tagInterracial LoveEmmy's Birthday Surprise Aftermath

Emmy's Birthday Surprise Aftermath


(Before you read this, please read the previous story "Emmy's Birthday Surprise" in the Loving Wives section. That way I won't bore you with repeat info from the first story. Please, I urge you to vote. That let's me know how you, the reader enjoyed my story. Feedback is always welcome.)

After her birthday surprise with Jim and Ron, Emmy had become much more confident of her sexuality. The guys did a great job of showing her that she still had much to offer even though she had just turned 54. She now noticed that she still turned heads and it wasn't just me, her 60-year-old husband, who wanted to fuck her.

When we visited the gym, Jim and Ron continued to stop and flirt with her. We haven't had another session with them since then, but they were pretty clear they would be up (pun intended) for a repeat session. Emmy continued to enjoy their attention and flirtation. Meanwhile they had kept our agreement; it was obvious by everyone else's non-actions in the gym that no one else knew how well fucked Jim and Ron had left Emmy a month ago.

Here is an example of her newfound confidence:
This past week the gardener had made his bi-weekly visit. George was a late-twenties Hispanic man who ran his own gardening business. He and Emmy had always been friendly and enjoyed talking about plants. We never had an issue with his work or reliability. This particular day, Emmy met him in the backyard and pointed out some plans she had for a few of the planters. She was wearing Levi shorts and a thin tank top with no bra. It was soon obvious George was having trouble with the way she looked because his shorts were getting tighter in his crotch area. Emmy looked at his crotch and smilingly asked him, "Did I do that?" George shyly smiled and nodded.

Emmy led him to one of the lounge chairs where she sat down and pulled him closer. She undid his shorts and pulled them down. She then squeezed the bulge in his boxers. Pulling them down too, George stepped out of everything. His cock was a fat 6 inches of brown meat. She stroked him to full hardness, pulled his foreskin back and engulfed his cock head in her mouth. George moaned and grabbed her head. While Emmy held his ass, George began to fuck her mouth. She took one hand and began to knead his nut sack while he pistoned in and out of her mouth. Her magic mouth and tongue did their trick. He couldn't hold back and held her head still with his cock buried in her. By the action of her throat it was obvious she was swallowing his sperm.

Emmy let him catch his breath and then cleaned him off. She smiled up at him and asked if he could concentrate on work now. He smilingly nodded, thanked her, put his clothes back on and headed to his tasks smiling.

I had been watching this from the kitchen window. Emmy looked my way, stuck her tongue out, and smiled at me.

We had been planning our vacation to Jamaica for sometime. Emmy had found a villa in an enclosed community for a reasonable rate. The villa had its' own pool and hot tub. It had two bedrooms and, best of all, came with a cleaning lady and cook. This would allow us to enjoy authentic Jamaican dishes.

The day finally arrived. We left our home city airport and walked off the plane into the hot Jamaican air. Emmy removed her shirt and was stunning in only a bikini top and short wrap around skirt. Her olive complexion gave the impression she had a head start on her vacation tan. When we stepped into the air-conditioned resort bus, her nipples became prominent and visible. She was well aware of the heads turning her way.

After a picturesque drive of 45 minutes, we arrived at the villa and were greeted by our staff. Tabia was a short plump, coal-black woman with a constantly smiling face. She informed us that she was our cook. She introduced us to Cara standing next to her. Cara was a stunning, mid-twenties young woman. She was about 5'7" (same height as Emmy) with a light cocoa complexion. She had dramatic green eyes, a wide full-lipped mouth and shoulder-length brown hair. Cara appeared to have generous breasts and ass, on long legs. The housedress she was wearing hid these charms, but I was intrigued.

Both women gave us a tour of the place. Emmy and I quickly threw our bags into the bedroom with a view and followed the women outside. The pool was about 15' by 30' and 4' deep throughout. It was definitely a party pool. In a corner of the yard, behind a latticework screen, was a 6-person hot tub. They left us after giving us their schedule and arranging with Emmy regarding grocery shopping. They had gone ahead and stocked the bar with the basics.

Emmy asked me to fix us both a drink while she changed into her swimsuit. After I completed my task, she walked back into the living room wearing a white bikini that didn't leave much to the Imagination. The bra consisted of two triangles barely covering her nipples and areolas, while the bottom had a triangle covering her mound and a slightly larger one covering the bare minimum of her sweet ass. Ass cheeks were definitely on display. "Wow," was all I could come up with.

