tagRomanceErica's Awakening Ch. 06

Erica's Awakening Ch. 06


In the morning all the police were gone, but the damage from all their forensic tools was extensive. Alan had no idea how to clean all the luminal and finger print dusting power off of everything. So he called a cleaning service and had them come take care of it.

They had a quick breakfast and Erica was due at the spa at 8am sharp. They would start with the massage, then haircut and finally makeup. The massage was an hour and a half long and when Erica came out, she was limp all over. The haircut took about another hour and a half, mostly because they colored her hair a platinum blonde, which was perfect against her tanned skin and green eyes. The haircut itself, since she didn't have much to work with, wound up being a stylish, modern short haircut with multiple layers and beautiful color. The most important thing was that it pulled the hair away from her face, highlighting her stunningly beautiful face; actually it pulled the focus to her face instead of hiding it. Alan loved that the shape of her face, her beautiful eyes and sensuous mouth seemed to be all accented.

The makeup artist showed Erica how to really bring out her eyes and using different shades of eye makeup, her eyes took on an even more colorful green and looked even more dramatic. She showed Erica a few tricks that accented her cheeks and seemed to change the shape of her face. Lastly, she showed Erica how to make her lips look even more sensuous and inviting giving her a sexy pout.

While all this was going on, Alan had actually gone to the sex toy store and stocked up on lots of additional things for their days and nights. When he got back to the spa and Erica came out, he was flooded with admiration. The haircut and makeup brought her dazzling beauty to a whole new level. She was stunning. When she saw his reaction, she beamed and the smile on her face was so bright it could have been used for landing lights.

When she came up to him, she put herself into Alan's arms and said.

"Thank you for this. With this haircut and makeup I look beautiful."

"No Erica, you've always been beautiful, you've always been stunningly gorgeous and you worked hard at hiding it. Now we're just letting the real Erica out for some air. But, yes my baby you are stunningly gorgeous. What I like the best is how happy you are with the changes. I don't think I've seen you glow like this in a long time."

The smile on her face grew even bigger, becoming contagious as Alan found himself smiling just from being in her presence. Her happiness seemed to have a positive effect on everyone around them. The next stop was to a fairly upscale boutique. The nice thing about an upscale boutique was that the clothes fit better. Erica was amazed at how well the clothes fit her. The only problem she had with some of them were her large breasts, which had some clothing needing to be altered.

Erica didn't feel uncomfortable at all with formfitting fashions that showed off her tiny waist, tight butt and toned legs. The only thing she felt uncomfortable with was showing off her spectacular breasts. Her insecurity was a result of teasing during her middle and high school years. Alan talked her into doing it anyway and when she saw her new face, her new hair and her body wrapped in stylish clothing, she knew he was right. Once again she thanked him with a lingering kiss.

Alan was surprised she didn't object to anything. All of her blouses were tailored to accent her full breasts and tiny waist and several showed lots of cleavage, with some of the top buttons starting at the bottom of her breasts. She purchased several vests and jackets that could be worn with or without a blouse; and without out a blouse they were very sexy.

All of her skirts showed lots of leg with most never going past mid-thigh. A couple were very short and her killer legs looked magnificent, but the best skirt was floor length in some kind of shimmering fabric, but it was split on both sides from the bottom to the hip. The dresses mimicked the tops and skirts and they were all short and fitted with plunging necks and backs. Erica also chose a lot of very nice and sexy underwear

After they had a light lunch Alan took her to the last place on his list and this was club and evening wear. This was going be the test, because these clothes were much more revealing and much more sensual. As Erica walked in and saw some of the fashions she looked at Alan with questioning eyes. He told her to try some on and remember what he had told her yesterday. Virtually all of the clothes in the store fit one of two categories, they were either skin tight or they showed lots of skin.

