tagNonConsent/ReluctanceEnjoy Your Stay at The Hotel Ravish Ch. 02

Enjoy Your Stay at The Hotel Ravish Ch. 02


After the night before, they felt the need to relax. It was a cool, rainy Saturday afternoon and they really didn't want to go anywhere. After showering together in his room, she suggested they go to the hotel lounge and just enjoy each other's company for the afternoon. They easily found two stools in the deserted lounge and sat down to order a couple of drinks.

The bartender came around the corner upon hearing them enter. She was a young, hot girl with long blonde hair, a tight ass and a great smile. She was nice enough and a pretty good bartender as she served them several drinks and joked with them, but they really didn't pay too much attention to her as they were caught up in the memories of the night before. They were having a really good time flirting and kidding with one another as the beers flowed and they started a game of darts on the lounge dart machine.

" I will bet you a shot and a spanking that I can beat you," she said a bit cocky as she held the bar darts in her hand ready to throw the first shot and smiled at him in that flirty way a girl does when it doesn't matter if she wins or loses.

"You're on!" he exclaimed, knowing he was winning either way.

"I will buy the shots if you both do the spanking," came unexpectedly from behind the bar.

They both snapped their head around and looked at the hot bartender before looking at one another. Their eyes met and they both instantly knew they were on the same page.

After all, this was 'The Hotel Ravish', anything could happen here. This hotel was built and staffed for people like them to live out their fantasies. It was a private, member's only hotel. Members and staff alike were carefully screened and chosen. Class and discretion were of utmost importance. The décor was elegant and simple but the amenities went far beyond the usual. Many rooms were equipped with 'special equipment' to accommodate different fetishes.

"When do you get off?" he asked.

"Day shift ends in 20 minutes." The prospect chimed. "But I have to run home first, I live right down the street."

"OK, we will take the shots now, for three, your choice. You will get the spankings if you come back," he said, his dick twitching at the thought of the sexy blonde joining them tonight.

The hot bartender poured three shots of tequila with lime and salt on the side and brought them over to the couple.

"Body shots anyone?" the blonde playfully asked.

"Absolutely!" he said right away.

His girl eagerly took a lime and placed it in his mouth before grabbing the blondes long hair and gently cocking the blonde's head to the side as her tongue licked the blonde's neck from the collar bone to just below her ear in one long, slow stroke. He poured the salt on the blonde's neck and his girl repeated the sensual lick before grabbing a shot off the bar, downing it and retrieving the lime from his mouth her tongue being sure to graze his tongue as she did.

The blonde followed her lead and put the lime in the female's mouth before raising his t-shirt up a few inches and sunk to her knees in front of him. She ran her tongue from his belly button to his pants being sure to stick her tongue just under the waistband of his pants before pouring the salt on him and repeating her sexy act. She handed the blonde a shot and watched eagerly as the blonde drank it so she could bend down and slide the lime from her mouth to the blonde's hot mouth.

His dick was hard now as he helped the blonde up and stuck his tongue down the valley of cleavage the blonde had and ran it up to her neck. He turned to his girl and stuck his tongue in her mouth and gave her a deep, knee-buckling kiss rolling his tongue all over hers before he grabbed his shot, and slammed it and tossed the empty shot glass on the bar. Screw the lime and salt!

The blonde bartender smiled a big, flirty smile and stepped back behind the bar. She had just started this job a few weeks ago but after this, she thought, she was really going to enjoy this job choice.

"If you are serious about the spankings and much more and you think you can handle it, come to room 248 after you run home. But let's be clear, there will be much more." She said as she looked at the beautiful blonde girl.

They left the bar not knowing what was going to happen, but they hoped the blonde would show up. If she did it would be a bonus to their weekend. They went up to their room and had a few cocktails and lost track of time talking about what may happen tonight when suddenly they heard a faint knock on the door.

As she opened the door she smiled at the gift in the hallway. The hot, young blonde stood at the door, her long mane soaked from the rain. The blondes blue eyes sparkling and her large firm tits poked out of her tight v-neck t-shirt.

"We are so glad you came to play with us," she said as she let the blonde in, almost wanting to high-five him.

