tagNonConsent/ReluctanceEnthalpy Ch. 1

Enthalpy Ch. 1


"Thank you for doing this on such short notice Clive, I really appreciate it" Lisa Jones said as she opened the door of her house. "Not a problem Mrs. Jones, I'm happy to help" Clive Jackson responded as she showed him in. "I really need to get this ride in before it rains, if something should happen here is my husbands cell number, he is at the game with Jimmy" she said. "Oh and here is my parents number, ok and Mary is upstairs taking her nap." He could not help but to marvel at her as she passed him and he caught the lithe scent of perfume sprayed in her cinnamon brown hair which fell just below her shoulders. At 32 years old Lisa Jones was the object of every man's fantasy and standing there leaning over the table searching for the numbers it was easy to see why.

She was dressed in tight black spandex pants which clung tightly to her long legs, wide hips, and incredible heart shaped behind. Her matching top came down to just above her navel and was greatly bulged up top tying to cover her firm solid c breasts. The mother of 2 she kept her solid figure by biking up to 10 miles a day and working out 3 mornings a week. It had been love at first sight for Clive when his father, the owner of a family practice, brought over the new physician and his wife for dinner. She was 26 when her husband was hired and through the years his affection for her had only grown up to the point where he went out of his way to be with her. From mowing her yard to cleaning her gutters Clive was always willing to help, so it came as no surprise when he offered to be her babysitter whenever she needed one.

"Ok well I'll be back in about an hour or so, make yourself at home you know where everything is" she said. "OK have a good ride Lisa and watch out for the cars" he laughed. "Yeah that would be a problem" she replied. "I sure am going to miss you next year when your in college, but at least I got you for the summer" she laughed. Clive nodded oh how I wish that I could have you this summer he mused as she shut the door behind her. The first thing Clive did was check on Mary and satisfied that she was sleeping like a log, went to get himself a soda in the kitchen. As he was walking down the hallway he passed the hamper kicking it accidentally, and while bending down to put the laundry back in his hand grabbed one of Lisa's red thongs. The touch of them combined with the thought of how she was dressed today immediately made his cock swell inside his jeans to the point that the confinement was painful. What the hell he thought to himself as he picked up the thong and went to her bedroom. He put the thong up to his nose and deeply inhaled her heavenly aroma, laid down on the bed and sprang his raging cock.

He grasped his 8 inches with his right hand and began to pound for all he was worth, while his left hand put the thong back up to his face all the while inhaling her sex. He began to fantasize that she was with him, that he was pounding his cock into her lovely pussy and her magnificent ass. He imagined her straddled his face and riding him and how he wished that bicycle seat was his mouth. He came with a tremendous release, like an eruption of a once dormant volcano. As he began to come down from his euphoria he heard the sound of the front door slamming and the sound of voices. He quickly pulled up his pants, cleaned up the area, and stuffed her panties in his pocket then went down stairs. "Hey Clive what are you doing here" asked Dr. Jones. "Oh Lisa went out for a ride and she called me to watch Mary" he responded. "Oh thank you how is she doing" Dr. Jones asked. "She's upstairs dead to the world" Clive responded. Dr. Jones laughed and said "Well you can take off now the game sucked so we came home, thanks again for all your help and how much do I owe ya?"

"I was only here for a half hour don't worry about it" Clive responded. "Clive you are going to give me a bad reputation here as a cheap skate. Tell you what there is a bag of peat moss in my trunk could you put it in the basement, then come back and I'll hook you up."

" Sure Dr. Jones" Clive said. What a pussy Dr Jones mused.

When he had just put the bag in the basement and was walking back up the steps to the yard, Lisa rode up on her bike and asked for help putting it down there as well. While they were down stairs Lisa thanked him and began to do her stretching routine and put on her cool down music, while Clive placed the bike up against the wall. He turned around and walked strait into her as she was touching her toes, his cock immediately sprung to life as it was pressed against her tight spandex covered ass. "Oh I'm sorry Lisa" Clive stammered. "Oh don't worry about it Hon, its ok I'll see you later" Lisa replied. He went upstairs and found Dr. Jones watching golf on TV and trying to doze "all finished" Jones asked. "Yeah Lisa's downstairs" he replied. "Oh could you do me one last favor you know that old chair downstairs, could you put that out with the trash? Thanks Clive" Dr Jones said as he drifted back off to sleep. What a dick Clive thought as he went back down stairs, the guy is such a tool and he treats people like such trash. He doesn't deserve Lisa; someday she will see him for the dick he is.

