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Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines. As usual my thanks to Mikothebaby who edited and likes this story. As I mentioned on my twitter page, there is no song this week, it's just a regular story that was a lot of fun to write. SS06

* * * * * *

My name is Dennis Williams and I'm in a state of panic. I'm running as fast as I can through the hospital to my wife's room. As I stagger into the room, I notice that her sister is there with her. "Steff," I scream in panic. "They've made some kind of mistake with the baby."

"What did they do, Honey?" she asks. Even in pain, my wife is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. The smile that crosses her lips is partly because she loves me so much and the other part is pure mischief. Her sister is also smiling.

"I'm sure it's just a mix-up," I began, at which point both she and her sister smile even more. Some kind of look passes between them. "But they're obviously confused."

"What are they confused about?" she asks.

"They're trying to give us two of them," I said. "They're claiming that we have twins."

"Oh no," she says. Her face is a mask of horror. Her sister can't hold her face straight and she starts laughing at me.

"Well, super dad," says Steff. "If you hadn't fainted during the delivery, you'd already know that we have twins. The doctors already knew, but since we'd opted not to know the sex or any details about the baby, only you and I didn't know about it."

She gestured for me to come closer to her. "Give me a kiss," she demands. "That delivery took a long time, Dennis. It seems like days since you kissed me."

I kiss her and time just stops like it always does. Nothing else in the world matters when we're together.

"But we're not ready for twins," I tell her. "We had everything ready, whether we had a girl or a boy. Our plans were perfect. But now we're out there in limbo again. We have to figure it all out all over again. What are we going to do?"

She grabbed me by both sides of my face and pulled me to her again. This was a longer kiss. She forced my lips apart and sucked my tongue. Even her sister got turned on from watching us. When she let me go, I was out of breath and I was far less panicky.

"Honey," she said. "When I met you again, a year ago, I had none of this in mind. I only knew that I wanted you badlyand that we belonged together. I've been just making it up as we went along. I know that you're an engineer. You like to have plans and blueprints and all of that shit, but I just take each day as it comes. As long as we're together, everything is going to work out. I watched you plan out everything including the nursery, and it seemed like a great plan. But Honey, sometimes shit just doesn't go the way you planned it..."

I love Steff more than I've ever loved anyone in my life. The only person or people who can come close to that are those two tiny little girls in the baby room down the hall. But as she spoke to me, I kind of blanked out over one of the phrases she used. She'd said, "Sometimes shit doesn't go the way you planned it." It was almost eerily ironic that a little under a year ago another woman told me the exact same thing. I remember it as if it was only yesterday.

It was an early Saturday in July, It was ten in the morning and the sun was already high in the sky. The weather man had predicted another sunny day with temperatures in the nineties.

Like most Saturdays, I'd gotten up early to trim the hedges, clean the pool and cut the grass. My wife, Belinda, was cleaning the inside of the house and making it beautiful. Just as I turned the mower off, I heard Belinda scream.

"Get the fuck out of my house!" she screamed. Then I heard the sound of laughter coming from several female voices. I went into the house through the back door and saw my tiny blonde ball of lightning cursing at my friends. I describe her as a ball because, well she's kind of rounded.

Belinda used to be a cheerleader back when we were in college. Now ten years later, she's still as cute as a button and still has the boobs, but the rest of the package has aged a bit. Back in college, she was one of the most popular girls around. We didn't so much fall in love as much as we got pushed together. She was the prettiest cheerleader and I was the quarterback. For us to have dated anyone else would have been some kind of blasphemy.

Belinda was brash and loud, I was shy and contemplative. I guess our personalities, though different, worked for us. Belinda could out scream and out cheer anyone she ran into. She was very sure of herself and very confident that she'd always get what she wanted.

I, on the other hand, didn't talk much and for a quarterback, I had a surprising lack of swagger. I wasn't the gunslinger type. Our coach knew that I was more the thinking type. I was the one who was always going to go for the safer play. After losing three straight games in my freshman season with a quarterback who was more of a gunslinger, he benched him in favor of me and I never gave him any reason to look back. He always knew what to expect from me and I always gave him my best. I wasn't flashy, but I got the job done and we won a lot of games. My teammates respected me and we supported each other. There were a few guys that I just couldn't get along with, but they were very few over my four years.