She smiled and took her drink outside. We climbed to the upstairs platform and enjoyed our drinks and the view. The private beach for the complex was only about 50 feet away, so we had a good view of the small crowd using it. The view was gratifying for this old man. Most of the crowd were women and, regardless of age, everyone was wearing a bikini at least as revealing as Emmy's. Some of the men were locals obviously trolling for vacationing pussy.

Emmy sat so she could put her legs across my lap. This gave me access to her mound. I stroked her pussy through the thin material until I felt her get wet. Her nipples were at attention and she had a dreamy smile on her face. My finger moved below the material and probed her pussy. She had a gentle, shuddering climax when I stroked her clit. I wondered what had her so worked up that she was able to cum so easily.

"I saw the way you looked at Cara. Those fat lips of hers would look good wrapped around your cock. Go for it, but I want the same deal you have. If I can't be there, you have to tell me everything."

"Deal," I replied.

This was new direction for her. Until now I had been the one attempting to get her to experience other partners. Now she seemed to telling me to do the same. Well, if the right circumstance arose (there's that intended pun again), I planned to broaden my vacation experience.

Tabia had prepared a light late lunch or early dinner of fruit and cold jerk chicken. We both discovered that we were famished. We ate with gusto and enjoyed the cold Jamaican beer, Red Label. Tabia told us they would clean up and then leave to return about 8 a.m. the next morning. Emmy thanked her and said she looked forward to shopping for food with her tomorrow.

After we ate we went upstairs to our bedroom and unpacked. Once done, I grabbed my lovely wife and kissed hard while slipping a breast out of its' minimal covering. As I bent down for a mouthful of that quivering globe, she laughingly pushed me away. She took off her suit and jumped on the bed.

"I'm so fucking horny, just fuck me now. I need to feel your cock in my pussy."

Not a problem, I thought. I dropped my shorts and climbed between Emmy's invitingly spread legs. She reached out and guided my cock home. It slid into her familiar welcoming depths. I started a slow motion until she was moaning below be. "Give it to me, baby," she moaned into my ear. We picked up our pace until I was driving her ass into the bed. Remarkably, she came with a scream and shudder after only about 10 minutes.

After she had calmed down, I asked her what had her so worked up. She said watching the beach goers earlier had made her think of Jim and his black cock. She then realized there would be many black cocks to look at and dream about over the next week. She said if the right circumstances occurred, she would like to sample some of the native variety. At that I had to chuckle. Smiling, I told her that if I had known what a slut she was going to become, I would have arranged her earlier birthday surprise sooner. {Please read the miss-titled "Eddy's Birthday Surprise" in the Loving Wives section}

We put our suits back on and headed for the beach for a look around. Emmy turned every male head as we walked in the sand. We found the beachfront bar and ordered a pina colada for Emmy and a beer for me. The young bartender was very attentive to Emmy, complimenting her on her suit. He made small talk and had a hard time keeping his eyes off her breasts since her nipples were poking out through the material.

As we enjoyed the drinks and Emmy enjoyed the attention, brazenly flirting with the bartender, we were approached by a pleasant-looking 40ish local. He was about 6' tall and very fit. He introduced himself to me as Donald and that he gave scuba lessons out beyond the local reef. At the sound of his deep voice, Emmy turned and smiled at him. As he shook her hand, I watched her eyes drop to his trunks. She let out an involuntary sigh when she noticed the size of his package. It looked like he had a polish sausage hanging down one pants leg. He smiled at me when he heard her reaction and I gave him a slight nod.

Donald explained the procedure of his lessons and the cost. Emmy was interested, but I told her to go ahead without me. She smiled and made arrangements with Donald to meet him on the beach at 8 a.m. the next morning. He told her to come dressed as she was now. I was planning on watching from the villa and Emmy knew this. When Donald walked away, she kissed me, thanked me and turned her attention back to the waiting bartender.

We sat and had a couple more drinks enjoying the breeze and sights. Our poor bartender was trying way too hard. If he just exercised a little patience, I'm sure Emmy would get around to him. I could tell my little slut planned on being a completely naughty slut this trip.

