tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEncounters with John Wayne Ch. 10

Encounters with John Wayne Ch. 10


Diana Maitland slowly straightened her right leg back behind her as she lay on John Wayne's chest, moaning at the stiffness in her knee from being bent in the same position for so long. He rolled his body to the left, taking her with him and then scooted them both a little closer to the middle of the bed. His cock pulled out of her as he rolled them over and was lying against the top of his left thigh, and he could feel the wetness of it on his skin. She was tucked against him, facing him, and she said, "I think we need to clean up again, but I don't think I can get up; my legs are too shaky!"

He chuckled and said, "Well, we don't have to move, we could skip the cleaning up part for once so we don't end up scrubbing all our skin off!"

She leaned back with a mock look of horror on her face and exclaimed, "Eww! Have you ever fallen asleep right after sex without cleaning up at least a little? We could end up stuck together in the morning!"

He started laughing softly, and stared at her as he said, "I'm already stuck on you, little girl," and he leaned over to kiss her tenderly. When he pulled back, she had a pleading look in her eyes and he laughed again and said, "All right, I'll be right back," as he rolled off the side of the bed and went into the bathroom to grab one of their damp towels. He was a little thirsty and thought she might be, too, so he grabbed one of the glasses on the bathroom vanity and filled it with water, then started wiping himself off as he came out of the bathroom and headed toward the other side of the bed.

She watched him as he went into the bathroom, admiring his firm ass as he walked. She heard him run one of the sink faucets briefly, and then he came out of the bathroom with a glass of water in one hand and a towel in his other hand, wiping his crotch as he walked back to the other side of the bed. She turned her head, then her body, to watch him the whole way, and her breath caught at how sexy he looked, and she marveled again at how just looking at him turns her on. He stopped at the side of the bed, his crotch at eye level to her as she was propped on her left elbow, and her eyes slowly wandered from his beautiful cock up his hard body to his rugged, handsome face; he most definitely looked like a god to her.

He saw that look in her eyes...again...as she stared at his crotch and then slowly looked up at his face—she was feeling turned on again just looking at him! God, how he wished they had the power to transform their bodies into sex machines so they could stay turned on and just fuck each other constantly for the next 2 days! Unfortunately, their bodies were just not able to keep up with their desires and they had to take time to rest every so often. He put the glass of water in front of her, and rumbled softly, "Here, little girl, drink some water and try to bank that fire burning in your eyes...just for now." She smiled softly and took the glass and drank a few gulps, then he held the towel toward her and said, "Do you want to wipe yourself off or do you want me to do it for you?"

She took a deep, ragged breath, and said, "I'll do it myself; I don't want to torture myself watching you do it knowing that our bodies wouldn't be able to cooperate right now with what my heart and mind want to do so badly," as she handed him back the glass of water and took the towel to wipe the cum from her pussy and thighs, using one of the damper spots to clean off as much as possible. Then she tossed the towel off the other side of the bed, and laid back on a couple of the pillows behind her, stretching languorously, looking every bit like a shapely, ethereal goddess.

As he watched her, his eyes started to burn and he said, "I know what you mean, little girl. I was just wishing myself that we could transform our bodies into the sex machines that we need to keep up with our desires! As soon as we've rested enough, we'll get right back at it—agreed?"

"You better believe it!" she purred, as a sexy, sleepy look came over her face. Then she yawned, and her eyes started to drift closed.

He sat down on the bed and reached down to pull the top sheet up and over her, deliberately leaving her breasts exposed so he could watch her chest moving as she breathed. He propped up a few pillows behind him and leaned back, then reached for his cigarettes, pulled one out and lit it, then just watched her sleeping while he smoked and sipped on some water. He thought about taking another few shots of tequila, but decided he didn't need it to help him sleep—his body was tired enough from all the hot sex they were having. Besides, he wanted to stay sober because he definitely wanted a clear memory of this weekend to carry with him always.

