tagFetishEnsnared Succubi

Ensnared Succubi


Liicha stood situated against the wall of a small shop as she looked out at the people bustling about, looking them over and sucking on a small lollipop in annoyance.

She pulled it out while saying to herself, "God... this isn't working. I need real food." While seemingly innocent a statement at first, it was actually an odd thing to say for any human. Liicha was a succubus. She could invade the dreams of humans and incite lust in any man she dared. Though, she wasn't a complete succubus yet. For several years before reaching adulthood, succubi eat human food and have almost no powers. Liicha was on that brink between adulthood and not, she would be a complete succubus once she fed on the life source she would live her life on:..... a man's cum. She was rather annoyed at the prospect of having to life off a multiple amount of human men's cum. There was the ever fruitful stories of finding an eternal mate among the humans, but she didn't want to have to go through several men to find him.

She wanted that one first pick to be the one. She only wanted him but she might become very weak unless she found him soon. Human food wasn't that good for her anymore and she grew more frustrated by the day as her need for cum kept her constantly "hungry". She bit down on the lollipop in anger and shivered from the hunger. Her lithe and sexy legs were tightly wrapped in striped stockings of blue and white. She wore a short black skirt that fluttered as she walked. Her shirt was small and hugged around those round and big breasts of hers. Her hair was tied back on one side while the other side was hanging in front of her eye, giving all a limited view of her face.

She kept walking angrily until she walked right into someone and was knocked down. The person she walked into tried to apologize for knocking her over, but she was engrossed in something else. Her senses picked up on something strong. Its scent filled her nose and sent shivers down her spine. She had no idea what was going on with herself but she finally got a look at the guy trying to say sorry to her.

"Uh... you okay? You look flushed," he asked with an outstretched hand. His arms were rather.... "furry" so to speak, and he had this animal like scent that started to drive Liicha even crazier. His messy hair played about as the wind blew through it and Liicha's knees were shaking in excitement. She took his hand and felt a strong grip wrap around her and lift her up. He wasn't that much taller than her.

"I'm fine," was Liicha's belated reply. "I'm Liicha, by the way." She brushed herself off as they walked a bit. Liicha wasn't even caring about the direction anymore. Something instinctual was threatening to take her over if she didn't retain some control.

"Name's Lynx," he stated. "If you're hurt... I can help you out. I live nearby. Of course I understand if you don't want to go anywhere with a stranger..." he laughed slightly.

Liicha grabbed his arm and let him lead on, "That sounds good. You show the way." He blushed a bit, but complied. It really wasn't a long distance at all, being barely a quarter of a mile. He lead her inside, where Liicha clung to him even more. They were in his house.... Alone. She didn't notice anyone else and it was not too big a place to not notice other people in it. Her grip tightened around his arm, pressing her breasts around his arm.

"Um," he started, "are you sure you're alright?" his answer was a kiss. A deep, wet kiss with Liicha's tongue swirling around in his mouth. He instantly forced his tongue back and wrapped his arms around her waist in a tight hug.

"I need it...," Liicha whispered, "now..." She lifted up his shirt and kissed Lynx's chest, going lower and unbuttoning his pants, dragging them down. His dick was already hard and poking out from the top of his boxers, drooling precum. She leaned down to lick the tip and used her mouth to drag the boxers lower, until they fell around Lynx's ankles. She licked the tip more, taking in the dripping precum and taking it deeper. Her mouth engulfed the swollen tip and her tongue swirled around it and under the bumped edge. His dick throbbed and twitched violently in her mouth as Liicha's tongue raked over everything of his sensitive.

They had slowly moved to the couch in his living area and Liicha was stripping everything off. Her panties were last and she didn't want to take the time to remove her stockings so she left them on for the time being. Her breasts were so full and her nipples were very pink and cute. She wrapped them around the thick shaft of Lynx's dick and sucked him deeper. One of her hands went down to his balls and massaged them carefully, rolling and rubbing them in her hand.

"Please cum a lot in my mouth. I want it so much," Liicha begged. Then she pressed her breasts harder around his dick and quietly asked, "Do you... want these to get bigger?" As she asked, she made her breasts swell up a bit, making Lynx look on stunned and his dick throbbed bigger. He was close to 8 inches now and so very thick. He instantly spurt so much cum in Liicha's mouth and her "hunger" started to subside, making her shiver and shake in relief, but opening the door to a very expansive need to finish what she started. Her hunger was sated but she needed to quell this firestorm in her body. Her pussy burned and spit out juices as she felt her tight pink lips below quiver and twitch.

Lynx was breathing harshly and looking down at Liicha with renewed vigor. His body started changing a bit, becoming furrier and stronger looking. Veins bulged on his dick as it stretched and thickened to new heights, growing and growing. His balls swelled up as well. Liicha watched in amazement and confusion. A human shouldn't be this big... Her eyes slowly scanned over the entire 30 inch length of Lynx's dick as it twitched and bucked around from pumping blood. It was so thick that a two liter soda bottle was likely its rival in girth. His balls looked as big as bowling balls, and maybe even heavier, hanging and swinging in between his knees. Liicha jumped back in surprise.

"What the hell? Are you part horse or something?!" Liicha yelled, pointing at his thickening dick. Precum dripped out in droves with enough volume to fill a couple cups in a few minutes.

"Actually, I'm a werewolf...," Lynx said sheepishly, "and I don't thing horses are this big...." He blushed and pouted a bit at her reaction. "I'm so turned on now and I've never fucked anyone before... I can't stop now."

