tagNovels and NovellasEqual Shares Ch. 49

Equal Shares Ch. 49


On the way home from Boundless Waves on Friday evening, Anne was sitting next to Denise on the train. They were alone in that part of the carriage. She turned to Denise and thanked her, saying, "You made a big difference to the outcome, first by setting up and running the computers, then by making sure I wasn't disturbed by 'support calls' from Ken and Sid. You stayed late with me those nights when we were running those tests – which worked, thank God! – and finally, perhaps most importantly, Denise, you always give me much-needed moral support. Thank you very much for your help with all of that."

Denise waved a hand, and just smiled. Anne realized how much she enjoyed seeing that smile, something that Denise had been too tired for recently. Come to that, Anne had been too tired to do much more than just exist for several weeks, now.

Anne knew that she couldn't have kept going much longer. It was only because the last couple of weeks had been fairly simple test-and-record sessions that she'd managed. Now, maybe, they would be able to able to relax... some. Oh, there'd be more work, she knew. That wouldn't stop. Soon, she'd have to think about a successor product. But for now she could go back to working sensible hours.

"How about you, Denise?" she asked. Denise looked at her, unable to fathom her meaning. "I mean, will you be able to cut back to normal hours, now?"

"Oh, I wondered what you were thinking about. I expect so, but there'll always be the last minute calls, and the teleconferences. I'm surprised Ken didn't ask me to stay behind tonight, actually, in case something went wrong."

"I think Sid took one look at the two of us and sent us home. If I look as bad as you, we're a pair of extras from a Michael Jackson video."

They sat on the train in silence for a while longer.

"I think, when I get in, I'm gonna have a drink and then nap for a little while," Denise said into the comfortable 'tadat-tadat' of the train running over the tracks. "How about you?"

"That sounds heavenly," Anne replied, sleepily. She closed her eyes and laid her head on Denise's shoulder for a moment. The next thing she knew she was being shaken awake.

"We're here," Denise told her, indicating their station. Her eyes were bright and she was smiling at her friend.

Anne woke up enough to drive them both home, well, to Stan's house. She realised that she was thinking of his home as her home, more and more.

As Anne turned off the engine Denise leapt out of the car and raced for the front door. "I'm bursting for the loo!" she told a laughing Anne. "I'll pour us out a drink in a minute. Go and find something for us to listen to, please?"

Anne browsed through Stan's collection, now augmented by discs that she and Denise had brought over. Coming across an old one, she reflected for a moment, then stuck it on.

Denise entered the room to hear a lovely, youthful voice singing:

You could say this was an independent love song
It's nothing like to us what love meant to them
But, that's not to say the love we have isn't big or that strong
I'm doing it a different way
I'm doing it a different way...

"Who's that?" she asked Anne.

"Scarlet. The song's 'Independent Love Song,' it's one of Stan's albums. They were a duo from the late nineties, I think. I remembered this song."

You might say this was another boring love song
To be together and forever be true
And so today it's much the same as it was then
I'm doing it a different way
I'm doing it a different way

Denise sat next to Anne on the sofa, and they both kicked off their shoes as the chorus came:

I'll show you how to take me
Go down go down
And I'll show you how to turn me
Right on right on
And I'll show you how to touch me...

"That's beautiful," Denise said.

"Isn't it?" replied a very sleepy Anne. She laid her head on Denise's shoulder and closed her eyes. She felt Denise's fingers running through her hair, then lightly over her shoulder. It felt comforting, relaxing.

The next thing Anne knew she was waking up, still with Denise's fingers running over her skin, through her hair. The music having stopped, it was obviously some time later.

"Hello there," Denise said, softly, her fingertips never ceasing to caress Anne's shoulder, the top of her arm, sometimes just faintly brushing the skin of her face.

"Hi, Denise," Anne answered, dreamily.

"You really looked so wonderful just lying there," Denise continued in her soft, silky voice. "I didn't have the heart to wake you."

Anne looked up into Denise's eyes and saw the love there. She'd almost done this before, and now she reached up and put a hand behind Denise's head. She pulled her down and kissed her.

Part of Anne was screaming "NO" but more, much more of her was encouraging, enjoying, feeling, tasting. Denise was wonderful to kiss, she realised. After what seemed like a long time she let Denise draw away a tiny bit.

