tagIncest/TabooErik's Transformation Ch. 05

Erik's Transformation Ch. 05


Many thanks to Seereeoslee for editing and improving this.

Three days passed since Dr. Wood visited Kate and Erik. She was anxious to hear from them. Did Erik make progress since he started the second phase of his treatment? Did Erik still feel insecure around sex and females? How did fucking his mom help him? Finally, Dr. Wood called Kate.

"Dr. Wood speaking. How are you, darling?" Dr. Wood asked, a little concerned.

"Ooo... fine ... fine," Kate replied with surprise in her voice.

"I was worried. Is everything all right?"

"Yes, yes, everything is ok... "

"I expected you to call me," said Dr. Wood little angrily.

"Sorry, I wanted to, but I took some time off from work and... all time I was dedicated to Erik," Kate answered hoarsely.

"Oh, I am glad to hear that." Dr. Wood realized that there was no reason to be mad at her. "How is Erik?"

"Erik is great. I am so proud of him. How would you put it? He is very quick on the uptake ..."

"Very nice, Kate. I told you that your help is the key to Erik's success! So, can I see both of you tomorrow at 10am? I want to verify that Erik's self-confidence has increased.

"Yes, it is ok. We'll be there. See you tomorrow."


The next day Kate and Erik visited Dr. Wood again. Dr. Wood was pleasantly surprised by Kate's appearance. She had cut her hair short, and dyed it red. Her make-up emphasized her full and pouty lips. She was in a tight, silky blouse and her round breasts were pushed together, forming a mountain of cleavage. Her miniskirt hugged her ample curves and the heels of her pumps made her legs look impossibly long and shapely. She was definitely hot and sexy.

"Kate, my god, you look absolutely radiant!" Dr. Wood welcomed them with a broad smile. "You look brighter, tauter, and years younger ... and... like you've lost a bit of weight."

"Thanks," Kate replied in a soft voice, blushing.

"Obviously you felt good while teaching Erik. And you've really enjoyed yourself, haven't you?"

"Yes, a lot," Kate admitted, and blushed again. It was clear that the doctor assumed that her good looks were the result of her fucking Erik.

"Bravo Erik, you made your mommy very happy!" Dr. Wood turned to Erik. "Happy and satisfied!"

"I did my best. She deserved it; she helped me a lot. I have had a great teacher," Erik said proudly.

"Nice, Erik! Did you enjoy fucking your horny mom?" Dr. Wood asked him with a smile.

"Ooo yes, yes... very much! Getting to fuck my mom had been so incredible," Erik answered happily.

"Very well. I can see that you both are much more relaxed in your relationship, right?"

They both nodded, confirming doctor's words. "Your advice from the last time helped us to relax a lot. Thanks again," added Kate softly.

"You're welcome. I'm here to help you. So, tell me how did you spend the time since our last meeting? How many times a day do you have a sex?"

"So...I think four to five times a day," Erik answered and looked at Kate asked for her confirmation. She just nodded.

"Wow, you fucked your mom four or five times every day? Obviously, both of you were horny all the time! Congratulations Erik, you are so potent!"

"Well, err ... It was not hard for me. When my mom told me I could fuck her when I feel the urge, anytime and anywhere, I felt free. And I had a strong urge for sex all the time," Erik said passionately.

"What! Ohhh, Kate, you're a really naughty girl. Why did you tell him that he can fuck you anytime and anywhere?"

"Well... I thought it was best to do nothing to force Erik. I wanted to adjust to our new relationship... I wanted him fuck me when he felt the need... I wanted Erik to be relaxed. I mean, I wanted to do my best for Erik for medical reasons," Kate explained, trying to justify herself. Then she added, "God, I hope that was ok. I'm so embarrassed!"

"Don't be silly, Kate. It's all very natural. I'm sorry if I've caused you embarrassment. I understand; this way Erik was certainly more relaxed. As I told you, it is very important that your relationship be natural and relaxed."

"Yes... yes," Kate confirmed with relief.

"And I requested her to be naked all the time while she is in house. The most I ever allowed her to wear was a tiny thong and bra set. I like when her large tits and pussy lips are visible all around," added Erik.

"Well done, Erik. So, tell me where did you fuck your mommy? In which places?" asked the doctor.

"Well, all over the house. I fucked mom in her bedroom, in the kitchen, the bathroom, living room, on the stairs, in my room ..." Erik replied without hesitation, with a touch of pride.

