tagNovels and NovellasEqual Shares Ch. 28

Equal Shares Ch. 28


Susan's place turned out to be a small two-bedroom apartment in a popular estate near the town centre. Denise pulled up outside and shut down the Streetka, letting out the two girls in the back.

Susan walked to her front door and opened it, gesturing for Denise to go in.

"Your room's at the far end, on the right. Ours is opposite, on the left. D'you want a coffee or anything before we go to bed?"

"No thanks, Susan. Not coffee, I'll have enough trouble sleeping."

"I don't think we've got any hot chocolate..." Susan teased, eyes sparkling through her spectacles.

"God! I haven't had that since I was a kid! No, I don't think I need that either."

"Well, in this case then Doctor Susan prescribes some medicinal ethanol, flavoured to suit. You fancy a rum 'n cola too, Laney?"

"I could be persuaded," said Elaine, as they turned left and walked into Susan's living room. "No ice, though, Suze."

Denise looked around. Susan's living room was awash with stuff. There were bunnies of various types on shelves all along one wall, on the floor in front of it and in one of the chairs. Boxed sets of DVDs were piled up, like bricks, adjoining the television. The carpet, where she could see it, was a slightly ratty looking Victorian pattern, the walls themselves could do with new wall paper and the coffee table was piled high with books of various kinds. There were posters on the wall, including ones of Xena and Willow, but also including a huge 30x20 photo of a horse, and another similar sized photo of Susan and Elaine together with Laney's head resting on Susan's shoulder.

"Just clear the toys out of the chair, Denise. We've got far too many bunnies -- we both like them," said Elaine.

"I remember you always did," replied Denise, "I assume that's Susan's horse?"

"Yes, Patrick. I swear somedays I think she loves him more than me!" Elaine said, though her smile told otherwise.

"Elaine, could you give me a hand?" Susan called from the kitchen. Elaine looked puzzled, but said "Sure, Suze!" and scurried off.

She came back a moment later and sat on the settee, with a slight anticipatory smile on her face. Denise looked a question, but Elaine refused to answer, just sitting there with her slight, enigmatic smile.

Susan returned and handed a glass to Denise, then sat down next to Elaine on the settee. Denise cleared a small corner of room on the coffee table, put the glass down and, after clearing out half a dozen bunnies, slumped down into the chair.

"Thanks, Susan."

"It's not just me who lives here, Denise, Elaine too."

"Yes, but I know who I had to ask, really. It was good of you. I know you're taking me on trust, a little. But I just really, really didn't want to be alone in the house tonight."

Denise sat still for a moment, trying to stay composed. "It's not that I'm afraid he'll come there for me, I just want to be with someone who'll care for me!" Her face crumpled again, and tears began forming in her eyes. "Lately I can't seem to keep anyone close! Everyone leaves me!"

It was Susan who got up, crossed to the chair, knelt in front of it and held onto Denise. She didn't say anything, just held her, stroking her shoulder, her arm, her leg until the sobs quieted. Then she stood, extending her arm towards Denise.

"I think we all know what you need, Denise. Come on."

- - - - - - - - - -

Susan led her to the corridor, turned left, then left again -- into her own room, the one she shared with Elaine.

"Are you sure, Suze?" Elaine asked quietly. Susan merely nodded while pushing a barely comprehending Denise to sit on the bed.

"Time to get undressed, sweetie," Susan told Denise. Denise shook her head, not believing. "You mean, you're going to -"

"Denny," said Elaine from the bedside as she moved to a position where she could help remove Denise's white top, "You don't have to do anything, you just say stop and we stop. Okay?"

Susan left Elaine to complete the removal of Denise's top, while she went for the clasp at the top of the short white skirt. Once opened, the zip came smoothly down as far as the bed would allow.

With both of the younger women tag-teaming her, Denise was in bra and panties before she could think to object. Once there, and with Elaine reaching behind for her bra snap while Susan pulled at her panties Denise had one last chance to stop -- or she could simply surrender and cooperate.

Denise lifted herself up off the bed to allow Susan to remove her panties.

Elaine began kissing her on the side of the neck, lightly, sensuously; the way she knew Denise liked it. In the meantime she'd deftly unclasped the bra and shifted slightly to give herself room to remove it, then she was touching Denise, lightly stroking her down her back, kissing her neck, nibbling her earlobe.

