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Entertainment for the Party


My name is Chris and I am a 28 year old gay male. I played sports all my life and hang out with my straight friends and my gay friends. When I hang out with my straight friends, we do the normal friend activities, bars, gym, and watch and play sports, etc. Except they like women and I like men but it has never been an issue in our relationships. They tease me at times asking me if I think any of them are "hot" or "have a nice body". I tell them I don't think of them in that way. They are my friends and I think of them only as friends.

BUT there is one straight friend who I think it very hot and has an incredible body. I guess I have a "guy crush" on him even though I know he is straight. I never thought I could "turn" a straight guy gay. My only fantasy is to see him naked. His name is Joe and he is my workout partner. He is very good looking 27 years old, about 6-1, dark hair, and amazing green eyes. I have seen him with his shirt off - he has a perfect V-shaped body, big shoulders and back, incredible thin waist with 6-pack abs. I have not seen him without shorts on but you can see he has a beautifully round bubble butt and great legs. And since we work out together, I know he is incredibly strong and muscular. I admire his body as we work out. Another part about him that makes him so attractive is he is the nicest guy too. He is confident but not cocky, smart but not a "know it all", friendly but not fake. A true nice guy!

We don't hang out much outside the gym but we have a regular routine at the gym. We meet every weekday morning at 6:00am. We work out for 1 hour and 15 minutes and our workout vary from high cardio to heavy weight training. I shower at the gym and head to work. Joe goes back home to shower and goes to work from home. I have to admit, I have tried several times to get a look at his naked body.

One time, we planned to hit the gym after work so I asked him to go out after our workout for a beer. I told him to bring clothes, we would shower at the gym and then go out. We shared a locker because he didn't have a lock. When he got undressed, he put the towel around his waist and slid his shorts down underneath the towel. I followed him to the shower area, but he got in the shower, closed the shower curtain and then hung his towel on the hook. When he got dressed, he had the towel around his waist and pulled on his shorts under the towel AGAIN. How can someone with such a great body be so shy? It was so frustrating yet somehow so sexy to be that shy.

One day, an older gay friend of mine, Steve, asked me if I knew a bartender who needed extra money to would work a private party for him. I have been to many of Steve's parties and they can get wild. Steve is very wealthy and likes to throw extravagant parties. He likes to give his guest visual stimulation, "eye candy" if you please. His waiters/bartenders were always great looking guys and would work shirtless. Depending on the type of party he was having and who was on the guest list, the bartenders could make some extra money by showing off their body. They would have body shots done off their abs, doing a strip tease or something more appealing to the older gay crowd.

Then an idea came to me...I would get Joe to bartend. One negative thing about Joe is he is terrible with money. He doesn't make a great salary and he needs some extra money now as he was in a car accident and he needs money for the car repairs and some medical bills. I know Joe will bartend but, because he is so shy about his body, I doubt will do anything else so I will have to trick him into it.

I told Steve about Joe and thought he would bartend for his party. I also told him of my fantasy about seeing Joe naked, in front of a group performing a strip tease or something similar. Steve said Joe seemed perfect and he would help me with the rest. He said just get Joe to the party thinking he was just going to bartend for a few hours.

So, the next day at the gym I asked Joe about bartending at the party, "Joe, I have a very wealthy friend who is throwing a party Saturday night and he needs a bartender. I know you need some extra money, so would you be interested?"

"I do need the money. Do you know anything else about the party?" Joe replied.

"It is a beach-themed party, probably about 20 guests, mostly gay men. The host would want you to be shirtless serving drinks. You can make some great money as gay men are good tippers."

Joe was indecisive at first. You could tell he was uncomfortable. Then he changed his mind saying he wouldn't know anyone at the party and could really use the money. I told Joe to be his charming self and flash that smile and the guys will love him.

Joe met Steve at his house on Saturday at 8:00pm. Joe arrived in a t-shirt and board shorts. Steve was very impressed with Joe's looks and body and now even Steve was very anxious to make this plan work. Steve gave him the tour and explained his duties. Joe was to make the drinks and also walk around to serve the guests, not make them have to go to the bar all the time. Joe he could make more tips this way. Steve told Joe that guest would start arriving at 9:00 so have his bar ready to go and to remove his shirt.