"Wow! Obviously you were always with your mommy and you used every chance to fuck her. I'm glad you heeded your mom's request to fuck her whenever you felt the urge. The more that you have sex with your mommy, the more it will increase your self-confidence," Dr. Wood smiled. She liked that Erik had his mom remain mainly nude while at their house, readily accessible. She was sure he fucked her constantly, dumping load after load into her hungry pussy.

"So, I want to hear more details. Kate, after I left you, did you give Erik relief before bedtime?" Dr. Wood continued.

"Yes, after you left us we had to rest. I was so tired, you know ... after..." Kate paused.

"I know, you were tired after Erik fucked you so hard. That is understandable," Dr. Wood encouraged her.

"Yes, I needed to sleep and I went to bad earlier than usual, but before that I gave Erik a quick blowjob."

"You swallowed his load, I guess," Dr. Wood teased.

Kate sighed and, shaking her head, exclaimed, "Yes, I love the taste of his cum! It tasted so good, so thick and sweet."

"I know you like it. Obviously you are turning into a cum fiend. Go on Kate."

"Next morning, I awoke to his fingers touching me, caressing me, exploring me... I felt Erik's hand on my... err... pussy," Kate paused again, she was undecided how to continue.

"Does this mean that Erik is sleeping in your bed, Kate?"

"Yes," Kate replied shortly and continued, "He moved into my bed... Is that ok?"

"Of course, Kate. Perfectly! You should behave like real lovers. And...?"

"And... I assumed that he needed relief and I spread my legs wide apart to give him better access.

"Well done Kate. I'm sure that Erik needed relief. In the morning, men are always craving sex. Additionally, he has got his hot naked mom in bed with, and she's willing to do anything he wants. Keep going, my dear."

"I felt Erik's fingers smearing my juices over my lips.... waves of excitement flooded through my body as he gently charged first one, then two fingers in my pussy. Oh... his thumb circled my clit with the perfect pressure and pace and I moaned in ecstasy without restraint. I wanted my son to know how much I liked it," Kate continued, a little braver now.

"Yes, it is important, Kate, to be loud! In this way you are telling Erik that you enjoy his touches. But, you said you felt Erik's fingers in your pussy. Does that mean you were sleeping without panties?" Dr. Wood asked teasingly.

Kate blushed and in soft voice replied, "Yes, at his request I was not wearing panties. Actually both of us were totally naked in bed. I've found that like to sleep naked and I enjoy the touch of Erik's naked body. Is that ok?"

"Of course, Kate. Great! I am very pleased with you. I am glad to hear that you were sleeping together in your bed completely naked! It tells me that both of you are more relaxed. Continue Kate," demanded the doctor.

"Well, after a few minutes Erik got up and placed himself between my legs. I felt his hard cock between my thighs and I spread my legs more. Then Erik penetrated me and began pounding stronger and stronger thrusts into me. He was kissing me... he caressed me... he sucked my nipples... My legs were open very wide and pulled back to my stomach and he penetrated me deeply... ooh my ... I had the urge to tell him how much I liked deep penetration. I told him I wanted his cock inside of me... fully inside of me. I think that drove him wild and he groaned and he came. I felt every heavy twitch, every hot blast of cum ejaculating into my depths," Kate finished breathlessly.

"Oooh, it sounds like it was fantastic, Kate! I guess he was very excited and he could not last longer while fucking you. Were you having trouble reaching orgasm?" asked the doctor.

"No, no... he fucked me furiously for about fifteen minutes. And that was incredible. I must have cum at least ten times," timidly replied Kate.

"Mmmm... mom's milking pussy was amazing. Her orgasm seemed to be happening non-stop. Her hot pussy spasmed and I had to cum quickly!" Erik tried to explain.

The doctor nodded, approving. "You were great, Erik. I've noticed that your mom is multi-orgasmic and once she starts into her 'Big Bang' she will be rocked by hard orgasmic waves sometimes lasting five to ten minutes... I know, in those moments it is difficult for you to delay ejaculation. However, you fucked mommy for fifteen straight minutes! That is good for a first day fuck and it is even better for an average fuck session." Then she said to Kate, "Tell me about another time he fucked you."

"So... it was... immediately. He did not stop... his cock was still hard so he just continued to fuck me," Kate replied.

"Wow Kate, you know that a majority of men need 'break time' to rebuild their strength and allow their cocks time to feel excitable again. But Erik is like you, he may be stimulated to another orgasm immediately after having one. That is why he stayed erect after orgasm! I'm sure he fucked you longer this time."

