Alicia is making her way down stairs, she bumped into Declan's ex wife, Ella, who had moved into Home Farm with their daughter Mia.

"Hi, been keeping him company?" Said the ex Mrs Macey in a sneering voice.

Alicia replied, "you must have been one lucky lady, married to a man like that."

"Ah I thought I recognised the look, been in Happy Valley, has he?" replied Ella, "then you my dear are the lucky one, he is very, very good."

At eight o'clock, Katie Sugden knocked on Faye Lamb's cottage door, to begin what turned out to be a memorable night.

Katie had a relationship with Faye's son Ryan, but he had dumped her for Masie Wylde, who turned out to be his half sister.

But Katie had stayed friends with Faye, throughout Ryan's trial and false imprisonment for his fathers murder.

With soft lighting and nice pleasant background music, the two women cracked a bottle of decent wine and began chatting about whatever came into their minds.

As the second bottle appeared, Katie, feeling a little tipsy, extended her arm and slowly ran her fingers through Faye's glorious red hair.

"I have never seen hair this colour, tell me to mind my own business, but is it natural or from a dye?" said a quizzical Katie.

"Cheeky mare," answered Faye, "I can prove its natural, look at my eyebrows."

"Maybe you dye those to." teased Katie.

With that Fay stood up undid the button on her jeans, pulled down the zip to reveal nice white panties.

Then pulling down the front of the panties, revealed a thick growth of red pubic hair. "There, satisfied now?" said the older woman.

Katie stared at Faye and not knowing if it was the wine or just instinct, moved her hand to the other woman's body, then slowly stroked the wiry curls, peeking over her panties.

Then standing, eased her hand further down, until she felt a wetness.

"Katie, you mustn't, its not right," stammered Faye, but in the next instant had her lips seeking those of the blonde girl before her.

Katie's only lesbian experience was a while ago, with Masie, while Faye had a very drunken fumblewith the sister of her bosses, during a really weird incestuous night.

However the need to kiss seemed the most natural thing to do. Their lips closed on each others, lightly at first, but then with increasing pressure, until they parted and two tongues slithered into the others mouth.

Katie's hand was still in Faye's panties, her fingers combing through the pubic hair as the older woman whispered in her ear, "so you are a natural blonde then?"

They both began laughing and Katie repeated Faye's actions and unzipped her jeans to reveal black lacy panties. "Want to look?" giggled Katie.

At that Faye dropped to her knees and eased Katie's jeans over her hips. Kicking off her shoes, the garment dropped to the floor.

Tentatively, Faye stroked her finger along the top of Katie's panties, before pulling them down slowly to reveal a nice triangle of blonde pubic hair.

"Satisfied now?" said Katie

Faye smiled at her and nodded, before starting to pull the panties back up.

"Don't do that, I was hoping you were going to take them off." said Katie in a rather sexy voice.

With that Faye removed the flimsy garment and knelt gazing at Katie's pubic region and the rather inviting pair of lips before her.

Katie opened her legs a little and Faye leant forward, her hands on Katie's beautifully smooth backside as she slowly extended her tongue into the golden curls.

It seemed so natural to Faye, to lick along Katie's labia, to tongue those luscious lips beginning to moisten in anticipation of what was to come.

Katie moved back and dropped onto the sofa. Spreading her legs wide to allow Faye to move between them, after kissing the silky smooth skin of her inner thighs, Faye warmed to the task and begin to perform the most wonderful things to Katie's pussy.

As Faye's tongue lapped at her lips, Katie lay back and enjoyed this most pleasurable experience. She had forgotten just how good it was to have another woman lick and kiss you, down there.

"I want to make love to you properly," said Faye, lifting her head from between Katie's thighs, "you know, naked in bed."

With that they stood, kissed passionately and then hand in hand ascended the stairs to Faye's bedroom.

Facing Faye, Katie lifted the other woman's sweater over her head, revealing a lacy white bra. Katie traced her finger over the swell of Faye's breasts and felt her shiver with anticipation.

Faye reached behind and undid her bra, letting it fall to expose her naked breasts to Katie's gaze. For a woman of her age, they were very nice, the large pink nipples standing out against the pale skin.

The jeans and panties followed and Faye stood naked before her. Katie quickly removed her sweater and bra and the two naked bodies touched.

Katie kissed Faye, their tongues playing with each other, before Katie slid her tongue down Faye's neck and onto her right breast. Taking the nipple between her lips Katie flicked her tongue over the rigid nub of flesh. As she continued to suckle her hand slid down Faye's body, fingers combing through the red pubic hair, before finding the wetness within the lips.

Climbing onto the bed, arms and legs entwined, the two women kissed passionately, tongues teasing, fingers working in the other's pussy, lost in their own world of lesbian love.

Katie loved the feel of Faye's hard nipples beneath her lips and tongue. She loved the taste of her pussy, so moist as Katie eased her tongue and fingers into the silky folds.

