tagNovels and NovellasEqual Shares Ch. 18

Equal Shares Ch. 18


Chapter 18

Stan sat in the booth and Anne took a seat next to him, opposite Elaine. The cute receptionist looked up and Stan could see she was close to tears. Gently, he asked her, "Elaine, whatever's the matter? Is there anything I can do?"

Elaine barely managed "Su-Su-Sus-Susan!" and came to a halt, sobbing. Stan looked at Anne, for permission before he went around the table and sat next to Elaine with his arm around her.

"Ssshhh, it's okay, it's okay, I'm sure we can sort it out," he soothed. It didn't make much difference at first, but eventually Elaine controlled herself.

"Susan and I got into a big fight over another girl. Susan thought I was making eyes at her, but I wasn't!"

Stan looked at Anne, out of his depth. Anne didn't know what to do either, since she didn't know either woman well, but she did her best.

"Where's Susan now?" she asked Elaine, gently, "Do you know?"

"No. I-I came here after we were shouting at one another this morning. I thought she'd come with me. When she didn't, I-I didn't know what to do!"

"I'm here now, though, sweetie."

The voice came from behind Anne. She twisted around while Stan looked up and Elaine, after a glance, looked down at her hands again.

Susan had seen her eyes and her face light, then fade just as quickly. She moved around and gestured to Stan, who moved out of the way and sat with Anne as Susan pulled herself close to Elaine and took her head, lifted it and kissed her.

Stan watched at first, he couldn't help it, then he looked away, embarrassed at his rudeness. Anne tapped him on the shoulder and leaned in to kiss him when he turned back in her direction.

Elaine and Susan broke their kiss and moved apart, perhaps an inch. Both opened their mouths as if to say something, then stopped.

Anne interjected first "I think you two need some privacy to talk. We'll move over there," pointing to a table several feet and half a world away from the intimacy the other two were displaying, "and leave you to... talk." She nudged Stan, who shook his head and slid out of the booth, moving away, subtly guided by Anne to their own table.

They sat so neither had Elaine and Susan in view without turning their heads. They heard low conversation, audible but not understandable, from behind them. Anne leaned towards him and said, "Trouble in Sister-land?"

"Seems like. Elaine dotes on Susan, but Susan seems to be quite possessive. I hope they manage to make things work. I can see trouble in store otherwise.

"What about us? Are you possessive, Anne? If I looked at another woman – a straight version of Elaine, let's say, or Denise – would you yell at me, or would you wait to see if it was more than just a look, or not be bothered at all?"

Anne opened her mouth to reply but then shut it again. This was a serious question that deserved thought.

"It's still early days in our relationship, Stan. I trust you not to hurt me in the same way as Daniel did, but we need time to build the other kind of relationship trust that you're talking about. Does that make sense?"

Stan considered for a minute or two. He found it interesting, in a kind-of 'Chinese curse' way that his feelings weren't as clear-cut as he'd always thought...

"Yes, and I'm glad to see it. It's fine to talk about theory, but actual practice has a way of catching you unaware, like a science demonstration in school that goes wrong. In theory I'm not possessive, but I can see myself getting upset if you were to go and kiss someone else right now. But in the longer term, once we've built our relationship, then no I don't believe I'm a possessive person.

"Caron and I spoke about this often. We trusted each other absolutely, completely, totally. We both could, and did, go away for business trips without the other without suspicions of what the other was up to intruding.

"But I can now see that we developed that level of trust over time. A lot of it was there from the start, of course. A relationship needs a high level of trust in order to work, for me. But we added to it over time, by demonstration, by the way we behaved."

They sat for a moment, each thinking about what the other had said. Finally Anne said, "I can see that, I think. I'm not jealous of you going to give Elaine comfort the way you did, I don't think it's just because she's gay, either, it was simply helping someone who's hurt. But if you were to do that to someone under different circumstances, I might feel differently right now. But I can see that, over time, we can build up the trust between us. Trust enough so that you giving another woman a cuddle isn't a threat to me."

More time elapsed and the pair behind them had ceased talking. Stan risked a quick glance over his shoulder; he immediately saw that Elaine and Susan had made up, for certain. That liplock would need industrial tools to break!

He nudged Anne and asked, softly, "Have you finished your breakfast?"

"What about Elaine and Susan?" Anne asked.

"They're going to kiss and make out," he replied mildly. Anne looked puzzled for a brief moment but then glanced over her shoulder and grinned.

They left Elaine and Susan still embracing.

- - - - - - - - - -

Stan and Anne spent the rest of Sunday simply getting to know one another better, spending time with each other.

They rode home, showered, changed and had coffee while listening to some music. But Anne wanted to be outdoors, it was a lovely day and good summer days weren't to be wasted hanging around indoors.

"Oh, come on Stan, you can't seriously be wanting to watch television on a beautiful day like today? Come out with me for a walk!" Stan didn't protest, he just wanted to please Anne.

They went for a walk in the park, holding hands like children. It was something that came naturally to Stan, but to Anne it felt odd at first. She hadn't held hands with a boyfriend like that since she was at primary school!

