tagCelebrities & Fan FictionErotic Heart of The Damned Ch. 01

Erotic Heart of The Damned Ch. 01


The night was at its approach and for once in the last three years, this Friday night wouldn't be lonely for me. The sun had set a mere hour ago and my company was just begging to let out her Friday night party-lover. I met Jessica at the famous "Asylum" nightclub, in Santa Monaca up by the pier where I'd been going for the past few months since my break up.

Jessica had a young looking side of her that could practically pass her down for an 18 year old, when she said she was 21. She had long, curly red hair, a pretty pale face but a very odd eye colour. A strange darkish red colour. She wore dark jeans and on top a purple T-shirt with the two buttons undone, reviling her matching purple bra covering her D sized breasts.

After a few drinks and a couple of shots, a bit of dancing and a game of pool we took a trip to the diner across the street, right in front of the club. We talked quite a bit and had a little snack there too. Thought Jessica wasn't eating much -- in fact all she'd ordered was a glass of water which she hadn't even touched. Just then the waitress arrived with my cheese burger and Diet Coke.

'So, where you from?' I asked before I took a bite of my burger.

'Ohh... here and there. I do a bit of travelling from place to place, ya know.'

'What brings you to LA?'

Jessica gave a slight grin.

'A few things'.'

'Like what?'

'Well... what say we finish up here quick, you take me back to your apartment and, I'll show you,' Jessica said winking her left eye in a sexy motion.

I ate up quickly and asked for the bill, thought when I paid it felt more like I'd come here on my own. I called a taxi and entered the cab with Jessica, holding her in my arm as she sat beside me. 'Where to?' asked the cab driver. I told him my street and in a matter of seconds he was driving us to my apartment. While we waited in the back of the cab, Jessica and I dedicated it to a little making out. I wrapped my left arm round Jessica's back and held her face with my right hand. Jessica wrapped her arms all around my back and was even slipping her hands underneath my navy-blue shirt, to rub my back. However her hands were freezing cold and just the touch of it gave me shivers. But I didn't really care right now; I was too fiery to care.

Our mouths connected with one another's and not long after, so did our tongues. The taste of her tongue was in a way dry, but was also sweet. Getting intense with the moment Jessica took my hand, as we continued kissing, and drove it up her T-shirt, until it reached her breast and even slipped underneath the bra lining. I don't think it was hard for the cab driver not to notice us, but so long as he got paid after dropping us off, I don't really think he gave a shit.

The driver pulled over just outside the door to my apartment and asked for the cab fare. I paid the cab driver with 5 dollars and walked up the stairs with Jessica. Upon reaching the door I took the key from my jean's pocket, though I had a bit of difficulty finding the key slot since I was still kissing Jessica while holding the key. Eventually I opened the door and welcomed Jessica in.

She was very quick at finding the bed, as thought she already knew where everything was. After remaining stood in front of the bed, still kissing, she threw down to the bed, landing on my back and prepared to give me a special show.

'Would you like me to take it all off -- slowly?' Jessica asked in a sexy voice.

'Oh yeah. Take it all off, slowly.'

Jessica headed over to my HiFi and turned it on. Playing a nice, soothing and seductive music that made the show more erotic. Jessica slowly moved her hips, side to side, as she undid the button and zipper on her jeans, keeping her legs together as she bent forward, slowly lowering her trousers. After kicking them aside she began to do the same for her T-shirt, whilst still moving her hips, and let it drop to the floor. It was becoming nearly impossible for me not to get a hard-on while watching her strip. She then turned round and lowered her panties, bending forward again, showing her clean shaved pussy lips and ass. Jessica stood up and lowered the thin, silk straps of her bra on both shoulders, followed by bringing the strap forward and undoing the clip. Jessica then turned round and split her legs apart half way, with her right arm pressed down on her hip and her left arm bent inwards to her head.

I now had a full boner as Jessica reviled to me her magnificent sexy body, up front. She came over to me and began to undo the buttons on my shirt until it was wide open down the centre. She then moved on to my pants and undid my belt, my zipper and then pulled out my fully erected penis.

'Wow! It's so big and hard. Want me to suck it for you?'

'You know I do, baby.'

Jessica took it all in with her whole mouth, hardly leaving anything noticeable. The slippery and pleasuring sensation of her tongue licking around the head of my cock, sent vibes of unimaginable feelings to my body, I just couldn't resist putting my hand on top of her head. I kept her head in place and if the feeling was there, pushing her throat deep onto my cock. Her moans were that of a woman knowing she's getting the right kind of pleasure.

Then we changed to a more erotic poison and preformed a 69. She was quick to start sucking down on my cock again once she was in position, causing me to groan in extreme pleasure. I began to lick her pussy with my tongue, flapping about all over it, on her clitoris and in her hole. The taste of it was so sweet I could help but continue licking. We were at it for nearly five minutes that I felt my dick just ready to burst.