After college, Belinda and I continued to date. I got a job designing parts for an aftermarket performance parts company. Belinda got a job in marketing. She asked me to marry her, exactly one year after we graduated. At the time, it was a big shock to me. I mean I liked her a lot and I liked having sex with her, but I'd never felt any serious sparks between us.

But all of my friends looked at me like I was stupid. "Dude, Cheerleader, big tits, blond, hot...why the hell are you still thinking about it?"

A year into the marriage, I was still wondering when the magical thing they talk about in all of the romantic movies was going to hit me. What hit me instead was Belinda sitting down with me in our home office with a stack of bills.

"Dennis," she said. "These are all of our bills. This is the total." She pointed to a number in a cell on the spreadsheet she showed me on our computer.

"This is what you make," she pointed to another cell and another number. I nodded my head as if I understood what she was showing me. The she looked into my eyes. She had on a low cut top so all I could actually see were her boobs.

"Dennis, Honey, I hate my fucking job, so I have a question for you," she said, leaning even further over. "Why the hell am I working?"

She told me all kinds of things then, like how her boss was always staring at her boobs and how all of the women in her office were jealous of her and no one there respected her. So I told her it was okay if she wanted to quit. By the time she got done with me that night, I was sure that my dick would never work again.

Of course, I found out a few weeks later that my loving wife had lied to me. It wasn't just her boss who stared at her boobs. Most of the men there did, because her blouses were all cut so low. Some of the men there were just waiting for her boobs to fall out. The women didn't respect her because her blouses were cut so low, but also because she didn't do any fucking work. And lastly, I found out that the day before Belinda had asked me if she could quit working, she'd already called her boss, "A low rent son of a bitch," and quit her job, because he'd asked her to stop wearing her blouses that way.

Anyway, on that particular Saturday, two of my friends were in the house sitting down when Belinda had come in with a couple of her friends. It wasn't unusual for us to have lots of people in the house because we still hung out with a lot of the same people we'd know from college.

Belinda had seen Danny Tillman and Ray Foster sitting at our kitchen table drinking a beer and had gone ballistic. She looked up at me as I ran inside.

"Dennis, I just cleaned up the house," she screamed. "I don't need your dirty, smelly, fucking friends messing up the house before my guests get here."

"Well Honey, don't worry about it," I said. "We're just planning to hang out around the pool. We might work on my car a bit. I want to swap out the stock plugs for some of those Iridium plugs I got from American Muscle and then re-tune the engine and..."

"Oh no," she snapped. ""Sometimes shit doesn't go the way you planned it. None of that is going to happen today. I'm having a few friends over that I haven't seen since we left college. We have to go over our final plans for the ten year reunion later this summer and I don't need a bunch of smelly, beer swilling Neanderthals under foot. I don't care where you go or what you do, but do it somewhere other than here."

"Let's go to Hooters," said Ray. "They have..."

"No," said Belinda. "No strip clubs."

"But Hooters isn't a strip..." began Ray. He stopped talking as she glared at him.

"Let's go bowling," said Danny. "We all suck at golf and..."

"Golf sounds good," said Belinda. "You guys go play golf. Ride around in one of those little carts and hit stuff."

So I took a shower and changed into appropriate golf wear and we were off.

An hour later, the three of us were at the golf club. We were doing great as usual. We made up our own rules. We just rode all over the course hitting balls. Most of the time our balls never went anywhere near the holes, but we didn't care. If you lost sight of your ball, or just didn't feel like getting it, you just got another one out and started from wherever you felt like. I'd already gone through eight balls that day and we were only on the third hole. We called our game, "I don't give a fuck about," golf.

We came up behind a foursome of players, two of whom were women. We only saw them from the back at first. It looked like some kind of double date. One of the men was teeing off and Danny immediately starting laughing at his clothes, how tight his pants were and the exaggerated motions he took when he swung at his ball.

As the man hit his ball and it rocketed away from the tee, Danny spoke loudly. "Wow, did you see that," he said. "I told you he hits just like Arnold."

The man turned around and smiled at us as we lounged on our golf cart waiting for them to get out of our way.