Alan got a hold of one of the more experienced salespeople, telling her that he had a stunningly beautiful woman that was kind of reluctant to show off her assets and he needed to change that. He told her he wanted to see some very sexy and revealing outfits and that they would be buying several, but weren't sure where they were going to go right now. He asked her to bring one of the backless, draped, cowl neck tops and a mini skirt. She looked at him questioningly, but did as he asked. He spoke to the sales lady.

"I'll take these in and try them on her, but it's going to take a little convincing, so could you just round up some additional outfits and give us a few minutes. I know this will be worth your while. If it's okay with you , allow me come get you when she's ready." Alan said.

Alan picked a dressing room towards the back of the store and took Erica in with him. He turned her so her back was to the mirror and told her to strip. She looked him in the eyes and then did as he asked. When she was completely naked, he told her to close her eyes and after she complied, he draped the cowl top over her breasts and tied a tie around her neck and then the other one around her back. Then he had her step into the miniskirt. He pulled it up and adjusted how the skirt rode on her hips, so it was very low slung. Alan went back up and adjusted the drape of the top to expose a good portion of her breasts. He held her by her shoulders and gave her a quick kiss and turned her to face the mirror.

Alan told her to open her eyes and as she did, she took in a deep, gasping breath, but then settled down. Her gaze became intense as she was drawn into the visual before her.

"What do you see when you look in the mirror? Pretend it's not you. What do you see." He asked

"I see a very sexy movie star, showing off for the cameras." She said softly.

"Now do you see how incredibly gorgeous and stunning you really are? My God Erica, you could be a movie star, model ,or a Playboy bunny. You are incredibly dazzling baby."

She turned and looked at Alan and he could see tears swimming in her eyes as she put her arms around his neck and pulled him down into a sensuous kiss.

"Yes I see. I see how beautiful I can be for you. Alan the past few days have been incredibly eye-opening for me, but what you don't understand is I'm only beautiful for you. If we went out in this outfit I would be showing off that I am yours. I love you so much Alan and if you want to take me out in this and show me off, I will do it. But I will do it only if you're there so I can show everyone that I belong to you." She said.

Alan turned her around to face the mirror and brought her hands up over her head and put them behind his neck. This pulled the whole top up exposing more of her tight, toned belly and as he slipped his hands around and caressed her naked belly he said.

"Imagine if we were like this on the dance floor and everybody could see me caressing your naked back and your belly. How would you feel about everybody watching me caress all your naked parts on the dance floor?"

Erica quivered. "Oh Alan, I would probably have an orgasm right there, I'm so turned on right now, with you showing my body like this, I want you to fuck me right here. If people were watching I would be so excited I would probably cum on the spot."

"You see baby you're actually an exhibitionist, but one who's actually afraid to show herself off. Do you remember the excitement and the power you felt when the gang had you tied up naked and how turned on you were. You were actually getting off on it having all those men lust after your body and you got more excited than you have ever been, but the only reason you could do it was because they had you tied up. Yesterday you showed off to everyone at the mall. Do you think you could take it to the next step and show yourself off if it was your choice?"

"I don't know, I might be able to if you're with me. I would be too scared to do it by myself." She said softly.

"I would never ask you to do this without me and I would be too scared for you to do it by yourself. You're my woman, your my wife, you're the love of my life and you're also the sexiest woman I've ever seen. Baby you've spent all your life hiding your beauty and being afraid to be beautiful. I want you to revel in being the sexiest most beautiful woman in the world. I want you to be excited about who you are and how dazzlingly beautiful you are." Alan said.

"Then when we make love you can be free to indulge your beautiful sexy self and you can truly feel the love, passion and the ecstasy that we can create together. The last several days have been incredible but you and I have only scratched the surface of what we can be together and I want it all. I want all of you free to give love and free to receive my love." He continued.

"My love, you can have anything you want. This fabulous body that you have worked so hard to keep and maintain could get you anything you want."

Erica turned and once again put her arms around Alan's neck and said

"What if all I want is for you to make love to me right here and now? Can I have that?" she said.

"You can have anything you want baby, especially me." Alan said.

