tagInterracial LoveErin Goes Interracial

Erin Goes Interracial

byMike Franklin©

My friend Allison is a black cock whore.

There is really no better way to say it and I doubt that she would object to being identified as such. Ever since we met, sometime around our sophomore year of high school, she's had more black men on here than an NBA team.

Not that I have a problem with that, to each their own, but it is a fascinating phenomenon the power that she exerts over black men. Allison is not black, decidedly not; she is Irish through and through.

She has that pale, alabaster skin and the red hair that immediately identify her heritage. She isn't exactly pretty, though she's not ugly, and her body is rather, shall we say, curvy. But the 'brothers' line up for her like nothing I've ever seen before. Her tits are big and she loves to show them off and from the reports I've heard she's a downright freak between the sheets.

Allison and I went off to different colleges, only about two hours apart and we agreed to come and visit each other when we could. Halfway though my first semester at school I got a phone call from her.

"Hey Erin, Ally here."

"Ally, good to hear from you. How's college life?"

"Great," she replied. "There are lots of black guys here." I laughed, even though I knew she was being serious. "So Erin, when are you going to come and visit?"

"I could come up this weekend if you like."

It was agreed that the weekend would work and after she gave me some direction I gave her an approximate time on Saturday that I would be at her place. She rang off happily, saying she was looking forward to the weekend.

I was too, to be honest. School was a drag and I wasn't able to find the time to have a lot of fun and I knew that any night out with Allison was going to be downright crazy. No matter what, insanity seems to center around that girl.

The following Saturday morning I packed my bag and headed out to meet Allison. The trip went well, a quick two hours and early in the afternoon I was at her door. She opened it and I wasn't surprised to find her looking sleepy in just her bra and panties.

She yawned and stepped aside, allowing me to enter the dark living room. "Sorry, I just got up. I got a little drunk last night." Meaning: she got totally wasted off her ass. "Make yourself at home, I need a shower."

Allison went through the living room flicking on lights and picking up articles of clothing. I noticed that some were decidedly not female in origin and figured that alcohol wasn't the only thing that had been inside my friend last night.

I plopped on the couch while Allison padded into the bathroom for her shower. Nothing on the TV really interested me and so I picked up a magazine sitting on the end table. It was called "Men of Color" and as I flipped through the pages I found it lived up to its billing; virtually every page was a nude or near nude pictures of black men. I have nothing against black men, but at that point in time I hadn't yet gone to bed with one.

The men in the magazine were all very well muscled and kind of cute, I suppose, but the real thing that got me was the nude pictures. In most of them the men were not aroused but their cocks were still enormous! I'd had some big cock in my tight little pussy before (see 'Erin Goes Anal' for proof of that) but every single dick pictured seemed to be bigger than the next.

Allison emerged from the bathroom and saw me looking at the magazine. "Pretty impressive, huh?" She said, startling me as I hadn't heard her come into the room.

"I just can't believe all of them are that well, um, endowed. I would think that something that big would keep getting in the way."

Allison laughed. "They aren't all that big, just the ones worth dating," she said and I could tell from her tone that she wasn't joking one bit. "You like basketball? Want to go to a game this afternoon? Our team is playing UCW over at the field house."

"Sure. I'm up for whatever. I'm here to have a good time."

"Cool," she said toweling her flame red hair dry. "My man plays for them, starting forward. He's really good and he looks a lot like this, in every way" she said taking the magazine from my hands, flipping toward the back and holding it up for me to see. The picture was of a dark skinned man, very muscular and rather handsome, standing in a door way with his cock hanging down to his knees.

The surprise must have shown on my face because Allison's face broke into a huge grin.

She tossed the magazine back on the end table and went to get dressed. I picked it back up and looked the picture she had shown me, admiring the man's huge dick. A tingling started between my legs at the thought of having a cock that big inside me, until this point all the guys that I had gone to bed with since going to college had seemed to be card carrying members of the 'gerbil dick' club and always left me feeling unfilled and unsatisfied.

