tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEncounters with John Wayne Ch. 13

Encounters with John Wayne Ch. 13


John Wayne and Diana Maitland had just finished clearing away the dishes from their lunch on the patio of his friend's beach house. They had decided to undress each other in the main room and then head outside with a soft blanket to lie under the large umbrella on the beach and make love for as long as they wanted.

They stood facing each other in front of the large sofa in the main room, and she asked him to take off his jacket because she just loved to watch the sexy way he moved whenever he was removing something off his shoulders. So he slowly shrugged his jacket off his shoulders and he saw her desire deepen in her eyes as she watched him, and he asked her why that turned her on so much. She explained to him that the way he moved when he did it was just so sexy to her, especially when it was a robe and he was naked underneath, and that she had never noticed him move like that in any of his movies. Then she told him she'd better not ever see him do that in any of his future movies; she wanted that move reserved strictly for her.

He told her he had never really paid attention to how he removed his jacket or a robe before, and that it must be something about the way she makes him feel that causes him to move like that. He told her if he ever accidentally did it in the future, then it would have to be because he was thinking of her, and he hoped she would forgive him. She smiled and said she'd try as she moved in front of him and started to unbutton his shirt. As she slowly worked her way down his shirt, she leaned forward and planted soft kisses and nuzzled her nose in the dark hair that was lightly spread across his chest as she inhaled his scent.

But she had to stop to tug the bottom of his shirt out of his trousers so she could finish unbuttoning it. Then she ran her hands up his stomach and chest and across his shoulders to push his shirt off, the way she'd done to help him finish undressing that first time they saw each other completely naked. Before she started on his pants, he removed his shoes and socks because he felt there was just something totally unsexy about a naked man still wearing socks! Then, he just stood there completely still, staring down at her as she moved her hands to his waist and started to undo his belt buckle; she had to look at what she was doing at first to make sure she knew which way it went, then she looked back up into his eyes.

They continued to stare, their eyes burning into each other's, as she unfastened his trousers and started to slowly lower his zipper; it was a little difficult at first because she had to maneuver it over the bulge of his hard, thick cock. When she pushed his trousers over his hips, she just let them fall to his ankles as she stepped back to get of glimpse of him in his underwear. He was wearing a pair of just plain white boxers, but God, did he look sexy standing there in them with his big dick creating that huge bulge in the front! She looked back at his face and moved toward him again and bent down to pick up his trousers as he stepped out of them, and then put her hand on the front of his boxers to stroke his shaft gently a few times as she stood up, and he closed his eyes and groaned deep in his throat. She laid his pants on the couch with his other clothes.

Then he opened his eyes and stared into hers as he said, "Now it's my turn," as he motioned for her to turn around, which she did...slowly. Then she turned her head and her upper body slightly to look back over her left shoulder at him while he slowly lowered the zipper on the back of her dress, all the way down to where it ended just above her ass. As the material parted slightly, he could see she was wearing some kind of undergarment that just had several hooks at her waist, which was why she hadn't needed his help with that...she could reach those herself. He couldn't wait to see what the rest of it looked like!

She slowly turned back around and stood still while he put his hands on her shoulders to push the straps of her dress over them and down her arms, slowly peeling the dress down the front of her body. The fire in his eyes got hotter when he saw her generous breasts confined in the lacy cups of the bustier, and the way the boning in the bottom of it accentuated her waist at the curve of her hips. He had to kneel in front of her to gently tug the bottom of the dress to pull it the rest of the way down her hips, which gave him a nice view of her panties as her dress slid the rest of the way down her legs. They were also white with lacy inserts at the tops of the high-cut thighs, and the top of the panties ended at the curve of her hips, leaving a small area of her abdomen exposed between there and the bottom of the bustier.

