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You know I'm a sucker for love. Public displays of affection. They are just such a complete turn on. Walking the city streets, any city, any state. Just stop and look around. I did. And my whole life completely changed. And changed for the better. That's when I met her.

She reminded me of the actress Erin Gray, huge baby blue eyes, long dark flowing hair, and that sweet smile. You know the one, actress of "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century," "Silver spoons," and one of the first ever Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Models. Yeah, that girl, well anyway, this woman, that changed my life, ironically happened to be named Erin. What luck huh? Well to be honest with ya'll, I've always had a crush on Erin Gray (the actress) anyway. I mean, she IS gorgeous. Well, that coupled with her good looks, prompted me to approach this woman, and of course I told this woman that she reminded me of Erin Gray, and she just blushed, and said, "no one's ever told her that before, and that she would take that as a compliment, as she herself thought Erin Gray was HOT!

Well anyway, Erin is now the love of my life. She was coming out of the corner Bookstore. She caught me looking at her and smiled. I hung my head and blushed. Then lifted my head and took the plunge and approached her. After the whole Erin Gray compliment, she put her hand underneath my chin, and lifted my head and planted a huge passionate tongue-filled kiss right on my mouth. I knew then, that Erin was the woman for me.

Erin and I now live together, in a two bedroom apartment. But we only use one, as Erin and I share one of them. Erin and I are perfect for each other. We both like corner bookstores, night clubs, and Public displays of affection. We both belong to an all girls gym. Which we attend 3-4 days a week, 3-4 hours at a time. We totally make out in the showers. The girls just stop and stare. We can tell they are so envious. That we are so daring, at kissing, and touching ourselves like that in public. We give each other the most passionate tongue-filled kisses you can imagine. Sometimes we even pick one of the girls to help us out. We give them a taste of what they seem to be staring at. We give her a tongue-filled passionate kiss. And let her touch us and see how in love we are. Or if you want to be serious, see how wet we become when everyone's watching us.

Sometimes we let one of the girls follow us home. Spend the entire day with us then go to a club at night. We just totally make out on the dance floor. Kissing each other, all three of us. Our tongues touching each others, Wine is a good source Of energy when you want to get laid. And you know that bartenders like to keep their alcohol flowing to willing, paying customers. We dance just about every song. Keeps the calories off. Because we have the bodies for it.. We each wear mini skirts.. With tight shirts that go slightly above our waists. With knee length matching go-go boots. All the men and women get so jealous. We can see it in their expressions. And it just makes us hotter. Turn us on even more. Sometimes we end up in the rest room. Most people know what is going on. We take our little friend with us. And let her join in on the fun. Two's company but threes awesome. We start by kissing each other, our tongues waging in each others mouths. Caressing and laving there. Our hands on one another. Lifting each others shirts up, cupping our breast through our bras. Laving our nipples making them harder in our playing. Our friend, we'll call her Summer Skye; takes a bold step, and caresses Erin's nipple through her bra, then takes her breast out of her bra and bends down to suckle her 1/2 inch erect nipple. That's one thing I love about Erin. Her nipples when they are erect they are a 1/2 inch. They feel so good with my velvet tongue just underneath and my mouth clamped over its crest. As I begin to suckle there. I just love to hear Erin let out her little whimper that she does when you suckle her breast. In fact she's whimpering now. It's such a turn on.

Summer really knows how to get my attention. Making Erin whimper like that, especially in a public place. Summer goes from one breast to the other. Suckling each one carefully. Summer reaches up with one free hand and lifts up my shirt, and caresses my nipples through my bra. I decided to help her out, I take out my size 36c's out of my bra and guide her free hand to my breast, letting her massage my aureole, into a full 1/2 inch nipple. Soon she lets go of Erin's breast and concentrates on my mine. Erin places herself on the floor vent. It's spring in the city, so it's okay. We had enough heat of our own. She takes her hands and reaches up underneath her skirt, and removes her panties. Baring her most sensuous place for all to see. I gently grab Skye by the hair and motion to her what Erin has done. I slightly push Skye out of the way and I head right for Erin. Massage her already ½ inch erect nipples. While probing my tongue in her mouth, and kissing her luscious blush colored lips. I travel my tongue and send kisses down her long torso, and kiss each erect nipple then begin to take one into my mouth, and suckle there.

