tagSci-Fi & FantasyErin & The Amazing Twins

Erin & The Amazing Twins


Erin and Samantha have grown closer since their sexual encounter. Samantha would come home early from a night out with her friends, just to be with her incredible busty lover. Erin and Samantha would rent movies, play games, and of course, have tons of wild sex that any man would dream of with a busty girl.

One night, Erin and Sam rented a 1950 classic called "The Amazing Twins." It's one of Erin's favorite Martians meet cowboy movies. Even though the special effects were cheesy, Erin still loved James Dean for wearing his tight cowboy jeans. Sam wasn't really into the old western sci-fi movies. She ended up falling asleep, leaving Erin to enjoy her favorite movie.

As the movie was coming to an end, Erin didn't realize how tired she was from studying earlier and for giving Samantha an hour-long blowjob. Erin started dozing off and soon fell asleep along side Samantha.

Fifteen minutes later, Erin woke up to the sounds of the television as all the channels had gone off the air. Samantha was gone and Erin started panicking until she saw Samantha lying in her own bed, sound asleep.

Suddenly, Erin heard a knock at the door. She was afraid to answer it seeing how it was 3:00 AM in the morning. Erin walked over to the door and started looking through the peephole. She was freaked out by what she saw. Standing outside her door were two tall males dressed in 1950's alien costumes with large purple motorcycle helmets on their heads and weird antennas sticking out from their helmets.

"Please, open the door, Erin. We need your help," said one of the strange looking men with a robotic-like voice.

"Please, go somewhere else. I can't help you," Erin responded.

She turned around and the two strange men were behind her.

"AAHHHHH!!!" Erin screamed.

One of the strange men lifted up a finger and aimed it at Erin's mouth, making her screams silent. Erin realized that she wasn't saying anything and closed her mouth.

"We're not here to hurt you, Erin. You're the only one that can help us," said one of the odd men.

Erin's eyes moved up and down the strange men and saw their enormous genitals, bulging through their tight, spandex tights.

"How can I help you?" Erin answered surprisingly getting her voice back.

The bizarre men took off their large helmets, revealing their gorgeous faces to Erin. One guy had green-yellowish eyes, dark hair, and kind of resembled Colin Ferrell. The other guy's face was longer with a pointy chin and blue eyes and messy blond-brownish hair. He looked like a younger version of Jay Leno. After their helmets were off, the two men started pulling down their spandex tights, revealing their monstrous horse like cocks with giant grapefruit balls.

Erin was gasping for air at the sight of their throbbing rods. They had to be at least 16 inches long Erin thought to herself. She wondered how her pussy could survive an assault from either one of their dicks.

"We're the Amazing Twins. I'm Harry and this is Noland," said the dark haired guy. "Our cocks are in great pain and you're the only one that can relieve us of our pain."

"Why me?" Erin asked.

"You have the biggest breasts we have ever seen. We traveled the universe searching for the busty one. You're the busty one that can make our pain stop. An evil busty witch from the plant Von, gave us both blue balls and hard cocks. She tortured us and released us with our throbbing pain. Legend has it that only an average looking girl with incredible natural breasts can save us."

"I see," Erin replied folding her arms across her chest, making her mountainous breasts bulge from the sides.

"You're what the legend speaks of. Massive breasts with a huge ass and a mouth built for cocks," said Noland.

"Hey! I'm not a slut," Erin responded. "But if my assets will help you guys recover and continue living health, full lives, then I'll be happy to relieve the both of you of your amazing boners."

Both Harry and Noland had huge smiles on their faces. They started stroking their pulsing dicks as Erin walked closer to them. Erin got on her knees and wrapped both hands around the base of Harry's enormous cock first, but she engulfed Noland's swollen purple cock head between her full lips.

Erin started bobbing her head up and down Noland's thick meat, taking half his 16-inch shaft down her throat. While the rapidly stroked Harry's cock, she could feel it pulsing between her palms almost like a heartbeat. The mysterious aroma of Noland's crotch was mesmerizing Erin as she further moved her mouth down his meat, sliding her tongue all over his shaft. Harry started poking Erin in the face with his big cock head, wanting to get a turn in her mouth. Erin pulled Noland's massive cock out and impaled Harry's massive rod down her throat.

