tagFetishEmotional Blackmail Pt. 02

Emotional Blackmail Pt. 02


You look crestfallen as you wake up in my bed in a bridal gown. Perhaps you hoped that your first strap-on experience had been a torrid dream.

You shudder inwardly as you recall coming to my flat to comfort me after my abandoned wedding and learning why my would-be husband had refused to go through with the ceremony. It was because I had arranged for him to be dressed a pretty wedding gown.

You wonder how I could have thought that your attempt to console me was an offer to try on the dress, or why you felt it would be less awkward to fulfil my wishes than let me down.

And why did that embolden me, your "best friend", to bend you over and take you like I did?

"Good morning, darling," I say. I am dressed and sitting on the end of the bed. You realise I have been watching you.

I make small talk before offering to unzip your dress so you can have a shower. You look so relieved as you gather your skirts and make your way to the bathroom. You resolve, as you unfasten your suspenders and roll down your stockings, to put things right, to get your own clothes back and to get out.

It is only when you come out of the shower cubicle that your fears are realised. I have other ideas.

The chair where you left your wedding gown is now draped with an outlandish pink satin dress with frills and bows. You remember me describing such a dress as something I bought to break in my boyfriend. There are matching knickers and stockings but you do not examine the outfit closely.

You reason that you can walk out of the house in a towel, if necessary, but you see that the only one I have left for you is a square hand towel too small even to wrap around your waist without having to hold it up.

As you venture out into the corridor you hear me in the sitting room. You creep to the bedroom and decide to find the least girly clothing in my closet. It is slim pickings.

The trousers you find are too tight to slip over your legs and it is a similar story with my tops. Eventually you settle on a pair of black lycra leggings that might pass for men's sportswear if they weren't so shiny and a white stretch satin blouse that seems a bit more like a man's shirt after you tuck the pussy-bow ties inside.

You walk gingerly towards the sitting room in the hope of passing unnoticed to the front door. It is a vain hope.

As you reach the doorway you see two women whom you recognise as my bridesmaids. They whoop as you appear and invite you to join them. Suddenly I am there too. I gently place my hand on the seat of your leggings and guide you into the room. "Yes, my dear," I say archly. "Please join us."

You see that the bridesmaids are gathered around a laptop that shows a live video feed of my bedroom.

"You looked like you had fun picking your outfit," I say. "Let's complete the look, shall we?"

The women giggle as you blush. It is my turn to console you. "Don't worry, sweetie, we're not filming this bit. And none of this has to go on Youtube. What happens among friends stays among friends."

You don't know what to do with yourself as the women set about the task. Tanya, the taller and more willowy of the two, untucks the pussy bow ties and fashions a bow around your neck. The other, Angela, a big woman fond of tight clothing, disappears into my bedroom and returns with a turquoise chiffon wrap skirt that she fastens around your waist.

They laugh and chatter as they do this while I watch, admiringly. I untie a pink polka-dot silk scarf from my neck and smooth it into a blindfold for you.

One of the girls, you suspect Tanya from the smell of her perfume, gently puts her hands on your cheeks and kisses you on the lips. A hand, which could be Angela's, reaches beneath the hem of your skirt and strokes your leggings.

"Will you look at that?" I ask, quite close by. "He's excited. I think he knows what's going to happen next."

Your kissing partner draws you down with her onto your knees and disengages from you as you go down on all fours. Your lips part as you feel something soft and wet against them, but in an instant you realise that it is not Tanya anymore, but a piece of lubricated silicone.

You begin to back away but Angela is ready for you. Someone has flipped up your skirt and tugged down your leggings and you stop moving abruptly as you feel a moistened finger slipping into your bottom.

Your mouth fills further, forcing you to retreat again. The finger withdraws but is replaced by the tip of something altogether larger. You hear Angela laugh as the tip slides deeper.

When you try to cry out there is a squeal of delight from Tanya. She begins to set a rhythm for your mouth that Angela tries to copy, although you are too tense for her to slip back and forth easily. You hear my voice whisper in your ear, gently urging you to relax.

"Here," I say. "Try some of this."

There is a brief smell of old socks and your head starts to swim. Angela's strap-on moves more easily within you now. You groan in resignation. There is more laughter and they talk about you as if you were a toy or a pet.

"You see, I told you he loved it," I tell the others.

We decide to flip you onto your back and remove your blindfold but the respite is short-lived. I use the silk scarf toy with you while the bridesmaids resume their duties. Tanya straddles you and arches her back while she nuzzles the strap-on against your mouth.

Angela re-enters you easily and you gasp, giving Tanya the opening she needs.

I tell you how adorable you are. "I never thought of you has husband material before," I say. I stroke you evenly.

You try to protest even as you feel an orgasm welling up. I maintain my rhythm while chatting to my friends. "How soon do you think we can organise another ceremony?" I ask. "It can't be long before he comes round to the idea. Isn't that right, darling? Yes? Yes?"

You want to come now as Angela thrusts deep inside you. Tanya pulls out of your mouth and lies alongside you, cradling your head as she gives you lingering kisses. You kiss her back as an almighty wave builds and then convulses your body. You cry out.

"Yes," I say. "Yes, yes, yes."

I have found my new partner, I think to myself as your panting becomes gentler. And this time everything will be perfect.

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by Anonymous

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by Tootight104/20/18

already gave it a 5

I loved it. It would have been nice to have some depth of the friend, or guys point of view.

I know I was born at the wrong time. Too early , or too late, take your pick. This is hot. Sure would havemore...

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by robert000010/26/17

What would happen next?

I think the jilted bride and her bridesmaids would take it in shifts to ensure he stayed in knickers till they were able to organise a wedding, by which time his submissive experiences would be both routinemore...

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by Anonymous10/25/17

Where's part 3?? :)

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by Anonymous10/15/17

I loved it. The bride comes of dominant and playful, really hot

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by Anonymous10/13/17

spell check is a lost art

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