It was dark when we ambled back to our villa. Emmy had left a smiling bartender. She had walked around the end of the bar, hugged, and lightly kissed him "thank you" when we left. She managed to press her breasts against him while he dropped a quick hand to her ass and squeezed.

Emmy said she was too drunk to take care of me properly, but would make it up to me. We fell asleep holding each other.

When we woke in the morning, she quickly jumped out of bed when she realized she was to meet Donald in 20 minutes. After a quick shower, she emerged wearing yesterday's swimsuit. She gave me a soft kiss and mischievously said, "I hope to have a tale to tell you later." Then she was gone.

I went to the kitchen to get a cup of great Blue Mountain coffee. Cara was in there alone and said she would bring it too me when it finished brewing. I told her that I would be on the top deck.

As I reached the top deck and settled in, I saw Donald approaching Emmy with a big grin. They were only about 50 feet or so from me. They shook hands and began to walk to a small dock where his boat was tied up. Donald had Emmy sit on a towel on the dock while he remained standing and began his lesson. He stayed about two feet from her, which presented his overly endowed crotch at Emmy's face level. It appears Donald had a well-rehearsed routine when giving lessons to women.

Donald was holding the mask and showing her how it went on. She tried it herself and, though I knew she could handle this, fumbled with it until Donald bent over to help. This caused his crotch to press into her face. She reached up with one hand and gave him a quick fondle. Donald just smiled. He knew Emmy would be his next conquest.

Suddenly I heard movement coming up the spiral wrought iron stairs. It was Cara with my coffee. She smiled when she saw what I was watching and said, "Yo woman gon be hurtin' an' smilin' taday." She said she would be right back and then hurried away. When she returned, she gave me a set of binoculars and had a cup of coffee for herself.

Cara told me that something had come up that required Tabia to stay home until it was time to prepare our dinner. She asked if I minded her joining me. Her singsong Jamaican accent drove me nuts. I told her I would enjoy her company. She smiled at me while sipping her coffee.

My attention wandered back to Donald and my wayward slut. They had taken the boat out past the reef while Cara distracted me. Donald made sure Emmy had her mask and snorkel on correctly. Amazingly, he needed to press his crotch again into her face to do this. The binoculars were coming in handy. They both sat on the boat edge and rolled into the water. They were now out of sight.

"Dun worry, she tell you everting." Cara smilingly said.

Cara told me that in the villa sound traveled and she had heard Emmy and I talking. She asked me if I really found her intriguing. My smile gave her the answer she wanted. Cara stood and raised her loose housedress over her head. She stood before me gloriously bared. Her breasts were large pendulous mounds of flesh tipped with thumb-tip size nipples. She had a pleasing belly leading to wide hips with a prominent ass. Her mound was shaven displaying the fattest pussy lips I had ever seen. After she ran a finger thru them, they must have been 3 inches long. I was riveted.

I pulled her to me and buried my face in her breasts. While my mouth found her nipples, my hands explored her ass. I ran a finger around her puckered asshole and found it more than willing to open for me. I pushed her back just enough to allow me to explore those magnificent pussy lips. My fingers probed and tugged. She was wet and ready. Cara led me to one of the lounge chairs and had me lay down. She pulled my trunks off and commented on my hardness. She had heard how Emmy likes to affectionately call me her old man. Cara said I had a young cock and she was going to use it.

With that she straddled me and lowered herself on to my cock. Her pussy held my entire 6 ½" cock in its' velvety grasp. Cara leaned forward so her swinging breasts would be within reach. As I squeezed them and pulled her nipples to my mouth, She began to ride me. Her breasts were a sight to behold as she thrashed around on my cock. After about twenty minutes of this I was getting pretty close and hoped I would outlast her. I was rewarded when she suddenly slammed down and collapsed on me. Her body shook as she climaxed. Her pussy was gripping and squeezing my cock. This was such an unusual feeling; I soon added my sperm to her wetness.

We lay like that for a few minutes until Cara pushed herself up and smiled down at me. Smiling beautifully, she said, "Now you my ol' man too." With that she jumped up and hurried downstairs dripping our juices as she went.