Skye has gotten herself up on the heat vent also. Taken off her panties, hiked up her mini skirt, and lowered her love place over Erin's face. Nuzzling her love place there for what seems like hours. I begin to caress and lave at Erin's 1/2 inch erect nipples, carefully suckling them, trying to make them a little bigger, or actually receive some of her milk, if at all possible. My tongue underneath the nipple itself, and my mouth clamped just over the crest. I can hear Erin slightly moan around Skye's love place. I trace Erin's torso with feather like kisses, her body trembles a little. I kiss more feather like kisses down her belly, and lave in her belly button, for a few minutes. Then travel my kisses down her leg, and up the inside, and down the other and up it's inside. Erin is still nuzzling Skye's love place. Skye is playing about her erect nipples, gently pulling on them between her thumb and forefinger. I can see her mouth open in form, moaning incoherently. I trace more feather like kisses on Erin's inner thighs. Then travel kisses to her love place, and trace my tongue down her wet lips. Slowly parting them in their wake. I can hear the squishing sounds of Erin's mouth nuzzling Skye's love triangle. I take my tongue and lave there in Erin's love place, slowly then taking my tongue in and out of her love hole, connecting with her love button on my way up. As I look up from Erin's love place, I can see Erin's mouth draped over Skye's love triangle, tracing her tongue in and out of her love hole, caressing her love button, then begin to suckle there. Skye has both of her ample breast in her hands massaging her aureoles and her nipples, between her thumb and forefinger. Erin continues to suckle Skye's love button. I continue to lave in Erin's love hole, caressing her inner walls with my tongue. Then sending feather like kisses to her throbbing love button. I begin to suckle her there. Erin begins to shudder with delight. Skye begins to moan something incoherent again, as her body begins to rack with pleasure. Erin follows soon after.

Erin begins to kiss Skye's inner thighs, I begin to do the same to Erin, then travel my feather like kisses up her long torso, until I reach her meaty breast, and have them both in my hands, caressing them, laving them with my velvet tongue. Erin reaches up and places Skye's meaty breast in her hands and gently massages her nipples. Wanting to suckle them, she motions for Skye to bring her meaty breast to her mouth. Skye takes herself off the heat vent and complies with Erin's request. I take my mouth off of Erin's meaty breast, and put my bra back on and pull my shirt down again. Erin lets go of Skye breast. Skye who's down off of the heat vent and caresses her nipples and kisses me on my mouth, with a tongue-filled kiss. Then begins to put her bra back on, Erin has already done so. With that we kiss each other with our tongues waging. Laving each others tongues in each others mouths. We quietly leave the rest room, and go back to our seats, take a few more sips of wine.

We get a few envious lust filled glances. We just smile at them and leave the club. Walking arm and arm out to the car. And head for our apartment. As we reach our apartment, we get out of the car.. Skye mentions that she has to be at the gym very early in the morning and that she must go. Erin and I give each other a sly look, then mention to Skye that so do we. We had such a good time tonight, that why doesn't she spend the night. Skye replies.. "You two wouldn't mind?"

"Not at all, seeing as we all have to be at he same place in the morning" mentions Erin, as she looks at me and winks. I reply "no problem at all."

The Erin Replies, "the more the merrier."

"Then it's settled.. You're staying," I said.

With that we unlock the door, and into our apartment we enter. Take our shoes off, and head upstairs. Skye replies, "I really had a nice time tonight., thanks for letting me spend the night with you guys."

"It's our pleasure", I reply, with a wink at Erin and Sky.

We three women enter Erin's and my bedroom, Erin and I tossed our nighties aside then turn down the blankets and sheets and gather ourselves on our bed. We then motion for Skye to follow us. Skye does a back flip onto our bed and slides up to us and we three girls begin to kiss and fondle each other, our tongues waging in each others mouths.

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