tagIncest/TabooErik's Transformation Ch. 01

Erik's Transformation Ch. 01


Many thanks to Nadia and Nat for editing and improving this.


Dr. Sara Wood looked at the schedule. In 10 minutes, she had a scheduled appointment with Mrs. Henson and her son. Dr. Wood was a pretty woman in her late forties who has worked in a private sexual health clinic.

Kate Henson and her son Erik lived alone. Kate Henson divorced five years ago, was now at age 44. She was 5'6", and had a beautiful face with brown short hair, and a dress size of between 12 and 14. She had size 38DD boobs, a nice full rear end, and good curves. Erik was 5'8," average to heavy build, and was handsome with brown hair. However, he was still a virgin at the age of 18.

Dr. Wood wanted to get some rest and prepare herself for the next appointment. She had always been interested in the relationship between mother and son. A few minutes later, the phone rang and the nurse said that Mrs. Henson and her son arrived. Then a door opened and they came to her office. Dr. Wood looked at Mrs. Henson and then her son. She was pleased by what she saw. Mrs. Henson was a large lady, but not overweight in any sense - just gorgeous, natural curves from head to toe. Her son was a handsome young man, tall and well built.

"Hello, my name is Dr. Wood. It's Erik, isn't it?" she said, looking directly at Erik who nodded. Then, she turned to Mrs. Henson.

"Mrs. Henson, do you want to sit in on our consultation?" the doctor asked. It was one of her test questions.

Mrs. Henson hesitated a bit, looked at her son and then confirmed. Dr. Wood was satisfied, she received a confirmation through this gesture that their relationship was more than the usual relationship of mother and son.

She offered them to sit down, and then she took a seat at her table. She smiled and said to Mrs. Henson, "You contacted us about a problem you were having. Please, tell me what appears to be the problem." She wanted Mrs. Henson to explain the problem first.

"Err... My son and I live alone. I talk to him about all issues and I try to help him grow up. But now we need your help," she said with a faltering voice.

"Of course, you can ask me anything, I'm here for you. You can relax, our conversation stays between us, Mrs. Henson. May I call you Kate?" Dr. Wood asked softly.

"Yes, of course," Kate replied.

"Okay, Kate. Please continue."

"Well ... Erik and I are very close. We talk about everything and we help each other. Sometimes I try to talk to him about sex... I'm trying to substitute his father and teach him what his father would."

"Yes, I understand, this is an important topic. I know it's difficult, filling in for his father. I agree that Erik's father could help but ... it's now your job. Is it a problem?"

"Well, I think it is. When I try to talk to him about sex Erik just closes himself off. He doesn't want to talk about it at all."

"Erik, is this true?" Dr. Wood now focused on Erik.

He simply nodded in reply.

"Come on Erik, speak up. Do you have a girlfriend?" she tried to change her approach.

"No," he replied quietly.

"Why, you are handsome young man. Are you possibly attracted to men?" Dr. Wood wanted to resolve the dilemma that Erik was gay immediately.

"No, no," Erik responded quickly, but shortly again.

"Well, are you attracted to girls?"

He nodded and flushed.

"Relax Erik, your mom and I are here to help you, aren't we, Kate?" it was her next test question for Kate.

"Err ... yeah sure, mom will do anything to help you," Kate said to Erik. Dr Wood was smiling; she was satisfied with Kate's answer again.

"So Erik, you need to be completely open in front of us in order to resolve your problem," Kate added encouragingly.

"Yes mom, I will try," he said with more certainty.

"Have you ever had a girlfriend?" Dr. Wood continued.

"Yes, a year ago, but we dated only once," he finally answered longer and Dr. Wood was pleased.

"Have you had sex with this girl or anyone else?"

Erik opened his mouth to speak, but no sound came out and he just shook his head negatively.

"Do you masturbate, Erik?" Dr. Wood asked softly.

"Err... sometimes... but I felt dirty and guilty after I finished..." he hesitated but finally answered.

"Oooh Erik, masturbating is really not a bad thing. You shouldn't feel guilty about it! Masturbation is normal for boys your age. Kate, you know that?" It was next test question for Kate.

"Yes, I know. Could that be the problem?" Kate asked, confused and worried.

"Yes, it could. Your son has to masturbate regularly. Masturbation helps increase his immune functioning, promotes healthy testosterone levels, improves blood flow to his genitals, increases muscle tone in his genitals." Dr. Wood paused and then asked Erik, "Do you have any problem with your genitals?"

"No," he replied squirming and in a low tone.

"That is fine, but I need to check your genitals," Dr. Wood said softly and turned to Kate, "You will stay with us, Kate, alright?" Dr. Wood asked Kate suggestively, again testing the mother's reaction.

