tagNovels and NovellasEqual Shares Ch. 36

Equal Shares Ch. 36


Denise woke. She felt… odd. She rolled over, feeling stiff and sore.


She remembered why she felt a bit sore, there and smiled, remembering the feeling of Stan being deep inside her ass, the stretching being a little uncomfortable, but the sensation of being filled was soooo good!

She looked down. Stan was still asleep, bless him. She loved the sex, of course, but it was the emotional connection that she had with Stan that made it so special, so breathtaking. She knew Stan wasn't the best lover she'd ever had. She had a fleeting thought of Tom through her mind -- a rat, but a skilled rat! Then there was Raoul… but really, there was no comparison. Stan was patient, loving and willing to share himself completely with her. He took his pleasure in making their pleasure as great as possible, and his love for her made skill, stamina or size less important.

Denise needed to pee, so she got up. She winced slightly as she did, reminding herself that last night it had been just as well he wasn't the largest of lovers. She padded into the bathroom, had her pee and then turned on the shower.

She hadn't been in the shower very long when she saw the frosted shape of (presumably) Stan walk in.

"Morning!" she called over the noise of the shower, and she heard him grunt a reply. 'Not a morning person!' she reminded herself.

It turned out she was only partly right. Stan knocked on the shower stall door, and then opened it and peeked in.

"Room for one more?" he asked. Denise smiled at him, nodding and gesturing for him to join her. Stan took the soap laden sponge from her hand and washed her. If he seemed to pay special attention to her breasts, Denise didn't mind. He moved the sponge lower, washing her abdomen, gliding it over her small belly roll. He moved lower still, soaping up her red-bronze pubic hair. Denise sighed, closing her eyes for a moment, but she told him, "Not this morning, Stan. Just wash me, please."

Stan smiled, leaned forward and kissed her, lovingly. He said, "Certainly, my princess. Anything you desire." He dropped to his knees in the stall, soaping up her legs. He gestured with his hand and said simply "Turn!" so she did, placing her hands flat against the wall of the shower.

Stan washed the backs of her legs, her thighs and then moved up to the curves of her ass. He didn't linger overlong there, moving further up to the small of her back. 'Damn!' thought Denise, but in truth she wasn't ready for more, especially anal.

She turned, and took the sponge from him. "Your turn!" she told him, smiling wide, and he smiled back. He reached behind her and pulled her to him, so she did the same, then as they kissed she began rubbing the sponge around his back.

Denise pushed Stan away and fell to her knees. "Not all of me is too sore, Stan!" she told him, and reached for his cock.

The water fell on the back of her head as she took him in her mouth, all of him. In his semi-flaccid state she found it easy, but Stan soon grew. She kissed the head of his penis, then took just the bulbous head in her lips and sucked, washing it with her tongue. She heard Stan groan, and looked up to see him standing, wet hairy chest blending into slight pot belly, not yet shaven but the goofiest smile on his face, eyes closed. As she watched, he opened them and she saw deep inside his soul.

She kissed, she sucked, she caressed and she jacked. Her tongue worked its magic on his stiff shaft, on the sensitive area just under the head, on the tip, teasing the small slit there. She bent to her self-appointed task, to make Stan's morning as good as she could. It was her present to him, for he'd given her his innermost self that morning, and she had nothing more to give -- he'd already had that.

Denise made the oral lovemaking last, but she knew they had to get ready, so she finally sucked him deep, caressing his balls with one hand, jacking him with the other. She smelt the taste of his pre-cum, she heard his groan, she felt his shaft swell, so she let him out slightly, jacking him with purpose and he came. His salty-sweet semen coated the inside of her mouth, and she drank him greedily.

When he'd finished, Denise opened her eyes and stood. Stan was there, arms around her, eyes full of love on her. He kissed her, ignoring the taste of himself, then put his lips to her ear.

"Thank you," he whispered.

"You're welcome, my love," she said, oddly shy, looking down. He tilted her chin up to meet her eyes. "I love you, too, Denise," he told her.

- - - - - - - - - -

A few days later, Denise was looking at her cellphone, reading a message.


"Oh, Fuck!"

She stumbled out of the ladies room at The Firm, and bumped straight into Anne -- quite literally.


"Oh, Anne! Er, Sorry, excuse me. Um, I'll talk to you later, okay?"

Denise rushed off. She couldn't handle the questions just yet.

Back at her desk, she called up a job that she'd been putting off for a day or so -- some mindless data input that could be done while she was thinking of something else.