"Ready to love me this way, now?" the redhead asked, with a lift of the corners of her lips and now a hint of mischief in her eyes.

"I've been ready for a while, Denise, just afraid. I still am, but I'm willing to give it a try." She pulled Denise back into another kiss.

All the while, Anne's emotions were roiling in confusion, but she knew that this was something she had to do. She didn't know why, but that didn't alter the fact. She registered various physical facts, such as the softness of Denise's kiss, the silky smoothness of the skin on her face, the sweet sensation of Denise's fingers as they now resumed their soft caress of Anne's skin on her shoulder. But these were filed away for now, what she was feeling had nothing to do with that. She felt hot and cold and eager and reluctant and turned on and turned off, all at the same time and all in varying measure so that for an instant one feeling would come to the fore, only to be replaced immediately with another.

Through all of this she felt her love for Denise. It had never before been given physical expression but had grown, created via their common bond with Stan and nurtured by the closeness with which they'd worked together. The unceasing and unselfish support that Anne had received from Denise now allowed it to bloom, full-flowered, gradually washing the fear and the reluctance away, allowing the positive emotions of eagerness and love to take precedence.

She felt a soft touch on her breast, through the material of her top. She paused in her kiss for a moment, and Denise, obviously misinterpreting, pulled her hand away. But Anne reached with her hand and took Denise's hand, placed it back on her breast, and resumed their kiss.

They kept this up for quite a while, with minor variations, before Anne pushed herself up. "I think I want to go upstairs," she told Denise. She was surprised to find herself quite shy all of a sudden. Her face was hot, and she knew that she was blushing furiously. She stood and reached out, taking Denise by the hand, and led her up the stairs.

- - - - - - - - - -

Part of Anne, the part that normally took charge, was asking 'Are you out of your mind?' while another part of her was simply deeply embarrassed. But her legs kept moving, her hand held onto Denise's and before she knew it she was at the spare bedroom door. She turned to Denise.

"I don't think I want to use Stan's bed," she told her. Denise, smiling, took over and pulled Anne to her. She kissed her, deeply, softly, passionately, and Anne felt her blood pounding.

Denise broke off the kiss and reached to open the door. She walked in and drew Anne, now on leaden feet, after her.

"Anne, we don't have to go any further, or do anything that you're unsure of. But I want you to know that I love you, I've loved you for a long time, and I think you're so beautiful it makes my heart ache."

Then Denise sat on the bed, pulling Anne to sit with her. They resumed their kiss, and now Denise's hands were roaming over Anne's body. When she felt fingers running over her nipples, defenceless inside her thin cotton top, she felt them harden and push back against the caress.

Greatly daring, she hesitantly began to run her own fingers over Denise, who purred into Anne's mouth as their tongues played with each other. Denise upped the ante as she reached for the hem of Anne's top with both hands and drew it up, breaking off the kissing for a moment. Anne's breasts, nipples fiercely proud and erect, were revealed to Denise's gaze for the first time.

This, Anne knew, was the irrevocable step. But then, she'd already committed herself, hadn't she? Anne, with trembling fingers, reached for the buttons on Denise's blouse, but fumbled them, so Denise took over and shrugged off the thin garment. Then she reached behind herself and undid the catch of her bra.

Both now topless, they resumed their makeout session. Anne pulled them to recline on the bed, and felt Denise's boobs against hers, gently, so gently embracing her, then tightening as it became clear that there would be no holding back.

Anne broke off the kiss for a moment to whisper in Denise's ear, "I fooled around a little at University with one of my roommates, but never more than that, Denise. You'll have to show me what to do."

"Don't worry, love. Just do what you feel like doing. Explore, find your limits, if you have any. Just don't be afraid, sweetheart. We'll go slow."

They resumed their kissing. Anne was delighted with the feeling of Denise's agile tongue and soft lips, and did her best to return the kiss in the same way. She was feeling more and more turned on and knew that her panties must be soaked.

She felt Denise push a thigh in between her own, and her pussy reacted to the pressure against it. She pushed her own thigh against Denise's pussy, and felt her react in the same way, moaning in to Anne's mouth.