Harry was moving his cock all over the inside of Erin's mouth, bulging her cheeks out and dragging his cock head against the root of her mouth. Erin's tongue penetrated against Harry's pee hole.

"Oooohhhh God! I'm so glad we found you," moaned Harry as Erin's tongue wiggled further inside his pee hole.

Noland was getting bored. He looked down at Erin's humongous jugs swaying to and fro inside her extra large tee shirt. He reached down and started squeezing them. Erin's big hard nipples dragged against Noland's palms. Not even Noland's large hands could squeeze Erin's jumbo breasts as they overflowed his hands. As Noland was squeezing her tits, Erin started sucking harder on Harry's cock, forcing more of his meat down her throat.

Erin grabbed Noland's cock with one hand and started stroking at the base. Harry's wet cock dropped out from between her lips. Erin started licking his shaft up and down like an ice cream melting on a hot day.

"Move next to Harry, Noland," Erin suggested.

The two strange men were now side by side with their massive cocks throbbing towards Erin. Erin lifted up both their dicks and started moving her tongue over both sets of balls, licking first Harry's and then Noland's. Harry and Noland's cocks touched, allowing Erin to engulf a huge nut from each one of them into her mouth. Erin sucked and chewed on their winkled balls.

After Erin feasted on both their balls, she stood up and raised her arms.

"Why don't you guys do the honors?" Erin said, suggesting they remove her shirt.

Noland and Harry got on opposite sides of Erin and lifted her shirt up, over her voluptuous body. Her giant 38J cups bounced and swayed around her chest. Noland and Harry's eyes got wider at the sight of Erin's astonishing jugs. Each one took a huge tit in both hands and started squeezing her flesh, running their fingers all over her juicy melons, leaving the hard nipples untouched. Both Harry and Noland started wobbling Erin's gigantic orbs by holding the base of her breasts. Their cocks grew harder as they watched her tits wobble like huge bowls of jell-o.

"These things are magnificent so soft and heavy. Wish these juicy babies were full of milk," moaned Noland as he kneaded Erin's breast harder.

Harry pinched and tugged on Erin's thick hard nipple before taking it between his lips. Harry got a good amount of Erin's tit flesh between his lips while sucking hard on her aroused nipple. Noland did the same thing to Erin's other nipple. Erin held their heads against her meaty jugs and listened to the sounds of their slurping and sucking. Their massive dicks rested against Erin's thighs as they feasted on her giant melons.

Both Harry and Noland's mouths turned into mini vacuums, nearly sucking the dear life out of Erin's breasts. Their tongues moved all along the front surface of her smooth jugs, making circles around her big areolas and teasing the nipples with the tips of their tongues. Erin's panties became soaked and her pussy felt like a raging fire. Erin's body felt a chilling sensation as the boys brought her to an amazing orgasm from sucking her tits. Erin started cumming all inside her white panties. Noland and Harry continued their tongue and teeth assault on Erin's nipples.

"I never knew breasts tasted this good," moaned Harry in between stuffing his mouth full of Erin's delicious orbs.

Noland was also trying to stuff as much of Erin's tit flesh between his lips as possible. The orgasms continued to come and Erin continued cumming as no parts of her colossal tits were left dry.

Both Harry and Noland pushed Erin down onto the couch. Noland started pulling Erin's soaked panties down over her sock-covered feet. Harry now had both breasts to suck on. He smashed them together, making one giant nipple and suckled both into his mouth. That drove Erin crazy and she came again while Noland started licking her swollen cunt lips. He could taste her cum as it was pouring out of her pussy. Noland probed his tongue deep into Erin's womb. Erin arched her back, pushing her pussy against Noland's mouth. Her massive breasts ballooned out of her chest, and Harry had his hands and mouth all over them.

Noland furiously licked at Erin's enlarged clitoris. Erin was screaming and moaning, brought to several orgasms before finally releasing her juices in Noland's mouth.

"I think she's ready to make us ejaculate," said Harry in his robotic like voice. "Since you're already at her cunt, you can go first."