He unbuckled his pants and dropped them to the floor, then scooped up Erica into his arms and slid his cock into her sopping wet pussy. Erica's head fell back as she groaned, moaned and began quivering all at once. Alan grabbed her ass in both hands and began to pound into Erica's clutching quim and within five strokes she was shattering around his cock. She screamed into his shoulder and then as she bit down trying to suppress her screaming cum.


As Alan hammered into Erica's buttery pussy she shattered again and lost her grip around Alan's neck. Alan had to quickly move one hand up her back to keep her from falling. He then sat in the chair in the dressing room, swept aside the top and latched onto one of her nipples as he continued to pound her pussy and as he did, her cum jumped to a higher level.


Erica clung to Alan tightly as she started shaking through her orgasms. Alan stopped hammering into Erica's pussy and held her tightly against him.

"See what power you have baby, you wanted me inside you and I am. I can't resist you, I love you so much, I will do anything to protect you and make you happy."

As Erica's quivering from her multiple orgasms started to subside, Alan captured her lips and kissed her sweetly and passionately until both ran out of air and they had to break the kiss. Their lips stayed touching and their tongues would trace each other's lips. Erica whispered softly into Alan's mouth.

"Alan everything has changed and I realize I've been fooling myself, but I love you and I love the sexy new me. You've brought me here my love and I need you to show me more. All I know is the last several days has been a nightmare followed by a dream come true, I need you to be my guide, my lover, my husband and my teacher. I like what I've become, what you've helped me to become and I want more, much more. So from now on, I turn myself over to you, I trust you completely with my heart and my body. Show me how to be beautiful and sexy and how to be the fantasy girl that I want to be." Erica said

"Dress me up. Show me off, display me to anyone you want, but in the end I only want you. Alan all I want is to be beautiful for you and for you to take me home and love me for the rest of my life. I've made the first years of our marriage a frustrating hell for you and I want to make up for it by being the sexiest, most passionate wife you ever dreamed of." Erica concluded.

"Sweetheart you've always been my fantasy girl. I will be your teacher, your guide and the person who loves you more than life itself, but this really is all about you. You see baby, when you feel beautiful, when you feel sexy, when you're happy you respond differently when we touch or when we make love. When you feel sexy you move differently, you're more seductive and more passionate. When you feel beautiful you're more confident and surer of yourself, even when making love. When you're happy it's contagious and everybody around you is happy because you are." Alan said.

"You're the only person I've ever loved and if we believe and trust in each other the next 40 or 50 years will have the kind of love they write songs and poetry about. So yes my baby, I will always be here helping, guiding, teaching, but most importantly, loving you." Alan concluded.

"Now let's look at this outfit."

Alan pulled Erica off of his still hard cock and helped her stand. He tried tucking his cock back into his pants but even then it bulged obscenely. Erica went to stand in the middle of the room and then Alan came up and stood behind her. Erica twisted and looked at her barely covered lithe body. From her lightly muscled naked back, her taut thin belly and waist, slender hips, toned shapely ass to her shapely dancers legs she was the ideal personification of the female form. Then there were her large firm and thrusting , spectacular breasts that seemed to dominate her figure.

Erica tried to see herself through Alan's eyes, and mentally she compared herself to all the models and movie stars she saw in the magazines. She realized as she looked at herself, that she looked just as fabulous as they did. The more she stared, she decided that she looked better than most of them. She didn't know how much of her radiance came from the love and the passion she felt for Alan, or how much was really her, but in the end it didn't matter because both would always be with her.

With her face and hair now changed, she was glowing and exuded a new glamorous look. Her body, which she had worked so hard to maintain was tight, slender and shapely, coupled with flawless, lustrous skin. She had seen women in fitness magazines that didn't look as good as she did. Her breasts, which were displayed the right way were magnificent. Large, but still firm and high on her chest with nipples that begged to be kissed and played with.

