tagIncest/TabooErik's Transformation Ch. 02

Erik's Transformation Ch. 02


Many thanks to Nadia for editing and improving this.


Erik and his mother, Kate, arrived back at home after the appointment with Dr Taylor. Neither one could look at the other and soon it became quite awkward. It was about 11 a.m. and both of them were thinking about an upcoming doctor visit.

Erik was totally unsure what to make of what just happened. He had come from the doctor's office where a sexy older woman jerked him off and let him cum and not only that but he did it in front of his mom! Then Dr. Wood prescribed "masturbation" as she had put it two times a day, and surprisingly enough, his mom was more than determined for the job! Although his mom was hot and he had been dreaming of her for years, he never thought that his mom was actually going to jerk him off! This was better than any fantasy he had ever had.

Kate was also thinking about what had transpired in the doctor's office. She didn't know what had come over her when she agreed to jerk her own son off several times a day. She felt her own excitement increase as she thought about Erik and his big cock though.

As the evening drew near, they both became nervous and excited. They were trying to hold a normal conversation. After dinner, Kate went to take a shower. She shaved her large, succulent pussy lips and after that, she thought of what to wear. She was looking for something sexy, as proposed by Dr. Wood. She found a bra that was transparent and revealed her large natural breasts. Her nipples were clearly outlined through the thin material. Then she found similar panties that were a size too small. When she got dressed those so small thin panties, it clung to the folds of her meaty pussy. After that, she put on black suspender belts that had a floral lace detailing, a soft mesh front panel, and a cute satin tab. Kate loved the feeling of stockings on her skin so she slipped on a pair of black fishnet stockings with a black seam and black satin ribbons. She felt feminine, seductive and kinky. Over that, she put on a short and tight dress that buttoned in the front, which pronounced her good figure and her round butt. She looked in the mirror and then undid the top and the last button on her dress. She was satisfied with her appearance as her short dress revealed the beginning of her cleavage and most of her shapely legs.

Around 7:30 pm, Kate knocked on the door of Erik's room and reminded him that Dr. Wood was coming soon. Erik had taken a shower and fifteen minutes later he had gone down into the living room. He looked at his mom admiringly. Wow, he liked her new sexy look. The doorbell rang and Kate quickly got up and opened the door. Dr. Wood came in with a big smile on her face.

"You look beautiful, Kate. And so sexy!" she said holding Kate's hand and looking at her from head to toe. She was pleasantly surprised by her transformation. "Am I right Erik?" she added with a wink.

"Yes, my mom is very sexy," replied Erik as his answer surprised both of them.

"Erik, do you feel the need for your mom empty your testicles?" Dr. Wood asked in a sultry voice.

"Yes, I do," answered Erik without hesitation.

"That's great! Kate, where do you propose you do it?"

"Err...I suppose to do it in Erik's room or in my room."

"Let's have a look," said Dr. Wood with another smile.

They went into Erik's room first.

"Hmmm, Erik's bed is a bit small. Let's take a look at your room, Kate."

"Ooh, this is much better," exclaimed Dr. Wood, when she saw Kate had a king-sized bed. "It will be much more comfortable," she added. She wanted to begin their convergence in Kate's bed. Putting an arm around Kate's waist, she asked her eagerly, "Are you ready, darling?"

"Yes, I think I am ready," responded Kate in a lust-filled voice.

"Come on, Erik. Your mom is going to take your pants off."

Erik come and stood in front of Kate with a bewildered expression. Slowly, Kate took Erik's t-shirt off. Dr. Wood noted that his chest was nicely developed and muscular.

"Your son is grown man, is he?" She asked.

"Yes," Kate agreed proudly and sank down to her knees, quickly undid her son's belt and pants, and slowly pulled them down to his feet. Then she tugged down Erik's underwear, freeing his very swollen cock, which immediately jumped up against his stomach. Her gasp joined that of Dr. Wood's.

"Mmm Erik, I'm glad that you're relaxed and that your penis is ready," claimed Dr. Wood with smile. "Go on and take it, Kate," she ordered.

Kate's heart was beating so hard that she thought it would explode. His cock was so fat she could barely get her fingers around it. Then slowly, she began to stroke it.

"Oh it's so beautiful, isn't it Kate?" Dr. Wood mumbled as she admired the sight.

"Yes, it's so beautiful and... so big," Kate replied, not hiding her amazement.

Erik was in heaven. "Mom, that feels amazing," the moan escaped his lips.

"Thank you, baby," replied Kate who was in ecstasy, too. Her tits shivered, her nipples was erect and hard.