Susan got undressed while Elaine occupied Denise, whose eyes were closed, unresisting, simply wallowing in sensation. Once nude, the short brunette, sans glasses, moved to Denise's other side and began on that side of her neck, lightly stroking the right breast and her back while softly kissing her. Now it was Elaine's turn to get undressed.

The three ladies now slumped on top of the bed, and Denise, for the first time, began to take an active part herself, turning to Susan and kissing her, opening her mouth and drawing a moan of response from the darker haired girl. Elaine slipped down and began covering her breasts in butterfly-light kisses, stroking, softly licking, everything light, sensuous, patient.

Smoothly, Susan moved, leaving Denise on her back, exchanging kisses, caresses, both now smouldering with passion. Denise reached up to cup Susan's ripe breasts, capped with dark areolae, stiff nipples the size of her fingertips standing out, just asking to be touched. Denise did not refuse the request; she spread her fingers out and then drew them in towards the centre of Susan's breasts, lightly dragging the fingertips over the sensitive nubs.

In the meantime Elaine was moving down Denise's body, using her tongue over the sensitive belly, moving towards the junction of her thighs. But despite the upward jerk of Denise's hips Elaine bypassed her sensitive slit and instead began to kiss, lick, nip and caress her inner thighs, lifting up one leg, moving behind and playing with the inside and under her knee, then back up. She changed to the other leg and repeated the entire slow, sensuous process, never touching Denise where she now ached to be touched.

Denise felt her own passion building up as she kissed Susan, who was, herself, showing signs of her arousal. The darker girl had reached down with one hand, beginning to tease her own cleft. Denise noticed, pulled back from kissing her and nudged her hip. She said in a voice now deep with passion, "Straddle me, Susan, I want to taste you."

Susan knelt beside Denise's shoulder, then swung a leg over and lowered herself, placing her now glistening pussy over the redhead's mouth. Denise began to play, using hands, lips, tongue and nose, teasing, licking in patterns up and down the crease between Susan's inner lips, then finally, finally dipping into Susan's cunt, tasting her directly from the source. Susan gasped, arched her back and involuntarily pushed back into Denise. All the while she played with her breasts, pulling on her nipples, twisting them slightly. Her breath grew shorter, higher in her chest.

Elaine meanwhile had decided to stop teasing Denise and moved in, gently pushing the older girl's thighs apart. She left her for a moment, reaching for a pillow to place under Denise's ass to raise it slightly, and nudged her again, cooing "Lift up, sweetheart!" to indicate that she needed some room. Once back in position Elaine began to lick and play with Denise's pussy, kissing all around it, licking, playfully biting just the way she remembered Denise liked and making her gasp and moan. Denise couldn't see what her former lover was doing, but she could certainly feel it. She felt the tongue, the lips, the hands, even Elaine's hair moving softly over her thighs and belly.

Denise was enthusiastically playing with Susan, whose pussy was now engorged, pink and thick, well lubricated with her own juices as well as from Denise's mouth. Denise wanted to send Susan over first, but found herself increasingly distracted by the devoted ministrations of her ex-lover. Soon she realized that it was a contest she possibly couldn't win, as she felt herself approaching her climax. Then, belly rippling and chest heaving, she cried out in pleasure. Her head fell back from Susan's ass where she'd been licking only a moment before.

Elaine rode Denise's orgasm, being gentle, just licking and caressing, and then as she calmed slightly, began again, now adding her thumb over Denise's clit hood, gently circling at first.

Susan reached down with her right hand to play with her own pussy. She rubbed and circled, then moved up slightly to manipulate her clit, her left hand now alternating between each of her breasts.

Denise recovered herself slightly and reached up again for Susan, who she knew was not far away from her own climax. Only minutes later it was the brunette's turn. Denise found that Susan was very vocal when she came, her cries were loud and piercing. Susan's pussy became still slicker as she came, and Denise kept right on, using her left hand to support the younger woman's back while the right reached around to play with her clit, and meantime sending her tongue swirling, licking, sometimes as the chance permitted plunging into the bucking girl's opening.