She also fired up her web browser.

Before long she was both horrified and reassured. 'No Symptoms in 70% of women and 50% of men; over 100,000 cases in the UK each year… if untreated can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease.'

'Oh, God!'

A little more checking gave her the reassurance that it was normally treated by antibiotics.

'Okay. Now I need to call the clinic. Oh, God, this is so embarrassing!'

That lunchtime, Denise went for a walk in The Firm's grounds, alone. She called the clinic once she was well out of earshot.

"Timothy David Courrs Hospital, how may I help you?"

"Hello, My name is Denise Bottomley. You just sent me my test results…"

Her results. Positive for chlamydia and she should attend the clinic as soon as possible.

They went through the usual identity confirmation, then the voice on the phone asked, "When can you come into the clinic, Miss Bottomley? It should be as soon as possible."

'Well, yes, of course it should!' she thought. In the back of her mind she realized she was being very calm about this, and wondered when she'd actually feel the effect.

"I can come in this afternoon, if you can take me?" she answered in a small, distant voice, and she was told that would be fine.

She walked slowly back into The Firm. She barely noticed Elaine sitting at the reception desk.

Denise popped her head into Jon's office.

"Jon, I need to pop out this afternoon. I shouldn't be too long, I think. It's a Doctor's appointment. I'd forgotten it."

Jon took a look at her, and asked, "Are you all right, Denise? You are looking very pale."

"Sure, Jon. It's just a routine scan thing. I'll be back later!"

Jon nodded his assent and Denise was gone.

- - - - - - - - - -

A couple of hours later and Denise was back in The Firm's car park. She'd red-facedly had to tell the doctor of her unusual relationships, and assured her that all of them had been for tests in the last few days.

She'd been given a prescription -- "azithromycin" it said, although the brand name on the pill was different -- and told, "Take this. It's relatively new, a single dose treatment. Make an appointment for a week's time, don't miss it, and don't have sex until you've been given the all-clear. Okay?"

The doctor, a pretty Indian woman, then smiled, taking the heat out of the last admonitions.

"Don't worry. It's a good treatment, we caught it fairly early. You should have no further problems. But you must take care. Now, what about former sex partners? I realize it's difficult, but you really must try to contact anyone you've had unprotected sex with."

Denise sat up, recalling an incident one night in Ibiza. 'Oh, God!' she thought, again. 'Jim!'

Doctor Narayan cocked her head to one side and asked, "Miss Bottomley? Denise? Are you all right?"

"Um. Yes, I am, thanks. I just had a thought." Doctor Narayan looked at her calmly, knowingly. "Okay then. If you need to talk to someone, we have people here who are trained to help you. Just ask."

"Sure, yes, thanks." Denise said through slightly numbed lips as she stood, picked up her coat, and left. Before leaving she turned in the doorway.

"Is there any way of knowing how long I've had this?"

"Not to any certainty, no. But it doesn't seem that it's severe, I would suspect it was fairly recent, last few months say. Just remember that the organism can lie dormant for a long time. I cannot say for sure."

Denise nodded, and closed the door behind her.

- - - - - - - - - -

Denise walked back into The Firm's reception, and was greeted by Elaine.

"Denise! I was worried about you!"

"Hmm? What, Laney? Oh, I just had a Doctor's appointment, love."

"Yes, at Timothy David Courrs Hospital! Come on, Denny, I was on the switchboard! I recognised the number when you rang them -- it came up on my screen! It was the GUM clinic! Denny, what gives?"

In shock, Denise realized she'd used her DECT phone instead of her mobile. The call had routed straight through the switchboard. She took a breath. "Okay. Later, tonight, all around Stan's place. I'll tell all. Please?" she pleaded.

Elaine was looking at her face, and Denise could tell she was both troubled by the implications of the visit to the clinic, and concerned for her friend and lover. Still, "All right, Denny. Tonight. I'll bring Susan as soon as she finishes work."

Just then the switchboard rang, and Elaine had to take the call.

Denise sighed. Now she had to let Stan know to expect visitors, and make sure Anne would be there as well. Maybe she should have had the meeting at her house? But Stan had the room.

'God! Why does life have to be so complicated!?'

Dimly she heard Elaine's voice saying, "Miss Berkely? Certainly, who shall I say was calling? Please hold a moment…"

She went to find Anne. She found her, turning away from the phone, already concentrating hard over a schematic on her computer. After a few seconds, Denise coughed gently.

