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Empty Nesting

byDr. Bull©

Empty nesting gets better the longer it happens and after 5 years of no kids, it's like we are teenagers again. Maybe I should explain my self, Karen & I got married 27 years ago and had our first child a year later. The baby had a lot of problems so it was four years later when we took the risk of having a second child, you do the math we had kids in the house showing up at the wrong moments or that we had to find grandparents to take care of for twenty two years. Finally their gone, I love them but they are out of the house and I love that too.

It took a year or so for us to figure out we could just go and do without double checking 4 schedules and upcoming programs or projects. Four years ago we discovered Montana's Testicle Festival; this "Adult" party lasts for a week, it has been called the "Burning Man of the North" and is just as wild as you want to make it. From public nudity to sex on the dance floor, alcohol flows and anything goes as long as you respect the others around you.

I figured the first time we went would be our last; I was pretty sure how Karen would react to the nude bodies and nonstop party atmosphere and it would not be good. We played it very mellow and no one minded, in fact it was the first time in several years I had been able to get away from my high stress job and really let my hair down. She watched as I just relaxed, all the stress just went away and I was in my element and it was good.

Needless to say we returned the next year and every year since, she has loosened up over time wearing more revealing outfits, but never took part in the flashing many of the other gals were doing. This year things changed.

We have invited a number of friends to come with us or join us there, but so far none seemed to have the guts to step out of their lives and head north with us. We were talking to an old friend last April about the T.F. and how much fun it was. Ed is one of my oldest friends, his folks moved in next door to my grandparents when he was 3 & I was 4, they have been part of the family ever since. We roomed together in college where he and Karen got to be close friends also, "Mom" he got to calling her then and he has ever since.

All it took was a quick slide show of the previous year's event and he proclaimed "That's it, I'm going this year!"

Now I'm excited, Ed is the only guy who ever encouraged my wife in to getting naked in public. Twenty six years ago at a wet tee shirt contest, when they announced it, I naturally turned and headed toward the stage, pissing off my young wife. "I should get in this! That would show him!" she said to him.

"Yes you should" Ed encouraged; she gave him a look, "What, you don't have to get naked if you don't want to." He led her around behind the stage where they were handing out the tee shirts. Ed got her a shirt and said "So... you have you got the guts?"

That was all it took, she ripped her shirt and bra off in front of him and a few others and grabbed the white tee slipping it on. "You damn right I do!" Karen at 20 was quite a looker, 34-24-38, 5'8", long blond hair, a knockout if I do say so my self.

I was waiting near stage when they started bringing the girls on stage, "My wife is up there??" a said about half to myself.

"That's my Mom!" I heard Ed's voice from right behind me as he stepped up "go Mom! Woo Hoo!"

When the cold mountain water hit that shirt, it disappeared and her headlights turned on. She made it through the first three elimination rounds, but refused to show the world when the girls took their shirts completely off. I never really figured out why, all she would say was "It was a wet tee shirt contest, not a naked tits contest." But when she had swapped shirts she showed Ed the goods and from that point on he had a thing for her tits.

Now over the years both Karen & I had settled into our easy chairs and rounded a bit. Don't get me wrong she has always been hot in my eyes, but time & kids have taken their toll on us both. Where she once sported an hot hour glass figure, she was now a 38-34-40 and not showing off much around those we know. My 30 inch waist had jump to a 40 and was building a nice shade for my dick, my doctor had just put me on not only High blood pressure meds, but since I was borderline diabetic he prescribed some meds to combat that also. What a wake up call!

We joined a nutrition club. 2 shakes a day, exercise and a good meal at night.

What a difference a few months make, the first of August as we measured each other before heading to the Testy Fest I had dropped 23 pounds and 15 inches over all, Karen only lost 9 pounds but 23 inches over all leaving her with a 36-28-39 figure, looking hotter than she has in years. With our new bodies came a new attitude, the sex was back and getting hotter, Karen's weekend outfits were showing more and more of her.

We loaded up the camper and headed north to Montana. "Testy Fest get ready because here we come." Now understand that not only is my job high stress it is also high profile in our area, very political, so I have to travel 200 miles minimum over a state border to get away from those who know me. Karen works in the business office for the county so she too keeps a low profile in the area. We no more than cleared the state line on the northern end of the next county when she said "WE'RE ON VACATION!!!" she sat up unsnapped her seat belt and looked at me "and I'm getting comfortable!"

"Please do" I remarked.

Karen stuck her tongue out at me as she reached behind her back and undid her bra, "I gotta get this thing off." She did this almost every night once she was home and not leaving, usually under a bulky dress shirt or sweater, today she was wearing a tight tee shirt and pulling her bra off with out removing the shirt was proving to be a bit awkward in the pickup or so it seemed. "FUCK IT" she pulled the tee shirt and bra off over her head, now topless she pulled the bra out of her shirt and threw it into the back seat of the extended cab, "any objections?"

"Me? Why would I object?" She straightened her shirt and was turning it to put back on, "In fact" I remarked "wear or don't wear, what ever you want."