After a while she felt a natural acceptance that, when they walked together, Stan would take her hand. Not that Stan would be leading her, far from it – as the naturally fitter person, as well as the one who didn't avoid exercise when possible, Anne tended to be in the lead.

Stan, for his part, had decided that he didn't mind at all, he was happy and content to walk anywhere with Anne. At least his mind was, his body told him a different story after a couple of hours and he looked for somewhere to sit.

Luckily for him, there was a stall nearby selling drinks and ice creams, with some benches adjacent. Stan asked Anne if she'd like a drink or anything, Anne replied "Yes, certainly Stan, just a water for me please," and they walked over. Anne sat on a bench while Stan bought two bottles of water and an ice cream for him.

They sat together while Stan ate the ice cream, working quite hard to get it before it dripped down onto him. Anne was enjoying herself in the open air, Stan was enjoying the sensual pleasure of licking the cone and the needed chance to rest. Both were enjoying the physical and emotional contact with each other, wordlessly sharing their feelings.

Soon, Stan finished and Anne tugged him up saying, "Come along Stan, you've had your rest. I know you're tired, but we have to walk back – we can't stay here."

Stan hung his head for a moment then told her "I can see it's going to be a waste of time trying to hide anything from you! Actually, I am bushed, I just didn't want to admit it."

"We're going to have to get you a bit fitter, then Stan. We don't want you being too tired to look after me, do we?" Anne answered him with a mock pout as she finished. Then she opened into a sunburst smile. "No fear of that, however. I think I showed you earlier that you can satisfy me, regardless of mere biological hydraulics."

Stan told her, "Don't worry, you provide plenty of inspiration," with a wickedly exaggerated leer. "Let's see how I get on with riding that ruddy bike for a bit first, please? I think I'm going to have aching muscles where I didn't know aching muscles existed, and I don't care if that's a cliché 'cuz it's oh so very true!" he continued, with a more rueful expression. Just sitting for a few minutes had allowed muscles to stiffen. Suddenly he grinned.

Anne caught it. "Why the smile, Stan?" she asked him.

"I was thinking back to after a dance class, just before you started. Belinda told me I'd been too stiff. Goodness knows what she'd think now." His grin faded. "Oh, God, I just remembered - we've got dance again tomorrow night. I won't be able to move!"

Anne came close to him, rubbing one hand over his buttocks. "Don't worry, baby, I'll massage all those aches and pains away." Suddenly Stan felt more energy and couldn't wait to get home!

- - - - - - - - - -

Monday, the 21st of August dawned with a definite change in the weather. Grey, overcast skies awaited those who, like Stan, found it difficult to sleep.

He'd woken around four am, for no particular reason he could think of. He'd simply become gradually aware that he was awake in the dark. For an hour the curtains covering the window had become lighter and lighter, so that by five o'clock he could tell it was already daylight outside.

He slid out from under the duvet and walked into the bathroom for a pee. He leant with one hand against the wall, the other holding himself as he carried out the act, reminiscing on the events of last night.

Anne had, indeed, given him a full massage. She'd used after-sun lotion, as Stan hadn't thought about the sun yesterday and had caught it quite badly in a couple of places - particularly his upper arms and, sadly, the top of his head. "You'll have to wear a hat, Stan," Anne had sympathized, while softly, gently rubbing the lotion into his arms, and then proceeded to do the same to his head. It had been a first-class reminder of his age and he felt it fully this morning.

Still, he thought as he shook himself, it hadn't been all bad. Anne had sucked him to hardness – which hadn't taken long – and then impaled herself slowly. They'd each watched the other's eyes at first, then Stan had let his own drift down to her small but firm breasts, to her belly and then to where he was splitting her labia as she raised herself up and lowered again. Neither had been in a hurry, so Anne had gradually built herself up while Stan thrust himself up into her and finally, finally she shuddered, with another of her squeals - announcing her peak to the world.

She'd then collapsed onto him. It was a minute or so before they'd shared a long kiss and Anne had rolled off him onto her back. She tugged him by his still erect penis and told him it was his turn.

"Fuck me, Stan, just fuck me, I need you inside me!" Stan was only too eager to obey her command, and several minutes later he'd climaxed himself, a 'spots before the eyes' climax that had left him completely drained, out of energy and out of breath, and collapsed beside her.

Now it was Monday morning and later this morning he'd have to go to work. He didn't want to, he wanted to stay here with Anne, but even if he could take time off, he knew that Anne not only couldn't but wouldn't without a good reason, and he didn't want to challenge her with the 'Aren't I a good reason' argument. That sort of thing could blow up in his face.

Stan was already completely convinced: he was in love with this amazing woman. He'd never have believed it could be possible to fall so quickly in love twice in a lifetime, but deep inside him he knew it to be a fact. Admitting that to – nay, claiming it from – the outside world was going to be interesting, but there was no way he either could or wanted to hide it.