While he was kneeling, she placed her hands on his shoulders and steadied herself in her high-heels while she stepped over her dress, which was crumpled around her feet. Then he reached down and picked up her dress and handed it to her so she could lay it over the couch so it wouldn't get wrinkled. When she turned back toward him, he was still on his knees in front of her and he reached up with his arms to wrap them around her hips and lower back to pull her against him and leaned his head on her breasts. Pure desire coursed through her at this submissive position he was in, and her arms automatically came up to cradle his head with her hands. Then, she couldn't resist digging her fingers into his hair on the back of his head and pulling it backward as she bent down to kiss him fiercely.

He groaned deeply as she bent over him, thrusting her tongue into his mouth as she gripped the back of his head. Suddenly, she stood up straight, looking down at him, her face a mask of desperate desire and she moaned breathlessly, "God, I need you, big man!"

He knew what she needed; she needed him to take control. Her fierce desire for him still made her lose control, but he was getting a little better at maintaining his because he wanted to make her want him and need him and love him so much that she would change her mind about staying with him. He stood up and reached his arms behind her back and unhooked the bustier and pulled it away from her, freeing her beautiful breasts. Then he hooked his fingers in her panties and peeled them down her hips and thighs, and she reached down to pull one leg over her shoe and then flung them aside with her other shoe. Then he pushed his boxers off his hips and down his thighs and stepped out of them when they reached his feet. He stared at her for a few seconds as she stood there completely naked, except for her high-heeled shoes...good God, she looked sexy!

Then he handed her the blanket they'd found lying on the couch and he bent down and scooped her up in his arms and waited while she nudged her shoes off her feet. Then he carried her out the open glass door, across the patio, down the few steps to the beach, and over to the large umbrella halfway between the patio and the pounding surf. He set her down and they both spread the blanket and laid it on the soft sand, placing some stones on the corners so the breeze couldn't move it. Since they were already on their knees at opposite sides of the blanket, they both crawled toward each other until they were close enough to rise up on their knees again directly in front of each other.

He brought his hands up to her face and stared down at her for a few seconds before he slowly lowered his head to kiss her gently, yet passionately. He parted her lips and thrust his tongue slowly and deeply in and out of her mouth, while she wrapped her arms around his waist and leaned her head back further, opening her mouth wide to accept his tongue, licking gently at it with her own each time he thrust it into her. He would thrust his tongue into her mouth with the crash of a wave and stroke her tongue a couple times, then his would retreat as another wave built, just to thrust it into her again as it crashed. She got the feeling he was communicating to her through his kiss what he wanted to do to her pussy with his dick. If that was the case, then he was really good at it, because she could just imagine the feeling of his dick stroking her pussy in exactly the same way his tongue was stroking her mouth, and it made her groan deeply as her pussy tingled and flooded with more wetness...she needed him inside her...now!

He heard her groan and felt a slight tremor go through her body, and he dragged his mouth from hers to stare down at her; he could see in her eyes and on her face that she needed him inside her...now! He wrapped his left arm around her shoulders as he moved her sideways to his left to lay her down, then moved over her when she straightened and spread her legs. She raised her legs, spreading her opening wide, pleading with her eyes for him to bury his huge dick in her throbbing, wet pussy. He had been listening to the pounding of the surf behind them, and as soon as he heard a wave building, he placed the head of his dick at her wet opening. Then, when he heard it beginning to break, he shoved his hips forward and buried his thick shaft inside her tight softness just as the wave crashed onto the shore.

He stayed buried in her through the next several waves, kissing her softly and staring into her eyes as they, once again, thought about and marveled at the feelings of fullness and tightness that kept making them yearn for these moments of entry, over and over and over. It seemed to them that it felt much the same way, as the waves seemed to yearn to return and pound on the shore. But yet, it wasn't that the waves "yearned" to pound the shore, it was strictly a force of nature that made them keep coming back. That was how it felt to them—like some force of nature kept making them need to be joined together. Maybe that was another reason why they both felt so drawn to the ocean—because, like it, they felt driven by some force of nature.

