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Encounter at Night


I was a bit surprised when Ron and Mike rocked up one Saturday morning and stared loading stuff into Frank's truck. As far as I knew Frank had the day off and I had a few things lined up around the house that I wanted him to do. He'd been promising to do them for a while now.

"What's up, Frank?" I asked. "I thought you had the day off."

"That's right, love," he said, smiling. "We're going fishing. Can you pack some sort of lunch for the three of us?"

It would be impolite to castrate him in front of his mates, so I didn't. I just made a mental note of it in my to-do list. Then I went and packed a lunch that would feed three pigs for a week. It should be enough to feed Frank and friends for one meal. A short time later they were gone and I had the house to myself.

I got out the list of things that I had made out for Frank, sighed, and tackled the first job. (Starting with the easiest, of course. Crossing of the easy ones makes you look as though you've had a productive day.)

Dinner time rolled up but Frank and his friends didn't. I had something simple and settled down to watch some telly, eventually going to bed about ten.

It was nearly midnight when Frank and his mates rolled up. Mike banged on the door until I answered. I gave him the evil eye but he just grinned at me.

"Frank and Ron are a bit plastered," he said. "I drew the short straw for nominated driver, damn it, which is why I'm sober. Um, Frank said that Ron and I could doss down in the front room for the night. That OK?"

Not really, but he did have the decency to confirm it with me so I nodded.

"Yes, that's fine," I told him. "If you would kindly dump Frank on his bed, I suggest that you lay Ron on the floor and grab the couch for yourself."

Mike grinned and followed through on my suggestions. I stripped off Frank's boots and outer clothing and left him snoring on his side of the bed. I turned off the lights and went back to bed myself.

A few hours later I woke up. The night was mucky and I was restless. I decided I'd have a cold drink. Maybe it would help me get back to sleep.

I wandered down to the kitchen and grabbed a glass of water. I was standing at the sink drinking it when Frank came sliding up behind me. I guessed that my getting out of bed must have disturbed him, though I'd have sworn he'd have slept through an earthquake.

Now I didn't put on a dressing gown just to go and get a drink of water. Dressing appropriately for a hot night, I was wearing a short flimsy nightgown and a pair of panties. Frank, damn him, just came up behind me, slid his hands up over my hips under the nightgown, hooked onto my panties and lowered them.

Then, of course, he reached around me, rubbing my mons. Idiot.

"Knock it off, Frank," I snapped. "We have visitors, remember."

I turned to face him and saw that we did indeed have visitors. I'd been right about Frank and the earthquake. He was still in our bedroom, snoring his head off. I could hear other snores coming from the front room where Ron was also sleeping it off.

Mike on the other hand, was standing right in front of, grinning like a loon. Also, the fact that I was now facing him made it easier for him. One hand closed over my mound and the other slip up inside my nightgown and latched onto a breast, which he promptly started massaging.

I was not having this. I pushed him away quite firmly. It didn't upset him, mind you. He just seemed to find it humorous.

"What the fuck do you think you're playing at?" I snarled at him.

I was seriously displeased. I could still feel where his hands had been touching me. I like sex, and initially thinking it was Frank I'd been enjoying the touch, even though I knew I was going to put him off. Until we were in the bedroom, anyway. Now I find it was Mike's touch I'd been enjoying. Not good.

"What am I playing at?" asked Mike affably. "I thought it was obvious. I was touching you up, preparatory to giving you a nice fuck."

"Are you mad? Not happening?" I told him. "I'm going back to bed. You can go back to your couch."

"All in good time," Mike said. "Look."

The son of a bitch unzipped and whipped out his old fella. Quite impressive it was, too, but that was beside the point.

"Very nice, Mike," I told him, "but I'm not interested. Tuck it back in your pants."

"Don't be so hasty," Mike told me. "Just think. I'm going to turn you around and bend you over the kitchen bench. Then this little friend of ours is going to make your closer acquaintance. I'll be spreading your lips so I have easy access, then driving myself into you so hard and fast you'll still remember it come Christmas. It'll be fun. Do you want to turn around now or do I touch you up some more first?"

Mike was real expressive with his hands as he explained his plans for me. I could practically see him bending me over the bench and nailing me from behind. For that matter, my pussy positively twitched with interest. The thought of being taken in the middle of the night by a man who had no right to do so sort of intrigued me. Not that it was going to happen, of course.