Finally Susan could stand no more and abruptly dismounted from her, rolling aside and almost off the bed, bringing her knees up towards her chin. Denise breathed deeply, reached down and pulled Elaine up. For the first time since they had broken up many months before, they kissed each other. Kissing her passionately, deeply, she tasted her own juices, mingling with Susan's. Denise felt wonder that the two girls had given so much of themselves to her, and in return her heart felt wide open to them.. They broke apart for a moment, and Denise huskily whispered to Elaine, "Your turn now!" She rolled her over, placing Elaine between the still quaking form of Susan and herself.

Now it was Denise's turn to use her knowledge of her former lover to advantage. She knew that Elaine loved breast play, so she began by caressing one firm, round breast while kissing, licking and sometimes sucking the other. Her hand circled the compact breast with feather light touches, gradually spiralling in towards the nipple adorning its peak. At the same time, Denise turned her mouth around the other one, licking and swirling her tongue as she moved her head. Elaine's nipple was firm and erect before she'd gone halfway, and as Denise's tongue reached towards it final goal, her hand now firmly caressing the supple tissue, Elaine arched her back, moaning in response. Denise thought Elaine's breasts were small but beautiful, and she was able to cover almost all of her tit with one hand, kneading, moulding her flesh, fingers indenting the flesh, momentary white showing in engorged pink. Elaine's mouth was open, her breath short, softly mewling. When occasionally Denise would lightly nip at one of her stiff, pink nipples, she gasped sharply. Denise paid a lot of attention to her areolae, the fingernails now teasing, scratching lightly, then again digging in more sharply as Elaine's arousal built to a maximum.

In the meantime Susan had recovered a little, and rolled over. Elaine and her ex-lover were naked, covered in perspiration and sex juice, making love together. She felt a small pang, seeing them like that, but did her best to push it away as she realized that Denise had seen to her only minutes before. Now was not the time for selfish jealousy. Susan had committed herself to this course, she should see it through, and trust in her love for her partner, and the increasing feelings she had for Denise. Nervously, she watched them for a moment or two.

Susan shook herself slightly and summoned the energy to move down the bed and lifted Elaine's leg so that she could get at her pussy. Elaine twisted her hip a little to give Susan access, and moaned deeply, pulling Denise up to kiss her passionately. Their tongues twirled with each other.

Susan was actually gaining energy from what was going on, running her tongue up and down the groove of Elaine's pussy, knowingly licking in the crease between inner and outer lips, sometimes flicking up and catching Elaine's clit, causing her to stiffen and gasp into Denise's mouth. Denise didn't let up on Elaine's breasts. They played Elaine like a musical instrument, building her up, and up, and up; taking their time on her.

Red and blonde hair came together and intermingled where Denise and Elaine were kissing, while lower down Susan's darker hair was plastered to her head and to Elaine's thighs. Denise could tell when Susan began to really work around Elaine's clit, as she felt the gasps into her mouth. Elaine arched, twisted and cried into Denise's mouth as Susan helped to drive her towards her climax.

With the kisses, the breast caresses and the pussy play all combined with the delay and anticipation while the other two girls had got off, Elaine went through the roof when she came. She moved her head to one side and grabbed another pillow, biting it to try to stifle her cries. She managed to reduce the sound but not to completely kill it, and once again the room was filled with the sound of a woman in climax. Elaine bucked hard, but both Susan and Denise were used to this, and both rode her easily.

Susan crawled around and up to place her head on the remaining pillow on her side, lying next to her love, putting an arm around the still shaking girl. Denise sagged back on the other side, also cuddling Elaine. Finally all three were still, and as they softly cuddled against one another, Denise dozed off.

- - - - - - - - - -

She woke up in the gloomy room. Momentarily disoriented, Denise knew an instant's panic before remembering where she was. She could feel the soft body next to her, breathing gently, and knew there was another further, over in the bed.

Despite her somewhat adventurous tendencies Denise had never tried many of the exciting things she'd liked to have done. She'd never bungy-jumped, never parachuted, never had a threesome... 'Well, that's one kinda crossed off the list, now!' she thought to herself with a lazy smile.

She realized that someone had pulled a duvet over the three of them. She didn't know about Susan, but she felt very thirsty, and would bet that Elaine did too -- she always used to after sex. So Denise slid out of bed, eliciting a moan from Elaine at the loss of contact, though she didn't wake.

