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Erotic Road Head


I was really having a classic lazy Sunday. I'd been visiting my brother in San Francisco, and we'd had a pretty booze filled Saturday, which left us not wanting to do anything on the Lord's Day. The fact that it was raining didn't help, and we didn't even get around to leaving his apartment until noon, at which time we went for a short walk to get sandwiches.

With sandwiches in hand, we were only about one block from my brother's place when he remarked, "Oh shit!"

Coming down the other way down the street was a girl that apparently my brother didn't feel like talking to. As she got closer I recognized her as Ashley D., a girl I knew from high school but hadn't seen in about ten years. She didn't seem to recognize me from far away, but once she got close, I could see a look of surprise on her face. "Well, it's certainly been a while," she said while hugging me, pressing her large breasts up against my hard body.

Ashley and I had never been close at all. In our high school days we'd run with different crowds, and only really knew each other because we'd had a few classes together. However, through sheer coincidence her and my brother had become friends in San Francisco. Apparently she worked with my brother's roommate, and they knew each other that way.

In high school I'd never thought she was all that hot, but I didn't think she was unattractive either. I'd basically remembered her as a girl with huge boobs, a toothy smile, kind of an obnoxious voice, and a lively personality. While I'd never seen them, I knew she was quite found of showing off her boobs back in the day. In fact, I think she was pretty free-spirited sexually speaking. I had been at a bonfire down at the beach with her and a whole bunch of other people one time when she all of a sudden got desperate to get a ride home. She asked pretty much everyone there to help her out, but no one wanted to leave, so in her desperation she offered to give someone a blowjob for a ride. One dude immediately took her up on the request before I even had the chance to act. I don't know whether she wound up sucking his dick or not.

Seeing her in San Francisco, she looked a little better than I remembered her. Her long, wavy blonde hair was blowing all over the place in the storm, giving her the perfect sex hair look. Her skin was clear, and she still had a very toothy smile. Her ass was nice too, especially in the tight yoga pants she was wearing. But her breasts were still by far her best assets. Even though they were hidden behind a coat, I could still tell just how big they were, and from the looks of things, gravity hadn't caught up to them yet. I couldn't help but think about fucking her from behind, and seeing those huge titties jiggling freely.

Ashley had always been an extremely talkative girl, and on that lazy Sunday she was no different. We stayed in the light rain conversing for a solid ten minutes, most of which time was taken up by her telling us how the night before she'd been making out with some guy she wasn't into, so she began making out with his friend instead. She had zero shame in telling this story. When she was done with her story, I mentioned the fact that I was driving back to Los Angeles the next day to visit family for the holidays. "Really?" she said, sounding excited. "Wow. Are you traveling by yourself."

"Yup, just me and some luggage."

"I don't mean to intrude, but is there any way I could catch a ride with you? I was planning on finding a ride share on Craigslist, but this would make things much easier."

I didn't really want to give her a ride. Although she was kind of cute, she was super annoying, and I didn't feel like dealing with her for a seven hour ride. But, I couldn't think of an excuse so I agreed to give her a lift. She preceded to give me her number and said, "Well, I guess I'll see you tomorrow then. I'd love to hang out with you guys, but I really need to do my laundry. I have no clean clothes. I'm not even wearing panties right now."

As far as parting words go, she couldn't have done much better. But my brother wasn't feeling it. "That chick's crazy," he said. "That's going to be an awful ride home tomorrow."

"I'll make the best of it," I replied, hoping it wouldn't be so bad.

The next day I picked Ashley up bright and early. She was wearing the same yoga pants along with an unzipped leather jacket, and a tight fitting shirt that showed off her ample cleavage. It was a good look for her. "I'm so excited to ride with you," she said as she hopped in the car.

Even though Ashley loved to talk, we still managed to run out of topics to talk about super early in the drive. After a long, awkward pause in the conversation I broke the silence by asking, "So, how was the rest of your day after doing you laundry."

She laughed. "It was a lazy day. I didn't even do my laundry. I'm bringing it home with me to have my mom wash it."

"That's good," I said, not really knowing why I said it.

Ashley responded immediately. "And in case you were wondering, I'm still not wearing any panties. Or a bra for that matter."

I turned bright red. With other girls I may have taken this as a sign of flirting, but with Ashley I figured it was just her personality to be super blunt like that. For the next couple hours, conversation went really well. We mostly just swapped stories from our high school days, caught up, and laughed. When a long gap of silence finally arose, it wasn't awkward, but rather felt natural. It lasted for several minutes before Ashley spoke up. "I feel like I need to thank you for giving me a ride home."

"You don't have to do that," I said. "It's no big deal. Actually, I enjoy the company."

"Still, I think I should do something."

"We can split the gas. That would help a lot, actually."

"I already figured we'd split the gas. I want to do something else for you," she said, looking at me slyly.

"You really don't have to, but I guess you can buy lunch for me, if you want."

Ashley licked her lips. "No, I've got something I think you'll like a lot more," she said, placing her hand on my leg.

