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Erotic Beltaine


Copyright 2001

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Brother Thelonius crept through the village with his hood drawn up over his face. This night was one of the major celebrations for these godless heathens, and it would not be well for a man of God to be seen skulking about. The Bishop had required he spy on them and report back about their bloody-handed rites.

He could hear children laughing and singing. He peered around the corner of a home, and saw a horde of young ones dancing in a circle around a large fire. There were many elderly with them, clapping and singing as well. Many carried babies and Thelonius wondered if any of these were to be sacrificed in their Beltaine ritual.

No one in the monastery knew exactly what went on at these rites. They knew it had to do with lighting huge bonfires and dancing around a tree carved into a phallus. Knowing the violent nature of the native people, he suspected there had to be some bloodshed somewhere! All these horrid pagans worshipped vile demons and fed their children to them. Bishop Paul had told him so.

Thelonius looked up to the hilltop. There was a glow in the air from the huge fire burning there. Drums beat their wicked pagan heart-throb and he could make out movement of people dancing in wild abandon, the firelight reflecting off their sweat covered skin. He would go to this hilltop and report firsthand of the blasphemies they practiced there!

A few minutes later he was on the edge of the circle of light cast by their huge "bone fire". As he suspected the sinners were mostly unclothed. Showing no shame for the sinfulness of their wicked flesh, or any propriety regarding sharing it with those of the opposite sex. The demon drums seemed to rattle his chest and cause his heart to palpate to its insidious rhythm.

Very near to him, a young woman was kissing a man old enough perhaps to be her father. His rough hands were roaming over her young flesh, massaging her small breasts and pulling her tight bottom against his rampant groin. Thelonious had never seen a woman unclothed before. One part of him wanted to compliment God for His divine craftsmanship, while the other part burned in hellish lust caused by her Satan-inspired shape.

He watched while the man stiffened as the young woman took hold of his manhood and began pumping it with her small tanned hands. The man grunted, his eyes squeezed shut, then an eruption of white came spurting from the tip of his manhood, leaving a trail across the young girls belly, and one single pearl suspended from her pert nipple. He kissed her again, and she whirled away from him with a laugh like tinkling bells to no doubt find another partner with which to fornicate.

Thelonius walked around the circle again. Here was a woman, surely swollen very pregnant, astride a young man who lay on his back on a cloak spread on the ground. As she slid up and down his member, her full breasts swayed from side to side. One of her hands was pinching one of her own huge brown nipples. The other teat was being suckled by a blonde bearded man who was practicing the sin of Onan upon himself with his right hand. The woman's face was frozen in an expression of rapture, and Thelonius entertained a brief blasphemous thought that it reminded him of a picture he once saw of the Virgin Mary's joy at the Annunciation. In a few seconds her hips began bucking back and forth, and both her and the man beneath her called out to some heathen god as he thrust his penis up into her roughly.

She screamed "Oh Ash! Now! Now! Now! nowwwwwwww!"

The man called Ash bent himself upward like a bow being drawn squeezing the woman's full tits with rough calloused hands. He cried out unintelligible words as he exploded within her.

She sat shuddering for a few seconds, then bent down and kissed Ash. She slipped herself off, and Thelonius could see a smear of wetness glistening on her thighs, and wet whiteness dripping from the red folds of her cunt. The woman then went down on all fours like a dog, and looked back at the man who had been manipulating his own cock. He rose to his knees and plunged his red rigid member into her like a blacksmith quenching a red-hot freshly-forged blade. He pounded against her round ass in a manic pace, and the woman's breasts swung like heavy pendulums below her. She screamed as if she were being tortured, although the look of intense pleasure on her face told the monk she was in no pain. The man grasped her full hips and plunged one last time and was spent. The woman dropped to her elbows, letting her full breasts touch the earth as she panted. The blonde man leaned over her and gently kissed her back.

