Erica's Daddy Tells Her the Truth


She held the swollen shaft in her hand, gently caressing it...her fingers moving up to the tip...touching the tiny peehole...squeezing the cockhead and then lifting it up to her lips and kissing it...her tongue licking the precumm as it pulsed out...

"Mmmnnn...oh Daddy...your cock...I love your cock so much, Daddy..." she said, looking up at him as she licked around the tip of his shaft.

She opened her lips and took the head of his cock in her mouth, sucking it and tasting it...her tongue swirling around the head and the underside of the shaft.

"Oh baby...princess..." her father groaned, running his hands through his daughter's hair. "Oh...oh hot!"

He cried out as she let his cock slip out of her mouth, wet and hard and glistening.

"I know you want my panties, Daddy..." she said, picking up the damp little undergarment on the floor beside her. "My hot little panties...I know you want them, Daddy..."

She held his cock in her hand and gently brushed the tiny undergarment against it...letting the soft, wet fabric tease his swollen shaft.

"Do you like my panties, Daddy?" she asked, looking up at him. "My fuck-panties?"

Her father groaned.

"Oh baby...yes...yes!" he said, as his beautiful daughter began to stretch her juicy pink panties over the thick head of his cock.

Erica wrapped her other hand around the base of his thick shaft. She squeezed it gently and began to work her hand up and down, watching as the precumm leaked out of his cock and soaked into the damp fabric...

"Oh Daddy..." she said, dipping her finger into the sticky fluid. "You're cumming into my panties, Daddy...your's soaking into my cute little hot fuck-panties..."

She lifted her father's cock up to her lips, and as she masturbated him with her hand she kissed the thick cockhead through the sheer cotton fabric.

"Please, Daddy..." she said softly. "Please cumm into my it in my panties..."

She kissed his trembling shaft once more, and then opened her lips around the thick cockhead and took it into her mouth.

"Oh...oh baby...angel...princess!" her father cried, as his daughter began to suck...her tongue curling around his shaft...tasting it as it pushed through the sheer fabric of her little panties...sucking it deeper into her wet mouth.

"Mmmnnnn...mmnnnn...ohhh...mnnnnn..." Erica moaned, as she worked her hand quickly up and down his cock now...

...sucking it...

...pressing her lips tightly around the thick cockhead...

...tasting her panties as she sucked...

...her tongue licking the tiny peehole at the tip of her father's cock through the sheer, soaked fabric.

"Mmmnnnn...oh...oh...mmnnnn..." she whimpered, sucking harder now as she massaged his swollen shaft in her hand. "Mmnnnnn...mmnnnn..."

She looked up at her father as his cock began to jerk and throb uncontrollably.

"Oh fuck...fuck...I'm going to cumm!" her father cried, as his daughter lifted her mouth away from his cock and began to tease the tip with her fingers.

"Yes...Daddy...cumm in my panties!" she said, running her fingers around the swollen cockhead as she masturbated his shaft with her other hand. "Do it in my panties, Daddy...please...cumm in my panties...shoot your hot cumm into my panties...yes...oh Daddy...yes...cumm in my hot little fuck-panties!"

She squeezed his shaft and took her fingers away from the swollen cockhead...

...and suddenly her panties began to flood with thick, creamy semen...some of it pulsing through the sheer fabric and trickling down over Erica's hand.

"Oh Daddy...yessss...cumm in my panties!" she gasped excitedly. "Daddy...yes...oh yes...cumm in my panties...cumm in my panties, it in my panties...fuck my panties, Daddy...please...fuck my panties...oh Daddy...your panties are so creamy...with your semen, Daddy...oh Daddy...I love you...I love you, Daddy!"

Her father groaned as she squeezed the last drops of spunk out of his cock.

"Oh're so fucking hot..." he said, gasping for breath.

