tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEncounters with John Wayne Ch. 19

Encounters with John Wayne Ch. 19


Diana Maitland watched John Wayne's face as he stared at her. She was sitting in his lap in a chair in front of a large window with the moonlight streaming in, bathing them in a soft glow along with the firelight beside and slightly behind them. She was still wearing his shirt, unbuttoned, and her underwear, and he was in nothing but his boxer shorts. It looked like he was thinking about a thousand different things—all having to do with her! When he finally grinned devilishly, she thought, "What the hell is he thinking now?"

He stopped grinning and put a mock look of hurt on his face as he took his arms from around her and folded them across his chest and started talking with a low, sexy voice that sounded slightly petulant, "You said it was ridiculous for me to feel like a 'dirty old man' for seducing a little girl like you! Well, I think you got it completely backward; you're a sexy, young goddess who has seduced a poor, aging movie idol who is starving for affection and yearns for a loving wife. And all you want from me is just to fuck you with my big cock! You're taking advantage of me...and I'm not going to fuck you any more until you say you'll marry me!"

She sat there, not quite knowing whether she wanted to laugh...or hit him! The look on his face was like that of a pouty little boy, but the tone of his voice sounded more sexy than petulant; and he threatened to withhold sex unless she agrees to MARRY HIM?! She decided to hit him; she leaned back and balled her right hand into a fist and punched him as hard as she could on his left upper arm.

"Owwww!" he yelled, as he frowned and looked at her and rubbed his upper arm with his right hand. He yelled again, "What the hell was that for? And where the hell did you learn to hit like that?!!" as he continued to frown, but with a wary look on his face as well.

She had clasped her hand to her mouth and her eyes went wide when she heard him yell; she didn't think she'd hit him that hard! She said a muffled "I'm sorry!" behind her hand with a slight laugh. Then she took her hand away from her mouth and frowned worriedly as she looked at him and asked, "Did that really hurt?" He nodded yes very quickly with his eyebrows raised and his forehead tightly wrinkled from still trying to frown at the same time. She said she was sorry again and moved his right hand away so she could look at his arm; there was a slightly pinkish area on his skin where she had punched him.

He asked her again, "How the hell did you learn to throw a punch like that?" He wasn't going to ask her again why she did it...he already knew why...because he'd tried to push marriage on her. It just dawned on him that he'd just tried to force Diana to agree to marry him when just two days ago he had been thinking of marrying someone else...oh God, he'd completely forgotten about Pilar! Thank God he'd already been frowning because his arm hurt, so Diana couldn't have seen on his face what had just popped into his mind.

She leaned down and kissed his arm softly where she hit him, then brought her right hand up to rub it softly as she said, "I told you that all the kids in my neighborhood teased and picked on me because I was one of the youngest and smallest. Well, my youngest brother took me aside when I was 7 and he was 17 and taught me how throw a really good first punch, so that if I got tired of someone who just wouldn't leave me alone, I could hit them really hard so they'd, hopefully, leave me alone and also think really hard about trying to hit me back! I can throw a few good, hard punches, but I'd be no match for someone any bigger than me for very long—I'd still get my ass kicked! But I did manage to scare off a couple of bullying boys who just wouldn't leave me alone!" she finished, grinning at him.

He was still frowning slightly, but with a slight grin on his face as well as he thought, "She still manages to surprise me...just when I'm beginning to think I know everything about her!" Then he thought, "Damn it! This 'turning the tables on her' thing just doesn't work—she's too smart!" He laughed softly and shook his head as he said, "You know, maybe the reason boys weren't interested in you back then was because those bullies you punched told all the other boys they'd better not mess with you because you'd hurt them! Your brother taught you well; was he a boxer or something?" he asked as he rubbed the sore spot on his arm again.

She'd started to laugh slightly when he made his first comment, then raised her eyebrows and answered, "No. He was the youngest kid for a while, too, and he never liked anyone picking on him, and fighting just sort of came naturally to him as a way to make people leave him alone. He would never pick on anyone else or start fights, but he sure as hell finished them whenever anyone started anything with him. He's a big guy now, so nobody messes with him any more, but he'll still stand up for other people if anyone starts trying to pick a fight for no good reason. He kind of reminds me of your movie characters in that sense...I've always liked the idea of strong men who don't look for trouble, but they'll sure as hell try to keep anyone else from causing it!"