Thelonious moved on. His own prick had swollen to almost painful proportions, and was chafing against the rough wool of his robe. Surely Sodom was like unto this, Thelonius pondered. The sounds of moans and cries of pleasures wove their way through the persistent primal drumbeats. All around him human forms writhed in twos, threes and even more.

Here was a man taking another man as if he were a woman. Over there are three men and one woman. She sits on the first one with his prick in her bunghole, while another assaults her from the front, and she takes the thirds member in her mouth. He passes a couple fornicating while standing, the woman bracing herself against the rough bark of a raised pole.

Thelonius stopped and looked at the ground in front of him. A tartan patterned cape is spread and so is the blonde woman sitting upon it! She is magnificent. Taller than the monk, she sports a mane of golden hair, both facts pointing to a Saxon ancestry. Her breasts were huge like ripened melons. The areolas were massive and faded into the pink of her skin. The nipples atop them were puckered and easily the girth of his ring finger. She was sitting leaning back with her legs spread wide open. Kneeling between those two pink marble pillars of the temple of the flesh was the small tanned woman he had first encountered using her hands to pleasure the older man. The girl had her firm backside up in the air. By the flickering firelight Thelonius could see the pink wet slit protruding slightly from between her thighs. Her tight puckered asshole peered at him like an unseeing eye.

The smaller girl was leaning forward towards the fluffy blonde bush of the larger woman. Her tongue darted out of her mouth like a serpents sending a ripple of excitement through the blonde. Now the smaller woman began licking in earnest, her clever small fingers holding the other woman's cunt wide open. Above the drums Thelonius could hear a low-pitched moan coming from the woman whose genitalia was being devoured. She was rubbing her hands through the other girls brown locks and humping her hips into the other's tongue. The wail became louder and higher pitched and the blonde crushed the other woman's face into her wet snatch as her legs quivered with her climax.

Thelonius wanted to look away. No one had ever told him such things were done! He knew that evil men sinned by fornicating with other men, but he did not know that women took pleasure of one another. " Oh vile Eve, your daughters are more wicked than you!" he thought. He found himself shivering, but not with cold. His body was covered in sweat and the front of his robe was pointing out like the stiffened upraised arm of a corpse beneath a shroud.

The big blonde woman finally opened her eyes and met Thelonius's gaze. She wet her puffy lips and reached up to squeeze her breast. The small brown woman was still kissing the fair thighs of the Saxon giantess, but looked up when she saw her lover's attentions were elsewhere. She stared at the protrusion at Thelonius' groin.

"Well, that looks like something I should have a look at!" she said and reached for the disguised monk.

Thelonius leapt back as if avoiding a striking serpent.

"He is a bit bashful. No need, she is just as good with her mouth on men as she is on women." The blonde woman said a she rocked up onto all fours.

Thelonius looked around for an avenue of escape. He did not wish to draw attention to himself by running. He wa already conspicuous in his heavy robe and hood.

The small woman spoke, "I am called Heather. I do not know you, but I am willing to remedy that." She placed her tanned hand on his shin and ran up to his knee. Thelonius stiffened as it went higher on his hairy thigh.

He backed up a step and was stopped by a tower of flesh. The blonde, much quieter than her size implied had risen and come around behind him as he squeezed his eyes shut against the temptation Heather proffered.

The blonde took his ear into her mouth and a rush of heat ran through Thelonius. Her strong arms enfolded his chest and pinned his arms to his side. The young demoness on the ground lifted his robe up and he felt cool air on his most private places, causing his scrotum to wrinkle and draw up.

"Herne's Horns!" the young girl exclaimed. "This one is strange, but as large as a good size donkey!"

Thelonius remembered that these heathens did not practice the Godly act of circumcision and no doubt his equipment looked passing strange to the pagan girl.

He squeezed his eyes tight shut as the blonde continued to suckle his ear, whispering sweet things in an unknown tongue. He felt a hot breeze on his penis and then the softest flutter of a kiss on the head. His cock leapt like John the Baptist in the womb and he heard Heather giggle. After a few more kisses, Thelonius was waiting for the clap of divine thunder that would end his miserable sinning life.