As he watched her, he still couldn't get over how beautiful she was and how much they both desired each other, and he wondered if it would always be like this between them if they were to stay together. He knew that it couldn't...they would, literally, kill each other if it did! He assumed that if they stayed together, things would settle down at some point and this raging desire between them would probably slow down, or maybe even burn out, but he didn't want that to happen—he never wanted these feelings to go away.

Maybe she thought the same thing and that was why she didn't want anything permanent with him. But, damn it, why couldn't they just continue to be together until they figured out how long these feelings would last? Maybe it would take 6 months, a year, 5 years...50 years—hell, he knew he couldn't predict the future, all he knew was how he felt right now, and right now, he wanted to love her forever.

He put out his cigarette and drank the last of the water and was about to turn off the bedside lamp and lay down to sleep, but he turned to stare down at her again so he could memorize the sight of her sleeping peacefully beside him. He felt a tightness in his chest as he wished, painfully, that he would see this every night for the rest of his life. He sighed heavily and turned the light out and lay down on his side facing her with his head just above hers. He could smell the clean scent of her hair unspoiled by hairspray or any other gunk that some women used to maintain the outrageous ways they styled their hair.

The reason she was so beautiful was because everything about her was natural—no makeup, no primpy hairstyle, no undergarments that gave her body an unnatural shape—the way she looked when he first laid eyes on her was exactly how she looks all the time. As he fell asleep, his last thoughts were that she'd always be this beautiful and he'd never tire of looking at her...or touching her...or loving her...


Diana stirred in her sleep as a soft light was starting to filter into the room, and she slowly blinked her eyes open, wincing at the glow of the sunrise coming in through one of the windows. She yawned and stretched slowly, then raised herself up on her left elbow to look at him...her big man ...her god of love...her...her pussy was already starting to tingle and flood with wetness! She shook her head slightly; she had to stop thinking of him as "hers." She had already told him she could not stay with him; she had promised him this weekend only—but maybe it wouldn't hurt her, for just the rest of this weekend, to think of him as hers.

He was lying on his back with his right arm thrown up and curved above his head, with his head turned toward her; his face had a slight frown on it, probably from the light that was starting to fill the room. His left arm was down his side, bent at the elbow and his hand resting on his stomach. The sheet was down around his hips and it was bulged at his crotch by his hard dick. She smiled, and thought, "Ah, morning wood...what a wonderful way to wake him up!" as she sat up and carefully moved the sheet off of him and feasted her eyes on his magnificent cock. Her mouth tingled as she stared at it; he wasn't quite fully hard, but she could remedy that.

She scooted down beside his right hip and carefully grasped his thick shaft and brought her mouth down to wrap her lips around the head and stroked up and down firmly as she felt his cock grow harder in her hand, and she heard him murmur a soft moan in his sleep. He was fully hard now and she wondered how far she'd get before he finally woke up. She slowly released the head of his cock from her mouth and placed a soft kiss on it before she pushed herself up on her knees to climb over him. She thought she heard him almost groan when she released him from her mouth.

She looked up at him and he was still in the same position, but his face had a more relaxed expression and his left hand had unconsciously drifted down toward his crotch. She carefully moved to straddle him on her knees and find a position that she could maneuver his cock inside her without waking him up. She leaned forward on her left hand and used her right hand to position the head at her wet opening, then she slowly started to push herself backward, inching her tight pussy onto his huge dick as she watched his face.

John Wayne was in that state of unconsciousness just between dreaming and wakefulness. He had thought he was starting to wake up from a dream about Diana sucking his dick, but then he thought he felt a soft warmth on his dickhead that felt just like her lips and tongue, and his brain couldn't quite distinguish whether he was still dreaming or not, so he just relaxed to continue enjoying it. Then it went away and he almost groaned in regret because he thought the dream was over. Then a few moments later, it almost felt like his dick was being engulfed by her tight, wet softness, and he unconsciously thought that this must be one of those dreams that makes him wake up with a hard-on, and he felt himself involuntarily thrust his hips in response to the sensations he was feeling.