Anne's skirt had ridden up with their movements. She felt Denise's hand travel down, past her navel, slipping over the material of her skirt and begin rubbing against her panties. She was right, the material was sopping. Anne kept her hands above Denise's waist for the moment, content to feel those wonderful tits that she'd been envious of. Denise swiped two fingers along the crease in the centre of Anne's womanhood, still hidden by the panties, and Anne knew she was lost; she wanted more, more, MORE!

She opened her legs to allow Denise better access, but Denise pulled her fingers up across her panty-covered pussy, slowly, tantalisingly, and then lifted her hand to her face, sniffing, tasting and said, "Mmmm. Wonderful." Anne closed her eyes, so she felt rather than saw Denise move and undo her skirt, felt her begin to remove the garment. Here was another 'go – no-go' moment. Anne lifted her hips.

Anne opened her eyes to see Denise, smiling, pull the skirt away. She dropped it off the end of the bed and put her hands on Anne's hips, hooking her fingers into Anne's panties. They pulled away too, sticking for a moment to her wet pussy, and now Anne was naked with another woman.

Of course, that woman was only half naked, herself. For the moment, though, Anne was content to lie here, feeling Denise's glorious breasts against hers, running her hands over the smooth skin and kissing her lover.

Her lover. But she didn't fancy her own sex! But she did love Denise, and that was now an undeniable fact.

Anne reached down and, by touch, unfastened Denise's trousers. She rolled and pinned Denise to the bed for a moment, then sat up in order to remove them. Denise lay there, watching, as Anne, for the first time in her life, undressed another woman, and prepared to make love to her.

Finally both naked, they kissed some more, grinding their pussies against each other's thighs. Denise pulled her lips from Anne's and took over. She moved her head lower, licking and caressing Anne's smaller breasts, while her busy hands were lovingly feeling her thighs, her ass and finally, finally her pussy.

There was no need for penetration. Denise's skilled fingers softly stroked along the edges of Anne's labia, circling, swirling, caressing, spreading the copious moisture that they found there.

Anne's mind was awash with sensation. Her hands were feebly moving, without coordination, over Denise's body as the redhead played her like a musical instrument. But Denise was in no rush, and she just kept Anne's arousal building.

Anne felt Denise move away for a moment, moving between her thighs. Then she felt Denise's tongue playing at her pussy lips, expertly playing with the soft, sensitive and very aroused flesh. "Oh, God! You're even better than Stan!"

Even Denise's laughter felt wonderful on Anne's pussy. "Girls know how, Anne!" she said, her voice slightly muffled.

Anne felt herself getting higher and higher, her body reacted automatically to Denise now, she'd lost the ability to direct her limbs. All Anne could do was feel, and suddenly she realised she was about to come...

Anne came back to awareness with Denise holding her, gently caressing her. "My, that looked a good one, Anne," she heard her lover say, softly. "I wanted to go further but you were obviously out of it."

"Mmmm," Anne replied. It was the best she could manage.

They lay together for a few more minutes. Anne rolled over to look Denise in the eye.

"That was amazing, Denise. Amazing," she said, dreamily.

Denise chuckled. "Thanks. You're very responsive, Anne. Thanks for letting me... letting me make love to you. I've been holding a lot back for a long time."

"Mmmm," Anne answered again. Something pricked at her mind. 'Ah, yes,' she thought.

"Denny, would you like me to...?"

Denise looked surprised, and pleased. "Hmm? Only if you want to, Anne. I'd like it, obviously, but only what you're comfortable with."

"Comfortable? Hah! I'm not comfortable with this at all, not yet. But I'll not leave you high and dry..."

Anne moved. She rested on her left elbow, facing Denise, and let her left hand gently caress the outside of Denise's breast. "Tell me what you like, Denny," she said.

"Well, I love it when you call me Denny, for a start," came the reply.

"After what you've just done to me 'Denise' sounds so formal," she said, with a chuckle. Her right hand now joined the left, lightly brushing Denise's breast in a circular motion. As Anne watched, Denise's nipples became even firmer. "I really love those tits," she told her, and Denise palmed Anne's smaller breast in return.

"These look wonderful, you know, Anne," she said, "and they won't sag like mine will. Already do, a little, in fact."

"Guys go for them bigger," Anne said, and licked at a nipple.

"Girls too, you know, but it's not all about size, Anne. Really, yours are beautiful. Sensitive, too."