"Yes, I will," Kate answered a little too quickly and in a voice louder than necessary. She caught herself then quickly corrected her words, "I mean... if I can help."

"Of course Kate, your help is necessary," confirmed Dr. Wood with a smile. She was pleased at how quickly Kate had accepted her offer.

Dr. Wood stood up and said, "OK Erik, come over to the examination table."

Erik did it obediently, went over to the table and laid on it.

"Remove your pants, please," Dr. Wood said in a warm, reassuring voice.

Erik paused, confused. "Right in front of my mom?" he thought.

Dr. Wood noted that Erik was hesitating. "Don't be shy, I'm a doctor. And your mom has already seen you naked, right Kate?" she tried to relax Erik and tested Mom again.

"Yes, yes ... Don't be shy Erik." Kate said and flushed slightly.

Erik was a little confused why his mom would want to watch his examination. He had undone his belt and the top button of his jeans and lowered the zipper. Then he pulled down his jeans and underwear in one yank. He was exposed from the waist down, showing his private parts. Though limp, his cock was big and fat. His testicles at the base of his shaft were large and covered with fine but sparse hair.

"Wow," Dr. Wood exclaimed excitedly, "I was afraid that Erik has a small penis and that it may be a problem. But he has developed very well," she spoke again to Kate.

Kate's eyes grew wide and she froze. "Oh my God, he is HUGE!" she thought.

Dr. Wood noted that Kate were staring on her son's cock and added in soft voice, "You should be proud of your son!"

"Yes, thanks," Kate said shortly and blushed. She dared not look at the doctor.

Dr. Wood looked up at Erik's blushing face as she reached forward, stroked his left thigh and said in a soothing voice, "Just relax, Erik. Now this may be a little embarrassing for you. I promise I'll be gentle." Then Erik felt her warm hands touch and lift his cock, squeezing it carefully along its length.

"Do you have any pain when I touch your penis?" Dr. Wood asked, looking at Erik for a moment.

"No," Erik replied huskily.

"Great! Now Erik, keep your legs spread while I examine your testicles." Dr. Wood cupped his entire scrotum in her hand and gently squeezed his testicles.

"Does my squeezing cause you any pain, Erik?" Dr. Wood asked again.

"Just a little," Erik answered.

Dr. Wood looked at Kate. She was breathing strongly and licking her lips as she stared in Erik's crotch.

"Kate, don't worry. I feel no abnormalities with my finger. A little pain is normal, especially because Erik doesn't masturbate regularly."

"Oh, I'm glad to hear it," Kate said with relief.

Dr. Wood smiled and nodded encouragingly "Kate, you should be proud of your son again, because your big boy has impressive balls err... I mean testicles."

This produced a stirring somewhere deep inside Kate. She was confused, but excited all the same. Then she asked Dr. Wood, "Is exam over?"

"No darling, I have to check his foreskin. Maybe he has phimosis. Many men suffer from phimosis, which means that his foreskin is so tight that it can't be fully retracted over the head of the penis."

Then Dr. Wood pulled back the foreskin of his penis for a moment, taking a look at the skin there, and then let it go back to normal.

"Is it ok?" Kate asked worriedly. Now, she watched Erik's exam without hesitation.

"There doesn't seem to be anything wrong. As we can see, the foreskin retracted easily. However, I have to check what the situation is when the penis is fully erect," Dr. Wood answered running her fingers very lightly all over Erik's shaft.

"Erik, does that feel nice?" she asked.

"Err...yes," he replied meekly. Erik couldn't believe what was happening. His cock was being fondled by Dr. Wood while his mom watched!

Kate couldn't believe too what Dr. Wood was actually doing; that she was actually touching her son like that and that she wanted to give him an erection! Her breath caught in her throat as she watched Dr. Wood moving up and down Erik's cock until a large drop of clear liquid bubbled from the slit. Kate was embarrassed and turned her head away from her son's cock. Dr. Wood continued running her fingers and Erik's cock seemed to bulge in her hand in response. It didn't take her long before his penis was fully erect. Erik was ashamed at his sexual excitement, but loved the sensation of her hands rubbing his penis.

"Excellent! Everything is ok, Kate. Look at, his foreskin can retract back behind the glans easily even in the erect penis," Dr. Wood did not hide her satisfaction.

"Oh, thank goodness," Kate sighed with relief and then looked at Erik's cock again. Her head was spinning with excitement as her eyes were fixated on his penis. It was so huge that it made Dr. Wood's hand look small.