They led the blonde to the bed and motioned for her to sit on the end of the bed. The blonde happily complied and she started to stroke the blonde's long hair and leaned over to kiss their guest. The blonde tasted so sweet. She slid her hand up the blonde's shirt to feel the tight, young breasts of the early 20's something. She lifted the blonde's t-shirt up and over her head to expose a frilly pink bra that enhanced the fullness of her hot tits. She thrust her tongue in the blonde's mouth over and over as he watched their tongues roll over one another.

He knelt down and removed the sandals off the blonde. Watching her tongue the blonde and the excitement of the perversions to come made him hard again instantly. He ran his rough hands from the blonde's feet, up her tight calves, up her silky thighs to the mystery pussy hidden behind the blonde's shorts.

"Uuummm," the blonde softly let out as his hand massaged the crotch of her shorts while her tongue explored the blonde's cleavage and she reached around and unhooked the blonde's bra and took it off to expose the most beautiful rack they had seen. The blonde had large but perky tits. Her bright pink erect nipples set of her tan perfectly.

She had to taste those perfect young breasts. She licked the blondes nipples and circled them slowly with her tongue as she gently pushed the blonde backward to a lying position on the bed, the blonde's legs bent at the knees still hanging off the end of the bed. She cupped a breast in each hand as she caressed them and continued to lick them slowly, delighted with every sensation of the blonde on her taste buds.

He stood up and bent over the blonde to unbutton and unzip her shorts. He put his fingers at the sides of the blonde's waist and slid the shorts off her to reveal her lacey, pink panties that matched her bra. They lay perfectly over her tanned, taught stomach. He took the panties off as the blonde lifted her ass up a bit to help. His mouth watered as he spread her legs open and stood between them to survey her hot, young gash outlined with a perfectly groomed blonde 'Hitler stash'.

She noticed the look of hunger on his face as he drank in the vision of the now naked blonde like the blonde was the first beer after a hard days work. As he stood over the blonde she could see him playing out the night, plotting his next move and smiled at the devilish gleam in his eyes. He reached down between the legs of their guest and ran his hand once very lightly from her clit, across her blonde fringed pussy lips to her unsuspecting fuck hole. Suddenly he stabbed his big middle finger in her hot, tight pussy shoving it as deep in as he could.

"OOOHHH!" the blonde cried out as she felt him deep in her wet pussy while the female's tongue was in her mouth kissing her hard.

The blonde laid waiting for more as he took his finger out of the blonde pussy and reached over her to his girl and put his finger slathered with the blondes juices to the lips of his girl. She closed her eyes and grabbed his finger with her lips, inhaling it in her mouth to suck the blonde's juices off as she rolled her tongue all over it to savor every last drop. His cock was about to burst out of his pants feeling her and seeing her do this. She was a very dirty girl.

After releasing his cleaned off finger from her mouth she got off the bed and moved to stand behind him pressing her body tightly against him as he stood between the legs of the reclined blonde. She took shirt and raised it up and over his head taking it off to reveal his broad chest and manly torso. She ran her hands over his big, strong arms and shoulders, over his chest and down his 'happy trail'. When she reached the button of his jeans she pointed to the blonde and moved her index finger in a come here motion to signal the blonde to unleash her man's package.

The blonde sat up quickly on the end of the bed and happily obliged. Little did she know she was releasing a beast. As the blonde undid his pants and pulled out his rock hard member her blue eyes grew huge and her jaw dropped. They both smiled at the blonde's reaction to the sight of his huge cock. For a brief moment the young blonde looked a bit nervous. Curiosity and excitement washed over the blondes face, her blonde hair hit his thighs as she leaned into his cock and took it in her mouth. Struggling to fit it all in, she gagged a bit before gaining composure and doing her best to suck on the monster cock. He was sandwiched between the young blonde at waist level sucking his cock and his girl pressed up hard against him from the back running her hands up and down his body.

He was about ready to cum all over everybody and knew it was way too soon. The night was just beginning.

He put his hands in the blondes hair close to the scalp and took her face off his pulsating, steel hard cock with one hand while he reach around the back of himself to grab the clothed pussy of his girl and moved her to a standing position next to him in front of the blonde still sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Let's get you undressed too," he said as he took off his jeans. He too was now naked and very, very ready.