"Oh, Denise! What can I do for… are you all right? You look white as a sheet!"

"Tell the truth, Anne, I'm a bit under the weather at the moment. Look, can you come around to Stan's tonight? I need to talk with you all -- Elaine and Susan as well, and it's going to be easier in one go than two."

"Denise… is everything okay?" Anne asked, carefully.

Denise forced a smile. "Yes, Anne. It will be."

It was no easier to get Stan's attention. He was bent over a microscope, comparing a component with its mechanical drawing.

Again, Denise had to "Harrumph!" to get him to look.

"Denise! You startled me! What's up?" he asked, smiling at her.

"Stan, will it be okay if we all get together at your place tonight? Me, you, Anne, Laney and Suze?"

Denise watched as a variety of thoughts obviously whizzed through his brain. But finally he made a connection, and he looked worried.

"Is everything, er, okay, Denise?" he asked.

"It will be, Stan, it will be. Tonight. After Susan gets off work, Laney'll bring her over. Okay?"

Stan didn't answer for a moment, but then took her hand. "Okay, Denise. Whatever it is, I'm sure it'll all be fine. We'll see it through."

"Yes!" Denise answered, summoning a smile from somewhere. "Do you know where Elizabeth is, Stan?"

"Environmental Test room, I think. You'll need your white coat in there."

Denise left to get her coat. She glanced back and saw Stan still watching her as she left, his face showing concern.

'Fuck it, why me?'

- - - - - - - - - -

Elizabeth looked up as Denise walked into the room, and asked her, "Hi, Denise! What's the matter?"

"Can we talk privately?"

"No one else comes in here, and there's plenty of noise. Say what you want."

Denise quickly made sure they were alone, then told Elizabeth.

"I've been to the clinic this afternoon. I'm positive for chlamydia."

Elizabeth paused for a moment in thought, then answered, "Common, treatable by antibiotics. No complications?"

"No. It's even a one-dose treatment. But…"

Denise couldn't help it. Everything that had happened to her burst in a welter of emotion, and she broke down in tears. She was devastated that this could happen to her.

Elizabeth was there, cradling her in her arms. "There, there, it's okay, Denise. Let it out…"

"I just feel so unclean," Denise wailed.

"Well, we both know that's not true, Denise. Now, let me sit down and you can tell me what's happened."

Denise composed herself a little, and haltingly began to tell Elizabeth what had happened. Elizabeth didn't interrupt, she let her tell the story herself. When she finished, Elizabeth asked a few questions to clarify some things she hadn't completely understood, then asked, "Okay, the big question -- do you know who?"

"Not for sure. I mean, it can get transferred during, um. I mean, oral sex, and toys." Denise now was bright red, talking to Elizabeth in quite this detail wasn't something she was used to.

"So you think Elaine, or Susan…" Elizabeth's voice was carefully neutral.

"No, I don't, not really. It's possible, but I think it unlikely. I think the most probable answer is Jim." Seeing Elizabeth's uncertain look, Denise clarified, "While I was on holiday."

"Unprotected?" Elizabeth asked, with a wince. Denise could see the thought behind the older woman's eyes, 'Silly girl', something she agreed with.

"I was drunk, so was he, he was… well. It happened, just once. But I know that's all it takes." Denise paused, then admitted to Elizabeth, "That incident's been in the back of my mind ever since, you know. God I don't know what came over me that night!"

"Mmmhmm. Could you contact this man again?"

"I don't think so. He worked in Liverpool somewhere, but his cellphone never answered. I haven't spoken to him since the airport."

Denise watched as Elizabeth considered. She felt nauseous, probably the medication she thought. Finally the older woman said, "All right. Never mind the past. How are you now?"

"Actually, I feel like I want to throw up, and my guts feel bad too. I expect that's the tablet."

"Possibly," Elizabeth allowed, "or maybe it's just reaction to all the events. Tell you what, go to the ladies room, rest there for a bit. Drink some water. You'll feel better. I'll be in here the rest of the day if you need me, or I can come with you, if you'd prefer?"

"No, I'll be all right. Thanks, Elizabeth. I just had to get it off my chest. I've got to explain to all of them tonight. That's not going to be fun!"

"No, it won't be, I expect, but you can do it. Just take lots of deep, slow breaths. You'll be fine." She grinned at Denise. "Blame it all on this Jim character if you want. Go for the sympathy vote!"