She glanced at his arm again and noticed that his skin was a darker pink than before, and she frowned and groaned, and said, "Oh, I hope I didn't leave a bruise on you! I guess I should be relieved you didn't hit me back!"

He frowned at her and said, "Why would you think I would hit you back? You should know me better than that! I'll admit I've had to smack a woman a couple times because she was trying to beat on me or shoot at me...but I'd never just haul off and punch a woman—no matter how badly she deserved it!"

She looked at him grinning and laughing softly as she asked, "Did you think I deserved it for punching you so hard for no good reason?"

He got that pouty little boy look on his face again, and rumbled softly and sexily, "Yes! But I have a much better way to get you back...like this..." as his eyes started to smolder at her.

Her breath caught in her throat at the look in his eyes...oh, she hoped he was going to do what it looked like he wanted to do! As he continued to stare at her with his smoldering eyes, he moved them to the floor in front of the chair, laying her on her back with his shirt open, leaving her breasts bare. He remained upright on his knees and moved to crouch sideways over her right leg. Then he ran his left hand all the way down her left leg, from her hip to her ankle. When he got to her ankle, he wrapped his big hand completely around her ankle and lifted it up in front of him, looked at her with that devilish glint in his eyes again...and started tickling the bottom of her foot!

She shrieked as her body went into convulsions...oh God, how she hated having her feet tickled! She had very ticklish feet and her mother had tortured her as a little girl by tickling her feet to make her laugh and get her over a bad mood when some kid had picked on her and made her cry. It had worked, but she still hated the feet tickling!

She couldn't move her right leg at all because he had it pinned under him; she could only flail her arms and upper body, as she half laughed, half screamed and yelled at him between shrieks of laughter. "PLEASE! STOP! I HATE THIS!...PLEASE...OH, PLEASE...NO!...OH, GOD... PLEASE...STOP!!!" Tears of frustration came into her eyes, and she took as deep a breath as she could and wailed, "I'M GONNA HIT YOU AGAIN!" She had started to feel like he was picking on her and, as big as he was, there was no way she could make him stop.

He had been laughing heartily at her the whole time, but as soon as she said she was going to hit him again, he dropped her foot and spun around on his knees to face her, and backed up as quickly as he could with his eyes wide. She lay there, blinking her eyes and panting, trying to catch her breath—breathing like he had just fucked her hard again, but without the benefit of the afterglow of an orgasm! Now she really was pissed at him!

She got up and stood in front of him with his shirt hanging open and her hands on her hips as she yelled angrily at him, "Don't you ever do that to me again! I hate that! My feet are very sensitive and you nearly made me piss in my pants! And I've only got 2 pair! Is it not bad enough that my pussy stays wet around you and makes me mess up my underwear, that now you want to make me piss in them too?!! And the next time you threaten to withhold sex from me, I'll...so help me...!" On her last statement, she lifted her right hand from her hip and pointed her finger at him and moved right in front of him to poke his chest when she said "...you threaten to withhold sex..." then balled her up her fist and pulled her shoulder back from him with her arm bent like she was going to throw a punch on "...so help me." Two seconds later, she burst out laughing with him...she couldn't help it—he looked so funny!

He was surprised at first—he realized she was really pissed—and he wasn't sure what she was going to do next...he just hoped she wouldn't hit him again! Then he almost busted out laughing the second she said that he'd nearly made her piss her pants, and it just kept getting harder for him not to laugh from the expressions on her face and every word that came out of her mouth after that! Then, when she poked him in the chest and threatened him with her fist drawn back on her last statement, he was surprised at her audacity and almost stopped laughing until he saw her start to chuckle; two seconds later, they both burst out laughing!

He was watching her as they laughed; she would throw her head and shoulders back and shriek with laughter, then bend forward to hold her stomach. As she started to calm down a little, she just stood still for several seconds with her head thrown back, her shoulders shaking from her soft laughs, his shirt hanging open down the sides of her body with her breasts jutting forward slightly and her hands on her black panties holding her lower abdomen. He sobered quickly and just stared at her, breathing heavily; she was just...so fucking sexy! He could feel his dick stirring again.

