tagNovels and NovellasEqual Shares Ch. 39

Equal Shares Ch. 39


"Where, Anne?" asked Stan, mildly. But he was anxious, twisted up inside. "Is it far?"

"No, Stan, not far. I'll commute. It's about an hour each way, about sixty miles or so up the motorway."

"So you're going to stay with us?" asked Denise, looking and sounding troubled.

"Yes, of course!" Anne answered, sitting up straight.

"Thank God!" muttered Stan, and Anne took his hand in both of hers. "I wouldn't leave you, silly!" she told him.

"Good! 'Cuz we're not planning on letting you go!" Denise exclaimed.

Suddenly, Anne just simply broke down. Her face crumpled and she turned away from them both. Stan could hear her sobs. He and Denise moved together to comfort the crying woman.

Stan kissed her underneath her ear, while Denise restrained herself to merely hugging her, murmuring "It's all right. We love you, Anne," repeatedly. Anne simply let them do this for a while. Then she shook herself a little and pushed them away. She stood, sniffing back her tears and fetched herself a tissue.

Stan watched as one of the two women he loved fought herself back under control. He was continually amazed at Anne's control, her self-discipline. When her mastery over her feelings, burst like this he knew there had to have been a major reason.

Finally she seemed to be in command of herself again. She looked up at Stan, then over to Denise. She told them both, "I'm sorry about that. I don't know what came over me. I'd been holding this in for a while, now, since Sid got into contact with me. He told me I had to keep it secret, "deeply under the rose" as he put it, and I couldn't say what was happening to anyone. But in the end I had to tell you, I had to. It wasn't fair to you, and it wasn't fair to me, either. I'm so sorry, and then you go and say that to me. I thought you'd both be upset and angry with me. To be quite honest I was frightened about what you'd say. Thank you!"

As Anne spoke, tears began to flow down her cheeks again and, at the last, her voice broke once more. But she visibly commanded herself to stop, Stan could feel the order radiating out from her centre, and she dabbed her eyes once more.

"God, I must look a mess!" Anne said. Denise immediately replied "God, I wish I looked half as good as you even when you are a mess!"

"Ladies!" Stan called, making a "Time-Out" motion with his hands. "You're both beautiful! Stop trying to out-humble each other!"

Denise looked at him and stuck her tongue out. Anne reached over and gently punched him on the arm. Denise clipped his ear. Suddenly they both launched themselves at him.

For a while it looked as though Stan might win and pin them down, even with both of the ladies combined against him. But then Anne demonstrated that she'd been paying attention to his reactions in bed – she tickled him underneath his foot. Stan howled, he flopped, he begged, but with Denise grabbing his other foot he had no chance. Eventually Denise had mercy on him and let go, and Anne followed suit. Stan had tears in his eyes, but the other two were grinning from ear to ear. Denise turned to Anne and held up her hand for a high five, and Anne slapped it.

"And let that be a lesson to you!" Anne told him.

"What for?" he asked, gasping

"Whatever! I'm sure you must have done something wrong!" she answered him, and Denise nodded in agreement.

Stan was happy that they'd stopped tickling him, but even happier that the mood had taken a turn for the better.

"So, can you tell us the story, now?" he asked Anne, once he'd got his breath back.

"Well, okay, but this really is hush-hush, all right?" she told them. "Sid's come up with a pretty innovative design idea, and asked me to come up with an independent proof-of-concept design to show to some venture capitalists. He's setting up a company to complete the design and turn it into a real product, if he can get the finance in place. I don't know much about that end of things, sorry.

"But I've just finished the first simulation run of the POC design, and it comes out clean. So I sent it to him this morning, for him to get some more in-depth simulations run – I can only get so much done here, and I can't do it at The Firm, obviously. So, for the moment, my extra work hours are at an end. Thank goodness!"

"That's got to be good news, anyway," Stan said, and his sentiment was echoed equally by Denise.

"Yes, well... it's only a temporary respite I expect. But to really go further I have to have access to more powerful tools than I can use at home, and that's going to be dependent on Sid getting the financing. If he can manage that, then I expect I'll be handing in my notice the next day. That's one of the reasons I've been pushing hard at work, to get my project wrapped-up there as far and as clean as possible so Percy can appoint someone to take it over with a chance of success."

"You do realize what you're letting yourself in for, don't you?" asked Denise. "That commute's going to be hell!"

"Tell me about it!" Anne groaned, "but it's the only way, really. I simply can't do the work from home at all, even if I wanted to – I need those software tools, and a high end workstation to run them on."

"When?" Stan asked.

"If it comes off at all, that is, if Sid gets the first tranche of money, it'll be soon. January, February at the latest. I fully expect to hand in my notice in January and be working full-time for Sid very soon after that.

"But in the meantime, we've got Christmas and New Year. I expect that'll be my last chance to really relax for a while, and I want to make the most of it!"

"Cheers to that!" Denise exclaimed!

- - - - - - - - - -

Christmas was coming fast, and Stan was wondering what to get for his special ladies. He had to find something for his assistant, Elizabeth, too.