"Pervert" she flipped the shirt around about three more times then folded it and placed it on the console between us. Her areolas darkened a bit and her nipples came to attention as she sat back in the seat and strapped the seat belt back on. Driving on a two lane highway the chances of being seen topless were pretty low so her comfort level was pretty high. "Just keep your eyes on the road" she reclined the seat back a bit grabbed a pillow and proceeded to take a nap. Her fair skin never really tans; even though she had spent most the summer sun bathing she had more of a blush on her ivory skin than a tan. Her breasts hang a bit lower than they used to but still an eyeful for anyone.

Thirty miles later I pulled the big Chevy off the two lane and onto the interstate, the fifth wheel was towing along behind like it wasn't even there. Speed limit 75 -- trucks 65, I can argue whether the Chevy qualifies as a truck or not so I'm pushing 75+ down the interstate and started passing the big rigs. The first couple went by with no incident, the third truck I caught on a hill, he must have been running empty because as I caught him I slowed a bit on the grade, across from his door, as he started to fall behind he caught a gear a bit early and made the Cummings diesel scream as he tried to keep up, so I let him. Karen's big old boobies bouncing slightly in the sunlight had to be quite a sight from the bird's eye view of the big truck.

I started to pulled away at the top of the hill, but he soon caught up as we headed down hill still running to my right as we covered the blacktop, when we hit the next hill I pulled away I figured he had seen enough. I had been playing with several other truckers when Karen suddenly stretched and woke up; I kicked in the overdrive and went on around the truck I had been next to, pulling into the right lane. (Yawn) "When did we hit the interstate?" she asked.

"About an hour ago or so" I answered.

She was pulling her shirt back on, "Good thing I was reclined so no one could see me".

"Yep good thing," I chuckled "just me and I enjoyed it"

"Keep your eyes on the road!"

The next 300 miles were pretty uneventful; we talked, about the kids, work, the up coming week and how Ed was going to react to it. We talked about things we had done with him in our youth and the wet tee shirt contest. We arrived late in the afternoon at the Testicle Festival in Clinton Montana and we proceeded to set up camp.

We have set up in the same location for a couple years and have a regular crowd that shows up in the same area and that we have become friends with. The first couple of days are always pretty tame with most of the early revelers are from 35 to their 60's with every body type you can think of, as long as you mind your manners anything goes.

We woke up the next morning both excited that our friend Ed would be arriving later that day. Karen put on a tight tee that really conformed to her braless chest, "You like?" she asked as she turned toward me, her nipples almost showed through the material.

"You are going to get a lot of beads!" I remarked as I loaded extra beads in my pockets for the ladies exposing themselves.

"This is all they get," she said flatly, "nobody but you sees under this shirt."

We went off in search of breakfast and sure enough a number of guys tried and failed to get Karen to flash them, I however was rather successful getting flashed and taking photos. Breakfast consisted of a few beers, then back to camp, where a number of our neighbors were nude sunbathing while others looked for shade.

Lunch time had rolled around when the cell phone rang "I'm here! Where the heck are you?!" Ed had arrived. Now Ed has been divorced for about fifteen years and is a workaholic. This was really his first real getaway for five years and the first time in 8 months he had taken more than twenty four hours off.

My best friend, we couldn't be more opposite in our personalities, I was always more out going, the ladies man if you will, even after getting married women seemed to shine up to me. A bit shy Ed always had problems from dating jitters to cheating girlfriends, and then a bad marriage that ended up producing three kids and a lot of heart ache. He told me once he had been pretty much celibate for the last 15 years and the only time it bothered him was when he was out at the strip joints with me, "But Hey, I like seeing titties". He also still had a thing for Karen's tits. The last time we were out I commented on one of the dancers tits, his reply "Yeah they are nice, but, their not as nice as Mom's" he chided me "you lucky bastard!"

"Go get him" Karen told me, "I'll finish making lunch; he has got to be hungry."

I walked out towards the gate talking him towards me from across camp, as the day had progressed the number of campers had swollen and getting back to our location took some doing. I caught him about halfway across camp, he had taken a wrong turn, so it was a good ten minutes before we got back to the 5th wheel.

As we parked and Ed had just opened his door, when Karen came bounding from the camper running to his opening arms "Edgar!" she yelled giving him a big kiss.

At this point I'm not sure who was more surprised him or me. While I was gone she had changed into a sleeper shirt I bought her a year ago, a white wife beater (tank top) that hung down just below her crotch, up until this point she had only worn it as sleep wear. In dim light you could nearly see through it, in the bright sunlight it was close to transparent and obvious that she was panty less, braless and it was barely containing her bouncing boobs. "I'm so glad you could join us" she squeezed him to her.

His eyes were still trying to find their way back into their sockets as he hugged her, hardly knowing what to do he patted her ass. "Damn Mom that is some outfit!" Karen knew that Tank had always a thing for her and it was obvious she was playing for him. "I wanted to make sure you boys didn't forget me while you are here looking at all those young titties" striking a pose as she laughed "Mitch has already taken a hundred pictures and he's only been here a day."