All I had on were a pair of light weight basketball shorts, and when she put her hand on my thigh, her sensitive touch caused me to squirm a little bit. But that wasn't the worst of it. Instantly after she touched my leg, my cock began to fill with blood. As my dick grew larger the outline of it was clearly visible under my shorts. "So do you want me to thank you," she said as she slid her hand on top of my shorts, closer to my crotch.

"I really don't think we should."

"I really don't believe you," she said as she put her hand on top of my cock.

That time I didn't object. I tried to focus on the road while Ashley rubbed my cock over my shorts. "It's okay to smile," she said while she stroked me. "I can at least tell your dick is enjoying this."

It was true. My cock was hard as an iron rod, and was just begging to come popping out of my shorts. Sensing that was the case, Ashley grabbed the waistband of my shorts and slipped them down to my knees. My cock sprang straight up in the air. Ashley took my thickness in her hand. "You have a really nice dick," she said teasingly.

I was doing everything I could to keep my focus on the road while Ashley stroked me up and down. Despite my attempt to focus, I couldn't help but notice out of the corner of my eye as Ashley's other hand making its way down the front of her pants. She started to touch herself while she jacked me off.

That girl really knew how to work a dick, and she kept mixing up her style. At times she would simply stroke me up and down. Other times she would put her hand on top of my mushroom tip like her hand was a claw, and make swirling motions until she got to the base of my penis. She wasn't using lotion, spit or anything, but her soft hands felt heavenly on my throbbing cock. I'm not sure why, but my penis was feeling much more sensitive than normal that day, and every movement of her hand made my cock twitch in appreciation. It felt absolutely amazing, but I feared I was going to cum much quicker than I wanted to.

For as much as I was enjoying myself, Ashely appeared to be quite turned on as well. Although I couldn't see, I could tell she was fingering herself deeply underneath her skin-tight yoga pants. But the sexiest thing of all was glancing over at her and seeing that her eyes were firmly glued to my cock. She seemed to be a very visually sexual person, and the image of my big dick getting worked by her hand was clearly arousing to her. She was fingering herself deeper and deeper before she finally paused. "Do you want to taste me me?" she asked as she took her fingers out of her wet pussy.

While I don't normally care much for the taste of pussy, I certainly didn't want to say no. "Absolutely," I replied.

Ashley put her middle and index fingers up to my lips. "Go ahead," she said. "I keep it real clean."

I opened my mouth, and she slid her fingers in. I sucked them gently, licking up all her juices. Just tasting her made me ache to see her clam in all its wetness, but I knew it wasn't the time or place. "Lick it all up," she said, as she slid her fingers in my mouth with one hand, and stroked me off with the other.

I was loving it and could have kept at it for hours, but Ashely had other plans. She took her fingers out my mouth and placed her wet hand on my balls. "Can I taste you now?" she asked.

I wasn't quite sure if she meant she wanted to suck my fingers, or if she had something else in mind. Regardless, I said yes. Then before I knew it, her lips were on the tip of my penis, and her tongue was pleasuring it with gentle licks. "I can't believe this," I said, while fighting to keep my eyes from rolling back in my head.

Ashley pulled her mouth off my dick for a second to giggle, and as she did a long strand of her saliva mixed with my precum dangled off her tongue. "Does it feel good?" she asked.

I nodded and put one hand on her head while I kept the other on the wheel. She got the message, and once again put my penis in her mouth. As she sucked me, more drops of pre-cum leaked out. I don't think the head of my cock had ever been so swollen, and it was pretty clear to me that it would not be a long blowjob.

Ashley was working magic with her mouth as she made oral love to my dick. She sucked me deeply and slowly, going far down my shaft before coming back up to the head. She then took my hard-on out of her mouth and planted gentle kisses all over the head. With every kiss my body shivered, and I feared I was going to send the car flying off the road, but I didn't dare tell Ashley to stop. In fact, I did just the opposite, only encouraging her further. "You like sucking my dick?" I asked while she smothered my wet shaft with delicate butterfly kisses.

Her eyes looked up to meet mine, and her eyelashes fluttered. "Baby, I never want this blowjob to end."

Never in my life had I been with a girl that was so enthusiastic about sucking cock. It seemed like I always had to beg my girlfriends to suck me off, but Ashley derived great pleasure from giving me oral pleasure. Not only did she give my cock plenty of attention and loving, but she also made sure my balls got to experience her mouth too. She gave them plenty of warm, wet kisses before taking her tongue and running it along the seam of my balls. This has always been an extremely sensitive spot for me, and I couldn't help but groan out loud as she licked me. Seeing how much I liked it, she licked my balls up and down while she stroked my shafted, which was covered with her saliva.

Afraid she might jerk me to completion I said, "Suck me some more."

Ashley obliged, taking my dick back into her mouth. Only this time she slid my entire cock past her lips, until I could feel my swollen tip against the back of her throat. While her lips coated my penis with saliva, her tongue swirled around it like she was licking a candy cane. All of a sudden my balls tightened, the head of my cock grew, and my whole body twitched. "Can I cum in your mouth?" I asked, trying to be polite.

