tagExhibitionist & VoyeurErotic Adventures Ch. 3

Erotic Adventures Ch. 3


Chapter 3: A Change In Attitudes

Peter was the perfect gentleman as he ushered me into his car to take me home, after the game, or more correctly, the sexual games that we played in the dressing rooms, showers, gym and even the injury room after the all the players left. I didn't ever remember Peter as being so virile or quite so rampant in his demands. I eased my naked bottom onto the car seat and sighed as he casually flung the gift wrapped parcel containing my clothing into the back seat. He paused and then threw his own clothing in afterward and closed my door. I blew him a kiss.

"I love you, darling." I mouthed silently.

* * * * *

Once the boys left, and we showered together, Peter cheekily put the parcel containing my clothing into his locker.

"But, that's got all my clothes in it." I weakly protested.

"You may not need them for a while." Peter grinned, reaching in for the team's medicine chest. He grabbed a tube of KY jelly from it as I watched. "All those young idiots, talking about me playing with little boys, gave me some ideas." He explained obliquely. "Are you still game?" He smiled wickedly at me, patting my bottom playfully.

I realised what he had in mind, but here---in the dressing room? I thought quickly and made up my mind. After all, it was his birthday tomorrow and I was still thoroughly turned on after showing myself to all those young lads from the waist up. I nodded dumbly.

"As long as you are gentle with me?" I agreed, hesitantly. "But where---"

"Just come with me, sweetheart." He interrupted. "I haven't shown you around all our facilities here yet. You'll see!" His eyes gleamed with adoration. "I love the new Pamela." He gazed at my nude body in a tender way. "You've certainly changed." He complemented as he took my hand and led me off toward the dressing room door. That made me happier. At least he was going to lock it, I thought.

Peter was a fine specimen of a man, firm, athletic and tanned all over, just like his sister. He hadn't bothered to put his clothing back on after our shower. He just put them away neatly in his locker at the same time as my gift wrapped clothing. The only thing he kept with him was a bunch of keys that he had in his hand and his tube of lubricant gel. His penis was still a bit larger than usual, but not erect. I had never allowed him to put it inside my bottom before. I tingled with anticipation. Would it hurt? Would I get the same warm satisfaction that I did when he made love to me the usual way? I have to admit that I was nervous, yet I was strangely curious at the same time. I still felt vulnerable, without my clothes on, but I was now with my intended husband. It gave me a strength of pride that was missing when Harry first discovered me in that smelly old shower room. He opened the door into the corridor and leaned out to look both ways.

"Come on, sweetheart. There's no-one around at the moment."

The stark realisation that we were going back outside the dressing room, into the public arena, so soon after the players had all left, totally naked, hit me like a sledgehammer.

"Out there?" I gasped, automatically pulling back at his hand.

"There shouldn't be anybody around still." He urged. "Perhaps just a cleaner or two, sweetheart. Come on! Don't muck around or--- maybe we really will get caught?" He was grinning devilishly.

I scampered behind him, defensively clutching my breasts with my free left arm. My stiff nipples made me aware of a tense sexual excitement running through my body that I was just beginning to understand. I felt the same charge that I had, when walking and running all the way through the busy complex earlier on, with all those people around, in Harry's short dustcoat that barely covered my bottom. I remembered the little boys shrill voice.

"Look Mummy! That lady's got no clothes on---"

The electricity that ran though me then, as I ran to catch up with Harry, was the same as I was feeling now. This time I didn't even have Harry's coat on, to partly disguise my sexual excitement. Now, I was totally naked again. My imagination ran riot as Peter walked me along the corridor. Every sound brought chilling new awareness of my vulnerable state of undress. My head was constantly turning left to right as I sought further reassurance that no-one was watching us.

Finally, Peter stopped outside a door and fumbled with his keys, dropping the tube of lubricant on the floor in the process.

I let go my breasts and swiftly retrieved it, breathing fast, with my heart thumping.

"I've got it, darling. Please hurry!"

Peter turned and smiled at me.

"Exciting, isn't it?" He breathed as he turned the key in the lock, admiring my trembling naked body again. "Fun, eh!"

"Just let us in." I pleaded. "Please hurry!" I raised my voice.

I breathed a sigh of relief as the door opened wide and I scampered through it as quickly as I knew how. My eyes opened wide.