"Kate, I want you to empty Erik's testicles on your bed. There, he will be more comfortable," stated Dr. Wood. She grabbed Kate by the arm and helped her get up.

Dr. Wood then placed Erik on the bed in a comfortable sitting position, putting a pillow under his back. Then, she positioned Kate on her knees between his legs. At the same time, she unbuttoned the top and bottom button on Kate's dress. Now her dress was buttoned with only the two middle buttons on her tummy. Kate did not protest. She agog leaned forward and took Erik's erect cock in her hand again, giving Erik a very nice view of her cleavage. There was much more than cleavage though and he could see the entire curve of the side of her large tit. He could also see the light pink skin surrounding her nipple.

"Erik, do you like your mom's tits?" Dr. Wood asked him when she saw how he gazed upon his mother.

"Err ... yes, yes... she is so hot," he said as his cheeks flushed red.

Kate was now jerking off his cock with both hands. She was delighted with the size and thickness of his cock. She slowly lowered from the kneeling position to a sitting one with her legs tucked under her buttocks and her knees spread apart. Erik gasped because he could see his mom's crotch and the wet spot on her panties. The moisture also made her tight panties totally transparent and Kate's swollen pussy was clearly visible through the thin material. Dr. Wood even thought she could smell the arousal of Kate.

Then Dr. Wood caught Erik's glance.

"It's ok, sweetie, you can look at your sexy mother," Dr. Wood encouraged him as she sought confirmation from Kate.

"Oh, yes... you can honey," replied Kate breathlessly.

"Thank you, mom. I like looking at you," he admitted.

Then, Dr. Wood unbuttoned the two remaining buttons on Kate's dress and moved the flaps of it to the side. Kate did not protest, again. Now the entire front side of her body was revealed and Eric could clearly see her heavy breasts in the transparent bra, her rounded naked belly, the sexy black suspender belts and her shaved swollen pussy in wet tight panties which produced the clearest camel toe possible. Kate felt his gaze burn her body.

"Oh mom, you are so... beautiful and ... hot," Erik cried out.

"Thanks honey, you too," Kate moaned.

"I can tell that you like Erik's cock, Kate!" said Dr. Wood.

"Err, yes, it's, uh, stunning," she stammered.

"What about you, Erik? Do you feel good?" asked Dr. Wood

"Yes..." nodded Erik as he gasped.

"Does mom stroke your cock good?"

"Yes, yes..." groaned Erik, biting his lip, letting his eyes close in pleasure.

"Bravo Kate, keep it up!" Dr. Wood praised Kate's handiwork. "Look at you giving him what he needs!"

"Oh yes," Kate whispered, her eyes wide. "That's what I need, too! Give me that beautiful cock!"

Kate's hand went in full motion and she furiously jerked him off. Erik gasped as he felt his balls beginning to tighten and knew he couldn't hold back much longer. He started to whimper with each thrust and Dr. Wood yelled, "Go ahead Erik, give it to mom! Let her feel your hot cum!"

"Oh cum to me, Erik. Give mom every drop," Kate whispered. She couldn't help feeling a stirring of lust deep in her pussy

Soon enough, his orgasm released and he shot wildly in the air. The first shot went all over Kate's lips and chin. Kate aimed his cock in downward so the next few shots of cum went all over her bra and belly. Finally, it ended with just a few dribbles falling all over her panties. Kate was so covered in Erik's cum so he was sure she was going to yell at him for making such a mess.

"I'm so sorry mom," he said, scared.

"God, he gave her a cum bath," Dr. Wood thought. She looked in excitement at the mess Erik just made of his mother.

"Wow Erik, your mom looks beautiful now! And don't be afraid. Mom likes your thick cum, right Kate?"

"Yes, I like yours hot thick cum, honey," gasped Kate. She was amazed at the amount that came out.

"Bravo Erik. You were good boy," Dr. Wood praised him. " Didn't you feel better now?" she asked.

"Yes... yes, much better," confirmed Erik as he tried to catch his breath.

"Good job, Kate!" The doctor beamed at Kate. "It was quick, as I told you?"

"Yes, it was quick, and it was not hard for me at all," Kate answered honestly.

"I hope you enjoyed it, too."

"Oh yes, I enjoyed it very much. His cock was magnificent and... he came in amazing quantities," yelled Kate.

"Yes, he had very voluminous ejaculations. I counted; he ejaculated eight long streams of semen. Remember, I warned you earlier how much semen he produced! This means that you should empty his balls as often as possible."

"Yes, I will," said Kate enthusiastically.

"I'm sure you can proceed now without me. I will see you both on Monday."