Then he started to think about her audacity at threatening to punch him if he threatened to withhold sex from her—he knew she meant it as a joke, but he was going to remind her that she could never make good on her threat! He got up off his knees and moved right in front of her just as she was opening her eyes and the last of her laughter was dying. He brought his hands up to the sides of her breasts and said slowly and matter-of-factly, "I hate to tell you this, little girl, but if I wanted to withhold sex from you, there's not a damn thing you could do about it. Yes, you could punch me a few times and maybe hurt your hand, but that's about it," he finished sexily as he caressed her breasts and ginned smugly as his dick continued to harden.

As soon as she saw his face, she instantly sobered at the look in his eyes; he looked sexy and smug at the same time. Her eyebrows lifted as she listened to him; was he teasing her or testing her, or did he just want to piss her off again?! Did he want her to hit him? By the time he was through speaking, her eyes were narrow slits, then she said just as slowly and matter-of-factly, "You may be right about that," as she stepped back on her right foot, twisting the right side of her body slightly away from him. Then she continued, "By the way, didn't you say that the second you saw me, it felt like you'd been punched in the gut? Did it feel anything like this?" she said quickly through her teeth as she threw her right shoulder back with her arm drawn up to her waist and then twisted the whole right side of her body with her right arm moving forward, punching her fist into the middle of his stomach as hard as she could.

He saw it coming at the last second, too late to do anything other than tighten his stomach muscles as much as he could; it still made him bend over slightly from the force and caused a breath of air to whoosh out of his lungs. It took a few seconds as he straightened up to look down at her with a mixture of angry warning and surprise in his eyes with his fists clenched at his sides. Then he brought his right hand up to point his finger angrily in her face as his eyes narrowed and he spoke through his clenched teeth, "If you were a man, you realize you'd be on the floor right now, don't you?" He was just as surprised as he was angry; she'd punched him a lot harder than he'd thought she was capable of!

Even so, he couldn't believe she'd actually had the gall to do it—was she crazy?!!! He could kill her with his bare hands if he wanted to—but he was starting to want something else; his dick was still getting hard from just looking at her as desire started to mix with his anger. His shirt was still hanging open down the front of her body and her breasts were mostly bare, rising and falling from her heavy, nervous breathing, her face reflecting surprise and fear. His desire was fueling his anger because he didn't want to desire her right now—he was mad as hell! He wanted to punish her—he decided to do it by dragging her upstairs to throw her on that big bed and fuck her hard until she begged him to stop because she couldn't take any more—then he might think about it!

She stood there rubbing her aching right fist after smashing it into his rock-hard abs, her eyes widening as she realized what she'd just done. The look on his face was menacing and she started to breathe heavily with fear while she waited to see what he was going to do. When he asked her if she realized she'd be on the floor if she was a man, she widened her eyes even more and nodded. Suddenly, an angry fire roared to life in his eyes and he growled menacingly at her, "You're gonna get it for that!"

He bent down suddenly and put his right shoulder to her middle and wrapped his right arm behind her knees, then stood back up throwing her body over his right shoulder and slapped her ass soundly with his left hand as he started toward the stairs. He stomped upstairs and straight into the master bedroom, flipping on the light switch, then flung her down on the bed and growled at her, "If you don't want those panties ripped off you then you'd better get them off before I get to you!" Then he shoved his boxers off his hips and down his legs to step out of them.

She quickly peeled the panties off her and threw them aside just as he was crawling onto the bed. He moved purposefully toward her, grabbing her thighs and leveraging them up as he moved between her legs on his knees. He lifted her legs high enough to line his dick up with her pussy, then jerked her legs hard toward him as he shoved his hips toward her, forcing his thick shaft inside her, and she groaned at his sudden, rough entry. He still looked angry; his teeth were gritted and the fire in his eyes only held a hint of desire—the rest was anger.