Erica looked up at him and softly kissed the underside of his creamy shaft. The she reached up and began to pull her little panties up over his cock...peeling the soaked fabric away from her father's glistening penis...the semen dripping from her panties as she lifted them away from his cockhead and held them up.

"You made my panties all wet with your cumm, Daddy..." she said, pouting at her father. "And now I don't have any panties left to put on!"

She remembered what her father had been about to say, just before their sex together.

"I'd buy you some new panties, if...if only..." he said.

Erica dropped her spunk-soaked panties onto the floor and looked up at him.

Her father had a strange expression on his face that she hadn't seen before.

" anything wrong?"

Her father reached down and took her hand.

"Come and sit down, baby..." he said, gently pulling his daughter up to her feet.

"Daddy...what is it?" she asked as she stood up, suddenly feeling anxious. "What's the matter, Daddy?"

Naked, she followed him over to the kitchen and watched as he sat down and put his hands over his face.

"Daddy...tell me what's wrong!" Erica cried.

Her father took his hands away from his face and looked up at her.

"Baby..." he said, in a quiet voice. "I've been gambling. I've lost a lot of money. Everything."

Erica felt the tears well up in her eyes.

"Everything, Daddy?" she asked, her voice trembling.

"I'm afraid so, baby..." he said. "I'm really sorry, princess. I've lost all our money. Everything except this house. I gambled away all my savings. There's no money left. For anything. Not even your college fees. Not even one little pair of panties..."

Erica began to cry.

"I have to go away to rehabilitation, baby", her father was saying. "I went to court...the judge is sending me out of town...for six months..."


"So you'll be on your own, baby", he said, trying not to look up at his lovely, naked daughter. "And there's no money left. Nothing. Which means you'll have to get a job, honey. I can't support you any more. You'll have to buy your own panties from now on, princess. I'm broke. And I have to leave first thing tomorrow morning..."

Erica was sobbing uncontrollably now, the tears streaming down her cheeks.

" don't go..." she said. "Please, Daddy...please..."

Her father stood up...and as he did so, Erica threw her arms around him and buried her face against his neck, sobbing as if her heart would break.

"'t cry..." he said, holding her close, his hands slipping down over the curve of her back. "It's gonna be okay, I promise. You've just got to be strong, princess. While I'm away..."

"B-but I don't want you to go, Daddy..." Erica said, looking up at him. "I...I love you...I love you so much, Daddy..."

She was sobbing uncontrollably now, her arms around her father's neck.

"I love you, too, baby..." her father said, kissing her hair softly. "And I'm gonna miss you so bad..."

"Please don't go, Daddy..." she whimpered softly, looking up at him. "Please..."

Her father suddenly reached around the back of his daughter's thighs and scooped her up in his arms.

"You've gotta be strong, baby..." he said, carrying Erica into his bedroom.

He put her down gently on the bed and she turned onto her tummy and buried her pretty face in his pillow, sobbing.

"Honey..." he said. "Don't cry...please don't cry..."

He looked at his daughter. Her beautiful ass cheeks were slightly upraised, and her body shook each time she sobbed. The sight of his naked daughter crying like that made him moan softly with excitement.

He reached down and unzipped his trousers again.

His cock was already hard. He reached into his underpants and lifted it out, stroking it as he got onto the bed.

"Don't cry, baby..." he soothed, as he knelt over his daughter, pushing her thighs apart.

Erica gasped softly, opening her legs for him and lifting her bare ass cheeks up behind her.

"Daddy..." she whimpered, reaching back with both hands. "Daddy...I love you..."

To her father's delight, she cupped her hands over each of her round little ass cheeks and pulled them open.

Her cunt petals lifted apart to reveal the pink, glistening slit of her pussy.

And the rim of her tiny asshole popped open...stretching into a puckered little O as she spread her ass cheeks apart.

"Oh baby..." her father groaned, holding his swollen cock in his hand.

He leant over his daughter, guiding the thick head of his shaft down to her ass cheeks.