I shook my head.

"Forget it, Mike," I said, indicating that he should leave, while trying my best not to look at his erection. Why is it so hard not to look at an erection, especially one that you know wants to come your way?

Mike smelled his fingers and smiled. My tummy curled at that. That was the hand that he'd used to grab my pussy. He was smelling my sex on his fingers. Bastard.

"Well," said Mike. "If that doesn't appeal to you, I'll drag you down onto the floor, roll you onto your tummy, lift up your hips and drive roughly into you, taking you like a dog takes a bitch on heat, forcing pleasure upon you."

I was getting wet just listening to him and I think he knew it. His cock started twitching, almost as though it could scent the fact that I was getting aroused. I still managed to shake my head.

"Hmm. Tough audience," said Mike. "How about I sit you on the bench, it looks the right height, spread your legs wide and you can look down and watch as I slowly slide into you, knowing that the entry is just the start of the pleasures you're about to have?"

I was breathing harder, although trying to hide it. I didn't trust my voice so I just shook my head. Mike certainly sounded determined.

"I know the problem," Mike suddenly said. "It's that silly nighty."

He took one quick step towards me, grabbed the hem of my nightgown and lifted it straight up and over my heads. I had to raise my hands and let it go or have it torn off. So suddenly I'm standing there without my nightgown, boobs on display and, damn it, it was plain that I was excited. My nipples were sticking right out there.

It wasn't until Mike looked at my mound that I realised that I'd never got around to pulling my panties back up. I snatched for them but Mike was faster. He just slipped a foot between my knees and brought it down, dragging my panties with them.

"Step out of them," Mike suggested, and effectively I had to. It was either that or trip over them when I tried to move.

"Geez, you're sweet," Mike said softly. "I'm really going to enjoy this."

"We'll go back to my first suggestion," he added.

With that Mike just took my arm and turned me to face the kitchen bench. He gently pushed against my back and I found myself bending over the bench, waiting. I'd said no. Repeatedly. So why was I now bending over and waiting for Mike to take me?

This wasn't really happening, I told myself. A hand rubbing against my pussy promptly gave the lie to that statement. A finger slipped into me, testing that I was wet, and withdrew, satisfied.

I could feel my lips being moved apart and them Mike was pressing against me. I expected him to just come charging in, ignoring my requirements. Didn't happen.

"Are you ready?" came a soft query and to my shock I found myself nodding. Was I insane?

"Hard and fast?" came the next question, and I barely hesitated before nodding again. That also answered my question. Yes, I was insane.

Mike's hand came around and captured my breasts, his thumbs pressing against my nipples.

And then he was in me.

I mean just like that he drove fully into me with just one hard lunge, driving up my passage like a fucking express train. I gave a squeak, too stunned to do more.

Now that he was having his wicked way with me Mike didn't hesitate. He banged me hard, driving in as though there was a race and he intended to win it. Not that I was backwards about banging him right back. It seemed to me that if I was being fucked, however it happened to come about, then it was only fair that I do my share of the fucking.

Mike drove into me and I rose eagerly to meet him. His cock was domineering and demanding while my pussy was soft and yielding, but equally as demanding in its own way.

Mike was working over my breasts, the feeling of his hands on me adding to the excitement. I was literally burning now, heat suffusing my entire body, the core of it deep in my loins, with the flames being fanned by every thrust Mike made.

It couldn't last of course. Mike was being a bit too energetic, a frenetically pulsing ball of energy that had to explode, totally unable to be restrained.

And explode he did, his cock squirting fuel onto the fire inside me, and I went up in flames under him. The way I felt I considered Mike lucky not to have third degree burns to his cock.

Afterwards, I gathered my wits together and looked at Mike. He was grinning like a loon again. He gave me a wink and vanished back to the front room and the couch. I tidied myself up and went back to bed.

I woke up in the morning feeling peaceful and refreshed. Did I dream that incident in the middle of the night? When Frank and I went out for breakfast, Mike and Ron were sitting drinking coffee. They both nodded to me and started talking to Frank.

I was stumped. Did it happen or not? The trouble is, it's not the sort of thing you can ask. Can you imagine a man's reaction if you walked up to him and asked him if he'd fucked you? I mean, he'd expect you to know, wouldn't he?

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