- - - - - - - - - -

That evening in Stan's living room Denise was pacing nervously across the carpet. Anne was sitting on the sofa, Stan was in his recliner.

Denise paused in her pacing and looked up at the clock again. Surely Susan must have finished work by now? She resumed her pacing back and forth, forth and back.

Stan got up from his chair and put his arm around her, but Denise couldn't stand it. She shrugged him off. "Not now, Stan, I'm not in the mood!" she snapped.

Stan looked at Anne and shrugged. Anne's eyebrows were almost in her hairline, but then she looked across at his recliner. Stan went.

"Denise, would you like a drink?" asked Anne a few moments later. Denise whirled on her and bit off the "Shut up!" that almost escaped. Instead, she answered her, "Yes, please!" and resumed her walk. Anne went to Stan's drinks cabinet.

"What would you like, Denise?" Anne asked. "Got any Southern Comfort?" came the terse reply. "Yes, Stan has. Want anything in it?"

Denise merely shook her head and kept on pacing. She saw Anne shake her own head before she turned to walk the other way.

"Stan?" she asked, and Stan held up thumb and finger, about an inch apart. Smiling, Anne poured him a 'Bowmore'. She fixed herself a Gin and Tonic, passed Denise's drink and told her, "Sit down, Denise, you don't want to spill it!"

Denise sat on the sofa, still fidgeting and anxious. Where were the other two?

Just then the doorbell rang. Denise jumped, spilling some of her drink. She apologised to Stan as Anne went to the door to let the others in.

Of course, Elaine and Susan had to make their ritual "Hellos" and so on. Why did everything take so long? Finally they were seated, the three other women on the sofa. Stan of course had to fetch them drinks. He sat in his beloved recliner. Finally all was ready. Stan looked at her. "You have the floor!" he told her with a theatrical flourish, and Denise felt everyone looking at her, expectantly. She nervously wiped her damp hands on her jeans. She could feel her face heating already.

"Okay. Um. Well. Tell it - bang. I had my results back today. Everyone had theirs?"

"I haven't yet," interrupted Susan. She'd be calling in to the clinic tomorrow, the earliest time they'd said all would be ready.

"Okay. Everyone else clear?"

A chorus of "Yes" "Aye" and such mixed together, accompanied by nods of all heads.

"I'm positive for chlamydia," she blurted. She felt her cheeks colour even more. She was lightheaded, her heart hammering. Denise wanted the earth to open up and swallow her, but it didn't co-operate. There was a silence among the others for a while.

Then Anne said, "Phew! I thought you were going to say you'd tested positive for HIV!"

Stan murmured assent. Denise saw Elaine nod.

"No! Oh, God, no!" she answered, with a little relief. The tension in the room had gone down a bit, now.

"So what does this mean, Denise?"

"Well, you're all clear. I mustn't have sex until I've been given a clean bill of health, which should be this time next week. I've taken my antibiotics -- I was surprised to find it's a single dose -- and I've been assured it'll clear up just fine. There shouldn't be any complications, they caught it early enough."

Now that she'd started, she found it easier to continue.

"The Doctor thought it was a few months, no more." She remembered the advice of Elizabeth, earlier. "I think it was Jim. One night he got me really drunk and we had sex. He didn't wear anything."

"Bastard!" It was Elaine. Stan nodded agreement. Anne leaned forward and nodded over at Elaine, "She's right!"

"Anyway, it was just the one time. He swore he didn't have anything, but well, guys like that will say anything, won't they? Besides, he probably didn't even know he had it. It's like that."

"So what did the doctor say about us?" asked Anne.

"You're all right, you've been tested and shown clear. Well, except for you, Susan."

Susan was sitting, head down, next to Elaine on the sofa. Now she looked up. Denise moved back involuntarily, Susan was furious.

"You bitch!" she spat. "You little slut! You just couldn't keep your legs together, you had to let some asswipe get in between your legs without a helmet!"

She drew a deep breath. "AND YOU DIDN'T TELL US! You didn't tell us, and you let me -- us -- risk getting infected with anything! Do you have ANY idea what's been going through my mind this last week? HUH?!"

"Best of all, you thought it might be us, didn't you?! You thought it might be Laney or me, DIDN'T YOU?!"

Susan stood, suddenly. Glaring at Denise, she turned and stalked off. Elaine looked at Denise, frightened, blurted out a "Sorry!" and hastily followed her partner.

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