"Mmmm, yes. Stan can make me come, a little one, just playing with them," Anne told her.

"He's a really good lover, isn't he?" Denise commented. "It's not what he does, or what he does it with, it's... I guess the love that he puts into it." Anne moved her right hand to Denise's other breast, playing with the nipple. "Ooh, I like that," she heard Denise tell her, and Anne took note while she licked and sucked one nipple and played with the other.

Anne was now half-crouched over Denise like a predator over her prey, working up the nerve to do what she knew she'd be doing in a moment.

"Ohhh, Stan's not the only one to do this with love, Anne," she heard.

Anne smiled, and found the confidence to move lower. Now, for the first time, she had a close up view of another woman's pussy. Even when she was fooling around with her roommate she'd never done this.

The air was redolent with Denise's arousal, her folds were damp, the red hair around her pussy trimmed but unshaven, making her labia appear even more pink. Denise spread her legs wider, revealing the pink interior to Anne's curious, excited gaze. She licked a finger and brushed over the delicate folds of flesh, drawing an intake of breath from Denise.

Anne watched in wonder, as Denise's pussy became slicker still. She placed a finger on the base of the flower before her and gently pushed, drawing it slowly up through the fold, then she pulled it back. She saw it oily slick with Denise's secretions, and licked it with the tip of her tongue once, before placing it in her mouth and tasting it properly.

"Hmm. Different to me, but nice," she told her lover.

"It tastes even better if you get it direct, Anne," she heard Denise urge and took the hint. Hesitantly at first she licked at the beautiful, fragrant flesh in front of her. Denise made appreciative noises, so Anne did it again. 'Denny's right,' she thought, then said aloud, "You do taste better this way, Denny." She heard Denise giggle.

'In for a penny...' Anne thought, and moved in a little closer, licking, sucking, probing. She did what she thought she'd like, as she couldn't remember just what Denise had done to her, but she did know what she liked Stan doing, and guessed that it would also please Denise. She let herself be guided by Denise's responses. She took a finger and inserted it into Denise's pussy, crooking, probing.

She felt the hollow inside, a little further in than she'd thought it would be, but the way Denise responded, bucking up hard against her, left no doubt. She kept up her ministrations, oral and manual, and felt Denise tense before coming, hard, her body straining and shaking.

She kept it up all through Denise's orgasm, which seemed to last a long time, or perhaps it was a series of shorter ones? Anne didn't know, but she knew that she should keep it going, her hand was cramped and the muscles in her face were desperately tired, but she kept at it until Denise pushed her away.

- - - - - - - - - -

They made love on into the late afternoon and evening, pausing for drinks and something to eat – other than each other. It was almost full dark outside and Anne was playing idly with Denise's long red hair. She said, "I guess I have to admit I'm not one hundred percent straight, then."

Denise laughed, a God's honest belly laugh. She wiped her eyes and said, "I think you could say that, Anne! How many hours have you just spent making love to a woman?"

Anne smiled in acknowledgment, but answered, "Not just 'a woman,' Denny. You."

They lay in silence a little longer and then Denise said, "I wanted this for so long, Anne. You have no idea."

Anne looked at her lover in the dim light, unable to make out details, filling them in from memory: Denise's bright eyes, her shining mouth, sensual, knowing, that wonderful hair.

"I've been denying it to myself for a long time, too, Denny. I almost made a move that day when you found me looking at houses on the net. Remember when Stan surprised us both?"

"Oh, God, yes. I almost thought you were going to move, then, myself, but couldn't believe it. You're very good at keeping your reactions to yourself, Anne."

They were quiet again for a while before Denny snuggled into Anne. They drifted off to sleep in the dark and quiet.

- - - - - - - - - -

Stan arrived home just after four in the morning, the first rays of sunshine already in his eyes, low over the horizon. He was tired, so very tired, but relieved, Hell, he was exultant! Unless something went wrong now, they had a contract to sell their devices... at a good price.

It seemed likely that they'd be able to go public on the Stock Exchange in the near future, which would net Ken and Sid a small fortune, and incidentally set Anne up pretty much for life, too. Even Denise and he would do very well, all things being equal. Even if that didn't happen, if Sid and Ken accepted one of the offers that'd been made to them to be bought out completely, they'd all make quite a lot of money.

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