He continued to grasp her thighs tightly and painfully as he started to drive his dick into her as hard as he could, and growled at her through his gritted teeth, "Don't you ever punch me again! I almost decked you for that, but I don't hit women—I fuck them—but you deserve at least a spanking, and I think I'll do just that!" With that, he pulled out of her, flipped her over and forced her up on her hands and knees, pushing his shirt up her back, then proceeded to ram in and out of her slowly, slapping her ass cheeks hard with his hands when he pulled out of her, then grabbing her hips and shoving his big dick deeply into her as hard as he could!

She thought she should be feeling fear and humiliation at his anger and from his spanking her, but instead, she was more excited than she had ever felt—it fucking turned her on! She was groaning loudly and deeply with each hard thrust of his big cock into her and moaning sexily when he slapped her ass. The stinging on her ass cheeks just heightened the throbbing pleasure that was radiating all through her lower abdomen and ass.

He could hardly believe how she was reacting to this punishment; he'd thought she would've been afraid and begging him to stop, and humiliated that he was spanking her, and he had expected her to cry. But instead, she was moaning and groaning like it was one of the best fucks he'd given her so far. When he pulled out of her to slap her ass again, he asked her in his low, menacing voice, "You're enjoying this, aren't you, you bad little girl?" She moaned yes, so he slapped her ass as hard as he could, making her moan louder; her ass cheeks were bright pink from his spanking—he was sure she had to be hurting!

Then he realized he wasn't "punishing" her—he was giving her exactly what she wanted—a hard fuck with his big dick! He suddenly saw the irony as to how this stupid argument had gotten started in the first damn place—because he'd threatened to withhold sex from her; just look how capable he was of making good on his threat! He could no more withhold sex from her than she could from him—it almost felt like it was starting to become the whole basis of their relationship! He knew he loved her and cared about her, but more than anything, he wanted and needed to fuck her—whenever and however he could!

Then he asked her in his low, sexy voice, "Does your ass hurt from my spanking?" She replied that it stung a little, then he got an idea how he could make it feel better, so he asked her softly, "Would you like me to make your ass feel better?" She asked him how, and he rumbled sexily, "Trust me," and she moaned softly as her excitement increased.

He crouched on his lower legs to lean down and lick her ass while he gently rubbed her ass cheeks with his hands to soothe the stinging. She was sighing and moaning, and after a couple minutes or so he could feel her asshole had relaxed and felt very pliable. He took his right index and middle fingers and slid them into her pussy a few times, coating them in her juices, then he raised up on his knees and trailed his fingers from her pussy up to her asshole as she moaned deeply.

He paused with his fingers poised at her ass while he lifted his right leg to place his foot to her right, and took his left hand and guided his dick back to her wet pussy, then slowly started to slide his middle finger into her ass at the same time he started to slide his dick back into her pussy. He heard her start to groan deeply, and then she breathed, "Oh, my God!" as she bent her arms and went down onto her elbows and forearms, putting her ass higher in the air and making it easier for him to move his finger in and out of her ass. He kept his left hand on her left hip to help steady him while he pumped his dick in and out of her pussy and thrust his middle finger in and out of her ass.

After a minute or so, she started rocking her body back and forth to meet the thrusts of his dick and finger, and she moaned that she wanted to feel more in her ass. So, he put his index finger under his middle finger and started to work both of them into her ass, as she started to moan constantly, "Ohhhh...ohhh...ohhh..." Then she started slamming her body back against him, screaming, "YES...YES...YES...!!!! OH, GOOOOOD...!!!!" He felt her pussy clamp around his dick and he just kept pumping away as hard as he could with both his fingers and his dick.

She let out a loud continuous groan as her body went limp and her pussy started to contract harder than he'd ever felt it before, and her ass muscles had done just the opposite; relaxed completely so that he probably could have fit most of his fingers into her! He was amazed at her body's reaction again and didn't even realize he had stopped moving, with his fingers still in her ass and his dick still buried in her pussy. He'd been so caught up in what he was doing to her and how much she was enjoying it that he hadn't even come close to an orgasm; his dick was still rock-hard inside her, and he didn't even care that he hadn't cum—in fact, he was glad—he wanted to fuck her all night...all day...every day...forever...

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