I arrived shortly after 9:00 and was greeted by the host, Steve. He said he was very happy with my choice of bartenders and, with a devilish grin, asked why I waited so long to introduce him to Joe. I went over to say hello to Joe and see how everything was working out. Joe looked shocked to see me. He said he didn't think I was attending this party. I said that Steve was a good friend and his parties are usually fun. Joe seemed uneasy that I was there, like more exposed since there was someone at the party he knew.

I spent the first part of the party watching Joe. He looked incredible in his boardshorts as they fit him perfectly around his beautifully shaped butt. He was not wearing underwear under his shorts so if Joe moved a certain way, you could see the top of his butt crack. You could tell Joe was nervous. He was fumbling with the glasses and clumsily pouring the drinks. But, since Joe pours a strong drink and looks good shirtless, none of the guests seemed to mind.

As Joe walked around, the friendly guest would engage Joe in conversation, sometimes touching his arm or small of his back and Joe would jump not being accustomed to the attention. One gentleman was touching Joe's shoulders and Joe stepped back. The guest then slipped a $50 dollar bill in Joe's shorts and said "here, this should make you more comfortable." Joe couldn't believe his eyes - this guy just gave him $50. From that moment, Joe was becoming more and more comfortable with this attention.

About an hour later, Joe told me that he is making so much money for doing nothing, just serving drinks. He said guys will give him money to touch his chest or abs. I told him the more you "work the crowd", the more money you will make. He was grinning from ear to ear. He was becoming very comfortable. It was now time for phase 1 of the plan.

Steve approached Joe and said the guests love him and he was very happy with his work. Steve explained to Joe that there were ways he could make more money both from Steve and in tips. Steve informed Joe that he would pay him more if he worked in a jock strap instead of bathing suit. Joe immediately turned red and said no. Steve said there was no pressure but if he changes his mind, let him know.

I went to the bar to order another drink and asked Joe how he was doing. Joe looked rattled, like his mind was elsewhere.

"Steve said he would pay me more if I worked in a jock strap." Joe told me. "But I can't do that."

"Why not? What do you have to lose? All you will be doing is exposing your butt, nothing else. And you would make more tips too. It's good money! " I said encouraging him to lose those trunks.

"I have never been naked in public before. It would be embarrassing to walk around with my butt sticking out" Joe refuted.

"Big deal. Joe, it's a butt. Gay guys like nice butts and you have a nice butt. You will make a ton of tips. Think how much you have made just by being shirtless. Can you imagine how much you will make by showing your butt?"

"That is true. I can't believe how much money these guys have. Ok, I will do it but please don't tell anyone." Joe pleaded. I nodded in agreement and immediately got a big smile on my face. I was going to see Joe in a jock strap.

About 15 minutes later, Joe walked out of Steve's bedroom in nothing but a good old fashion white jock strap. Steve was walking behind Joe admiring his perfectly shaped ass. I stood outside the bedroom door so I would be one of the first to see Joe, just in case he chickened out. I couldn't miss this opportunity. Joe face and neck were red, like he was extremely embarrassed. Overall, he looked uncomfortable, nervous, uptight. I told him he looked great and don't forget to smile. He started to walk outside to serve the guests who were out by the pool. With the bright inside lights, I got an unobstructed, clear view of Joe's butt as he walked away. It was as close to perfect as there could be. I have never seen such a round butt. I am a gay male and I have seen many guy's butts.

As Joe walked through the crowd, the gay men couldn't help but admire the stud in the jock strap. Guys would stop "dead in their tracks", and conversations halted as Joe walked by. By the looks on the guests' faces, they agreed with me - Joe had an incredible ass!

Joe was very uncomfortable with the attention his naked ass was getting. His hands were shaking when he carried a tray of drinks. He was stuttering when he spoke, sometimes no words would come out. If someone complimented him on his body or ass, he noticeably became uncomfortable.