After I finally climaxed in her mouth, as she did in mine, she made no intentions on missing out a single drop. She licked my dick clean of cum with her tongue. There wasn't a single drop left, and she looked ready for something better than a blowjob or 69. Jessica got up and after wiping away some saliva from her lips, she went over and took a Durex package out from her purse and opened it. Crouching down beside the bed and rolling down the condom on my dick, she then sat herself on my waist and aligned my dick with her pussy. Gently, I pushed in my hard cock, entering her shaft, sending sexual thrills through her body. Jessica started to bounce up and down on my dick. And as she did so I grabbed hold of her tits, brought them down and started to lick at them.

The taste of her breasts thought was sweet and tender, but still no where as good as her pussy. I felt like a baby again, sucking away at a woman's breast for milk. But I was glad I wasn't a baby, since there was no way in hell I could do all this then.

'Oh God! Oh my God, Chris! You're so fucking good!'

'You like that, huh?' I said pulling her hard nipple out of my mouth.

'Oh yes, I love it so much.'

In and out, in and out my cock went. Pumping her and giving her all my meat. I felt sweat produce along my forehead and chest, I had to take off my shirt, so I threw it aside. Jessica begged me to go harder, and faster. I was actually worried I might break her up inside. How could she not be feeling any pain? My dick was starting to feel sore and my hips were starting to hurt from bouncing so much -- she on the other hand was still OK.

Her entire body, from top to bottom, was completely saturated in sweat. Her tits and stomach were glowing in the light of my lamp. Her forehead was wet and as for her from what I felt, was like a river.

Finally Jessica screamed out her orgasm as she went into a spastic freeze, and after a moment of pause, fell down onto my chest. Both of us breathing heavily, trying to catch our breaths. I wrapped Jessica in my arm and shared my warmth with her. Though strangely, she was still icy cold as before. What was that all about? I pondered to myself. How could she still be so cold after having a good session of hot, steamy, sweaty sex?

When Jessica caught her breath, she lifted her head up.

'Here, let me turn off the light.' Jessica then turned off my bedside lamp. 'I wanna show you something.'

Just moments after the lights went off, and I could now feel Jessica breathing against my neck, an incredible pain went through my body as I soon lost consciousness. My body felt weak and it was as though all the strength left inside me was all gone, in mere seconds.

When I came to, I had my pants done up, and my shirt on but still undone. It felt as though I'd passed out really, and never experienced a night of magnificent sex. But when I lifted my head up a bit I saw Jessica sat down on my couch, half naked wearing her panties, T-shirt and -- presumably -- her bra underneath. A sense of relief entered my mind knowing at least everything that happened before, did actually happen.

But then I felt a kind of irritation or itch on my neck, so I checked it only to be horrified by what I felt. Jessica lit up a cigarette just as I felt two small holes, both in a line just beside one another, on my neck. I looked at her in horror and within those moments, and then witnessed her darkish red eyes glow bright red.

I knew there could be only one explanation... vampire.

But it just seemed impossible to be true. Jessica sat up from the couch and took a few steps towards me. I scurried back on the bed in fear, hitting the wall with my back.

'Please, Chris... don't be afraid,' Jessica said in why I couldn't understand was a British accent.

Being the only thing I could think to say to her, I asked: 'Who are you?' as I held my neck with my right hand.

'My name is Jessica. I'm from London.'

'What year... were you born?'

Jessica took time to answer, but she gave me a specific date. 'Well, for starters, I'm 18. I was born on May 5... 1878. I've lived on this world for one hundred and thirty-two years.'

'And, how... how did this happen to you?'

Jessica took a seat on the end of the bed. I continued avoiding her whilst she began to tell her story.

Just as she put out her cigarette, she began. 'I used to be dancer, working in one of London's oldest bar taverns. Men used to come up and beg me to dance, hardly going there for the drinks. My dream was to earn enough money to open my own dance school, and teach young girls like myself to dance as beautifully as I could. Then, one night... I met him.

'He was a French traveller, visiting the local taverns meeting talented dancers. His name was Dominic Chevalier, famous writer, poet and gentleman in all of Paris. One night he complimented me on my dancing and asked me to dinner. I was actually nervous at the time, but, he just knew ways on sweeping me off my feet. So we had dinner together at one of the most fanciest and expensive restaurants in London.'

I began to sit closer to Jessica as I began to learn how much of a nice person she actually seemed -- though I still felt a bit scared being around her.

'After dinner he took me back to his hotel room and, well...'

'What? What happened?'