"I love you, Daddy...I love you..." Erica whimpered into the pillow, as she felt the cockhead touch the pink puckered rim of her tight little anus. "Oh Daddy...I love you...oh..oh...oh Daddy!...Daddy!"

She pushed her ass cheeks back against him, gasping as she felt her asshole stretching...opening....

"Oh ass...I want your ass!" her father cried.

His cock pushed urgently against her asshole...and as it spread apart up for him, it slid easily...her teenage anus willingly opening up like a luscious pink flower...kissing the thick shaft as it pushed into her bottom...sucking it inside...deeper...and deeper.

"Daddy...I love you...I love you..." Erica kept saying, "I love you..."

Her father groaned as he buried his swollen cock in her tight little asshole.

Would he ever fuck his beautiful daughter in the ass again? Would this be the last time?

He began to work his cock in and out of her, slowly at first...and then faster...faster...

...his balls slapping against her pussy lips each time he pushed into her...his cock sliding so deep inside her...deeper than ever before...

"Daddy...oh Daddy...please...fuck me..." Erica gasped, lifting her tummy up as she reached down between her legs. "Oh...Daddy...yes...fuck me...fuck me in the ass, Daddy...fuck me in the ass!" She touched her pussy lips with her fingertips, peeling them open. "Fuck me in the ass, Daddy!" she cried, moving her ass cheeks up and down against the bed each time he pushed into her. "Oh Daddy...yes...fuck me in the ass...fuck me in the ass, Daddy! Oh Daddy...don't ever stop fucking me in the ass...please...don't stop, Daddy...fuck your hard cock into my ass, Daddy...please...fuck me...fuck me in the ass...oh...oh please, Daddy...I love you...I love you!"

Her father groaned as his cock began to jerk uncontrollably inside his daughter's tight, creamy asshole. He leant right over her and pushed her down onto the bed so that her face was buried in the pillow.

Then he began to work his cock in and out of her asshole...frantically...faster...and faster...holding his daughter down as he fucked her, until...

"Oh...oh baby...I'm gonna cumm!" he gasped, arching his back as he began to ejaculate, his swollen penis buried in between his daughter's smooth round ass cheeks.

Erica was sobbing into the pillow. She moaned softly as she felt the thick, hot semen spurting deep into her asshole...her tummy...

"Daddy..." she said, her voice muffled and barely audible. "I love you, Daddy...please...don't go, Daddy...please don't go..."

But her father was groaning too loudly to hear. The hot spunk was squirting out of his cock...flooding into Erica's tight teenage asshole...filling it to the brim...

"Oh fucking beautiful..." he gasped, as the last drops of semen leaked out of his cock.

He took a deep breath and slowly eased his creamy shaft out of Erica's bottom...

...looking at the perfect little puckered O of her asshole as his cock slipped out... pink and glistening...

...the semen already starting to ooze out, thick and creamy...pulsing out of her asshole...first as a trickle...and then... Erica pushed her bottom up a little behind her and turned around to look at her father...

...a long, thin ribbon of semen suddenly squirted out of her asshole, milky and wet...and splashed onto the bed in front of her father.

"Oh baby..." her father said, staring wide-eyed at his daughter's asshole as one last drop of spunk pulsed out of it...

...and it closed up into a tight little puckered slit.

He leant over his beautiful daughter and lifted her face and softly kissed her wet cheek.

"Daddy..." she said, taking her hand out from in between her legs. "Oh Daddy..."

"It's okay, baby..." he whispered, lying down next to her. "Everything will be okay...I promise..."

He kissed her again and she looked up at him, stifling a tiny sob.

And just a few moments...they fell asleep in each other's arms.


When Erica awoke the next morning, her father was gone.

She remembered what he had said to her. That he had lost everything. That he would be away from home for a long time. And that she had to be strong.

She was all alone now.

With no Daddy to care for her.

And no money.

And no panties.

What would she do now?

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