"Oh, my God, it's so big," Kate moaned, unconsciously bringing her fingers to her mouth and sucking on them. It was truly the largest penis she had ever seen.

"Yes, he has an incredible cock," Dr. Wood chuckled, winking at Kate. "Did Erik's father have a large penis, too?"

"No, he had small and thin penis. I always had a problem with his," Kate said honestly. Realizing her boldness, her face flushed.

"I understand, dear. A small penis can be a problem particularly if you have roomy vagina?" Dr. Wood said, a smile turning up the edges of her lips.

"Yes, I do," Kate replied meekly.

"So, it is meaning that you need a big and fat cock which can fill your roomy vagina. Don't you, Kate?" Dr. Wood did not stop rubbing Erik's cock while she asked.

Kate nodded and flushed again, she just couldn't help herself. She was amazed at how her body was reacting to her son and this lovely woman! She felt her nipples begin to harden against her bra and her panties had become soaked when her pussy flooded.

"Now, I'm sure Erik inherited genes from his mother. You and Erik both have rather exaggerated sexual characteristics. You have a meaty pussy and big tits and Erik has a huge penis and massive balls," Dr. Wood explained quite confidently.

"Um...well yes, I agree," mumbled Kate.

"Mom has a meaty pussy..." Erik repeated in his head with disbelief.

"That can help us resolve Erik's problems," Dr. Wood noted.

Kate nodded, trying not to be embarrassed, but still not succeeding.

"Come on now, don't be shy Kate," Dr. Wood said encouragingly. "You must be able to help. There is nothing to be embarrassed about as we are dealing with helping to resolve Erik's condition for medical reasons. Would it be ok with you, Kate?"

"Yes, I'll try to do it, since it's for medical reasons and to help my son," Kate replied. Then both women noticed that Erik was breathing heavily.

"Any pain, now?" Dr. Wood asked again.

"Err ... a little in the testicles," Erik said, now panting. A moan escaped from his lips.

"As I said before it is normal Erik. You probably accumulated a lot of sperm in your testicles," Dr. Wood said and continued to pump her hands up and down rapidly. His glans was big and all wet from the precum that Dr. Wood skillfully used to lubricate and facilitate the jerking.

Erik began to shake and it was clear that he was on the edge of an orgasm. He bit his lip and moaned softy in ecstasy.

"He's going to cum," Kate whispered in an unheard warning to Dr. Wood.

Dr. Wood nodded and accelerated her movement. A few moments later Erik exploded! Kate looked a little perturbed while she watched every hot blast of his cum ejaculating into the air.

"Wonderful Erik," Dr. Wood cooed, glancing over at his mother.

Her fists continued to move up and down, milking the juice from Erik's balls. She was very surprised by the amount of sperm that was flying all over the place, hitting Eric's stomach, the table, her blouse, her hand. "This big cock knows how to cum!" she said with sincere admiration. "He shot a massive load of cum, did he not Kate?"

"Yes, yes..." Kate gasped. She stared in disbelief at Dr. Wood and her son.

"Erik's amount of semen is well above normal, I think over 30 mL! The amount of average semen expelled in the ejaculation is approximately 10 to 15 mL. In addition, there were about 12 semen ejections with shooting ejections in the first half and dribbles in the second half. This number of semen ejections is considered high and well above average." Dr. Wood explained.

Kate just nodded. Her eyes were wide with excitement and she was mesmerized by Erik's huge cumshot.

"Kate, please hand me a towel," Dr. Wood interrupted her while still holding Erik's cock in her hand.

Kate's knees were weak with excitement as she went for a towel. She handed Dr. Wood the towel who was wiped Erik and then himself slowly and carefully.

"OK, Erik," Dr. Wood said finally, "Get you clothes back on and come back when you are ready."

He dressed and joined the doctor and his mom a moment later.

"Well, everything appears normal on the physical examination," Dr. Wood said, "Except that Erik is above average," she added with smile and looked at Kate.

Kate blushed again. She realized that Dr. Wood has noted how Erik's huge cock fascinated her.

"So, what is the problem?" Kate asked still worried.

"I'm not sure yet. Erik, I need to talk with your mom in private." Dr. Wood paused for a moment, waiting. When Erik went out, Dr. Wood continued.

"Firstly, I suggest that he get a regular emptying of his balls... err... testicles in order for him to ejaculate more efficiently and not get any nasty testicular conditions. We need to ensure that. Secondly, I think the problem for Erik in all of this was that he had been over-protected, and would be very controlling. That is why he is shy and insecure with women. That is why he has no self-confidence when it comes to women and dating."

"It's my fault that he has no self-confidence," Kate blamed herself sadly.