As usual, Stan did most of his shopping online. He quickly found the perfect gifts for 'his ladies' as he was now accustomed to thinking of them, and something for the older lady. He also selected personal gifts for Denise and Anne.

- - - - - - - - - -

Of course, every day at The Firm they still saw Elaine. Stan could tell that Denise was having a difficult time adjusting once more to having Elaine as only a friend, not a lover and confidante. He knew it was something that only time could cure, so he and Anne simply did their best to help her through it.

Now that Anne was free of the bone-numbing workload that she'd been under, and merely working about ten hours a week overtime, she and Stan took Denise out as much as they could.

It was Friday, less than two weeks before The Firm had its annual Christmas party before closing down until the New Year. Stan had managed to get tickets for "The Phantom of the Opera" at Her Majesty's Theatre, Haymarket, – it was Denise's first West End Musical.

"Are you sure I'll like this, Stan? I mean, musicals aren't really my scene," she told him on the drive into London.

"Oh, yes, you'll love it!" Anne replied before Stan could answer. "There's something about live musical theatre. I just love it. And it's not as if you don't like the songs – You've been humming "Phantom" for weeks now."

"Yes, but that's because Stan bought me that Nightwish album, and it's on that. I don't think it'll be quite the same!"

"You'll be surprised, I think," Stan said. "Its pretty close. Yes, Denise, I'll stake dinner out tomorrow night on it. You'll love it."

"But you're already taking us out tomorrow, Stan," Denise protested.

"Then I can't lose, even if I lose, can I?" he said, smiling at her in the rear view mirror.

Parking in London was never easy, but Anne had an advantage – Sid had opened an office there, well within easy walking distance of Southgate tube station. It had an allocated parking space that she'd made sure was free. So Anne was in the front reading the directions. Stan hated driving in London, but it was easier if he didn't have to navigate. It was a case of adjusting to it, and Stan found that he became more assertive as the drive went on. He had to, to make headway – everyone else was intent on taking full advantage of any hesitation! They made it with plenty of time to spare, got out and walked the short distance to the Tube station.

They got off at Green Park, and walked the quarter mile back up Piccadilly to St. Jermyn's Street and the theatre. Stan's careful research had ensured good seats – it was easy to get cheap ones, where the view was partially obscured by pillars – and after ordering interval drinks they sat down to enjoy the Phantom's use of Christine as his face and voice to project his music.

Stan liked 'Phantom', but he'd seen it before. He kept a careful eye on Denise. This was her night, and he wanted to be sure she was enjoying herself. After all, it was his suggestion. To his delight, it was obvious that she was more than just merely enjoying the show – she was spellbound. Good!

At the interval, they ran laughing to the bar and grabbed their drinks. The ladies had gin and tonics and Stan had just tonic as he still had to drive home.

"That was superb!" Denise yelled in his ear over the hubbub.

"I told you!" Stan answered in similar style. "There's something about Musical Theatre that's just more than simply going to the cinema. I love it, I just wish I could go more often!"

Tonight, Stan was wearing a smart black suit and tie, with a white shirt – basic 'smart dress', but not the full tuxedo. Anne was also wearing black. The tall, elegant woman was in a simple off-the-shoulder 'little black dress' that emphasized her long legs and slim figure, while Denise was wearing a longer length dress in a deep shimmering emerald green with a deep décolletage that emphasized her bust and drew the eye away from her waist. Earlier, Stan couldn't help a feeling of pride as he saw eyes – and heads – follow the ladies as they had walked with him to the Piccadilly Line station.

He also couldn't help but notice that both Anne and Denise were getting admiring looks. Neither was above a little preening under the attention they were getting, but both made it perfectly clear – by hugging Stan every chance they got – that they were taken. That made Stan preen!

They went back to their seats, and Stan allowed himself to enjoy the rest of the show without distraction. At the end all three were on their feet applauding, then it was time to go back to the car and get themselves home.

Anne was sleepy by the time they got to Stan's Mondeo, and he thought he could remember how to get out of London, so he let her close her eyes and drift away. A little over an hour later they were home. Stan woke Anne up and turned to Denise to find that she was awake, bright eyed.

He smiled at her, and her answering smile left him in no doubt as to what she wanted next. Stan was pretty tired, it was well after midnight, but his adrenaline had been flowing as he drove quickly home, and he felt awake, and alive.

Stan quickly walked around and helped Anne out, then opened the door for Denise. Together they assisted Anne into Stan's home and up the stairs. She tiredly kissed Stan goodnight, waved to Denise and said "Have fun!" before going to bed.

Stan and Denise were barely into his room before he was on her, hungrily taking charge. He undid the fastening on her dress while tasting her lips, caressing her mouth with his hungry tongue. She plastered herself against him, one hand behind his head pulling him to her, the other on his ass, forcing his erection, already solid, against her sex.

There were a very few, short moments when they tore themselves apart to take off their clothes, but soon Stan was able to push Denise onto the bed, lying against her and caressing her with one hand while he held her hands captive with the other. Denise moaned into his mouth as he kissed her. His urgent need suddenly brooked no delay and he passed his hand between her legs to find her lower lips engorged, open and very, very wet.