A few minutes later Allison stepped out of her room wearing a short skirt and low cut blouse that were wholly inappropriate for wearing in public; just what I would expert her to wear.

"We'll go to the game, get some dinner, then come back here and change. There is a huge party tonight that will for sure be a wild time."

"Sounds good," I said and we were off for the field house.

Basketball isn't my favorite sport but the athletes are enjoyable to watch, especially when they are good as Allison's college team was. Her boyfriend, Dennis (nickname D-nice, of course) was actually really good and he finished with the most points of anybody.

Allison and I sat just behind the bench and throughout the game Dennis would look over at us and nod, to which Allison would respond by opening her legs slightly and showing him a tantalizing amount of skin. It was totally whorish and totally Allison.

After the game we went and ate and returned to her apartment. Conversation turned to Dennis and Allison told me she had been fucking him for a few weeks. "We met at a party after a game and it was just magic. I saw him across the room and next thing I knew we were on the floor dancing, his hands all over my body. Then I took him in the bathroom and sucked his cock."

I choked on my pop with surprise and Allison smiled, happy that she had been able to shock me.

"So what do you think?" She asked when I had regained my composure. "Isn't he sexy?"

I agreed that he was. "And if he has anything in his pants like that guy in the magazine then you must be very happy."

Allison held her hands up about a foot apart and winked. I sat there open mouthed, knowing that she was serious but still not really believing it. My pussy believed it though and I could feel it start to tingle for a second time that day.

At the apartment we changed cloths, getting into party appropriate gear. For me that meant a tight shirt that hugged my smallish but firm breasts and my flat stomach plus a shortish denim miniskirt that shows off my muscular legs. For Allison that meant a blouse cut lower than the one she had just taken off (though I didn't know how that was even possible) that showed almost her entire breasts barely hiding her nipples and a skirt so short that the bottom of her round ass was visible with each step she took. And of course, her outfit didn't include any panties.

Her outfit wasn't a shock, why should it be, I've seen her wear something like that every time we've ever gone out together.

The party was at a large house just across campus and by the time we arrived the party was already jumping. There were people everywhere, a few white but the overwhelming majority was black. The music was loud, booming R&B and the smell of pot was thick in the air.

Allison lead me through the house, saying hello to the guys who turned to ogle her in her 'ho gear.' We got some drinks and proceeded down to the basement where the DJ and the dance floor were. Derrick was there talking to a group of black girls when Allison walked up, reached around him and grabbed his crotch. With disgusted looks all around the black girls left as Derrick turned and kissed Allison with a sloppy, open mouth kiss.

They broke their embrace and Derrick looked at Allison's outfit. "Fuck babe, you are one sexy bitch."

"Don't you forget it," Allison said rubbing herself against his body. 'I want you to meet Erin, she's the friend I told you was coming to visit."

Derrick reached out his massive hand and took mine in it, shaking it gently. "Very nice to meet you, Erin, Allison told me a lot about you. But she left out the part about how sexy you are."

I blushed and mumbled something about the good game he had played. Introductions made we found an empty booth at the back of the room and sat and talked and drank for a while. Derrick was a nice guy, not a total thug like a lot of the guys that Allison had introduced me too before, and I found that in addition to being a nice looking guy he was rather charming.

"I want to dance," Allison announced, and we all went out onto the dance floor. The lighting was low and the music was deafening as we pushed our way thought the growing throng of people. We found a spot were we could dance and Allison and Derrick pressed tightly together leaving me feeling like a third wheel.

While we were dancing a few guys came up and started dancing with me, but what they considered dancing I considered groping bordering on sexual assault. Derrick saw my disgust after my last effort to remove the guy who had slithered all over me and he pulled me over to him. Allison moved behind him and I danced with Derrick who kept any other creeps from trying to 'get up on me.'

I was getting into the music and we were having a good time, the three of us, dancing in the dark room. Maybe it was the atmosphere or the contact buzz I was getting from the smoke, but soon I found myself as close to Derrick as Allison was. His hands were on my body, subtly touching me all over.