When he went downstairs he found Lisa stretching against the old chair he was supposed to throw out and gazing longingly at her something happened inside of him. Teach him a lesson for all of the hell he has put people through by treating them like second class citizens. Lisa was so beautiful, so sexy, so unbelievably sexy and he knew what he wanted and who he wanted. He was shaking and scared to death, but he was not going to turn back, he wanted her and he wanted her fat with his child. He closed the basement door and walked up behind her as she was stretching, Lisa still unaware of anyone behind her was gently rocking as she touched her toes and thrust her perfect ass into the air. Clive silently undressed behind her, just leaving his underwear on which showed a massive bulge. Lisa turned around and jumped from the shock of seeing this half naked man in front of her.

"Clive you scared me" she said. Then she realized he was not wearing anything but a pair of briefs and began to get scared. "What's going on here Clive" she asked anxiously as she looked him up and down pausing on the massive bulge in his pants and in spite of her situation wondered how large it was. Clive said nothing he just kept walking towards her with a look of sheer lust in his eyes, Lisa saw the look and began to tremble partly from fear, but partly also from a strange sort of feeling she began to have, a feeling of being desired. He spoke loudly enough so she could hear above the music "please don't scream Lisa, I won't hurt you I would never hurt you."

Lisa kept moving backward as Clive approached her saying "Clive please let me go your, if you stop now I won't tell my husband." He said nothing just kept moving towards her with a look of pure animal lust in his face. She backed up until she hit the wall and instinctively lashed out with her arm to force him away, but he caught the arm and pinned both of her arms up against the wall. He was up against her now holding her arms above her head with his own his face inches from hers and his bulge rested up against her spandex covered mound. He began to slowly grind into her and say softly "Lisa please forgive me I need you, I need to be with you inside you." Lisa tried to resist saying "Clive please stop I am a married woman. I have a family I can't do this."

He continued to grind up against her and began to kiss her on her neck and her chest using his tongue to explore every inch of her that he could. She began to respond try as she may to resist she began to get wet, her breasts began to swell and her nipples began to harden as he continued to massage her with his tongue. He moved down to her breasts and she involuntarily moaned as he began to suck on her nipples through the thin fabric of the spandex. Then he released her arms and pulled her top off and began to suckle from her as if he was a newborn. Lisa began to moan as he continued to suckle from her, giving her the feeling she had when her babies were feeding, and began to grind her hips back against his bulge. "Clive please stop this now" she moaned softly "I need to stop now."

"Just a little while longer please Lisa" Clive replied as he began to massage her breasts as he suckled from then. Lisa was getting more and more aroused by this and moved her hands from the wall and began to stroke Clive's hair as he continued to suckle from her. Waves of pleasure began to rip through Lisa as she was brought to orgasm "Oh Clive please…..OHHHHHHHHHHH." He lead her over to the chair and sat her down and knelt in between her legs, he looked at her and saw the most beautiful woman in the world. Her brown hair pulled back and wet, her breast heaving from her deep breathing, and her green eyes dancing with excitement.

"Clive we should not of done this and we must stop now" she heaved, but he made no response just began to kiss her stomach and her navel while rubbing his hands up and down her thighs. Lisa began to respond again and began breathing deeply "Clive please" she moaned, her eyes glazed over now with lust. "Just let me taste you first Lisa please. I want to taste you Lisa and then that's it." Lisa felt her pussy begin to tingle, she knew it was wrong and she knew she would lose control so she tried to resist "Clive I am a married woman and have never committed adultery please stop" she begged. Clive continued his onslaught and moved down to her pussy. Gently he began to use his tongue through the light fabric and said "please Lisa just one taste." All that separated his tongue from her pussy was a thin piece of spandex and Lisa was beginning to weaken. She had tried to fight it off, to fight off the passion in her heart and the burning in her loins, but she could no longer stop it, she needed it and needed it now. "Alright baby" she cried.