The male guests were guzzling their drinks so the jock-strapped bartender would wait on them quicker. The guests were putting $20 bills in his jock strap quicker than he could make the drinks. They would slip the bills in the back of the jock strap so they could marvel at the shape and beauty of Joe's back side.

Joe approached me and told me how great the night was going. He is still uneasy of his exposed buttocks but he is making tons of money. He said if Steve had these parties often. Joe thought if he worked a couple more of these parties, he would have enough to pay of his debts in a couple of months. I told him there was a way he would make enough money tonight and pay off everything if he wanted this week. I grabbed Joe by his arm and took him to Steve. I told Steve that Joe needed to make more money tonight.

"Joe, the guests love you and so do I. We would love to make you an offer. We would like you to be our entertainment for the night". Steve explained.

"What does that mean?" Joe inquired with a confused look on his face.

Steve clarified, "If the guests like the bartender, they put money in a pot to entice the bartender to strip for us. There are no cameras allowed. It is for our entertainment only. All you do is remove all your clothes and walking through the crowd so everyone can get a closer look at your amazing body.

I watched Joe as Steve talked to him. He took a step back and had a dazed look on his face. A couple of times Joe went to ask a question but no words would come out. Joe was stunned, like he really didn't hear Steve correctly. Finally, a few words came out of his mouth.

"You mean that you want me to take off all my clothes in front of everybody?" Joe mumbled.

Steve immediately responded, "Yes, and this is how much money is in the pot". Steve showed Joe the amount of money and Joe couldn't believe his eyes. I stood there as Joe was contemplating what to do.

"Joe, what do you think? That is a lot of money!" I said to break the silence. "you would have enough to pay your bills and start putting some money into savings."

"Yes, it is a lot of money" Joe said softly as if speaking to himself. "But I can't do it. I am not a stripper. I don't have a stripper's body."

"I know, it is a hard decision. But think of it this way, you get naked for a little while and you make all that money and you never see these people again" I encouraged him desperately hoping my plan would work.

Then Joe responded, "Every single person here would be looking at me. I can't imagine being naked in front of the entire party all alone."

Then, without warning, the evening took a strange unexpected twist when Steve replied, "Well, Chris, why don't you strip with Joe?"

Wait, what just happened? Did Steve say what I think he said? That was not the plan. In a matter of seconds, I could feel my heart racing. It felt like it was going to beat out of my chest. Just the thought of being naked in front of many of my friends had me breathing heavy, trying to catch my breath. It felt like someone punched me in the stomach. But then as I thought about it, Joe would never go for that. I knew he would say no and I wouldn't have to give a response.

Joe was still looking down, still thinking about getting completely naked and he looked at me straight in the eyes and said, "Yes, Chris, would you do this with me? That would make it so much easier for me."

I was shocked beyond believe. How this night had turned and now it was me who could naked in front of the guests. Thoughts ran through my head, I would be standing naked next to Joe who I thought was the hottest guy. Seeing him naked, standing next to me who would be naked could get me aroused.

I couldn't come up with words. It was like my brain went dead. The silence was deafening. I asked Joe to excuse Steve and me for a second to discuss. Joe left and I glared at Steve for a while. "Steve, what are you thinking?" I said with a perplexed tone in my voice. "This wasn't the plan."

Steve confessed that he had he own plan "you wanted to see Joe naked and I wanted to see you naked. I have wanted you to bartend for my parties for years but you never volunteered. Now your fantasy is in your hands. Joe will strip if you strip."

I can't imagine being naked in front of my friends. It would be so awkward when I see them again. What if they thought I was small? What if I got hard? How humiliating it would be for me to be standing in front of everyone aroused. But I would be next to Joe and he would be naked. I already consumed a few drinks so I don't know if it was the alcohol that gave me the courage but I approached Joe.

"You will strip if I strip with you?" I asked Joe.

"I am scared to death. I can't imagine doing this. My ass is already on display and been slapped a dozen times. I really need the money" Joe said in a panicked voice. "I got myself into money problems so I guess I have to do whatever it takes to get me out of it."

"Ok, let's do this!" I said confidently to get Joe excited. "Let's do a couple of shots first!!"