Then he heard her moan, and he knew he wasn't dreaming. His eyes popped open to stare into her lustful face just in front of him, and his desire kicked into high gear. He grabbed her shoulders, pulling her down onto his chest, and wrapped his arms around her shoulders as he thrust his hips up into her a few times. Then he heaved his body up and twisted to his right as she clamped her thighs to his hips and wrapped her arms around his back, and he rolled them over so that he was on top of her, keeping his dick buried in her. Then he moved his arms from behind her shoulders and back to prop up on his elbows and look at her.

They just stared into each other's eyes as he started to thrust in and out of her, slowly and deeply...neither of them had said a word. No words were necessary...no words could describe what they were feeling. This was all they needed at this moment...it was all they wanted...all they could ever dream of... They could see everything they were feeling and thinking in each other's eyes.

He saw her love and desire for him deepen even more, as did his for her; she saw his masculine need to feel that he possessed her—body, heart and soul—even if it was only for this moment; he saw her telling him that, at this moment, she belonged to him, and only him—he was her world... and she was his. It felt as though their hearts and minds were as connected as their bodies, and their bodies were perfectly attuned to one another.

She brought her hands up to the sides of his face and neck to caress him, and moved her thighs from his hips to brace her feet on the mattress so that she could move her hips with his and create their own perfect rhythm. He knew just when she wanted him to move faster and harder or slower and softer, or just deeper—both of them wishing they could meld permanently with one another. They traded soft brushes with their lips...deep, passionate kisses with their tongues exploring every part of their mouths...and fierce crushes of their mouths and lips that would make them both moan in their desperation to convey to each other the depth of their feelings.

They changed positions in unison, their bodies knowing how they wanted to move together. He knew when she wanted to be on top or sitting in his lap; she knew when he needed to be in control to thrust harder or deeper. He knew when she wanted him to touch or kiss and lick her breasts; she knew when he wanted her to stroke his back and ass or grab him and help shove his cock as deeply into her as they could. At times, it was noisy, sweaty sex—both of them grunting like animals; at other times, they made tender, passionate love. And still, neither one of them said a word.

She had cum 3 times during this lovemaking session, and she was awed at his stamina. On her third orgasm, she looked at him and knew he had been holding back because he so loved to watch her cum. When her orgasm subsided, he could see on her face that she now needed him to cum, too. So, he laid her back toward the head of the bed on some of the pillows so that her body was reclining slightly, and then lifted her left thigh and supported it with his right arm as he entered her again. He kept his body angled upward and to the left by bringing his right knee up under her left thigh, which allowed both of them to look down and watch as his big dick moved in and out of her; it was the hottest, sexiest thing they had ever seen.

He thrust slowly and deeply for a few minutes, both of them alternating between watching his cock disappear into her pussy and then staring at each other for a few seconds when he was completely inside her, and occasionally trading a soft kiss and lick of their tongues. The combination of that, the sight and the sound of their wet flesh as he slid in and out of her had them both sighing heavily with desire, and they knew they were ready. He released her thigh so he could support himself better and started to thrust his hips harder in a deep, rolling rhythm that she easily matched and it made them both feel as if his cock was stimulating every part of her body; they were both tingling from head to toe.

They watched each other for a few moments and they could see their orgasms approaching. Just before they were about to cum, they both closed their eyes, their hips slammed together several times and they both moaned loudly as her pussy convulsed on his dick at the same instant he exploded into her. It was also at that moment that they both opened their eyes again and stared at each other while their hips continued to thrust, slowing as they started to come down from this most satisfying orgasm, both of them breathing heavily. Still, not a word had been spoken.

They stayed in the same position for a few moments, and as his breathing started to return to normal, he smiled softly at her and said in his deep, sexy voice, "Good morning."

She smiled back sexily and said, "Yes, it is."