"Jeez Peter! All this for your players?" My eyes took in the luxurious gymnasium. Every type of equipment for toning and building the young player's bodies was neatly laid out for their use. Cycling machine, weights, exercise gear and even a rowing machine. All brand new. A young athlete's dream come true. "How did you manage to---"

"That's not all!" Peter announced. "Look in the other rooms."

He locked the door and drew his keys out. "Open the other doors, my love. Go ahead."

In a daze I walked around the new complex, no longer bothered by my nudity, opening doors and looking inside. Sauna room, sun room with a tanning bed, massage room with a small en suite toilet and a shower stall. I went to open the last door and Peter spoke.

"This is the room we want." Peter called me over and opened the door. Laid out before my eyes was the injury room. Peter pointed to the bed. "There's room for both of us." He said, with a hint of pride in his voice. "What do you think?" He beamed, his penis growing and rising again.

"Oh yes!" I hugged him, throwing the lubricant on the bed. "This is brilliant, darling.

Peter masterfully manoeuvred me over to the bed. I didn't attempt to resist as he guided me onto the bed, face down, and grabbed for the gel. Even though I had a good idea of what was about to happen I opened up my legs, to give him access to my virgin bottom and allow him to caress my vagina again. I half hoped to change his mind.

"You're so smooth down there." He enthused as he traced his fingers lightly over my vulva. "No need for lubrication there, my darling."

I blushed, knowing how wet I was down there. Then, he moved his hand further back and parted the cheeks of my bottom.

"I've always wanted to try this." He reached for the gel and opened the tube. "Let me know if I hurt you?"

I nodded my head with a resigned expression.

"Please be gentle though, won't you?"

I had mixed emotions as his fingers probed around my bottom, keenly massaging the area around my tight little rosebud. I had joked with other girls about Peter's earlier attempts to make love to me this way. Some of the older, more experienced girls had done it before. Some had hated it and others seemed to enjoy it. It was a matter of personal taste but they all seemed to agree about one thing. They knew that it made their men a lot more horny while they were doing it to them. The trade-off seemed to be that they believed that it made their men more considerate and loving than ever. One girl told me that she played with herself and actually achieved orgasm while her boyfriend was doing it to her. I remembered her words to me.

"Just relax your muscles and don't try to fight it, Pam. I actually enjoy it so much now that I often ask for it."

I had thought her quite crazy, at the time, but there was no denying that her boyfriend never strayed from her side. He loved her to bits.

I winced as Peter's finger pushed inside me and I did my very best to relax my sphincter muscles. I merely let out a low moan as he slowly massaged my bottom, from the inside. I was beginning to get used to this tender and loving intrusion into my bowels. My tenseness seemed to diminish.

"That's it darling. We're nearly there." Peter's voice sounded excited, as he dipped in two fingers this time. "Just try to relax, my sweet lady. Are you alright with this?"

In an enraptured trance, I quickly nodded my head, smiling now.

"It feels a bit strange at first, but go ahead." I agreed.

This time, when I felt his slimy fingers press inward, I relaxed fully and let my deepest sexual fantasies take over my thoughts.

I closed my eyes and imagined that suddenly I was in a strange dark room, tied and gagged, helpless to prevent an unknown assailant from using my body for his own gratification. When I expanded this theme I imagined a group of young men, lined up behind the first assailant, ready to take their pleasure with me after the first man had finished using me. As Peter's fingers both moved past my sphincter muscles, I subconsciously pressed my bottom back toward him to take in all of my assailant's enormous member.

"That's it darling!" Peter breathed excitedly, disturbing my erotic fantasy. "Think I should try it now?" He sounded uncertain.

"Don't talk about it, my love. Just do it!" I moaned.

I reverted to my fantasy world, now fully aware that I was ready to be penetrated by his beautiful love tool. Back in the strange dark room, I struggled with my bonds, aware of invasion by my assailant's hot turgid flesh, throbbing as he penetrated the unknown depths of my unwilling bowels. I became aware of moving with my assailant, now desperate to make him climax and get my torture over with. I imagined all those fine young players, that I had viewed over the toilet door, waiting for the first man to finish with me. Their healthy young penile members were straining with blood and they were fighting over who might be next. They were all impatient and crowding around me. I began to grind my hips against my attacker, now looking forward to the next young man standing in line. His turgid member appeared to be even larger than the current man's, that was now almost ready to fill me with his love seed. How many young men were waiting for him to finish with me? Ten or twelve? I got more excited.