We danced until we were all sweaty and tired and then went back and sat down. Derrick went to get us all another drink and Allison leaned over to me. "Derrick really likes you, I can tell."

"He's a nice guy."

Allison smiled. "And he's a great fuck. Would you like to join us tonight?"

I didn't know what to say, how to answer that question. Derrick unknowingly saved me when returned to the table carrying our drinks.

Allison leaned over to me and whispered "It's up to you, think about it" just as Derrick sat down.

"You girls talking about anything interesting?" he asked settling between us.

"Just girl talk," Allison said and picked up her drink and drained a large portion of it in one gulp. "C'mere," she said to Derrick and pulled him in for a make out session.

I tried not to look, tried to mind my own business and pay attention to the people dancing, but my eyes kept wandering. Derrick's hand was between Allison's legs and I could tell from the movements of his hand he had his fingers inside her. The sight of her pussy getting attention made my pussy ache for attention and I squirmed in my seat.

Eventually they broke off their embrace. "Let's get out of here," Allison said and Derrick agreed. We followed Allison out of the house and the three of us walked back toward her apartment.

Allison opened the door and led us inside. "Have a seat, I'll get us some drinks." She moved about her living room turning on soft lights, mood lighting, turned on the CD player and went into the kitchen. Derrick sat on the couch and I took one of the two chairs opposite him. Neither of us said much, both of us trying not too look at one another and invariably locking eyes every now and again.

I smiled nervously and Derrick said, "That was a pretty crazy party."

I nodded because I wasn't sure what else to say, then Allison returned with our drinks. She took the other chair opposite the couch and started working on her drink. I wondered why she hadn't sat next to Derrick then I noticed that his eyes were locked on her.

Allison had hiked her skirt up when she sat down and her legs were apart, giving Derrick a full view of her manicured red pubic hair and the pussy that lay beneath. I wasn't surprised, or even disgusted, lord knows I've done stuff like that before myself. So I just sat there and waited to see what my crazy friend would do next.

I still hadn't decided if I would take up Allison on her offer but every time I looked at Derrick images of the man in the magazine flashed though my mind.

"I feel like dancing," Allison announced and she changed CD's to play something with a dance beat to it. Neither Derrick of I budged, we both sat there and watched Allison move around the room drunkenly.

Her top was riding even lower on her now and the tops of her areolas, bright red against her pale skin, were peaking out over the top of the material. Her skirt was also hiding less than it was before, if you can believe that, and it didn't help that she was pulling at it with each swivel of her hips.

Allison danced and Derrick watched her dance and I watched Derrick watching her, curious to see where this was headed. I didn't have to wait long to find out. As the song ended, Allison sat her drink down and dropped to her knees in front of Derrick. She began fumbling with his belt and while he looked at me with an amount of concern in his eyes he made no effort to stop her efforts.

My eyes were locked on Derrick's when he got that far away look on his face; Allison had succeeded in freeing his cock from his pants and was now stuffing it in her mouth. Her body blocked my view of his crotch, but I could see that her head was now in his lap bobbing up and down.

Derrick set his drink down and leaned his head back. One of his large hands settled on the back of Allison's red hair while with he pawed at her large tits with the other one. I could hear the slurping of Allison's mouth as she gave a sloppy blowjob to her boyfriend and I could feel my nipples growing hard with excitement.

I slid a hand down between my legs and felt my pussy through my underwear; the heat radiating from my sex was intense and I could tell through the thin material that I was soaking wet.

I set my drink down and pulled my panties aside, sliding a finger into my waiting, wet hole. The walls of my pussy clenched around my finger as I pushed it past the folds of my lips and deep inside me. A small gasp escaped my lips and I nervously looked over at the couch; neither Allison nor Derrick was paying me any attention.

With the hand that wasn't between my legs I began to punch my hard nipples through my shirt while I worked a second finger inside myself. I focused on the back of Allison's head, and began to work my fingers in and out of myself with the same rhythm she was using on Derrick's cock.

My lust took over and I tilted my head back and concentrated on the fingers I had stuffed inside me. I was so eager to satisfy myself that I forgot the other people in the room until Allison said, "Care to join us, Erin?"