Kate got up to follow the doctor. Cum poured down her body and she snatched the towel and quickly wiped herself off. Her legs were trembling as he closed the door behind the doctor.


On Monday at 11 a.m. Kate and her son Erik went for a scheduled appointment with Dr. Wood.

"Kate, Erik, how very good to see you again," she said beaming at both of them.

"We are happy to see you too," Kate replied.

Dr. Wood could see that Kate changed her outfit style. Her unbelievable body was encased in a tight business suit. She saw her curvy legs, her full, slightly swaying ass and her big, round breasts.

"Kate, I have to notice you look very sexy."

"Thank you," she replied shyly.

When they sat on the sofa, the doctor looked at them questioningly and at Erik with a smile on his lips.

"You both do look happy, does that mean that everything is ok?"

They both nodded. Their smile spoke more than words.

"Yes, everything is all right Dr. Wood," Erik added.

Kate saw that he was now much more relaxed in dealing with Dr. Wood.

"Kate, did you follow my advice that you should empty Erik's balls as often as possible?"

Kate nodded and blushed a little.

"Erik, do you feel better now?" asked the doctor.

"Yes, much better," he answered with a faltering voice. "I do not feel any pain in the testicles anymore," he added as he relaxed further.

"So how many times a day did you empty Erik's balls?" asked Dr. Wood with a smile.

"Err... You suggested that we started with at least two times a day, so I masturbated Erik on Friday three times, than five times on Saturday, and yesterday err... six times, I think," Kate replied shyly.

"Seven times, mom." Erik corrected Kate.

"Hmmm .... yes, you are right honey, seven times," agreed Kate.

"Bravo Kate!" enthusiastically commented Dr. Wood. "And bravo Erik, you're really potent and full of sexual energy. Obviously you were more and more relaxed day by day?"

"Yes, I was more relaxed day by day and I enjoyed it more. So I felt the need to cum more and more," Erik said keenly.

"Mmm, it's interesting. Tell me when did your mommy empty your balls for the first time?"

"It was on Friday morning. Mom came into my room while I was sleeping. Mom's hand crawled into my pajamas and started caressing me. It was wonderful to wake up."

"Ohh, his cock was hard before I even began to fondle him. He was so tense and he came in a couple of minutes so abundantly that my blouse was all soaked," added Kate.

"Obviously, his balls were filled overnight. When did you jerk him off next?"

"It was in the afternoon. When I came back from work, Erik was waiting for me in the living room with a bulge in his pants. I immediately knelt in front of him, took off his pants and gave him relief," Kate said coyly.

"Did he cum large amounts of semen again?"

Kate nodded and blushed.

"Yes, I made a mess. Mom was showered in my cum. Her face, neck and blouse were covered with my sperm. But mom was not angry."

"Erik, I told you that your mom likes your sperm and she likes you cum over her face and body. Kate, when did you empty his balls for the third time?"

"I did it in his room before he went to bed."

"Were you wearing something sexy?" Dr. Wood asked teasingly.

"Yes, I was wearing a nightgown... " Kate said and paused searching for the right word.

"Mom was so hot, her nightgown was transparent and she was not wearing a bra..." Erik explained.

"Ohh, Kate, you're a really naughty girl! Erik do you like your mom naughty?" Dr. Wood asked provocatively.

"Yes, I do. Because I cum harder and faster when she dresses like that."

"Is this true?" Dr. Wood now asked Kate.

"Yes, I feel it has really helped him. He came quickly and strongly. His sperm sprayed really far..." said Kate wanted to justify herself.

"I' m glad it helped you. Very nice, Kate. But, how did you spend Saturday?" asked Dr. Wood.

"I was preparing breakfast when Erik came into the kitchen. I saw a bulge in his pajamas, and I knew that he needed relief. He sat down at the table. I stroked his cock and soon a flurry of his sperm shot up in the air and all over my face and body. Again, that was an impressive amount of fluids he released and I had to change my clothes. After breakfast, I was cleaning out the living room and Erik helped me. After a few minutes, I noticed the bulge in his shorts."

"It was quick wasn't it Erik?"

"Yes... I watched my mom while we were working ... She was wearing tight short shorts and a tight white t-shirt braless. Her tits were swinging freely with every move. When she bent down, I could see her full round ass... It was so exciting to me."

"Oh Erik, I understand you! Did your mom masturbate you in the living room?"