The draped cowl neck top and miniskirt really did show off her body marvelously. As Alan slid his arms around her waist, she realized that yes, she wanted to wear this outfit. She wanted people to see how beautiful she was. She wanted people to lust after her, but she also wanted them to know she was Alan's property and she would be going home to be ravaged by him.

Erica turned in his arms and once again kissed him. "Yes, I want this outfit and I want you to show me off in it tonight."

Alan's heart leapt with joy. His wife had truly become his fantasy brought to life. He crushed her tightly in his arms and kissed her. He knew as he looked into her eyes that he didn't have to tell her how much he loved her, but he did anyway. Alan walked over to the door to the dressing room and opened it. He asked the sales person to bring in more outfits.

In the end they wound up with the cowl neck top and miniskirt. She also purchased a plunging neckline, half back mini dress that barely covered her sexy ass. The unique feature of this dress was the cross stitched eyelet's that allowed the dress to be tighten like a second skin. She'd also gotten a vest that left little to the imagination, with the only closure being two snaps, that went far below her breast line. This was paired with a very skimpy pair of shorts that had snaps on the side. Into the mix, she added a couple of dresses with a plunging neckline and a couple of dresses that had multiple strategic slashes that came perilously close to leaving her completely exposed.

They took everything back to their house and unpacked. Alan went into the kitchen and made some tea. While he was working on the tea, soft hands snaked their way around his middle and held up one of his ties. As he took it and turned around, a very naked Erica was there. Her eyes were filled with both desire and need as she said

"I need you baby. I need you inside me right now."

He turned her around, pulled her arms behind her back and tied her hands together. When he turned back to face him, her eyes were closed and she was panting heavily, her nipples were engorged, begging for attention. Alan lifted one breast and took the nipple between his teeth and pulled slightly. Erica's legs began to give out as she moaned loudly. Alan picked her up and set her on the counter top. He spread her legs and gave her labia a long tongue teasing lick. He then looked up into her eyes and said.

"I haven't had my mid afternoon snack yet"

Alan dove into her pussy with gusto and started licking, sucking and nibbling all over her cunt, but he never touched her clit. After several minutes of intense stimulation, Erica was begging for him to take her, but Alan continued to tease her until she was shivering with need and when he felt the time was right he thrust two fingers into her pussy and sucked her clit into his mouth. Erica exploded into a mind-bending cum, her body contorting as her cum ripped through her. She would've fallen off the counter from the force of it had Alan on not been holding tightly to her.

Alan took her clit between his teeth and took her to her next mind altering cum. As this orgasm wound down, he started driving her into her next orgasm. He continued pushing her from cum to cum until she was shaking so hard, he could hear her teeth chattering. He dropped his pants, pulled her off the counter and seated her on his cock. Then he began the steady pounding of his cock into her wet, buttery, clasping and quivering pussy.

By this time Erica's orgasms were piling on top of each other and she could not distinguish when one ended and the next began. But Alan knew since he had not cum at the dress shop, it wasn't going to take him long to feed her pussy with his thick juices. After a few minutes of relentlessly driving his cock into her spasming pussy, Alan grasped one of her nipples in his teeth and planted his cock as deep as he could into her pussy and started feeding her ropes of his thick cum.

As he continued to pump his seed into Erica's pussy, he pulled her limp, quivering body into his arms and carried her to their bedroom. While still buried inside her, he laid her on the bed with her bound arms still behind her. Alan pulled out of her, lay down beside her and pulled Erica on top of him. As her quivering began to subside, she tried to push herself up to kiss him, but with her arms tied behind her, she could only kiss him on the chest. And then she whispered.

"How can this keep getting better when it's already so good? Oh God Alan, you are going to kill me. I think I had more orgasms just now than I had our first four years of marriage."

"Believe me my love, it's been my pleasure. Would you like to see the toys that I got you while you were having your hair cut?"

She looked up expectantly. "I know I'm going to like whatever you got. Surprise me with them and keep surprising me for the rest of my life."

Alan untied her hands and pulled her up so he could give her a kiss and then as he held her face in his hands, he looked into her eyes and said.

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