'He made love to me, and then... turned me into this. When I found out about this I was furious, and I begged him to change me back -- but, as people have mentioned nowadays; once you're a vampire, you never go back. He was going to leave back for Paris and I asked him to take me, but...'

'He wouldn't take you with him?'

A single tear fell from Jessica's eye. 'Correct. He left me all alone and, well, I was afraid. For a few years I wondered the streets, looking for food and, the only source of food I could imagine was... blood. So I drained the blood out of people who disserved to be killed: thieves, murderers, rapists and so many others who brought death upon themselves.

'Then after I managed to make enough money out of some of the wallets I nicked from the people I killed, and a few wanted posters' I answered. Finally I had enough money to travel to Paris, and find him. But only later did I discover that Dominic was no longer living in France, he had moved here to America. I did everything in my power to travel here and find him.'

'And... did you?'

Another tear fell from her eye. 'No... I arrived here in 1967 and since then, I've never found any trace of him. It's almost as though he never existed. He was the only thing that kept me going, and ever since I've never backed down, never thought of giving up my search.'

Jessica's eyes were now pouring with tears and she buried her head in her hands, crying out her pain. I couldn't believe I was doing this, but in the mists of all the pity I felt and love I still, oddly, had towards her. I wrapped my arms around her shoulders and held her close by. Jessica sniffed as she leaned against my chest, then wrapping her arms around my back. She was still cold and even more paler with the tears dripping down her face. But she truly had that look on her that said she'd been through so much pain, and only wanted someone to love. I guess I wanted to be that person she needed.

'You all right now?' I wiped some of the tears from her eyes with my thumb.

'Yes, I'm fine. Thank you for not disserting me.'

'Hey, no prob. Just umm... what will happen to me now?'

'Well, you're still human, if that's what you're worried about.' My entire body felt the greatest sense of relief ever. 'I was going to drain you dry, due to my lack of blood these past few days'. But... something about you just drew me to keeping you alive. So instead I just took some blood from you -- enough to quench my thirst.'

'Oh, thank God for that. Well, thanks anyways for, you know...'

Jessica nodded her head. 'All right then,' she cleared her throat. 'I suppose I'll be off. I've caused you enough trouble.'

The moment Jessica stood up; I grabbed hold of her right arm with my left hand, and begged her not to go. 'Please, stay.' I looked deep into her eyes and then with my right hand, I began to caress her pale white face. The feel of her hair was still soft and warmth as I dug my hand into her it, slowly leaning forward for a kiss. She knew that I still wanted her in my life, whether she had one or not. It didn't matter to me. I just knew that something about her drove me closer and closer into loving her.

'Are you sure you still want me?' Jessica asked.

My face was only a few inches from hers.

'I'm sure.'

Jessica moved forward and drove her mouth directly into mine. The kiss felt so passionate and so loving than the ones' before, I only thought about how beautiful she looked right now. We fell down and landed on the bed, holding one another whilst expressing our love. Eventually one thing led to another and once again, we stripped ourselves of our clothing.

We lay under the covers. Jessica lying on the bed with me on top. I fucked her in a slow and very passionate motion. I felt as though my heart was about to burst through my chest. I pulled on the sheets until they were no longer tucked in under mattress, then I held her hand and gripped down so hard on it, I thought I might tear her arm off. Jessica pulled my head down with her left hand to kiss me. For a few minutes we kissed until we changed position, and Jessica went on top but facing the other direction and lying back on me. She bent her legs up and I wrapped mine around hers, fondling with her breasts a bit. I fucked her as hard as my hips could continue. She turned her head aside a few times to kiss me whilst crying out in pleasure.

'Oh God, Chris! This is so good; I never want this to end. I love you so much, so very, very much.'

I wanted to reply but the pleasure of it all left me so breathless, I couldn't utter a single word.

'Spend you life with me Chris, please. Be my one true love for all eternity.' I gave a loud grunt, as did Jessica too, and came right inside her pussy.

For half an hour or less we laid under the covers, held in each others arms. Jessica had her head rested against my chest and her right hand pressed down against it. I kept stroking her head and kissing it every so often. After a moment I sighed just before I asked her my question.

'Did you really mean what you said... about spending all eternity with you?'

'Don't you want to spend your life with me?' asked Jessica in a rather nervous voice.

'Of course I do. I know I've only met you tonight, and honestly, there's more I'd like to know about you.'

'Well... don't worry,' Jessica sat up. 'I'll never leave your side, so you'll have plenty of time to learn about me.'

I smiled and gave her a kiss. However I still had one question I wanted to ask her.

'One thing thought... what about Dominic?'

For a moment Jessica didn't answer, and looked puzzled really about she would do about him. But then the words' crept up inside like a shiver sensation freezing every area around your heart.

'I have no choice, really, but to find him... and if I have to... kill him.'

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