As they both stared at each other and listened to the waves, their breathing steadied to the same pace and their hearts pounded to the same beat. He started to thrust in and out of her to the steady, pounding rhythm of the surf; sliding his thick cock out of her soft, wet pussy as a wave was building, then thrusting it back into her deeply as it crashed onto the shore. Then he would pause for a few seconds, buried deeply in her, grinding his hips against hers and kissing her softly as he waited to hear the next wave building, and then do the same thing again.

They kept up this same, steady pace for about 20 minutes, both of them just enjoying every slow sensation of their bodies moving together. They almost started to feel that they could keep fucking like this forever and never have to stop, as they'd so often wished they could. The slow and sensuous movements made their bodies almost feel like they were staying just at that point of tingling before an orgasm, but they felt in control of when they wanted to cum. Suddenly, that force of nature in them stepped in and made their bodies want to orgasm; so he lifted up fully on his hands and slammed his hips downward into hers, just as she was driving hers upward. They both started to cum immediately and yelled in the same loud tone that echoed off the rocks on either side of the beach, as they kept pounding into each other. Then they both arched their backs and kept their hips locked together as waves of pleasure coursed through their bodies, until the throbs of pleasure between their legs finally abated.

He nearly collapsed on top of her, but rolled over onto his back to her right side instead, hating to pull his dick out of her so fast, and they were both breathing heavily. This orgasm seemed more powerful than any he'd experienced with her so far...how the hell was this possible? And why the hell wouldn't she consider staying with him when they seemed so right for each other? How the hell was he going to survive without her? How the hell could he survive WITH her if they continued to fuck like this?!! There were too many questions swirling through his mind that he couldn't answer at that moment, and the only thoughts he kept coming back to were that he loved her, he wanted her and he needed her. He felt around with his left hand to find her right arm and followed it up onto her stomach to clutch her right hand tightly.

When he rolled off of her, she nearly cried out at the sudden withdrawal of his cock from inside her; she knew he was the only man who would ever make her feel like a completely fulfilled woman just by making love to her. God, how she wished they could spend the rest of their lives just doing this every day...but she knew it wasn't possible. The harsh realities of life would always intrude to take away her beautiful dreams and fantasies of him that, for now, had managed to come true for her for just a little while. So she had to make this weekend last as long as possible, because he was making this the most incredible experience of her life and she wanted to relish and remember every second of it.

When he grabbed her right hand with his left one, it felt as if he was clutching onto her like a lifeline. She quickly turned her head to look at him, and saw that his eyes were closed and he was trying to get his breathing back to normal, taking slow deep breaths and trying to exhale just as slowly. Her breathing was just about normal again, so she extricated her right hand from his left and raised her right arm as she rolled toward him and propped her head on her hand to look at him as she placed her left hand in his, and she asked him, "Are you OK? Are you going to survive?"

He opened his eyes and looked directly at her with a deadly serious face, as he exhaled heavily, frowned and said, "I don't know, little girl. Right now, I really don't know." Then he took a deep breath and raised his brows as he said, "But I'm not about to let that worry me right now, either." He said that because he saw her start to frown worriedly, seeming to pick up on exactly what he meant when he said he didn't know if he would survive—meaning either with or without her. He slowly smiled at her and raised his left hand with hers in it, bringing her hand to his lips to kiss the backs of her fingers softly, then slowly turned it over to place a lingering kiss in her palm. He felt relieved when she finally smiled back at him; he would have to be more careful of what he said to her about his fears because he knew she had plenty of her own.

She knew exactly what he meant when he said he wasn't sure if he was going to survive—he meant her. She knew he loved her, wanted her and needed her and was afraid he wouldn't be able to let her go, but was also afraid what would happen if she stayed and they continued to go at each other like this all the time! Could a person actually die from loving someone too much?!! Could they end up killing each other? Death by sex...it had happened before! She'd read stories about people, usually older men, who would die from having a heart attack or stroke during sex... God, she would die with him if that happened while he was fucking her! These thoughts scared her, but when he smiled at her and kissed her fingers and palm, she knew he was not going to let her worry about that right now, so she smiled back.