I remained naked because it felt so good. Returning my attention to Donald's boat, I saw his and Emmy's heads bobbing along side of it. Through the binoculars I could see that Donald was holding onto the boat with one hand while the other must have been around Emmy. They were kissing deeply. He lifted her up a bit and I was able to see that her top was loose and so were both her breasts. While he took one into his mouth, Emmy wrapped both hands around his head and threw her own back. After a few more minutes of this, Donald lowered her and said something to her. She responded with a smiling nod. Donald let go of her and pulled himself into the boat. His shorts were gone and he looked to be sporting a mini bat between his legs. He then reached down pulled Emmy into the boat. Her breasts and ass were on display because her entire suit was in disarray. Donald started the engine and piloted the boat away from the shore, around a tip of land and out of sight.

It was obvious that I would be fending for myself at least for the rest of the afternoon. I headed downstairs, forgetting I was naked and not alone. When I entered the kitchen to leave my cup, Cara laughed and asked if I always walked around with my pointer. My cock had hardened while watching from upstairs and I wasn't even aware of it. She gave me a nice gentle kiss and stroked and squeezed my cock a few times and then chuckled and told me to leave her kitchen.

When I entered the bedroom, my laptop beckoned me to complete some work I had brought along. Fortunately, the beach bar and its' possibility of curvy sights won out. I sat at the bar and made small talk with two forty something women from the Midwest. They were pleasant enough, but clearing looking for some local action. Yesterday's bartender was working and when me came over to get my order, he introduced himself as Jimmy. He asked where my wife was and when I answered she was staking snorkeling lessons, he smiled, shook his head and went to get my beer.

Later I headed back to the villa and decided to do a little work. When I arrived, Cara informed me that Emmy had called and said she would be late and not to worry, she was OK. Cara also said that Tabia would not be here at all today due to a continuing family problem. She asked me what time I would like to eat. What an opening line under the circumstances. I pulled her close and said, "How about now."

She smiled as she followed me upstairs. I helped her pull her housedress over her head and she helped me step out of my trunks and shed my tank top. I told Cara I wanted her on her back with her legs pulled up and spread. She complied. What a sight she was.

"Part your pussy for me and then start tugging on your lips."

The girl didn't need to be given instructions twice. When I could see that she was quite wet, I had her insert two fingers into her pussy and begin to frig herself. Her clit was soon out of its' hood and begging for attention. I crawled between her legs and put my face close to heaven. Her scent was intoxicating. I pushed her hands out of the way and told her to pinch and pull her nipples. My tongue traced around the outside of her pussy and close to her puckered back door, but I couldn't reach it in this position. It traveled back to her pussy and I began to pull first one then the other lip as far into my mouth as possible. This caused Cara to grunt and squirm. I continued my velvety feast until her breathing began to change. When I clamped onto her clit and sucked it in hard, she stiffened and flooded my face with her nectar.

We lay like that for several minutes until her breathing calmed. I then had her bend over the edge of the bed. Standing behind her, I slid my cock into her well-lubricated tunnel and oiled myself in her depths. I grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them until her puckered entryway was inviting me in. I lined up my cock and leaned forward until its' head popped through the only slight resistance. This sensual woman had welcomed cocks into her ass before. With a handful of ass, I began my assault. As Cara moaned and grunted beneath me, I fucked her ass with a vengeance. I slammed into her ass cheeks, while my cock explored her bowels. All the sexual stimulation of the day had me soon spurting my cum into her receptive depths.

Cara pushed me back, turned around and dropped to the floor. She had my cock in her mouth and smiled up at me while cleaning it. When she finished, she stood up and kissed me on the lips. I tasted remnants of us. She then told me she would put the dinner into containers so I could have it when I wanted. Then she would have to go. She had family to tend to. Thanking her, I headed toward my laptop.

The day wound down with no sign of my exploring slut. I fell asleep during a movie. About 4 a.m., Emmy noisily climbing the stairs awakened me. She came over to me and kissed me on top of my head with a weak, "Thank you." She reeked of sex. When I turned, I saw she was naked and a mess. Her hair was messed up; her pouty lips were red, stretched and well used by cock(s?). Her breasts were full of welts with the nipples long and angry red. I was curious as to the condition of her other openings and asked her to bend over the bed and display her self to me. When I got up and knelt behind her for a close look I was appalled. Her asshole was so extended I could look into her. The rim of her once puckered hole was an angry red. Her pussy looked ruined to my cock at least for the immediate future. It was gaping open with some traces of cum still oozing out. Her already prominent lips had been used and abused so hard that they now hung down a good 3+ inches.

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