I looked and saw they were both looking at me, then I saw that Allison was holding a baseball bat in her hand. In my lust I was momentarily confused and then it hit me; that was no baseball bat, it was Derrick's cock.

It was enormous, bigger and thicker than I could have imaged, and it glistened in the light from Allison's saliva. I was so amazed that I wasn't even embarrassed at having been caught with my hand in the cookie jar, so to speak. Without consulting me first, my body rose and took me over to the couch where I too sank to my knees to worship at the altar of black cock.

Allison offered his cock to me and I took it immediately in my mouth. It was so thick that my mouth barely fit around it and I was able to shove only a few inches into my mouth before it reached the back of my throat. Derrick's hand settled on the back of my head and he helped push me down until I was finally able to fit about half of his thick monster in my mouth.

My eyes watering I raised off his cock and released it from my lips. Immediately Allison took him back into her mouth and started shoving him deep into her throat. As I watched she took more and more and still even more of his cock into her mouth without so much as a hesitation.

When she had him about three quarters of the way down her throat she rose and released him and I took another turn pleasuring him.

My small hand barely fit around his girth as I brought him to my mouth. I spit on the head of his cock and moved my hand up and down his long shaft coating him in my saliva and then went to work with my lips and tongue concentrating on the sensitive underside of the spongy head.

Allison stood and left me to work his cock on my own, she wanted to have her pussy licked and told Derrick as much. She maneuvered her body onto the couch and hiked her skirt up over her hips, exposing her full moon ass to me and her pink pussy to Derrick. Allison placed one foot on the back of the couch and Derrick put his head between her legs and began to satisfy her.

While I worked away on Derricks' cock with my mouth I put hand that wasn't wrapped around his shaft back between my legs and felt my pussy. I was extraordinarily wet and my fingers slipped easily inside myself.

I pulled my mouth away from the dick I was sucking and stroked it; Derrick's huge cock looked even bigger in my small hand. The two fingers I had shoved inside myself were joined by a third and I looked up and watched Derrick sticking his tongue between Allison's pussy lips.

They were big and puffy from the attention they were getting and Derrick's big hands were wrapped around her ass with his fingers positioned so he could hold them apart. I could see his tongue darting in and out of her then lick the length of her slit, settle on her clit, give it a couple of flicks of the tongue and then return to her hole.

Allison pulled herself away from Derrick's mouth. "I want your cock inside my pussy," she said. She lowered herself down to his shaft and reached behind taking it from my hand and guiding it into her well lubed hole. She didn't even pause to get used to his size she just sat down on his cock until most of it had disappeared inside of her. I leaned back and watched as she began to ride him.

She passed over his shaft a couple of times slowly until she was totally opened up and then she started fucking him intensely, raising up and dropping back down onto him with both speed and force. I took the moment to relieve myself of my cloths, removing my top followed by my skirt and lastly my panties.

"Give those to me," Allison said as I removed the silky thong I had been wearing and I handed them to her. She paused on Derrick's cock long enough to locate the crotch which was soaked with my juices, and then she shoved the thin material into her lovers mouth.

"How does she taste," she demanded as she resumed her exuberant riding. "Do you like how my friend tastes? Huh?" Derrick couldn't really answer but he managed what sounded like a yes.

I sat on the floor below them and watched each stroke Derrick's thick cock made into my friend's pussy and started to finger myself again. Using three fingers I tried to emulate the pace that she was using and soon I felt an orgasm rising quickly. I never slowed, I just kept on finger fucking myself until I felt my body start to tingle. Then my orgasm hit and I began to moan as my fingers plunged in and out of my hole.

When my orgasm subsided I became aware that I hadn't been the only one cuming; Allison was moving jerkily and moaning loudly herself, her hands cupping her large breasts as Derrick sucked on her large nipples.

After her orgasm subsided Allison dislodged Derrick's cock from her pussy and rose up off of him. His cock glistened with the juices that Allison had deposited on him as she fucked him and she again got to her knees and began to lick him clean.

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