Then they both frowned slightly as he pulled back and rolled his body to her left side and flopped over onto his back with a soft groan. He was amazed that he had been able to last so long, but now he was really starting to feel it; his body had not felt capable of such stamina for a long time. And it was only because of her—his desire for her seemed to be increasing each time her fucked her; and, even more so, his love for her. What the hell was he going to do when Sunday evening came? He squeezed his eyes shut and pushed that thought away. Then he rolled onto his right side to look at her, and asked, "How the hell did you manage to get me hard without waking me up?"

She grinned and said, "Well it wasn't just me, when I woke up and looked at you, I couldn't help but notice the tent in the sheet at your crotch, and it just looked too good for me to resist."

He grinned back sexily and drawled in his cowboy voice, "Well now, little girl, a good cowboy always knows how to pitch a tent!" as they shared a chuckle together. As their soft laughs faded, his face went deadly serious, and he put his left hand to the right side of her face and stroked her cheek with his thumb as he rumbled, "I love you, little girl; I always will."

She swallowed the lump in her throat that sprang up at his words, and blinked her eyes to stave off the tears that were threatening to form, and she forced a smile and said, "I know; and I will always love you."

Almost at the same time, they started to yawn, and they smiled at each other when they stopped as they both realized they were still sleepy. She asked him if he knew what time it was, so he rolled over to look at his watch on the bedside table; he told her it was only 7am! No wonder they were still sleepy, especially after about 30 minutes of some of the hottest sex they'd had yet! He laid on his back again and gestured for her to come lay next to him so he could put his arms around her, and she snuggled next to him, neither one of them concerned that they hadn't bothered to clean up at all this time—the sheets were a mess and so were they, so what did it matter at this point?!! They would take care of it when they got up in another hour or two.

As he lay there trying to relax enough to go back to sleep, he remembered that she had told him about singing in the choir and doing musicals in high school and that he had wanted to ask her if she would sing for him. So he asked softly, "Would you do me a favor, little girl?" When she looked up at him with her eyebrows raised, he continued, "You told me you had done some singing in high school and I was just wondering if you would sing something for me, to help me fall asleep...please?"

All of a sudden, she felt nervous, like she did when she'd had to audition back then, even though everyone had always told her she had a lovely voice, but she hadn't done much singing since then, except to herself. But the look on his face told her he was genuinely hoping she would, so she smiled nervously and said, "What would you like to hear? I mean, I don't know a lot of songs but if you have any suggestions that I know, I'll try."

He thought for a moment; he knew he wanted to hear something soft and soothing that would help him relax. Then he remembered he'd gotten to like listening to some of the Irish music they had used in his movie "The Quiet Man," so he asked her if she knew any Irish lullabies or tunes.

Her eyes widened and she said, "The only one I know is 'Danny Boy.' One of my brothers is named Danny and I learned it so I could sing it to him for his birthday one year. I think I remember some of it." He smiled and told her that would be perfect, so she cleared her throat a little and hoped her voice wouldn't crack because this tune sometimes made her sad and she would get a lump in her throat while trying to sing it.

She looked back down as she was afraid to watch his face while she sang, then she started softly in her lilting soprano voice:

Oh Danny Boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling
From glen to glen and down the mountainside
The summer's gone and all the flowers are dying
'Tis you, 'tis you must go and I must bide.
But come ye back when summer's in the meadow
Or when the hills are hushed and white with snow
'Tis I'll be here in sunshine or in shadow
Oh Danny Boy, oh Danny Boy, I love you so!

She sounded like an angel; he could feel a lump growing in his throat as he listened to her, and he had to take a deep breath when she sang that highest note near the end of the song so he could swallow the lump and relieve the tightness in his chest. When her last note died, he sighed softly and put his left hand under her chin to make her look up at him. He had a look on his face that seemed almost sad, and he said, "You have a beautiful voice, little girl, you should sing more often. I would love to hear you sing more, if you ever feel inclined to do so again."

She smiled at his words of encouragement, and said, "I'll keep that in mind," just before she started to yawn—which made him yawn—and they smiled at each other as their eyes were drifting closed and they fell back to sleep for a little while.

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