Likewise Faye marvelled at the tightness of Katie's body, beautifully toned from hours of riding. The small but perfectly formed breasts, topped with pale pink nipples which sprang to life as Faye sucked and teased with her tongue.

Katie's pussy was so sensitive, when she first touched her clitoris, the blonde had almost exploded on the spot, crying out in ecstasy as Faye's tongue flicked at the nub, like snake seeking its prey

Eventually the two found themselves in the classic 69 position, eagerly slurping away at by now soaking pussies, fingers working into the inner folds of flesh, before they shared a mind blowing mutual orgasm.

Exhausted they fell asleep in each others arms, blissfully aware of the new and exciting relationship they had just begun.

Earlier Debbie had approached Rodney Blackstock with a proposal.

Rodney ran a limousine business with Terry Woods and Debbie suggested they re-negotiate the service agreement.

As Rodney entered the garage, Debbie lowered the zip on her overall a few inches to reveal a nice cleavage. Since her return from Jersey, Debbie had let her hair grow longer and coloured it blonde, she was a stunning young woman, a fact that did not escape Rodney's eyes.

Spreading the hastily prepared paperwork on the desk in the small office, Debbie leaned over the seated Rodney, her right breast brushing against his shoulder as she pointed out the new proposed service agreement.

It only took a few minutes to reach an agreement. As Rodney stood, his back to the wall, Debbie casually asked, "Can I ask you a personal question/"

"Ask away young lady." Rodney replied.

"How long is it since you got laid" said a smiling Debbie slowly unzipping and stepping out of her overall.

Rodney looked at the beautiful young woman, wearing only her white bra and panties and stammered "Debbie what are you doing, I am old enough to be your father, make that grandfather, get dressed and we will not mention this again.

Instead, Debbie moved over to him and kissed him full on the lips. He tasted good and soon as her tongue was twirling around his, she new she had him.

"Still a man, though?" she said breaking the kiss and sliding her hand to his groin, "I assume this works." rubbing his ever growing erection through the material of his trousers.

As Debbie dropped to her knees, unzipping his fly and reaching into his rather trendy knitted shorts, she lifted his cock from them and examined it.

"Not bad, not bad at all." she proclaimed as she ran the length of him through her long slender fingers.

Rodney could not believe what was happening, here was a gorgeous young girl, what no more than twenty two, about, he hoped to place those lips around him and give him pleasure he had not known for, how long? He really could not remember.

Dropping his trousers around his ankles, quickly followed by his shorts, Debbie looked over his length, before licking slowly round the rim. Then down the length before taking one of his balls into her mouth and slowly sucking it. Then after very slowly licking up the length again, she at last took him into her sweet hot mouth. Her hand moving in unison with her lips brought extreme pleasure to Rodney, who thought he had died and gone to heaven, with an angel giving him an incredible blow job.

But he was not in heaven, but the angel was real and so was the incredible feeling, racing through his body.

Debbie suddenly took him from her mouth and moved back towards the desk. Sweeping the paperwork away, she lay on the desk and spread her legs, pulling the panties aside to reveal her pussy, pink, moist and just waiting for him. He didn't hesitate, he thrust into the welcoming hole as far as he could.

Debbie gasped as she matched his thrusts, eager to feel a man inside her again after months of masturbation.

Rodney felt the same, his love life had been on hold for what seemed an age, but now with this young girl under him, urging him on, he felt reinvigorated and strong.

This did not stop the natural build up of excitement as hard erect cock, slid against smooth inner vaginal flesh, he was approaching that time, when all this would be over, oh to soon.

He withdrew and in a instant, his tongue had replaced the cock in Debbie's by now soaking pussy. God she tasted sweet, thought Rodney as his tongue wove intricate patterns in and around her.

Debbie was loving his actions and had no regrets about seducing the older man, his experience was telling as he brought her to an orgasm within minutes.

Much as he loved oral sex, he desperately wanted to finish inside her. Giving one final flick of his tongue, Rodney raised himself and again plunged into Debbie's oh so accommodating pussy. It only took a few strokes for him to reach the point of no return, as his climax approached he hurriedly withdrew and splashed his hot sticky semen all onto Debbie's belly and pubic hair. Completely spent , he stood back and looked at the girl laying before him, perfect body, the white fluid, slowly running down from her pubes into that most wonderful of openings, from which he had just emerged.

Debbie slowly got up from the desk, they kissed and she said "thank you, that was brilliant."

As they dressed, in silence, Rodney dare not ask if this event could be repeated, he just fervently hoped so.

"Better than a handshake, to seal an agreement Mr Blackstock, don't you agree? " said Debbie smiling as she let Rodney out of the garage, "though I think it may need re-negotiating in the future."

"I sincerely hope so my dear." said Rodney, walking away, with a distinct spring in his step.

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