He was smiling and talking to his friends.

"You fucked up now," said Ray. "That guy probably wants to date you."

"Why?" asked Danny.

"Well you said his swing was like Arnold Palmer," said Ray.

"No, I didn't," said Danny. "His swing is all fucked up. I was talking about Arnold Ziffeld, the pig from Green acres." We all started laughing and then stopped when the foursome looked at us. I felt a chill go through me as they looked back at us.

One of the women got up to swing next. As she addressed the ball, she bent forward and all of the blood in my system dropped to my dick. Her pants were so tight that they showed every curve of her ass and it was magnificent. I almost lost it when she turned and looked over her shoulder at me. She flicked her head and a long curtain of red curls parted and revealed the brightest greenest eyes I've ever seen.

"Wow!" said both Danny and Ray simultaneously.

The killer was when she winked and mouthed, "Hi Dennis." They stared at me and slapped me on the back.

The other guy from the foursome, immediately gave me the evil eye. He got up and came over to us.

"Do you guys want to play through," he asked. "We don't want to hold you up."

"Nah," said Ray. "We're fine. We'll just sit here and enjoy the view. As a matter of fact, we might have to adjust our speed so we can stay behind you."

"Well, I don't appreciate a bunch of guys spending the whole afternoon staring at my wife," said the guy. Just as he said it the redhead came over to us.

"Is your wife here Clark?" she asked. "I didn't even know you were married." She walked right past him and right over to me. "Hi Dennis," she beamed.

Several different reactions all occurred at the same time. Danny and Ray were sitting back on the golf cart watching the proceedings as if it was some episode of a reality TV show. Clark was getting angrier by the second and I felt like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming train.

She kept coming and I couldn't move. She stepped up to me and put her arms around me and kissed me. I was lost in her touch and her smell. The little voice in the back of my head that called for reason and reminded me that I was married was drowned out totally.

The fact that I was in a full on lip-lock on a public golf course also didn't seem to register. As I came up for air, she smiled at me and nothings else mattered.

"You don't have clue about who I am, do you?" she asked. I shook my head.

"Stephanie Calhoun," said Danny behind me. "Remember our last year of college, she was a freshman. You started tutoring her in math. Everyone thought it was cute. She had a big crush on you until Belinda made you break it off. Belinda didn't think it was cute."

I remembered then. She'd still had the flaming red hair then, only it had been shorter. And she'd had thick giant glasses and braces. She'd also filled out in the ensuing years. But I remembered her. I'd been attracted to her even then. I think Belinda had sensed that. It hadn't been Stephanie's looks that had attracted me, it had been her gentle, kind personality and the fact that I just felt like she liked me as much as I'd begun to like her.

"I remember her," said Stephanie. "Belinda was your evil assed bitch of a girlfriend back then wasn't she?" I nodded woodenly.

"She wasn't very nice. Whatever happened to her?" she asked.

"Oh, she's changed a lot," laughed Ray.

"Yeah," said Danny. "It's a total transformation. They got married and now she's his evil assed bitch of a wife."

"Oh," said Stephanie. She put her arms back around my neck and started kissing me again.

"Stephanie, what the hell are you doing?" screamed Clark. "We're..."

Stephanie turned towards him and glared at him. "We're what?" she asked coldly. "We're work colleagues, Clark. That's all we are. I'm here to do business with your company. I invited you to come out and play golf with Ted, Julie and me. You accepted. I came out to play golf, nothing more. You and I, are not an item and although you've tried to treat it like one, this was never a date between us."

"But didn't you hear what they said? The guy is married," he whined.

"S-F-W," she said, shrugging her tiny shoulders.

"Wh...what does that mean?" asked Clark angrily.

"So Fucking What," snapped Stephanie. "I lost him once and I've regretted it for the past ten years. It ain't happening again."

"Julie, talk some sense into her," whined Clark.

"Clark, I've known her for three years. When she makes her mind up about something, she's not going to change it. This is the guy who ruined her marriage, you idiot. You're just upset because you think that he's going to get what you wanted; maybe right here on the golf course from the look of things."

I was floored. Stephanie was holding my hand. "I think you five should go ahead and play golf," said Stephanie. "Dennis and I should go to the clubhouse and eat and talk and stuff."