It was a dumb thing to ask because Ashley had to take her mouth off me to answer. "You're ready to cum already?"

"Yeah, you're really good at this."

She gave my dick a long lick from base to head. "Of course. I don't want a mess."

Up to that point she'd been sucking me with great sensitivity and warmness, but when she began blowing me again it was fast and furious. I didn't stand a chance. As soon as I felt the cum rising out of my balls, I put my hand on Ashley's head and gently held her against my cock. Load after load shot down her warm throat, and she swallowed every last drop until I was done cumming. She held the cum from the last spurt in her mouth as she took her lips off my hardness. She then drooled down my dick and balls, releasing all my semen in the process. But being a good girl she licked it all back up. It had already been the hottest blowjob of my life, but that completely sealed it. After swallowing the very last drop, Ashley started laughing, and so did I. "I can't believe we just did that," I said.

"I can," Ashley replied. "I was hoping when you gave me a ride that you'd let me blow you."


"Yeah. I have a weird road head fetish, and I thought you'd have a nice looking dick. I'll definitely be thinking about this next time I use my vibrator."

Minutes later it was almost as if the blowjob had never happened. We had a very normal conversation about mutual friends and the like as we made our way down the 101. About two hours after she'd sucked my dick, Ashley came up with another great idea. "Do you want to get stoned?" she asked, as she pulled out a joint.

We passed it back and forth, blowing smoke and telling jokes. Ashley inhaled deeply and blew a stream of smoke out the window. "Weed makes me so horny," she said.

Instantly I was hard. "Yeah, me too."

Once the joint was cashed, I had an idea. "I dare you to flash the next trucker we see," I said.

"Sure. Let me just get prepared," she said as she took her shirt off.

Her boobs were huge, and topped with equally large, cone shaped nipples. Without even asking I took her left boob in my hand. "You're such a horn dog," Ashley said with her slight lisp.

Pretty soon I saw a truck up ahead. "Here's your chance."

As we pulled alongside the truck, I honked and Ashley let her boobs hang out the window. The trucker looked over, smiled, and nodded his head in appreciation. Ashley seemed to enjoy it just as much as the trucker did. "Jesus, that got me pretty wet," she said.


"Yeah. You want to feel?"

"I don't know."

"Are you sure?" she asked as she slid her yoga pants off. "Go ahead, feel."

She took my hand, and placed it on her flower. "I like it real smooth," she said.

It was true. Her warm pussy was completely shaven. I tried to finger her a little while driving, but it wasn't easy. Ashley moaned a little bit, but I could tell she was only doing so to get me aroused. But her moaning did the trick, and my rock hard dick was ready to spring out of my shorts, so I pulled them down. "Let me guess, you want me to suck you off again?" she asked.

"I mean, only if you want to."

"Let me answer that for you," she said, right before kissing the sensitive underside of my cock.

She preceded to start sucking me aggressively, while I kept one eye on the road, and the other on her naked, beautifully curvy body. Every time her head bobbed up and down, her tits swayed gently. My cock had felt more sensitive than normal during the first blowjob, but during the second one the feeling of pleasure was even more intense. Just seeing that gorgeous, nude body had made me hornier than I'd ever been. "My god you have a sexy body," was all I could think to utter.

"Don't focus on that," she replied. "Remember to think about driving. That way you might last longer this time."

It was sound advice, but Ashely made this difficult. Not long after telling me to focus on driving, she crawled up onto her seat so that she was on all fours. It looked incredibly uncomfortable, but it was unbelievably sexy. While she pleasured my penis, her bare ass was sticking right up in the passenger window, giving all passerby a perfect view of her full moon ass. One trucker even let out a loud honk as we drove by. It was something I wish I could've seen, but ultimately I still preferred actually being the one that had my dick inside the mouth of such a curvy woman.

She was a naughty girl, and having her bare ass visible to the world was obviously turning her on. She sucked my dick vigorously, and squeezed my balls hard. "Fuck, fuck!" I yelled as I came prematurely in her mouth.

Once again Ashley swallowed it all. She stroked me with one hand, and fondled my balls with the other when she was done. "It's okay," she said. "That happens to most guys when I give them head."

Even though it had been a short blowjob, our body's were both glistening with sweat. I pulled my shorts back up, but Ashley didn't bother to get dressed until we got to a more crowded stretch of the 101 near Santa Barbara. Just like before, we carried on during the rest of the ride as though nothing out of the normal had occurred. That is until I dropped her off at her house.

While sitting in front of her house, she slid her hand up my shorts and started to stroke me. Her eyes met mine, but none of us said a thing. She glanced down, and I shrugged. She pulled back the rolled the leg of my shorts up so that my hard dick was visible pressed against my thigh. She then sucked me for about ten seconds before removing her mouth from my cock. "Well, I need to get going," she said. "If you want another blowjob at any point, don't hesitate to call. Who knows, I might even let you stick that gorgeous dick inside me."

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Road Head

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