Denise was as turned on as he was and quickly he slid into her. She moaned, "Oh, Stan..." in pleasure into his ear as he kissed her neck just below her ear. Stan was in heaven too, feeling his dick encased in warm, wet velvet. He took her hands in one of his, pulling them up and laying them flat on the bed above Denise's head as he began to thrust into her. This wasn't going to be a slow, sensual lovemaking, this was raw sex and it seemed Denise was on fire as much as he was, matching him move for move.

Stan ground a little at the peak of each thrust, working his pubic bone against Denise's hood, bringing gasps and moans from her. Stan's awareness contracted down to only feeling her body under him, writhing in pleasure in tune with his movements as he expressed his lust. Her red hair was matted to her forehead as she frankly rutted with him, sweating and gasping. He was grunting a little with the effort himself, but he knew this wouldn't take long. Before Denise could go over her peak Stan found himself emptying his balls, eyes shut, mouth open and his whole body rigid as steel as he forced every last millimeter of his cock as deeply into Denise's cunt as he could.

He fell off Denise and rolled away, then rolled back to embrace his lover. She smiled at him.

"Sorry," he said, but Denise laid a finger on his lips, silencing him.

"No need, Stan. I don't know what got you fired up, but whatever it was, we'll have some more of it! For now, let's just cuddle and sleep, and we'll see about picking up again in the morning, hmm?"

Post-coital lethargy was stealing over Stan, but he didn't want to leave her high and dry. He drew himself up on one elbow and placed his other hand on her mons, caressing her open lips with his fingers, feeling the mixture of fluids there. Denise started to protest again but Stan leaned into a kiss that silenced her as effectively as her finger had silenced him a moment earlier.

He put pressure on her clit with the body of his hand as he pushed first one then a second finger into her, feeling her response as she arched her back. He heard a muted "Mmm!" as she exhaled into his mouth, and he began to finger-fuck her, expertly. This was something that he'd become good at in twenty years of marriage, and Denise was still not completely off the boil from the sex a few minutes ago, so it wasn't long before he felt her muscles spasm in release.

Stan never tired, knew he never would tire of experiencing this, bringing a partner he loved to orgasm. It was enthralling, and now he was able to express his love, not just his lust. Denise opened her eyes as she came down from her first orgasm to find Stan watching her, maintaining eye contact as his fingers caressed Denise's outer lips. He whispered "I love you," and Denise smiled, then caught her breath as Stan began to play more urgently with her, shifting so he could play with her ample breasts, taking one nipple into his mouth and teasing it with his teeth, stroking it sensuously with his tongue.

He brought Denise to another, higher peak before she grew too sensitive and pushed his hand away. "Enough, Stan!" she told him, and he subsided. Denise lay beside him, gradually coming back to earth before throwing both arms around him, kissing him soundly and telling him "I love you too, you beast!"

They slept soundly for the rest of the night.

- - - - - - - - - -

A week before the actual Christmas break began, it was The Firm's Christmas lunch. In accordance with long-standing tradition, this was on the Thursday before the break, consisted of starter, main course and sweet, and was served by the directors of the company.

Stan, Anne and Denise entered together. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Denise look startled, and looked to see why.

Elaine was at a table beckoning them on, smiling brightly. Stan gave a small shrug and went where he was bidden, pulling Denise along behind him. Anne had no hesitation and settled in next to Elaine. Stan sat opposite on the table of four, leaving Denise nowhere to sit except next to Elaine on her other side.

"Well," Elaine explained, "I think it's silly, you and me not being able to talk to each other. So I thought I'd solve it. Besides, I have news."

Denise sat silent, so Anne said, "News? Do tell!"

Elaine smiled. She brought up her left hand for all to see. There, on her ring finger, was a ring. A ring with a small, but significant, solitaire diamond.

Anne gasped, but Denise squealed. She reached forward and quickly hugged Elaine, saying "Oh, congratulations Laney!" before she suddenly let go, looking embarrassed.

"Don't be a silly muppet!" Elaine said, a little cross as she grabbed her and hugged her back. Then she held her hand in front of her and said "It looks good, doesn't it? We bought identical rings. We plan on the ceremony being sometime in the spring." Elaine looked down at the table. "I'd love it for all of you to be there," she said, softly.

"I'd love to be there, too, Elaine," Stan answered. Anne nodded firmly, too, but Denise looked doubtful.

"Denny, please say you'll come? I really want you to, you know?"

Denise opened her mouth, shut it again, appeared to think for a moment and tried again. "Laney, I'd love to come, but I'm not sure Susan will want me there. I don't want to cause a fuss or anything."

"Hush," Elaine told her, "let me handle Susan, and I'll make sure you realise that you're wanted, by both of us. Okay?"

Denise nodded, and Elaine looked happily from one to the other at the table. "Now, let's see what's inside the Christmas Crackers!" she said, brightly, "I want to enjoy the meal!"

Stan looked around. They were the centre of attention, and some knowing looks were being directed their way, but he decided that was a problem for another time – for now, he'd simply enjoy himself in the company of three beautiful women, two of whom he loved, and who loved him back.

- - - - - - - - - -

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