He moved her in between him and the blonde, his and her positions now reversed with her in front of the blonde and him in back of her pressing his rock hard cock into her familiar back. He took her top off as the blonde slid her shorts down and helped her slip her feet out of them.

The blonde traced the lines of her black thong lightly touching her skin. He was behind her watching over her shoulder unfastening her bra as the blonde traced the thong to her ass barely touching her skin as the blonde followed it down the crack of her ass and back up her pussy lips. Chills shot through her body and her juices flowed to her pussy as the blonde pulled her thong down and off and he took her bra of at the same time.

He reached down for the blonde's hands and helped her to a standing position and pulled the blonde in close to his girl. Her tits met the blondes, his hard cock jutted into her back. The three of them were a hot, naked, horny bunch.

She kissed the blonde deep and put her finger in their new toy's pussy wiggling it around until the blonde threw her head back and her long blonde hair reached down her back.

"I want you to fuck him so good you that you make ME cum," she informed the blonde as her finger invaded the hot, young fuck hole.

With that she withdrew from the blonde pussy, stepped out of the middle, grabbed her dildo from her bag and took a seat in the chair across the room to watch the show.

Him and the blonde were now face to face. His big cock so hard it stood straight out from his body as if to salute the new pussy he was going to bring to the brink of hell and back. He grabbed the blonde by the hair and leaned down to her as he bent her backwards so they both fell onto the bed. Her hot, young, toned body melted into the hotel mattress under the sheer size of his frame. Him and the blonde groped each other in a hot twisted mess. Both breathing hard and fast waiting for the inevitable.

She sat in the chair with a leg over each arm of the chair. She was getting hotter watching him and the blonde exploring each other in the bed. The blonde's little, tight tan body in contrast to his big, masculine body looked great. She did not know if she wanted to see the blonde fuck him more or if the blonde wanted to fuck him more. She wasn't even sure why she was so ok with seeing him with someone else. She just knew that she really wanted to see him be pleasured. It was turning her on to the point of no return.

She stuck the dildo deep in her own hot gash as she watched the blonde they invited straddle him and sink his big cock in her foreign fuck hole.

"AAAWWWWW, YYYEESSSSS," the blonde screamed as the biggest cock she ever had impaled her pussy. The blonde tried to take his enormous hard cock in and out of her hot young gash with every thrust of her little hips. The blonde rode him like she was riding a bucking bronco, slamming her wet pussy against him with all the force her small hard body had. His big, strong hands grabbed the blonde's thin hips tight and helped force her up and down on his member while taking a thumb of one of his hands and grinding the unfamiliar clit in hard circles.

He was enjoying the blonde riding his cock like there was no tomorrow, while keeping an eye on his girl taking this all in and about ready to cum herself. He jerked violently and threw his head back into the pillows while she came all over her flexible rubber dildo in her dripping pussy as she saw the blonde hold his wrists down and slam her strange on his exploding cock until he came deep inside the alien gash.

She had all she could take. She slid the dildo out of her wet pussy and slid into bed with them as the blonde dismounted him and lay down next to him. The blonde was so busy trying to make the both of them cum that despite being turned on and almost there, she did not cum.

She ran her hand up the blondes soft, shaking legs. Slowly she parted the blonde's legs and got on all fours in between them. She bent forward and kissed and licked the blonde's inner thigh, teasing her and stopping as she got close to the blonde gash. Licking long strokes up just to the edge of her soft pussy lips and running her hands all over the blonde's thighs, flat stomach and reaching up to feel her hot tits until the blonde begged to feel her tongue on her wet pussy.

"Pllleeaazzeee eat me," the blonde breathlessly whispered.

She put her face close to the blonde's cute, pink gash glistening with his cum and surveyed every inch of it. It was almost perfect. Tight, wet, well taken care of, and theirs for the night to do with what they pleased. It smelled the wonderful scent of his juices and the blonde's hot, fresh meat. Slowly she ran her tongue lightly over the blonde's throbbing clit.