"Uh... wait wait...!," Liicha begged, "I can give you another blowjob or use my breasts to make you cum?" She made her breasts swell up a lot more to possibly accommodate his girth. They became so big that she must have allowed them to fill too much and they started leaking milk from her nipples. It squirted out as she accidently made them grow more. Lynx pinned her down and leaned in to suck the milk forcibly from her nipples. She bucked around and swayed erotically beneath his strong grip, making her breasts bounce and shake wildly.

"Wait," she pleaded, "my milk is supposed to make you cum mo-" The last letters were drowned out by her squeal as milk squirt into his mouth from her orgasm. He was latched on to both nipples and taking in long swallows of her sweet milk. Liicha's stomach was getting drenched from the dripping monster spurting precum on her. It felt so hot and pulsed against her skin.

Suddenly, Lynx's balls started swelling more, filling out and becoming beach ball sized. His dick was spurting much thicker precum and it was actually spitting out in streams. The clear fluid doused Liicha as he started stroking himself frantically. Lynx forced Liicha's legs open and pressed the enormous tip of his dick to her small and tight pussy lips. His first thrust wouldn't penetrate and made Liicha slide on the floor a foot or so. His next thrust was accompanied by his strong grip on her hips, along with 15 inches sinking into Liicha's tight little pussy. She went wide-eyed and turned over on her side as she grabbed at the floor and came violently, squeezing Lynx so hard and pulsing around him as her pussy tried to milk him in revenge.

Lynx lifted the leg that she had up and put it over his shoulder, while trying to thrust every bit of his massive dick inside her. 15 inches was all that would fit, at least until the thick mass broke her pussy down and pierced through her cervix. He had been slamming the swollen tip of his against the opening for several minutes, sending violent shivers all over Liicha's body. She was flailing wildly and fighting an overwhelming pleasure that made her body twist itself into knots. Her toes curled erotically and her breasts bounced around with her heaving chest as she breathed fast and shallow. Once he broke through her cervix, his dick went all the way to the base and pounded her deepest parts inside her womb. Liicha drooled slightly as her lips pursed together, trying not to make any noise.

Nonetheless, she was screaming, moaning, and whimpering in pleasure as his merciless fucking dragging the veiny and bumpy dick inside her drove her crazy. His overfilled balls slapped noisily against her ass and thighs as he thrust like the wild animal he looked like. His naked body was mostly covered in fur and he had elongated fangs that she could feel when they kissed deeply. His hand closed over one of her breasts and fondled it roughly, keeping a strong grip on it that made her squirt milk into the palm of his hand. The occasional brush of her twitching nipple on his palm made her lower her head and gasp.

He fucked her harder and faster as the need to cum grew stronger, his balls tightening and bucking harder as they pumped so many gallons of cum up the underside of his swelling dick. The tip exploded inside Liicha as she screamed in a final orgasm and long, thick spurts filled her to the brim with cum. Her stomach started to swell rapidly and rounded out after several minutes. Lynx stopped for a minute as he his orgasm stopped, but his balls were nowhere near done. He thrusted a couple more times before his balls pumped out more cum again. He was filling Liicha so much, filling her until her stomach looked like she had swallowed a bath tub's worth of his cum.

Her tail had come out and was wrapping around the base of Lynx's dick, rubbing it more. He pulled out and shoved his massive beast into her stocking and kept on cumming, making his cum spill everywhere on her legs and ass as it dripped down. Since he had finally pulled out, Liicha's stomach was smoothing out as she absorbed all his cum. She felt refreshed and so much less frustrated. Lynx's balls had gone down in size after a while and Liicha licked them and sucked on them. Her tongue licked hungrily at his balls, her lips kissing and sucking greedily on them. Lynx's dick was still hard and thick, its veins pulsing visibly as Liicha kept playing with his balls.

He reached down to lift her up, setting her down side saddled on his massive beast. Her ass felt so soft wriggling around on his thickness as they kissed. She put one hand on his chest and the other on the tip of his dick for balance. Precum spit into her hand and Liicha started rubbing the tip with her small and soft hand. The tip was probably the size of a grapefruit. She was amazed that she even had this fit in her pussy. She stroked what length he had poking out from under her cute little ass. It was at least something a little over a foot. Her hands, all covered in precum, glided and rubbed the red and veiny shaft roughly. Her tail flicked about as Lynx kissed her and squeezed her breasts roughly. Her nipples were pinched between his fingers and he pulled hard, releasing suddenly and watching her large breasts bounce as they fell back to her chest.

She was stroking faster and faster, suddenly feeling his thicken a bit beneath her. His dick bucked slightly as it carried her weight and spurt a long stream damn near fifteen feet into the opposite wall. The shot smacked noisily into the wall and was high enough that it might have gone another ten or so feet forward if the wall weren't in the way.

Liicha blushed heavily as she thought of how he must have also pumped out his cum so powerfully inside her like that. Lynx kept on cumming for a few minutes like that, coating the wall in a thick, sticky and warm layer of cum. When he was done, she leaned back, using his shoulders for support, and kicked her legs out in a sexy fashion, swinging them back and forth like a girl on a swing.

Lynx fell back onto the couch with Liicha in his arms and pet her head as they kissed and she cuddled up in a ball in his lap. His dick lay somewhat limp now but was still two feet long and looked like it could be another leg. She could still feel his enormous dick inside her from all the bumps dragging over every sensitive spot in her pussy. It was like she felt slightly itchy but it was good. They both lay there breathing and their naked bodies pressed against each other, slowly kissing and recovering.

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