Danny, the voice of reason spoke up. "Oh hell no," he said. "I am not leaving him alone with you."

"Me neither," said Ray.

"Okay, fine, you two can come with us," said Stephanie. "Julie, I'll see you Monday at your job. I'll deal with you from now on. Clark is obviously too pissed to handle my business."

"But," began Julie. "How...?"

"Don't worry, Dennis will make sure I get back to my hotel," she said. "I'll call you tonight, if he has to go home early and we can catch a show or something."

We walked over to the golf cart and the four of us drove off towards the clubhouse. Danny and Ray looked like someone had stuck cattle prods up their asses, but I felt really good.

We sat at a table and ordered lunch. Once we started talking it was as if Danny and Ray weren't there anymore.

"Steff, what did your friend mean when she said that I ruined your marriage?" I asked. "I haven't seen you since..."

"I know it was over ten years ago," she said. "Anyway, you guys were a bit ahead of me in school. Your senior year was my freshman year. After the mean, evil, bitch that you married made you stop tutoring me and stop seeing me altogether; I finished school and moved to Florida. I never stopped thinking about you though. I dated a few guys and I always compared them to you. I made a mistake though. I married one of them. He was a good guy, he was a lot like you and that was the problem."

"Why was being like me a problem?" I asked.

"Dennis, remember when you tutored me and you were obsessed with Mustangs? Remember how I didn't really know the differences between cars and I cut out a bunch of pictures of cars to decorate your locker for you?" she asked.

I laughed and nodded my head.

"Are you still Mustang nutty?" she asked. I nodded again and smiled at her.

"Well, imagine that you were broke and you needed a car. Someone just gave you a Camaro or a Challenger. You'd drive it and you'd be glad to have it, but deep down inside you wouldn't be happy. And that's what happened. Phil was a really nice guy. He tried his God damndest to make me happy. But in the end, it just didn't work out. I think I was happier than he was when he told me that he'd met someone. Our divorce was uncontested and we're still the best of friends today. I've met his new wife and I even babysit for them sometimes."

"Sorry," I said, sadly.

"Why are you sorry?" she smiled. "I'm the happiest woman on the planet right now. I never thought I'd see you again. And now I've not only seen you, but I got to hold your hand and to even kiss you and..."

"Hold it there Steff," said Ray. "Dennis is married and..."

"My name is Stephanie," she hissed. "And that's what you should FUCKING call me, nothing else."

She turned back at me with the sweetest look on her face. "Besides, I don't care about unimportant things like that. I owe her one anyway. If she hadn't pushed us apart, who knows how things might have ended."

After we ate and had talked and held hands for a while, Danny and Ray decided to head home. I volunteered to take Steff back to her hotel. She kept trying to convince me that we should go out and do something. My phone rang to end that part of the conversation.

After a couple of yeps and some head nodding I hung up.

"Let me guess," said Steff. "That was Bitchie-poo, right?"

"Yes ma'am," I said. "I'll see you two later," I said to Ray and Danny.

"Uhm, we could take her back to her hotel," volunteered Ray. "We're allowed to stay out past 4 pm. We're grown-ups."

"Fuck you, Ray," I laughed.

"Don't do anything, I wouldn't do," said Danny.

"You probably meant don't do anything YOU couldn't do," spat Steff.

"Oh Baby, trust me, I can," said Danny.

"Not with me," she said. "I'm a one man woman." She grabbed my hand and we headed right to the parking lot.

"Are you going to be in a lot of trouble?" she asked.

"Who cares?" I said. "It's worth it." She smiled again and squeezed my hand.

* * * * * *


"So do you think Eric will show up at the reunion," asked Penny Chapel.

"Wait Pen," I told her. I walked across the room and leaned over and spoke to my mom who was talking to a few of my other friends.

"Mom, as soon as Dennis gets back here he'll take you home," I said.

"Why the hell isn't he here now?" she asked. "I don't have all day to wait for him to bring himself home."

"Uhm Mom, he isn't here because I told him to go out and do something," I said. "I didn't want him hanging around getting in the way. And I didn't want his friends trying to eat all of the refreshments and interrupt the planning."

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