"Yes darling! Deeper! Fill me up! Don't stop now!" I blushed as I realised just how much I was enjoying the attentions of my lover. I was back in the real world and I was moving in time with Peter. I had asked him not to speak, but here I was, shouting my encouragement for him to continue this erotic form of lovemaking. I couldn't believe how brazen I had become. "It's so good! Please don't take it out?" I continued, unable to stop myself from speaking my mind to Peter.

There was a rush of warmth, deep inside my bowels, as Peter collapsed on top of me, gasping for breath. He had ejaculated every bit of his love seed inside my colon. He hugged me and kissed the back of my neck.

"You were absolutely magnificent, darling." He turned my face to his. "You'll have to tell me all about the time that we were apart from each other." He looked at me earnestly. "You don't have to, of course, but I would love to know what, or who, it was that changed your attitudes to sex so much."

Between lovemaking in every position I knew, as well as a number that were new to me, I told him all about my lonely miserable existence, since we parted company. I then confirmed that there had been nobody else but him, since then. I explained the drunken party at Sally's place and how my stupid agreement to go along with his sister Sally's plan, to get us back together, had badly misfired and the way in which I had reluctantly parted with all my clothing.

"Sally made me give her all my gear. She didn't even let me keep my G string panties on. She made me take them off." I sobbed.

"Good girl!" He commented. "I owe her one."

This led to my encounter with Harry.

"I was so shocked to be found in that smelly old shower room, with no possibility of hiding my naked body from his view at all." I shivered, but gave him a faithful account of that meeting, leaving nothing out. I even told Peter about the state of my sexual arousal at the time. "He was really nice about it, Peter. He showered me with all sorts of complements about my body." I smiled shyly. "He seemed to like the fact that I was totally shaved down there." I giggled, opening my legs. "He just stared at my pussy." I blushed.

"I love it too, baby. Come to Daddy?" He flicked his tongue and went down on me again.

Between bouts of uninhibited sexual abandon I told him about my deal with Harry and how I had finally arrived in the right dressing room. I giggled as I told him about the small boy's discovery that I was naked beneath the short dustcoat that I was 'almost' wearing. Peter laughed when I told him about his loud exclamation to his mother.

"I wished that the ground had opened beneath me and swallowed me up." I said tearfully, trying to smile about it now. "I just held my coat down and ran. They were all looking at me." I explained.

"Well!" Peter laughed. "I'm really glad you had the nerve to do it for me. I was really miserable, without you, as well." He paused. "That brings me to another point." He looked at me seriously. "What did you think of anal sex--- truthfully now! -----I don't want to think that I'm forcing you to go along with it, just to make me happy."

My face coloured up. I realised that no relationship could ever be based on flattery or lies. I was totally confused myself. There was no denying that once my initial fears had passed, I had actually enjoyed fantasising about being used, in that way. All throughout my life, everybody, particularly my parents, had told me that it was unnatural and abhorrent but I had to admit that I had climaxed at the same time that Peter did. I had enjoyed my orgasm enormously.

I thought about how wonderful I felt, knowing that my attitudes to nudity and sexual adventure had changed. I mused about my future, as Peter's wife. Lastly, I thought about the large number of people that I knew that had openly admitted that they had tried it before. I made up my mind and looked up at him, coyly.

"Did you enjoy it, my darling?" I smiled at him. "I think I might have?" I prodded him further. "Could we try it again sometime. ---Just to be certain?" I smiled at him, lowering my eyelids.

Peter laughed as he picked me up in his arms.

"Pamela, of course we can." He kissed me with renewed passion. "How about right away?" He headed back into the injury room, carrying me tenderly. This time he laid me facing toward him, placing my legs over his broad shoulders. There was no doubt about what caused this choice of entry.

"I want to see your beautiful face this time."

As we lay on the bed afterward, his spent member receding in my used bottom, he told me for the hundredth time, how much he loved me.

"Keep it inside me, darling." I begged. "I think I've decided."

"Really?" He hugged me tightly, his face smiling inquisitively.

"I wondered if I should tell you, or not?" I kept him waiting.