"You are right, Dr. Wood. He fucked me for a very long time, about an hour. At first he was gentle and he was kissing me tenderly. He started fucking me very slowly and gently, in various positions. Then he continued to fuck me harder and harder and I cried out in pleasure... I was completely at the mercy of his cock. I was fucked hard and rough and I liked it! Finally, we collapsed onto the bed in exhaustion," said Kate now much more confident.

"I hope you had a good rest after your rough and wild fucking!" Dr. Wood smiled.

"Yes, I needed a rest and I slept for about an hour. When I woke up Erik allowed me to wear only a T shirt, without bra or panties. We had breakfast and then Erik helped me wash the dishes and clean the house. He was close to me the whole time, completely naked and he used every chance to caress my butt, boobs, pussy. Of course, I was entirely comfortable with this and never objected. He was caressing me the right way and I tried to give him the message that I was enjoying his attentions. I moaned ... I purred... sometimes I caressed his balls and cock. After two hours of such play I felt his hard cock massage my butt. I just bent over and pushed up my ass. When I leaned forward a bit he entered me from behind in one quick motion. You know, I love that position because of the deep penetration. I found that the farther I leaned over, the deeper he could get. And if I felt like he was thrusting too deeply, I could adjust my stance so that I wasn't bent over so far and the thrusting was suddenly shallower," explained Kate still blushing, however she was much more relaxed and she was enjoying sharing her story.

"Great, Kate. Obviously, you learned too! How long did he fuck you this time? How many orgasm have you had?"

"Errr... Erik fucked me about forty-five minutes. You know... I liked doggy style... when he would penetrate me so deeply. I would cum easily and I could just keep on going for hours. I think I had at least four long multiple orgasms. So if I am counting each of a multiple orgasm as one, that number could be really high, about twenty-five or thirty!"

"Mmm... I believe that under the right circumstances you can just keep on going for hours. You are lucky boy Erik. Your mom is so horny and I don't think there's actually a limit for her! Continue, Kate."

"So... the third fuck session was around 5pm in Erik's room," continued Kate. "Erik was lying down on his bed and reading a book. I knew that his testicles were full of sperm. I approached him and started to fondle his testicles ... I mean ... balls. Then I swirled the tip of my tongue around his scrotum. I licked his balls with long, sweeping strokes then I took each testicle all the way into my mouth."

"Bravo, Kate! I like that you showed initiative. Sucking on his testicles can make for an incredibly sensational experience - and you'll double his pleasure if you simultaneously fondle his shaft," Dr. Wood commented.

"Yes, I did that... and he was quickly hard. Then I began to suck his appetizing cock. I relaxed and took him all the way to the back of my throat. God, I like to feel his hard cock in my mouth," Kate said with excitement in her voice.

"Did he finish in your mouth?"

"Not that time. I stopped sucking and I got on top of Erik, facing him. We started in this position but without penetration. Erik kissed me and we made out for a while. However, I was so ready ... I needed his rigid cock ... and... I lifted my hips and he pushed into me. He repeatedly penetrated me deeply and after a few minutes he said, 'Mom, you know how much I love your butt. Why don't you swing around?' I must have looked a little panicked because he laughed and said, 'Relax. You can get up and reposition yourself.' I pulled away and sort of half crouched over him and waddled around so I was facing his feet. He re-entered my pussy and... it was... amazing! "

"Yes! I know you like to be penetrated from behind and this position is similar as doggie-style. The angle is perfect for G-spot stimulation. And even better, this position leaves the guy's hands free to reach around!"

"Yes, he squeezed my breasts and my butt; he used his fingers to tease my nipples. He kissed my neck. He fucked me for about an hour and I achieved five or six long multiple orgasms. When I noticed that he was ready to ejaculate I stood up and took his cock in my mouth. You know how much I love his ... err his hot sperm. Soon, he was filling my mouth with a big load of sperm that only a young man could produce. And I swallowed all."

"Mmm... very nice... Continue please," Dr. Wood said, contented.

"The fourth fucking was around 8pm. We got it on in the kitchen..."

"I'm guessing Erik took you from behind, right Kate?" the doctor asked, her voice husky.

"Err, yes he did," Kate replied. "Erik was sitting at the table while I prepared dinner. I was wearing just a short, sexy lace nightgown and high heels. I had no panties... and I knew he was watching me closely while I walked across the kitchen."

"Wow, transparent nightgown and high heels! You acted like a slut, right?" asked the doctor.