I told Steve and he was grinning from ear to ear. His party guests were going to get a "two for one" special tonight. Steve walked around announcing it to the party guests. Smiles immediately showed on the guests' faces. Word spread throughout the party that Chris and the bartender were going to both strip.

Two of my friends that I have known for years approached me and asked me if "the rumor" was true. I confirmed the rumor and my friends were shocked. "Wow, we never thought you would ever strip at one of Steve's parties." My one friend stated.

"Me either!" I said with a shocked look on my face. "Me either!" I started to get more and more anxious. My stomach was queasy and I couldn't focus on anything. All I kept thinking about was in a matter of minutes, I will be standing completely naked in front of all these party guests.

Joe continued to serve drinks in his jock strap. He just had a blank look on his face, like he was in a state of shock. He now seemed less worried about his ass being on display for everyone at the party. He will be showing his cock to everyone shortly. I did briefly think about Joe being naked with me. It helped a little but still I was in disbelief how this night has turned on me.

The guests started to take their seats. One of Steve's friends, who I knew slightly, came by and whispered into my ear, "I can't wait to see you naked." I don't know whether that made me feel good or feel like a piece of meat that will be on display for everyone.

All chairs were facing the one end of the room, the stage area I guess you would call it. Steve was standing waiting for everyone to stop their conversations and give him their attention. As I looked around at the party guests, I estimated there were about 35-40 men in attendance, many of them who I knew. There were a handful of middle aged woman as well. I am not sure what would be worse, being naked in front of women or men? How was I going to take off all my clothes in front of men I see on a regular basis? Joe and I stood to the side, not in view of everyone. I figured I was going to be in full view in a moment. Joe looked shocked, dazed, rattled. He was not in control. His face and neck were still red from embarrassment. His hands were moving in a back and forth motion so fast, it looked like he was on speed. I guess it was nervous energy.

Steve, the MC of the entertainment segment of the party, began quieting the crowd. Steve has not stopped smiling since he tricked me into stripping. He was thrilled with his accomplishments that night. Not only did he have a hot bartender for his guests to ogle, but he tricked me into stripping for his guests too. He figured people will be talking about his party for a long time. He took great pleasure in throwing memorable parties.

The guest quieted as they were getting anxious to see the naked boys. Steve announced "We have a 2 for 1 special tonight - First, Joe who has been serving you drinks all night and done a great job! How about a round of applause for Joe and his beautiful ass!" The audience cheered and Joe tried to smile but it was only half a smile. He couldn't believe that people actually were applauding his butt. Nor could he believe that Steve commented on it.

Steve continued with his introduction "and the second part of this evening's dynamic duo is someone we have all waited a long time to see naked. He has been coming to these parties for a long time now and time for him to pay his dues. The second person to strip tonight will be Chris!" Steve was almost screaming at this point. I also tried to smile as I know everyone was looking at me at this point. I could not get the corners of my mouth to go upward. I must have looked like a deer in headlights at this point.

"My party rules apply...no cameras. This is for us and us only, although feel free to tell everyone you saw some hot naked boys at my party. You can do body shots off the boys and tipping is encouraged. Seriously gentlemen, it takes a lot of guts to strip naked in front a large group so be courteous." Broadcasted Steve. "Now I thought it would be special if instead of each guy taking off his own clothes, they take off each other's clothes." The crowd immediately cheered in approval. I closed my eyes and tried to play this new scenario in my head. I was going to take Joe's jock strap off and he will take off my clothes. I can't imagine this having a good ending.

I immediately stared at Steve in disapproval. He was playing games now and throwing in new twists that I was not ready for. Joe was still standing there with a blank look on his face. Like every part of him has gone numb. He was emotionless upon hearing this news from Steve. I asked Joe is he was ok with that and without speaking, all he could muster was a quick nod yes. Steve signaled for us to come up front and center. Joe and I were now facing the crowd of about 30 gentlemen, some were around my age, late 20's to early 30's but a majority were Steve's age, in their 50's. As I looked around, all eyes were focused on us. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. It was so quiet, I am sure everyone could hear my heart pounding in my chest.

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