I thought about my latest fantasy dream and made up my mind.

"You know what brought about our last fight?" I began. "You called me a prude for not wanting to wear it for you.

"Something about that daring little swimsuit that I bought for you?" Peter replied, suddenly serious again. "I'm sorry. I promise not---"

I interrupted him and put my fingers to his lips.

"Wait!" I gathered my courage. "I was wrong, my love. The real answer to your question is YES!" I looked into his puzzled eyes. "Yes, I will marry you! Yes, I did enjoy our--ahem--anal sex together and yes, I will go shopping on Monday for a new wardrobe to make you proud of me. ---Wait!" I pressed my fingers harder against his mouth, realising that he wanted to speak. "I have to ask you this first."

He nodded his head, excited enough by my answers so far.

"Is it all right with you---if---if I keep my word and pose for Harry with nothing on. Fully nude?" I gushed. I released my fingers, blushing like a schoolgirl. I couldn't believe that I was so keen to repay Harry by posing for him, in what I was now sure would be a very public, challenging situation. It made me tingle with such delicious anticipation. I had fantasised about the sort of photos that Harry might like. Spread wide and completely open.

I didn't need to hear Peter's answer. I felt a stirring in his loins as he kissed me. His member throbbed and twitched, deep inside my colon. He looked at me, with such obvious love and respect shining in his eyes.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" He was excited. "Anything you like."

He was unable to rise to the occasion, so soon, but he certainly did his best. I was almost sorry that he had failed, but I was sore.

We lay there and talked frankly about our fantasies and dreams. I was totally honest with him, the first time I had been so honest about my personal sexual feelings with anybody, male or female. He loved my new, shaven look so much that I readily agreed to have my pubic hair permanently removed. I even admitted to the thrill that I got from standing on the toilet bowl and revealing my naked breasts to all his young players.

"I was so bloody angry that I wasn't really thinking about it too clearly at the time." I explained. "But I enjoyed it."

"I was proud of you." Peter said. "I was just going to let them think what they liked. I didn't want to lose you again." He explained with a grin. "Those little swine's dirty thoughts didn't bother me!"

"What made you tell them about your marriage plans?"

"Oh that!" He coloured up. "The little bastards were telling me what great tits you have." He gave them a gentle squeeze, thrilling me. "I certainly didn't need them, to tell me that." He kissed my erect nipples. "They taste so good, my love."

We had a sauna, followed by a cold shower.

"It's getting late now." Peter announced. "Are you coming home to bed with me, tonight?"

"Naturally sir." I grinned. "Just like I am?" I opened my arms.

"Now that you mention it." He appeared to be thinking. "Would you let me dress you now?

I nodded my head eagerly.

"Anything I choose?" He began to grin.

"I suppose--Yes!" I decided. You're not really going to take me home like this?" I looked down at my nude body. My telltale nipples were hardening again. I blushed. I felt another tingle of desire.

"I think I might have a couple of dustcoats round here." He grinned. "We can always pick up your clothing tomorrow, along with mine." He paused meaningfully. "Are you still game?"

I nodded my head enthusiastically. My body was sore, particularly in one place. I wasn't really looking forward to wearing my G string or even my tight jeans. The dustcoat sounded great to me.

We tried on two dustcoats. Mine was only slightly longer than Harry's one but Peter's was really a bit too short for him. His penis was showing when he walked.

"Oh darn it" Peter snapped his fingers. "I have to go back to the dressing room. My car keys are still in my pockets."

"Not chickening out are we?" I laughed at his dilemma.

He looked hurt that I might think that of him. Peter was not exactly shy about his body parts. He was even more daring than Sally.

"No! I was frightened that you might change your mind as soon as I opened up my locker." He explained quickly.

"You just leave your gift wrapped up. My present to you. You can open it up on your birthday in the morning and--- you can decide what I wear from now on." I said solemnly. "No more silly fights about clothing!"

To emphasise my point, I waited outside the locker room for him, in only the short dustcoat that he gave me, a reminder of my permanent change of attitude. I walked ahead of him, knowing that he could see the object of his desire swaying gracefully just a few feet ahead of him. I fantasised about the day that I would have the courage to let myself in the locker room, without telling him to make sure that he came in early, and definitely without wearing anything but a smile and perhaps some perfume.

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