tagLetters & TranscriptsEpistle To My Captain Ch. 01

Epistle To My Captain Ch. 01


Author’s Note: This letter is to compliment Epistle to My Lady written by SEVERUSMAX. I hope you enjoy and welcome your comments. ~ Red

My dear Captain,

To say I was surprised to receive your letter would be an understatement on my part, for I was indeed surprised. Shocked may have been the word. I was not sure how my letter would be received, unsure how you truly felt about receiving such a private and intimate thing from your Queen. I do, however treasure your words as I hope you treasure mine. I read it several times, but I am not a foolish Queen and therefore I have destroyed your beautiful words. I must ask you to do the same with mine, for if they fall into my enemies hands who knows what may be done with them. Though we speak not of military secrets, one can still pull something from our words if they so desire to make me fall in front of my people. I DO NOT want that to happen

I long to address the final parts of your letter to me concerning the wine. Just the thought is a fuel of pleasure for me and the memories have brought me great joy, but I will wait to share my more intimate thoughts, I wish instead to speak of the other things you have mentioned.

The thought that you have found my words concerning your lovely and beautiful wife wise and not ones geared to upset, you rest my mind. I was worried that I may have upset you by the words of caution I placed in my letter. I am glad you are so understanding. I do so love that about you. I know that one day when you feel it is time to bring an heir into this world of ours you will. I do hope you will ask my advice on who would be a good choice. I do know many young women that would bring forth lovely babes for your wife to love and care for.

I am surprised you do not know of Ganymede. He was that silly man that started the war with Lysania. He was foolish and now many do not respect him. At times, I too wonder why I keep him as my friend, but it is better to be wise and keep those foolish ones close. They make mistakes often and if you are wise too, you can easily benefit from their mistakes.

Oh my love, I was so touched for your concern for my welfare and my reputation. Yes, I have lovers as do you, but that you would be so kind as to counsel me shows me how levelheaded you are concerning our relationship. I do find that stimulating, knowing that you will not run off and tell the Garrison of our relations. I thank you for not becoming upset by my words of caution concerning how much of our private meetings should or should not be discussed when you indulge in the drink to heavily. I too will proceed with my affairs with caution.

I am not an active lover with many of the house slaves, as you very well know. Only my dearest Antigone knows of the other women, which are few since she is so thorough in her attentions to me. And yes my love, she does wash away our evidence. She does not mind. I secretly think she has a crush on you. Perhaps we should consider her in our play one day?

Oh how I miss you. I do long to have you lie between my thighs and drink the wine from my lips as well as the wine that we pour from the bottle. We will be together soon. I almost did not write these words because we would be seeing each other, but alas I found myself longing to connect with you again and so I write these words of heat and lust. . .and love.

I long to touch your face, caress your skin and hold you close to me. Did you know that my toes curl when the eruption of my lust covers you? My heart beats rapidly. I can not breath. Sometimes I feel as if I had died in your arms. That would be a great death; mind you I do not wish to die, that is a horrid, though to die while making love to you would be a most exciting thing.

I wish you were here with me now. If you were, I would have you tucked under my skirt as I sit at my desk penning a letter to my enemy. I believe we will meet someday, his invasions can not continue. I am sorry, I do not mean to swift from one though to the next. You would be under my skirt and drinking the most delicious juice in the nation. Later my Captain, I would return the favor. I do love the taste of your seed, it is unique in flavor. . .it is you.

I chuckle now as I recall something you said in your last letter. You said you do not like the taste of man seed. Oh dear Cadmus, I insist as your Queen and your lover, you must tell me. . .when did you taste the seeds of a man? Or was it your own seed you have drank?

I leave you as I began,

Your Lady

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