What Stan wasn't sure of was how Anne felt about that, at work. She'd carefully built up a persona there and this would knock it all down flat. As he'd said back in the restaurant, she'd revealed herself; the revelation of their relationship was going to throw down any remaining walls.

Stan walked carefully back into the bedroom trying to avoid waking his beautiful girlfriend... 'Girlfriend! I have a girlfriend!'.

However, he soon found it was far too late for that. She was sitting up in bed, her small breasts with their still-upturned nipples crinkling in the cooler air.

Anne smiled at him, but she still looked concerned. "What's the matter, Stan? Why did you get up?"

"Oh, I woke up, and then of course I had to pee. Nothing in particular, nothing to concern yourself about," he answered the blonde vision as he got back into bed with her. Anne leaned towards him with her lips pursed, so of course he kissed her. It gradually grew more heated as their tongues danced and their bodies became pressed against each other. The kiss stretched time, so it seemed a thousand years or so before they once more parted.

"I don't think I can get enough of that!" Anne told him, so of course they had to repeat the experience! While kissing her, Stan felt a tug at his still mostly flaccid penis. He, in turn, began caressing Anne's breasts. It wasn't too long before Stan was rigid. He delved lower, and found Anne's folds were damp with arousal. Anne's hand, pulling at him, left no doubt as to her intentions, so they repositioned themselves, he between her legs which Anne held knees bent and thighs almost flat against the bed to the sides. She murmured, "ballet lessons" to him as he lined himself up, but it was Anne who pulled him into her, Anne who urged him on, Anne who was in charge.

Stan tried his best, he really did, but before long he knew he simply didn't have the energy to keep going for much longer. Luckily Anne was watching him closely, and realized that this time would have to be for him, so she adjusted her pelvis to allow a deeper penetration and urged him on, "Faster, Stan, faster, cum for me, cum, yes, cum, harder, I want that cock of yours in my belly, do me, do me, yes, YES!"

Stan reached a peak, forced himself as deep into Anne as he could go and jetted into her. His vision narrowed and all he could see were here eyes, full of love and joy in his release. With a gasp he fell sideways, chest heaving, completely spent.

Anne reached across and gently rubbed his arm, whispering something to him, not quite loudly enough for him to hear over the rushing of blood and the gasps for breath. He gathered his scattered wits and forced himself over to his side, facing her.

He looked a question at her, but she just shook her head and told him, "I'll get us some water, babe." She got up and left for the kitchen before Stan could think of stopping her, her blonde hair waving from side to side as she walked.

She returned with what was, for Stan, a desperately needed drink. He sank his glass in one go, and Anne silently handed the almost full glass in her hand to him. Stan just took a couple of gulps from this glass, then courteously handed it back.

"Thank you," he told her. She held up her glass and told him, "You're welcome."

Stan said immediately, "No, not for the water. Well, not just for the water. I meant it for what came before the water, love. Thank you."

She dimpled, looked down for a moment, then back up, smiling. "Well, I enjoyed it too, you know."

"You didn't cum, did you? I'm sure you didn't."

"Well, no, but it's not always a case of having to." She shifted from where she'd been lying on the bed, now sitting, knees together. "Come on Stan, you're not telling me that Caron came every time?"

"Well, no. But I tried..."

"Yes, I'm sure you did, Stan. It's okay. Look, I could see you were trying hard to keep going, just for me, but you'd have come to a full stop in three or four minutes more, wouldn't you?"

Stan looked down, unable to reply. But they both knew Anne was correct.

Anne took his hand, and told him gently, "That's fine. I'm not taking you on an athletics scholarship or something; I'm simply making love with you. With you Stan. That's what counts. You've given me more orgasms in the last few days than anyone other than my finger or Mr. Energiser has given me in the last ten years and you go off moaning to me that you're not good enough!"

Anne voice rose throughout her statement, ending in almost a scream. Stan was surprised, to say the least. He reached for Anne, but she shook him off.

"I thought you understood, Stan. I thought you did. I-I..." She came to a halt, unable to get the words out. Anne gulped and looked at Stan. Stan thought she looked scared, almost so scared she was unable to breath.

"I love you Stan. Those three words are words I never thought I'd be able to say again, to anyone. But they're true. I can't believe how fast it's happened, but I love you, I'm not going to let something as trivial as a missed orgasm come between me and the man I love."

This time when Stan reached for her she came willingly to him, and they embraced each other, not speaking, just feeling.

"Well, it's official then," Stan told the younger woman in his arms. "We love each other. I never expected it, and it's obvious you didn't either. Where do we go from here?"

Anne pulled back and looked at him. She smiled, and told him "I'm sure I don't know. It's liable to be quite a ride, though, isn't it? We've still got a lot to learn about each other. We can make it work.

"But first, old man, we have a day's work ahead of us. So get your ass in gear, as they say, it's time to get up and get going. Get! Go have your shower," she finished with a broad grin to show Stan she was only joking.

Stan got up and went. On his way he reflected that it seemed likely he'd be taking a lot of orders from now on, jokes or not!

- - - - - - - - - -

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