Harry reached over on the table for some baby oil. Erin was surprised that baby oil was even in their dorm room. Harry started pouring half the bottle of baby oil over Erin's humongous titties. He inserted his massive shaft between Erin's lips. Letting her suck his hard, thick cock while he massaged the baby oil over every inch of her well-sucked titties.

Noland let some of the baby oil drip down onto his huge cock head. He started to rub his slippery cock head against Erin's clitoris, sending chills throughout her succulent body. After teasing her pussy for a few minutes, Noland eases his throbbing cock between her moist pussy folds.

"OH GOD, it feels so good to have my cock inside a warm pussy again. Feels like warm apple pie," moaned Noland as he pushed his big dick through Erin's moist cunt walls.

Noland took hold of Erin's calves and began to thrust his thick shaft deep into her womb. Erin was moaning and groaning around Harry's giant cock stuffed between her lips. Noland just furiously pounded her pussy away and watched her giant slippery tits, slide and wobble all over her chest.

Harry pulled his wet cock out of Erin's mouth and straddled her stomach. He slapped his massive cock between her oiled titties. He gripped Erin's breasts from the sides, squeezing them around his hard dick tightly. Erin had her hands behind her head as Harry started thrusting swiftly between her mountainous tits.

Erin's voluptuous body was now a fuck toy for these two outer space strangers. She could barely contain herself while being fucked mercilessly by two giant cocks. Harry's huge cock head repeatedly popped out from between her cleavage and hit her chin. Harry had his hands full of Erin's J cups, sinking her soft, spongy flesh between his fingers while the rock-hard rubbery big nipples poked at his palms. Harry's huge balls were bouncing up against the bottoms of Erin's slippery breasts as he thrusted faster and harder between her wet cleavage.

Noland was nearly balls deep inside Erin's drenching pussy. His huge glistening cock was stuffed completely inside her swollen cunt. Their thick thighs banged together as Noland pounded her soaked pussy. Noland even kept his middle finger at her clitoris and rubbed it heatedly as Erin started cumming. Noland could feel her pussy juices flowing over his cock and balls.

Harry began pulling and pinching Erin's large nipples, rubbing them between his thumb and forefinger. Erin cupped her giant mammoths from the bottom, allowing Harry to continue pounding away at them between her cleavage.

After a few minutes of continuous pounding, Harry and Noland switched places. Harry now had his cock impaled in Erin's cunt while Noland used his pussy juice-drenching cock to beat on Erin's ample jugs and nipples. He wiped a bit of pre-cum on her nipples before sliding his slick cock between her giant breasts. Noland started riding her chest like a wild bronco, making her big tits flop in her face and against his thighs.

Harry bent Erin's legs against Noland's back, making her feet rest on Noland's shoulders. Noland could smell the stinky aroma from Erin's sweaty socks. Harry lifted himself up onto the couch, bouncing his ass off of Erin's huge ass while fucking her pussy.

"OOHHHHH! This does feel good!" moaned Harry holding the back of Erin's calves as her pussy clamped around his big dick.

They pounded Erin's pussy and tits for another 10 straight minutes causing Erin to cum several times and nearly pass out from the extreme fucking. Harry and Noland both felt their cocks ready to unload. Harry pulled out of Erin's sore cunt while Noland pulled away from Erin's huge sweaty tits. Both Harry and Noland aimed their overflowing cocks at Erin's chest and started blasting massive amounts of cum all over her chest, breasts, and neck. It was like an never ending river of cum that completely drenched Erin's upper torso. The guys even smeared their cock heads against cheeks and lips. Erin engulfed both of their cock heads between her lips and used her tongue to clean the cum off their pee holes.

"You have saved us, Erin. We thank you for relieving out painful erections. Until we meet again," both Noland and Harry said as they disappeared right in front of Erin.

Erin was in shock as the two vanished before her. Sam came out of the bedroom and looked at Erin with a weird look.

"Why didn't you wait for me to get up. If you wanted someone to cum all over your chest, I would have been happy to do it instead of you smearing your own cum on," Samantha said to Erin.

Erin smiled at Samantha and fainted. Samantha walked up to check on her and realized that she was fast asleep, exhausted from the fucking the two space aliens gave her.

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