Clive pulled down her spandex to reveal her glorious sex. He spread her legs apart and began to gently lick all around her inner thighs and softly caressing her lips with his tongue. Lisa was losing control and she knew it, but she didn't care she wanted this more than anything right now. As he continued to lick her she moaned "Oh don't stop baby….don't lose it Clive baby…eat me…..feed off me…baby yes." She was getting closer to another orgasm and began to grind her pussy hard into Clive's mouth all the while moaning "so good baby….don't lose it….good boy…eat me good."

"OH BABY I'm CUMMING….Yeeeeeesssssssssss." Clive continued to lick until he was deluged by juices and lapped up all that he could. When he was finished he stood up between her legs standing with his monstrous bulge just inches from her face. Lisa was leaning back against the backrest of the chair, legs apart, chest heaving, and her hands back behind her head fingers running through her hair. She stared at his bulge. It looked so much larger than her husbands and seemed so confined in the jockey shorts, she wanted to see what it looked like so she looked up at Clive.

He met her eyes and read her mind as he pulled off his shorts and his 8 inch monster sprung free. Lisa looked at it and sighed deeply "I had no idea it was this big" her eyes wide. "Would you like to kiss it" Clive asked. Lisa stood up and moved Clive to the chair; she then knelt down between his legs and took him into her mouth. Clive moaned deeply "Oh Lisa I've wanted this for so long….Oh god your so good…feels so good baby…oh god." Lisa was bobbing her head up and down faster, fucking him with her mouth and stopping periodically to say "cum for me baby…cum for me honey." It was now she who was feeding off of him, like a child feeding from its mother; she was feeding off of his massive cock. Finally Clive said "I'm cumming baby…now arghhhhhhhhhh." She sucked harder determined to swallow every last drop until there was no more left.

His cock now flaccid she began to work it a little longer until it became hard again. She stood up and Clive began to stroke his member and said "I want to be inside of you baby. Please let me." Lisa said " Do you have any condoms?"

"What if I just put it in for a while and that's it" Clive pleaded. "I'm clean, I'm a doctor's son" he cried. Lisa looked at his cock as he was sitting in the chair and her inhibitions melted away again. She positioned herself above his prick and slowly began to drop, as his cock made contact with her pussy she moaned and continued to lower herself. Inch by inch she began to be filled with his giant cock, but she kept going until their pelvic bones met and they stay motionless for a minute. Clive had never felt anything this tight his cock felt like it was incased in a vice of velvet. Lisa had never felt anything this full, she felt like she was going to split, but her pussy began to mold around his cock and it became pleasurable. She began to slowly ride his saying "Not too long baby remember don't cum inside me. Oh baby…don't cum inside me." Clive began to thrust up to meet her and she began to bounce harder on his cock and began to buck up and down. She began to ride him with pure animal lust all the while hoping he would pull out, but praying that he wouldn't. "That's it ride me Lisa….yeah baby…ride me."

"Oh fuck me Clive oh baby…don't stop." Clive continued to pound until he was about to cum and said "Here it comes baby….I'm cumming…arghhhh." Lisa was in the midst of euphoria, but the sudden realization that he was cumming brought her back to reality. "No baby please no...I….I oh god…oh Clive Fuck me baby as she began her third orgasm of the day. He pumped a few more times until he finally erupted into her womb claiming every inch of her pussy as his own and spreading his seed into her fertile valley.

They stay there on top of each other for a while longer until eventually they cleaned up and went back upstairs. Dr. Jones was still a sleep watching golf when they came up to wake him. "Oh Clive your all finished well thanks for everything." He handed him a 20 and said "Here don't say I never gave you anything." Clive took it and glanced at Lisa, who sheepishly smiled at him, and replied "No Dr. Jones I wouldn't dream of it."

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