Heather put her small hand around the base of his member. He stiffened even further and Heather gasped as the already large cock grew another pulse. Her expert mouth then went around the head of his prick, her tongue swirling and sending sensations through the Monk he never knew existed. Heather opened her jaws wide and pushed him in as far as she could manage, using her strong tongue on the soft underside of him. Thelonius let out a low moan and tried everything he could not to thrust his hips towards the young women's mouth and have her engulf him.

As she continued her devilish ministrations, Thelonius hoped that the All-mighty would see this as a form of torture, something he had to endure as a martyr. He did not realize the fair woman had released him and was now on her knees beside her friend.

"Ach! He is hung well! Your jaws must ache with that, you want some assistance?" the Saxon woman asked.

Heather bobbed her head in the affirmative and pulled back so that the other woman could come in close. Her larger hands took hold of his testicles and kneaded them softly while her lips ran up and down the length of shaft that still protruded from Heather's mouth. Soon the tow of them were licking across from one another, making his turgid member slippery with their saliva.

"He needs a good fucking!" heather declared.

"Well, you saw him first" the blonde replied.

"Aye, but I have not had a man in me there, and I am not thinking one this size should be my first!" the small girl postulated.

The big blonde rose to her feet and turned her back on Thelonius. He marveled at the whiteness fo her two round cheeks, then she bent over at the waist. He could see her pink slit staring at him, moistness reflecting back the flickering firelight. Heather put his cock in her mouth one more time, giving the base a squeeze, then as she withdrew she pulled him towards her friend's opening.

Thelonius was in terror of what was about to happen, yet the lust within him (And the firm grip Hetaher had on his prick) would not allow him to pull away. She put the head of his cock against the wet slit of Brianna's cunt. He felt the head go into the intensely hot, slippery tunnel, then with a cry, he pushed himself in to the hilt. Brianna cried out in surprise, for the monk's prick was far thicker than any she had felt before. Heather crawled around to her friends front nad began kissing her and cooing in her ear.

Instinct took over and Thelonius began pumping himself in and out of the woman's wetness. He felt a tremendous burning growing in his balls and it felt like they had drawn up almost inside of him. He slammed into his partner, and she screamed and he could feel the inside of her begin to twitch and spasm, and his cock matched it as he loaded her slit with 22 years of pent up cum.

He didn't really remember the next few moments, but when awareness returned, he was on his back with Brianna laying along the length of his left side. His now shrinking cock was being licked clean by Heather who relished the co mingled tastes of the two of them. Ina moment she rose up and ran off to another young man who was standing alone with a hard cock, and knelt in front of him.

Brianna sighed, "So, was it worth eternal damnation?"

"How did you know?" he stammered.

"By Brigits teats man, everyone marked you as soon as you walked into the village!" she giggled.

"Why didn't you stop me then?" Thelonius inquired.

"Why would we? We have met with your kind before- Over there fucking young Arianna is Thom. I saw Harold earlier having his way with two strapping huntsmen. All are welcome on this night, and pleasure is part of our sacred ritual. Does not matter whether you worship our gods, or that carpenter from across the sea, your joy has joined with that of our village and will be given to our Lord and Lady as an offering." She reached down and stirred his tool with her hand. In response it began to rise. "Feels like you might be ready to make another offering."

As she climbed atop him and offered her puffy nipples to his waiting lips he mumbled, "By the Gods, I am!"

Several days later, the Bishop was staring out across the hills. He spoke to his native servant.

"He has not returned. Brother Thelonius must have been discovered and slain, just as Brother Thomas and Brother Harold. Their deaths will make them martyrs and surely they will enjoy the bounties of Heaven!"

Ash smiled behind the bishop and shook his head. "I am sure they have been reborn to a realm of eternal pleasure, holy father..."

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