"Partially, but you can also do a lot to help him. Self-confidence, contrary to popular belief, isn't always bestowed at birth. It can be learned." Dr. Wood encouraged her.

"What do you suggest for this then?" Kate asked. Apparently, she's interested in further conversation.

"Erik believes you, and he will learn from you easier than from anyone else. Erik must masturbate regularly and frequently. Then he must become more relaxed and feel more comfortable with women. So Kate, in the first phase, I suggest you to masturbate your son."

"But... What do you mean? Err... I can't!" Kate was completely confused.

"Yes, you can! You told me earlier that you were ready to do anything to help him. Right, Kate?" Dr. Wood quoted her statement.

"Yes, I said that, but I'm his mom!"

"Not when you are masturbating him. During then, you're a woman and he's a man. Your man. I hope you will raise him to be a man."

"But what will Erik say? What if someone finds out?"

"Do not worry Kate. You can be sure that everything stays between us. Also, I will explain to Erik. I'm here to help you."

"Well, I don't know ..." Kate was slowly changing her mind.

"Relax Kate, this is nothing unusual, you will have my full support and assistance. In my practice, I have many such cases where the mother helped her son in various ways. It is important that you relax and enjoy. This will have a positive impact on Erik."

"But, how can I relax...."

"You have to accept that Erik is not a little boy and that he is a grown man. Do you agree that Erik grew up?" the doctor raised her eyebrows at Mrs. Henson.

"Yes ..."

"I want a full reply, Kate."

"Yes, I agree that Erik has grown up."

"Well done, Kate. And do you agree that Erik is a handsome young man?"

"Yes, I agree that Erik is a handsome young man," Kate was now immediately giving a full answer and realized that saying it out loud changed her opinion of Erik.

"Do you agree that Erik needs help with emptying his testicles?"

"Yes, I agree that Erik needs help with emptying his testicles."

"Do you agree that you will best help him to masturbate regularly and empty his testicles until they solve his problem?"

"Yes, I agree that I shall best help him masturbate regularly and empty his testicles until they solve his problem."

"Well done, Kate."

"Thank you, Dr. Wood. I appreciate it so much for your support. I feel that I am ready to help Erik now. How often should Erik masturbate?" asked Kate, blushing with embarrassment.

Dr. Wood was pleased. She expected to be able to convince Kate quickly, but she liked that Kate took the initiative. She did not want to give her an easy answer, "What do you think Kate, how many orgasms does a young stud like Erik need?"

"Well, I do not know ... maybe 3-4 times a week," Kate tried to assess the needs of Erik.

"Oh, Kate, that is definitely not enough! Remember how big Erik is and how much semen he produced? I suggest that you start with at least two times a day, once in the morning and once before he goes to bed. When you notice that Erik ejaculates a very small amount of sperm, then that's a sign that his discharge was enough for the day. "

"Of course, you are right, Dr. Wood. Thank you. It's going to be a lot of work, isn't it?"

"Well, yes, but Erik is young and inexperienced, and he will cum quickly. Also, if you want to speed things up, he will need some visual stimulation," added Dr. Wood with an enigmatic smile.

"Visual stimulation? So... you think ... " Kate couldn't believe what the doctor said.

"Yes, I think you can stimulate him by dressing up in some suitable lingerie and underwear which will help him to cum more quickly. You do have a lovely body, Kate."

"Thank you," Kate blushed as she felt doctor's eyes roaming admiringly over her.

"But not just that, Kate. He must see a woman in you, not just the mother. You need to watch his reaction. It's important to me to know how he reacts to women. Is that ok?"

"OK, yes. I will try."

"Thank you Kate, you're great. Not every woman or every mother could be so open-minded. Now, I'll invite Erik back in."

When Erik came back in, Dr. Wood explained that he should not worry, that everything's all right with him.

"Do you still feel the pain in your testicles, Erik?"

"No, the pain is gone now," replied Erik, a little more relaxed.

"Well, it's because we emptied your testicles. You're a healthy teenager, and your hormones are raging. We understand that. When the sperm accumulates in your testicles, then they begin to hurt. So, you need to ejaculate more often. Is that clear, Erik? "

"Yes, Dr. Wood."

"Since you don't have a girlfriend to help you, I asked your mom to help you in the same way as I did. Is that ok?"

"Yes," Erik confirmed quickly. This pleasantly surprised Kate and the doctor since he did not protest.

"Excellent," Dr. Wood said, now looking at Kate and smiling. "I suggest that your mom masturbate you twice a day, once in the morning and once before you go to bed. But don't be shy and ask her for help if you need it. Your mommy's here to take care of that for you, aren't you, Kate?" she continued.

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