The blonde jumped and squealed as she made contact. She began bathing the blonde's clit harder and faster with her tongue as the blonde squirmed with pleasure. Alternating strong tongue-lashings with little bites on the blonde's tasty clit. Suddenly she pushed the blonde's legs further apart and ran her tongue feverishly around the hole her man just came. As she did the blonde's ass started to grind on the sheets of the bed, begging for something to enter her cunt. She thrust her tongue in the blonde's pussy and buried her face between guest's soft lips, her nose touching the blonde's clit, her chin close to the backdoor fuck hole. Her tongue sunk in as deep as she could get it as she devoured his cum out the snatch of the blonde as the blonde thrashed about with pleasure. The blonde's back arched, her toes curled, she threw her hands above her head as she got ready to blow.

"OOOOOHHHHH, GGGAAAWWWDD," the blonde screamed as she was on the verge just as she felt her pussy licker stop and put both of hands on her small hips to hold her in place.

Suddenly the blonde felt the cold steel of the handcuffs as he bound her hands to the headboard. With the cuffs attached to the headboard, fear replaced the blonde's ecstasy. Little did the blonde know she was about to get fucked three ways from Sunday by the both of them!

He tied the blonde's legs to the corners of the bed. The blonde was totally helpless and still had not been allowed to cum.

She straddled the blonde's chest and placed the gag in the mouth of their new toy before blindfolding it too. The blonde was now theirs to do with what they wanted to.

They each took a leather braided whip and stood naked, on either side of the bed. Eyeing the beautiful breasts of the blonde as they began to whip them hard, the leather biting into the tender tit flesh leaving nasty red stripes on the hard-bodied blonde.

"OOOOOOOHHHHH!" the blonde whimpered loudly and muffled with each crack of the whip. Her belly rising in the air as she eagerly awaited each and every hard slap of the leather. Her ass digging deeper in the sheets of the bed as she accepted them. They would have stopped sooner if they hadn't noticed her body and moans in sync with their whippings and her pussy starting to leak her hot, young cum as they delivered every blow.

The blonde thrashed violently against her bonds, the cuffs digging into her wrists as she came like she had never came before. All of the blood seemed to drain from her brain and go directly to her pounding clit as every muscle in her body became rigid and spasmed to almost to the point of convulsing. Being deprived of sight and for the most part speech sent her to another world as she was taken to somewhere she had never been, but was always curious about. Sensory deprivation proved too much for the curious blonde.

They stopped the whipping after the blonde became motionless. While unconscious, they untied her only to get her in a position to expose her fuck holes. She handcuffed the blonde's hands behind her back as he placed a spreader bar placed between her ankles and they bent her over the back of the hotel wingback chair.

When they had the spent blonde into position she turned to him and threw her arms around his neck and gave him a long passionate kiss pressing her naked body hard against his. She looked him in the eyes as she pressed her body against his and slid down him, making his eye contact the whole way, to her knees until her face met her favorite cock and ravenously shoved it in her mouth and down her throat, still watching his eyes.

She took his cock in and out of her throat rolling her tongue all over it. She enjoyed every second of the many inches of his big dick her mouth and throat. She simply could never suck his dick often enough. She would suck it all day long if she could. She welcomed the challenge of trying to breathe with his big hard cock deep in her throat.

Just as he was about to cum down his girls throat, the blonde began to stir and his girl guided his big hard cock from deep in her throat to the blondes soaked, pink pussy and stuck it in the hot, blonde hole.

"AAAAAWWWWW," the blonde barely could cry out as his monster cock filled her pussy again.

He was so close and turned on so much that he ravaged the foreign pussy. The blonde's young hole was already tight, but bent over this way over the chair, she was tighter than he could imagine. He grabbed the blonde's ass and pulled her in closer and slammed the blonde against him as he thrust his harder than hell cock in her fuck hole with all his might.

Watching him pound their captor made her clit pulsate. She grabbed a lit candle from the nightstand and dripped hot candle wax down the crack of the blonde's tight ass while her man pounded the other hot hole. When the wax hit the crack of the blonde, the blonde's fuckhole clamped down on his rock hard cock as he slammed it deep in the blonde.

She grabbed her dildo, lubed it up and sunk it in the blonde's ass as her man drove the pussy like the rental it was. With every violent thrust of his fuck stick the dildo drove deeper into the blonde's ass.

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