"Yes. I lay down on the couch and mom masturbated me. I came quickly. My sperm shot up all over her t-shirt. After that, we continued to work. Mom did not change her t-shirt, which was wet with my sperm. Her nipples were clearly visible. I felt a hard on again and I said mom I needed relief. She gave me a naughty smile and immediately stroked my hard cock several times. Then she continued to work. Every couple of minutes she stopped to work and stroked my cock several times again. She was masturbating me up to the edge of orgasm, then stopped to cool things down. She obviously wanted this to last. Finally, we finished work and mom led me to my room so we would not have made a mess in the living room. I stood in the middle of the room and my mom knelt and took off my shorts. As soon as she started to stroke my cock I came so hard. I was ejaculating my jizz all over mom, again."

"Oh poor Kate! Erik's thick sperm was all over you, again!"

"Yes, I was soaked with his sperm and I had to change my clothing this time. Then I needed a little break... That was a lot for me... and I went to the shops. Do you understand me?"

"Sure. You deserved it. It's not easy to restrain such a young stallion. Go on Kate."

"When I came back from shopping, I went to the kitchen to prepare dinner," Kate continued.

"Mmmm... yes, it was very nice. I could see mom's new sexy look when I went downstairs to the kitchen. She was wearing my old shirt that barely covered her ass. It was only a few buttons buttoned up. Mom was walking through the kitchen teasingly, she stretched and bent down," Erik tried describing the situation in the kitchen.

"I enjoyed how Erik responded to my body so it was a pleasure for me to look sexy and provocative for him," added Kate.

"I could see her tits swinging freely, her white panties, her fabulous ass, so I was soon hard as a rock. Then mom jerked me off and I came over her face and tits."

Dr. Wood smiled again, giving them a clear sign that she was fully satisfied with what she heard. "Go ahead..." she added eagerly.

"Fifth time I masturbated him before bedtime. This time I was wearing my new light pink pajamas," Kate started to explain.

"Gee, mom looked awesome," Kate was interrupted by Erik. "Her pajamas were thin and so small. It just clung to her hot body..."

"Kate, I suppose you're not wearing anything under the pajamas, no bra or panties?" asked Dr. Wood with a smile.

"Err you're right... I wanted to be provocative," Kate answered and blushed.

"Were you able to see her nipples through her small sexy pajamas, Erik?"

"Yeah, mom's hard and dark nipples were clearly visible."


"And I was able to see the shape of mom's ... err vulva."

"Oooh Erik, you mean mom's pussy. You can say pussy or cunt. I suppose her pajamas was tiny and tight so clearly outlined her pussy lips. Mom has a meaty pussy, doesn't she?"

"Yeah, mom has a beautiful meaty pussy. And I was able to see ... err ... a big wet spot on mom's crotch"

"Oooh, that is normal Erik! Hard nipples and a wet spot on mom's crotch attest to mom's excitement. You should understand mom was enjoyed, too!"

Erik nodded. He could not believe what the doctor just said. Talking with the doctor and mom like this was so exciting for him.

"Kate, what amount of sperm did Erik produce this time?"

"Slightly less than usual. But, I was covered in sperm, again."

"It's very nice! I can not wait to hear how did you spend Sunday?"

"He was still asleep when I went in his room. I removed the blanket and pulled his full erect cock out of his underwear. I pumped it slowly as I watched the head fill with blood with each stroke. It looked like it was going to explode and was dripping a steady stream of his juice. I knew his balls were full of sperm and he would soak my nightgown, again. That is why I decided ... err... how to say..." Kate obviously did not know how to explain.

"Wow, it was amazing!" Erik took advantage of his mom's confusion. "I woke up immediately when mom took my cock in her hand. She stroked me slowly and then she bent her head, stuck out her tongue and licked my glans. It was incredible, feeling her warm wet tongue go up and down my cock. Then she took me into her warm mouth."

"Wow Kate, you gave him a blow job!" Dr. Wood said it teasingly.

"Yes, I did," she answered.

"Did you let him cum in your mouth?"

"Yes, I did," Kate said and blushed

"Did you swallow?"

"Yes, I tried, but I was not skilled enough that first time. A small stream of cum leaked from my mouth and tumbled from my lips over his cock."

"Bravo Kate. You've found the best way to not make a mess and saved your nightgown. Did you like the taste of Erik's spunk?"

"Oooh yes! It tasted so good, so thick and sweet."

"Did you continue the blow job and emptying Erik's balls in the course of the day?"

"Yes. In fact Erik seemed delighted with my mouth. After ten minutes he walked into the kitchen. He was only wearing a t-shirt. His cock was swaying as he walked. I saw that he was hard again. I blowed him and swallowed his cum, again. Then I told him to stay naked without underwear, because I wanted to see more easily when he is excited."

"Great idea, Kate. Young stud was walking naked in the house. What about you? What were you wearing?"

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