"Come on inside I've got lunch about ready" she grinned and headed back towards the camper her dress still riding high on her ass from the big hug she gave Ed.

"Lucky Bastard" I heard him grumble as he followed her in.

As she stepped in the door she suddenly stopped and bent over to picked up something off the floor, exposing her ass and pussy to Ed who, not paying attention almost put his face into them as he stepped up. "Oops" he stepped back and took a good look while I acted as if I didn't notice. Karen moved on as if nothing had happened and moved into the kitchen, laying out bread and cheese, meat and whatever. As Ed & I sat and talked at the table; Karen kept coming over reaching into the cabinets over our heads looking for something. Half of her breasts exposed through the arm hole and the hem rode up to exposing her entire leg plus. Ed couldn't help but notice and both of us were becoming tongue tied watching her show off for us. "Uh... it was a long trip I uh... better hit the head," he said as she went back into the kitchen area, and out the door he went, his hard on hard to hide in the white short pants he was wearing.

"What the hell are you trying to do to him? You know he has the HOTS for you." Now understand she was making me horny as hell, but this was not the way she normally, heck EVER ACTED! I chuckled "The poor guy is probably jacking off right now."

"I hope not I have plans for him," Karen said with a sly smile.


"Honey, it's like this" Karen sauntered over to me, stretching the arm holes then slipping the sides of her shirt to the center exposing her breasts, "these are yours for all time." She traced her finger over the edge of the hem of the shirt exposing her obviously wet pussy, "They and this have never been touched by anyone but you since we were married. Only Ed has seen them abet for only a second since them."

"Yes" my hand reached up fingering her as she placed her right breast in front of my mouth, "go on" I spoke in to her nipple. My ability to tell her no to anything had just walked out the door.

"We're at the Testy Fest, where anything goes. I don't do public nudity or other guys" she purred as I switched to her left breast. "With the luck Ed has he won't get laid for another ten years."

I pushed her back asking "Just what are you getting at?" She knew all my weaknesses and suddenly I wanted a clearer head.

"I'm giving you a free pass; fuck anyone and everyone you want to this week, but let me have Ed."

I hesitated.

"Please Honey," she had some urgency in her voice, she was covering up "he's coming and I promise to make it worth your while when we get home."

"OK, if you really want this..." the door opened on the camper as I was speaking, Karen went back to fussing around the kitchen area, grabbing us beers as we ate our sandwiches. Ed was now watching every move Karen was making and since he got back and she was putting on quite a show. I swear the arm holes were getting larger and showing more and more of her tits. I finished my sandwich quickly and excused myself, "Gotta hit the crapper."

I figured neither of them would notice that I didn't head for the out house, instead I went around the camper to where I had a decent vantage point to look in one of the windows.

I could hear Karen talking as she banged dishes in the sink, from my location I could see her back, her ass only hardly covered by the shirt. "So Edgar, I'm really glad you could join us" He traded locations to my chair so he could watch her closer. "It has been ages since we went to Lowman for the big band bash, do you remember?"

"The infamous Wet Tee shirt you were in? Oh Yeah I remember it well, you could have won"

"Well maybe, had I taken my shirt off"

"From what I saw you had them all beat" Ed laughed "I've had more than one wet dream in the last 25 years about the flash I got when you changed shirts." Karen giggled and turned to face him, her shirt wet from the dishes. He continued "In fact from where I sit you could still give them a run for their money."

"What with these old saggy things? I'd have to at least do this." She pulled the tank top sides to the middle exposing her 38 D's to him. "Don't you think?

"Ah, uh, yeah that would defiantly get you my vote"

She shook them for him "Only your vote? I want to win!" she released the top from her shoulders and let it drop to the floor, standing naked before him. "Can I win like this?" She advanced on him as he tried to close his mouth and say something, but picking ones jaw off the floor is sometimes tough. She straddled his knee, her hot wet pussy on the bare flesh below his shorts; her breasts face high she offered them to his open mouth. I admit I felt a twinge of jealousy, but it was so hot watching her seduce him. He switched from one nipple to the other as if they were his two favorite flavors and he couldn't get enough of either one, she arched into him, hips grinding, her left hand went to the bulge in his shorts grabbing and rubbing his cock through the fabric.

He dropped his hand to her ass, the other kneaded her breast. As she unbuttoned his pants and pulled his short fat dick out, stroking it till it stood ridged. She stood him up, as she slipped his shorts off, her mouth engulfing his manhood for just a moment. "I want you in me now!" her eyes glazed as she spoke pulling him towards the galley. Karen bent over the kitchen sink pointing her dripping pussy at him (her favorite position).

Ed came to her from behind sliding his thick dick into her waiting vagina, slowly at first then harder, from where I stood I could hear her squeal with delight as he pounded her, her breast hanging down swinging into the counter top. She came almost immediately with him Cumming soon after.

As Ed backed away from her and sat back down, he said "I'm sorry; I haven't been with a woman since my divorce."

"Not a problem big man" Karen cooed in his ear as she sat in his lap, "it's Testy Fest, and we have all week to go."

I headed to the outhouse then, wondering where I was going to find some relief for my self.

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