He let go of her hand and raised his left arm to roll onto his side facing her and propped his head on his hand, just like she was, and they looked at each other for a moment. Then he put his right hand on her face and neck, stroking her cheek with his thumb, and said, "I think I've figured out another reason why we can't seem to get enough of each other." When she raised her eyebrows slightly, he glanced toward the water as he continued, "We both love the ocean for basically the same reason, because of it's beauty and power...it's like why the waves keep coming back to the shore over and over and over...and it's why I keep needing to feel my cock inside you again, and again...it's like..."

"A force of nature?" she finished for him, with her eyes opened wide. She was almost shaking from the realization that he had thought exactly the same thing as she. She already believed they were connected, but this was like...magic...like they were...

"Yes...just like that..." he said quietly, as he frowned in shock that they continually seemed to think exactly alike. Then he felt almost stunned as he realized that they were, indeed, connected in some...magical way...like they were...

Soul mates. They both heard the words as they thought them at the same time, almost as if they had spoken them out loud. They just stared at each other with the same stunned expressions on their faces for a few seconds. Then they both started to lean slowly toward each other as they stared into each other's eyes and, just before their lips touched, they hesitated for a second and they both whispered, "Soul mates."

The kiss was very tender at first, as they continued to look into each other's eyes, then they closed their eyes and deepened the kiss; he kept his right hand on her face and neck and leaned over her, forcing her to lay back, and she wrapped her arms around his body. They both had that same feeling of melting into each other, like the first time they had kissed in the elevator at the hotel. Their souls had known, even then, that they had found their other half...hearts and brains are just slower to pick up on these things.

As they slowly ended the kiss and he lifted his head to look at her, he rumbled in his deep, sexy voice, "Well, that explains a lot, don't you think?" She smiled softly and nodded in agreement. "I guess that explains why you fell in love with me the first time you saw one of my movies, and why I had such a physical reaction to you the first moment I saw you. Did I tell you that I actually felt like someone had punched me in the gut the second you walked in the door to your boss' office?" She shook her head no. "Well, I did...the lust didn't come until several moments later after I had been staring you up and down since you weren't looking at me. Did you see the expression on my face when you finally looked at me?"

She grinned and nodded yes, and said with a slight laugh, "I thought you looked like you had been 'startled'...like something had scared the hell of you, but I couldn't possibly imagine at that point what would have made you look like that! But let me see if I can figure out now...let's see... you pictured us naked, you picking me up and me wrapping my legs around you as you lowered me onto your big, throbbing cock...am I close?"

He grinned slowly, then raised his eyebrows over his smoldering eyes as he nodded yes, and then said, "It actually did scare me to be so attracted to a woman so quickly that I felt almost out of control."

Then she asked a question that she hoped wouldn't make him angry, but she needed to know the truth and hoped he would tell her. She raised her eyebrows and asked quietly, "You mean, that didn't happen with Marlene?"

His eyes opened wide as he stared at her for a few seconds, then stammered, "What...how did you...why would you want to know anything about her?" he asked cautiously, knowing the rumors had flown around about the two of them during their relationship. He needed to know why she was asking him about this.

She swallowed and said nervously, "Well, I read so many different things that were written about the two of you, and one of them said that a friend of yours had described your relationship with her like you two were...soul mates." He closed his eyes and sat up, bending his knees to prop his forearms on them as he looked downward and just shook his head. She sat up beside him and continued, "I knew the rumors about a relationship were true, but I didn't know whether to believe you were soul mates...I need to hear from you if that was true...please tell me the truth."

He glanced at her with a frown on his face, as he usually disliked telling anyone anything personal about his relationships with anyone he cared about; but she was different, she knew him and understood him like no one else before ever had, including Marlene. She deserved to know the truth, at least the truth as he had perceived it at the time of his relationship with Marlene, but which he had discovered over the years since was not what he had built it up to be.

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