Denise padded out of the bedroom in the gloom of the house, lit by the streetlights outside filtered through the curtains. Once in the corridor however it was dark, but she remembered that the spare bedroom was opposite the room she'd just emerged from, and the living room was on the right as she looked back up the corridor towards the front door. So as she turned right, the kitchen must be the room down the corridor on the left, and the bathroom the room behind her.

Sure enough Denise found the kitchen, switched on the light and opened cupboards looking for glasses. She soon emerged from the room holding a tray with three glasses of water, having already drunk one herself. Re-entering the bedroom she found Elaine looking up at her, and Susan just stirring.

"I thought we'd all like something to drink. Water, anyone?" she asked them.

"Ooh, yes please, thank you!" said Susan, "definitely."

"Light switch is just inside the door, Denise -- pop that tray down on the floor and turn it on so we can see what we're doing." Instructed Elaine. Denise complied and handed over the drinks to the two girls. Susan was still blinking against sleep and the sudden light, while Elaine drank half the glass straight down before yawning widely, covering up with her free hand.

"Thank you," Denise told them, softly.

"Susan told me what she was going to do, out in the kitchen, and at first I didn't believe her. I'm still not sure I do! But I'm glad we did that, I hope it made you feel better."

Susan amplified, "Denny, you needed a hug, and more. I know you didn't want to be alone, tonight. Not just 'not in your house alone', but you needed hugs, and more."

She fell silent a moment, and Denise was about to speak when Susan went on, "And I needed to prove something to Elaine, and myself, too. I needed to show that I could let my love give hugs and cuddles and caresses and more to someone else, someone we both cared about," Denise felt her eyes widen at this, "yes, both of us, without me raising hell because of jealousy. I know Elaine's not going to leave me, even if we both can love you like we just did."

At this Elaine turned and buried her head in Susan's shoulder, hugging her fiercely. She pulled back a little, looked at Susan with an earnest, deeply committed expression and told her, "I love you, you know, Susan."

"I know you do, silly! God but you're pretty, Laney, pretty..." Susan began to rain kisses on the blonde. Denise began to back out of the room.

"Stay!" cried Elaine, pleadingly. "Please, Denny, stay with us, tonight. I want you to."

Denise looked at Susan.

Susan nodded.

So, she did.

- - - - - - - - - -

Denise woke up. It was the following morning, Thursday. Denise remembered where she was, and glanced across. Sure enough, Elaine and Susan were still there. Denise felt contented, but as she lay there in the early light she wondered if what she'd just done was right.

'Well, you didn't exactly force yourself on them, did you?' she thought. 'If anything, it was the other way!'

Denise could be happy with the two of them for a while, she knew, but it wasn't a permanent solution. Denise was bi, but with a balance tilted towards men. So far as she knew, neither Elaine nor Susan swung both ways, so if Denise were to stay, they'd have to accept that. It might not work. 'Then again, it might. For a time.'

Denise was startled by the sound of the alarm clock. Elaine groggily reached across Denise and mashed the 'snooze' button, but then twisted in bed and looked over at Denise with one eye.

"Hi," she called, softly. She indicated to Denise to get up and pointed at the door. Denise watched for a moment as the blonde reached over and switched the alarm to 'off' before she got out of bed and went to the door. Elaine followed.

"Suze doesn't have to be up for a couple of hours, so I let her sleep," she whispered. You can use the bathroom first, I'll get us some coffee. I'll see you in the kitchen in a few minutes." Denise nodded her assent.

In a few minutes they were both drinking large mugs of instant coffee in the kitchen.

"So, what does this mean, Elaine?"

"I don't really know, yet, Denise," answered Elaine frankly. "I'll have to talk to Suze about it. But for me, it could be a more-than-once kinda deal -- I'll see how Susan feels."

She fell silent for a moment.

"Do you want it to be a more-than-once deal, Denise? You broke up with me to find a man. Well, you kinda managed that, didn't you?"

"Yup! See how far it got me?" said Denise, a little tremulously. "Fucked up beyond belief by all of 'em!"

"Yes, but you still want a man, don't you? You're not a fully paid up member of the sisterhood, and don't try to tell me otherwise."

"Yeah," Denise said, slowly, "I was thinking about that this morning before you woke up. If it is something we repeat, then you and Susan will have to accept that I'll want a man every so often, and probably will go permanent with one eventually." She looked down and studied her hands. "But in the meantime, I'm really glad for the hugs, and the love, Laney."

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