"Yes, Kate replied blushing, "I wanted to look provocative and for Erik to consider me hot and sexy."

"It's totally ok, Kate. What was Erik's reaction to your near-nakedness?"

"He told me how sexy I am... and... he got up and approached me..."

"Mmm... It tells us that Erik loved you to dress for him in what we might call 'stimulating clothing'. You have to constantly strive to be accommodating for Erik." The doctor encouraged her again, "Go on..."

"Erik's hands were immediately all over me. He pushed me up against the wall and kissed me. Then he kissed my neck. Ohh... I like neck kisses; they have the ability to make me instantly hot and ready. I reached down, grabbed his huge cock and started to give him a hand job. Then he put me on the kitchen sink, my butt was hanging off the edge. I was propping myself up on my elbows, which were on either side of the sink. I laid back, lifted my pelvis and wrapped my legs around him. Our faces were close and he kissed me. When he lifted my butt off the sink, it felt ama-a-zing. Then he penetrated me slowly and deeply. And I loved that Erik could do sort of a reverse thrust... he stood still, put his hands on my waist, and pulled me towards him. He was moving really slowly and I orgasmed really quickly that time."

"When did Erik cum?"

"After half an hour. His orgasm was so strong. He fucked me all the way through it, stream after stream of cum pouring into me, until he was spent. He was great. He knows I like long, drawn-out sex... he knows I like to be fucked for hours. I achieved four long multiple orgasms again," Kate finished breathlessly.

"Mom was amazing, too," added Erik. "When I slowed I could feel mom's pussy clenching around my cock. Wow, she orgasmed the whole time I fucked her. However, when I stopped moving she was still coming! So I started screwing her again, short, fast strokes, for as long as my stiffness would hold out."

"Great Erik. That was not the last fuck before bedtime, though, was it?" the doctor asked a bit astonished.

"Err, you are right," answered Kate. "We didn't go to sleep until about 11 o'clock."

"I guess both of you were naked in bed, right Kate?" Dr. Wood asked.

"Yes... I was relaxing on my left side with my back to him and Erik hugged me tight from behind."

"You mean he hugged your hot naked body! And soon you felt Erik's erection on your butt?"


"Of course, Kate. What else could you expect from a young stallion? Tell me how Erik fucked you this time."

"Erik ran his hand over my breasts, then over my belly and my pussy. He caressed me all over my body and I loved it. I bent my right leg at the knee so that Erik had better access to my pussy. Erik even raised my right leg in the air and held my legs tightly with his left hand. Now he had an excellent approach to my widespread crotch. With his right hand he fixed the top of his cock at the entrance to my pussy. I was so wet and Erik shoved deep into me in two or three jerks. He fucked me with long slow strokes. I was feeling his full length penetrate me repeatedly. With his right hand he stimulated my swollen clit, he pinched my nipples, and he squeezed my boobs. He teased me and asked me repeatedly if it felt nice, even though I was moaning loudly. Then he turned me onto my back. He was holding my boobs and squeezing them... it felt amazing. I wrapped my legs around him and he pushed into me. He was going so deep and was being so rough. I love when he is rough. I reached up and put my hands on the wall behind my bed. It makes my tits look super perky! He kissed my tits and lips and started thrusting faster and faster. I could hear the clap as our bodies hit each other. I came hard several times ...and finally I felt his hot cum fill me," Kate ended describe panting. It was clear that she had gotten herself very excited.

"So you two spent a wonderful day together, fucking. Was it that exciting on the other days?"

"Yes, yes...except Eric had more initiative. And... he was getting better and better... you know..." Kate trailed off unable to complete the sentence.

"Yes, I know. You mean he was getting to be a better and better lover and he was fucking you better and better!"

Kate opened her mouth to reply, but nothing came out so she just nodded.

"It is because he has a magnificent teacher! His teacher is an extremely beautiful woman with an amazing body! Am I right, Erik?"

"Yes, mom is beautiful and very hot and I love her amazing body. I love her big full breasts and her large sexy ass, everything about her to me is perfect. And I could not stop fucking her..."

"Yes, I know that. I've just heard how often you fucked your mom. That's proof enough for me," doctor said with understanding.

Dr. Wood thought for a moment, then looking to the Kate, she said, "Come to think of it, I am not surprised that Erik fucked you so often, Kate. You stimulated and motivated Erik in the best possible ways. There is nothing more stimulating for a young stud like Erik than having permission to fuck a constantly excited female like you when and wherever he wants. Bravo Kate!"

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